T-Mobile Bringing Unlimited Wi-Fi Calling Back

Beginning May 11th, T-Mobile will add a new feature that will allow Wi-Fi calling capable devices to make and receive phone calls WITHOUT using in-plan minutes. Hallelujah!!!! Qualifying customers with Wi-Fi calling capable devices will receive a text message in the coming days alerting them to this feature directing them to T-Mobile.com to add the feature. Customer care will also aid in the addition of this feature to a customers account. The best news? It’s available to Even More, Even More Plus and 4G Do More rate plans! Happy dance!

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  • AMAZING this is perfect ammunition against AT&T !

  • I wonder what happens if you’re on a device other than Android that can do wi-fi calling; such as a BlackBerry or the new Nokia Astound.

    • LC

      Yes, any wifi calling capable device.

  • Anonymous

    Wow seriously, T-mobile is trying EVERYTHING, it is a great time to be a magenta customer :D

    • …other than the ominous Death Star slowly coming over the horizon.

  • Anonymous

    500 minutes + 5GB data + unlimited text + No minutes wifi calling @59.99 = Pure bliss

  • Rak826

    This is a good option as we don’t have concept rollover minutes in Tmobile.

  • Sounds cool, but honestly, I don’t use that many minutes. Glad to see T-Mobile still being competitive with AT&T, though.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks to t-mobiles wifi calling, they are the only carrier that works inside my companies building.

  • Anonymous

    This is a good. I have Unlimited Minutes though.

  • M3rc Nate

    Thats great, only issue is if i have wifi im probably home, and if im home iv been able to call for free using google voice through gmail on my PC/laptop. Second, that feature SHOULD be on google voice on Android phones, but google doesnt want to piss off the phone network providers (tmo, att, sprint etc) by giving people a free option so they use WAAY less minutes, if any, by only ever using Google voice to make calls.

  • They’re throwing out all the punches trying to stay alive in the game. I respect that and hope to still be a TMO customer this time next year.

  • MattMJB0188

    This is excellent!!! Think I’ll switch my Even More Plus plan back to 500 minutes + Text + (5GB) Data for $59.99 instead the new unlimited promo Even More plus plan which is unlimited everything for $59.99 but has 2GB of data.

  • Does this include International calling? because then i will say Hallelujah!!!

  • Anonymous

    This is absolutely awesome. I’m gonna go figure out how to save myself some minutes and money :D

  • OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! But see I already have unlimited minutes, but it’s always a PLUS! Funny all the good stuff came after we get the acquisition of being bought out by AT&T.

  • Good!!!

    I will add it on my bro-in-law line as I gave him OT (no internet added) so he can call without using plan minutes when connected to my home LAN.

  • Nick

    I always thought it was crap that making calls via my comcast wifi used my tmobile plan minutes.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know if Wifi calling works internationally; or in any area generally that would otherwise get you hit with “roaming” charges if you used the regular cell radio to make calls? I assume that loophole is not available(?)

    • Yes, I’ve used UMA and WiFi calling in several countries. As long as you’re on WiFi and calling a domestic number, it just counts against your monthly bucket.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for the info — that is sweet…

      • Ash

        Wow, didn’t know that, freaking awesome!

      • Meagan

        Am I correct? If you use WiFi calling in another country, then you must have to turn on data after your WiFi network is connected, otherwise you use “roaming” Data, and charged a lot for it. Or is there a better way to ensure you don’t use “roaming” data?

  • Jkhaliph

    Is this free for international numbers also?

    • Osama

      I think you wanna too much…by the way you wanna a free G2x?

  • Wondering

    What about those of us on grandfathered plans already paying $10/mo. for unlimited UMA/Wi-Fi calling service? Can we drop the $10/mo fee without getting rid of our old plan?

    Is this a way to get us off the service (plan feature) so that AT&T can get rid of it easier (cynical, I know)?

