Price Changes Taking Effect Tomorrow

Beginning tomorrow May 11th, T-Mobile is dropping some prices with the T-Mobile G2, Nokia Astound and T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide all receiving price breaks. The T-Mobile G2 is dropping from $249.99 before rebate to $199.99 before a $50 mail in rebate. The Nokia Astound will drop to a net-cost of $49.99 after a $50 mail in rebate. Last but not least is the T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide (which is currently free online) to $49.99 after a $50 mail in rebate. That is all.

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  • Oh Streamline/Quickview. I love that some customers would rather NOT save the money and order the phone through customer care. Remember people, if a rep tells you that you should log in to your account and get it there to save some money – DO IT.

    These prices are pretty darn cool. I’d probably get one of those phones if I didn’t already have a Galaxy S and WP7 already.

  • t-moz

    The G2 and myTouch Slide are still way cheaper on Amazon Wireless. In fact, for any phone Amazon carries that’s true about 99.9% of the time.

    • DNova

      Amazon Wireless has the G2 for $50 Fam and Ind New Ks and Upgrade…even the G2x is $100 new k and $120 for upgrade…all is 2 yr K

    • Aerofanbig

      only ever buy through a 3rd like WireFly or Amazon if you are 100% positive you are going to stick with the full 2 years. Amazon tacks on an extra 250$ ETF on TOP of Tmo’s 200$. So yes, you saved 30-50$ on the phone but if you cancel early you are facing up to 450$ in fee’s

  • Petey

    Not bad for pricing… especially for the Nokia (49.99 for new activation, 29.99 for upgrades…) Would be great phones for my parents since it has a FFC, but I want to get the next iPhone lol.

    • Trelt

      Can you avoid having to buy a data plan if you buy the nokia on t-mobile’s web site? will rebate still qualify? nice phone, but i don’t need a data plan.

      • j-man

        you don’t have to get data with it, that is what it says on MyT-Mobile website

  • Can anyone “in the know” about these things explain what qualifies someone for ‘Early Upgrade’ and ‘Early Upgrade Plus’?

    I assume it’s similar to a partial upgrade at an unspecified time after using a full upgrade but how much time must elapse until each of those points is hit?

    • Anonymous

      If I remember correctly early upgrade is at least 12 months after your last upgrade… Early upgrade plus is 18 months…full discount 22 months…

      • Guest

        This is is absolutely correct..

    • 12-18 months (pretty sure it is 18 months) are the months for the Early Upgrade. 18-21 months are the months for the Early Upgrade Plus

    • Monica1989

      EU = @ least 14-17 months since last upgrade. EU+ means @ least 18 months since last upgrade

  • Anonymous


  • Bkrunyon67

    Does this mean if I just purchased the G2x only a couple of weeks ago, that I can get a credit for the difference? Does anyone know?

    • Bkrunyon67

      Sorry G2!

      • TweetMo

        You can return most phones in most states within 14 days. If you’re able to do that, you could save some change.

    • Do you do that when you buy other electronics?

    • Prometheus2573

      No… you dont get credit for it.

  • Anonymous

    The original price is not changed.

  • Trelpt

    What is the EIP2O column?

    • j-man

      Equipment Installment Plan for 20 months, for people that get the no contract and get the phone for full price, such as Even More Plus

  • William M

    $50 for the Astound is a steal! This is an awesome phone, and well worth the price. The only better deal I’ve seen is WalMart sellingthe phone rebate free for $30.

  • dog2004-1

    Two-year contract, every phone should be free!

  • Anonymous