    • Anonymous

      It specifically mentions Even More, Even More Plus and 4G Do More plans (which are all of the newer plans) so I imagine we cannot drop our old features.

    • I hope we can deduct it because I’m grandfathered in on the $10 a month too but don’t wanna lose my plan

  • Adrian

    I didn’t even realize this wasn’t an option anymore, I still get this on my plan.

  • Spurnicus

    I was considering leaving T-Mobile due to the poor network (just had calls to a landline drop mid-call, and I was stationary with 5 bars). Although this doesn’t make up for the lack of a solid network, it might help bridge the gap if they commit to simultaneously improving their network integrity post haste. Of course, friends tell me AT&T’s network is even less reliable, and I prefer to stick with GSM as I have a large investment in telephones.

  • Agaaga

    So l’m guessing the wifi calling feature is free..U just call and add it to your acct. So then, a rooted N1 running
    CyanogenMod 7.0.0 with wifi calling app, I can basically not pay my phone bill every month and just add 10 bucks into my flexpay account so that I can place and receive calls unl through the wifi app once I don’t use up the 10 bucks in the flex acct. Um… interested!

  • Anonymous

    That is awesome! I hardly ever get close to the 500 minutes on my place, but this makes me willing to try the wifi calling on my G2.

    What would be awesome is if they could do SMS via wifi so that the SMS messages don’t count against you. I don’t have text added to my plan ’cause I hardly use them (cheaper to pay the 25 cents/message than a flat fee for 300). However, it would be nice to send out an occasional group text instead of calling people.

    • Roger

      I’ve been using Wifi calling for years as tmobile’s signal at my house especially and at work is terrible (I live & work in Silicon Valley!). Blackberry phones with wifi calling are rock solid. The wifi calling with the G2 does work, but the call setup is often flaky. For example I’ll often experience the call not going through at all, or the person at the other end will answer and they won’t be able to hear me for several seconds and so many end the call. Calls to me often don’t ring the phone at all, or when they do there is again the several seconds of not being able to hear me.

      If you run an Android developer tool ‘adb logcat’ then you see the wifi calling app is doing activity non-stop. For example every second it is logging network strength even if wifi calling is disabled. Hopefully the gingerbread update will bring a better app.

      • Blork

        Bummer that G2 Wifi calling is not very good. Is that a problem with the G2 specifically, or with Android wifi calling in general?

        Anyone know if the Motorola Defy or the Nokia Astound can make wifi calls without problems?

        • Anonymous

          The G2X has great WiFi calling.

        • Chatter

          MT4G and Defy are great. We have both at home (no network at all) and use them exclusively.

        • Anonymous

          It is the Android WiFi Calling in general that has the issues, since the Android WiFi Calling is entirely software based and does not have the hardware support that the blackberry UMA or Nokia UMA implementations even certain dumbphones that had UMA in the past:


        • Beastmastre

          It’s not just the Androids. My Shadow ’09 with UMA hardware does the same things that @Roger descibed. I have to power cycle it and sometimes even pull the battery to get the UMA to behave right once it’s restarted.

    • guest

      @Deadeye37:disqus just use google voice for free text messaging, you won’t be charged a cent b/c the text message will go through tmobile data network if you have data or wifi.

  • i have the em android only plan (unl. data + unl. text addon but no voice). wonder if i’ll be eligible. if i am, i get wifi at the house and at work and this will help out a lot from those people who keep calling that phone. it’s $.45 a minute if i ever answer that phone.

  • Singer

    Will this work with the Nexus S?

  • Alvin B.

    I guess this is *some* consolation for theme screwing up my Unlimited talk+web $59.99 promo plan and causing me to lose it, and *still* not fixing my data, leaving me with 500 minutes and no data… at least now I can pretend I got the unlimited minutes… Unless they screw up adding this feature too.

  • Garciagil31


  • Niiicccee

  • Nice. Now if I can just a WiFi calling app for my HD7 all will be well. This phone has the worst signal reception of any smart phone in my home so yeah I really need it.

    • guest

      @facebook-100000189923615:disqus they already have apps that allow wi-fi calling in the android market, just search for sipdroid or csipsimple, those are two of the best, but there are many more

    • Anonymous

      As soon as it is made public, you should write to T-Mobile (I think their customer care is in New Mexico or something). They are REALLY responsive and will write you back, directly, in a few days.

  • Planktonthelegend

    So what about us on prepaid plans? Not free? What is the absolute cheapest plan I would have to get on to get free wifi calling?

    • Anonymous

      Says “qualifying plans” so we really don’t know just yet. I’ve had pre-paid for … a while now. I have the EvenMore Plus plan, with 4G on my G2 so I am good to go in a few categories, it’s just that it says nothing about pre-paid or post-paid specifically.

  • Anonymous

    Will this work with my AT&T iPhone, because of the acquisition?

    • Anonymous

      HAH, yeah right. AT&T give anything away for free?!

  • Korbendalis

    WTF are they thinking?!!! You can’t just allow people to make calls (effectively via VoIP). How the hell are you going to make any money. You can’t over charge if they go over their minutes. Everyone will degrade their plans to the lowest plan and then use WiFi all the damn time! This is crazy talk, no Capitalistic, Mega Corporation in the US, like AT&T or Verizon, would ever allow a customer to move into technology that wasn’t locked down or severely limited to the point of near strangulation.<>

    • Rgvbadman

      wow……i bet if you win a million dollars you still find a way to complain about it….just keep it to yourself next time, even if its your own opinion

      • wow……even with sarcasm you still find a way to complain about it….just keep it to yourself next time, even if its your own opinion

  • Awesome, I’m glad someone confirmed WiFi calling works while traveling and calling USA and not vice versa. But can someone riddle me this:

    If I have unlimited calling to Germany landlines on my account, and I use the WiFi calling app will it work? I assume it will not allow dialing international numbers through the app. Anyone got any insight, or curiosity to test, I’ll definitely try it. LOL

  • Way to go T-Mobile! :-) This is a nice way to attract new customers and possibly keep current ones.

  • Beastmastre

    FYI, peeps. Some of you guys have a misconception of what they mean by “wi-fi calling”. It does not mean calling through an internet softphone “app” like Fring, Skype, or Sipgate.(those would be limited only by your data plan, not voice) It means calling with phones that have UMA built in to the phone hardware like the Shadow 2 / ’09 (which I have) or UMA Blackberries. Very few phones have UMA, so this is not as generous of TMo as it might have seemed. Sorry ’bout tha’.

    • Beastmastre

      Sorry, I forgot that some Android Tmo phones have an app that simulates UMA. But that still doesn’t add that many phones to this deal.

      • Anonymous

        Most blackberry handsets & a lot of the android phones have wi-fi calling nowadays

        • Beastmastre

          Yeah. I just looked on the Tmo site and found a whole bunch. The last time I had checked they only had BBs with UMA hardware. They’ve apparently rolled out Froyo updates on a whole slew of phones since then. (Which puts an end to my upgrade dilemma. Yay! I’ve been trying to figure out another way to do wifi calling because I’ll never go blackberry.)

        • Alex

          Yes G2 , G2x, and a whole lot of other smart phones have the ap or will be updated eventually to have the app. The name of the app on android phones is actually called WI-FI CALLING .

  • you wouldn’t need an app…you just cut on wi-fi on your phone and start talking…it’s automatic.

  • explained very well…I forgot to mention that the phone will say UMA when it’s in wifi calling mode.

  • Rick

    I still have T-mobile@home and have an old Samsung Katalyst Wi-Fi capable phone. I recently went to T-Mobile and asked what Wi-Fi enabled Phones I could upgrade to to replace my aging Katalyst and they said NONE!

    I would need to get a smartphone and add a data plan. So much for the “Free” nonsense!

    • Beastmastre

      They’re misleading you to get you to buy the data plan or they just don’t know any better. You may have to get a smartphone because that’s all they have for wifi calling now, but a wifi capable phone does not need to use the cell data network. That’s the whole point of a wifi capable phone to begin with. For example, my service happens to be disconnected at the moment but I can still browse the web and use internet apps on my phone through my home wifi network. Wifi calling is the same. The data plan is not necessary.

      • WiFi calling is NOT the same. The phone still occassionally uses the cell network to verify account status and other things.

  • j-man

    what about for the people that have grandfathered plans, can we add this feature? This is making me want to go to T-Mobile and getting an android phone much quicker

  • Beastmastre

    We may want to enjoy this while we can. I have a feeling that if the AT&T acquisition of Tmo gets approved we can probably kiss wifi calling (and Froyo’s tethering for sure) goodbye, unless you want to pay extra of course. Big Blue (and Red) has too much of a history of restricting or charging for nice features that others offer up for free. T-Mobile should always have taken advantage of this to improve their market share. We really need to fight this AT&T takeover. AT&T is trying to become the monopoly that Bell Telephone (of which AT&T was part) once was before the government forced it to split up.

  • shadowscott

    What about people who just bought the new Sidekick 4G but have a voice barred plan? Would this still work?

  • Anonymous


  • Wow! This is awesome, well until AT&T owns T-mo and this WiFi calling is squashed.

  • Alwaysright

    This is awesome! I am a long time user of unlimited UMA Wi-Fi Calling, and LOVE it.

  • Anonymous


  • Planktonthelegend

    So had anyone used this yet?

  • Planktonthelegend
  • Ddaa

    Wi-Fi calling is going to be great!! That is until AT&T takes over and starts charging $5.00 a minute.

  •  On paper this plan looks GREAT! 

    In practice it sucks – VERY few phones have UMA/WiFi Calling now, except the few aging BlackBerry phones T-Mobile sells. Android is using a new WiFi App for calling, so this FREE Unlimited Calling Plan does NOT apply to that in the slightest, and it will still use your minutes.

    I guess this is a way to get T-Mobile customers with older phones to stay and have more reason to stay rather than upgrade their phone for a new 2 year contract when in 9-12 more months T-Mobile will be AT&T-Mobile.

  • Anonymous

    TMobile should be ashamed that WiFi calling is NOT available with the Google Nexus S.

    WiFi calling should be available on all new smart-phones, since coverage otherwise is not really competitive. I don’t even care if it used minutes.

    Without making WiFi calling available across the line, this “free” thing is meaningless.

  • Rb3679

    If you have a grandfathered plan you cannot have this feature. It won’t add on for some reason. I tried to add it on to my 2 G2’s yesterday and after some delay they said it won’t work with grandfathered plans. Too bad. Should be some kind of work around for it. 

  • Lizzyjl80

     i had a BB Bold  that i used in Europe to make and recieve fone calls at no charge WIFI calling is awesome

  • Chuckdr

    This is not accurate. I did this and incurred a 285 dollar overage in running out of minutes on a uma blackberry….

  • Chuckdr

    This is not accurate. I did this and incurred a 285 dollar overage in running out of minutes on a uma blackberry….

  • I called in to check because T-Mobile cannot be trusted and heres what I found out

    In order for all calls made over Wi-Fi to be zero rated (free), and not deduct from the rate plan minutes, customers must add the $0 Wi-Fi Calling SOC to their account.

    Their as also states:
    Capable device and Wi-Fi connection required. Wi-Fi Calling MAY decrement plan minutes. Except for UMA devices, device will not transition between Wi-Fi and the wireless network.

    Also found out that I am not eligeble and my plan was not compatible.
    2000 miutes plan from 8 years ago.
    Id have to upgrade my plan but then I loose my UNLIMITED DATA (thats capped to 5GB and stoppes working)