T-Mobile Scheduling Fathers Day Sale For June 18

While we wait for a “Sensational” announcement later on this evening perhaps this bit of news will be exciting even for those who aren’t eagerly awaiting the Sensation 4G launch. T-Mobile is set to announce another a Fathers Day sale for June 18th which will if the information being passed along comes to fruition mirror last years Fathers Day sale. We’re hoping this sale will be available to both new and qualifying upgrade eligible customers allowing everyone to take advantage of this special deal. Last year Fathers Day sale was a tremendous day of sales with records being broken across the country. I hope T-Mobile can mirror that this year with a phone lineup that is definitely better than last year!!

Stay tuned for more details!!

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  • Anonymous

    It definitely will NOT be like last year, more like Valentine’s Day.

    • Sendingjunk

      Cool!.. just what I was waiting for… now includes the Sensation in it and I’ll surrender tobe your prisoner for two more years!

    • Gahbkiegkk

      Of course its not, to much fraud went around, its Prolly 200.00 with a 200.00 mir, HTC sensation here I come!

      • Anonymous


  • MrPandaInc

    Sensation :D Here I come!

  • j-man

    hope they offer something with the sensation like buy one get one free or something

  • If its anything with a rebate, I’ll pass. I don’t do rebates at all.

    • Anonymous

      then you fail, and are cheap, you are getting your money back, rebates are deposit so you dont flake

      • Shut up b****, ain’t nobody ask you all that! 

        I am cheap. You’re right. I’m cheap as hell. All because I don’t want to deal with all that rebate crap. I like instant discounts whether its on a cell phone, new set of tires or whatever. I’m not rich so I have no choice but to be cheap. Too bad you don’t know whats going on in my life. Stupid f**ker.

        • Izzybrexx

          Lmaooo….get em’

        • Lol! Man I’m so sick of lame bastards always having something to say. His whack ass don’t know nothing about me so he shouldn’t be saying anything.

          I KNOW I’m not the only one who doesn’t like rebates. And it’s a deposit, um ok? I already have an account with T-Mo obviously, so where am I gonna “flake” to? People these days make my bowels hurt!

        • Tortionist

          I don’t like mail in rebates either. I love Tmobile, but they screwed me out of a 100$ mail in rebate it was totally legit, never again. 

        • Thats why I will never mess with them. Like, what if something happens and the rebate doesn’t go through? you would be SOL. Money is too scarce and precious to be throwing away on osmething you were supposed to get.

        • Anonymous

          you are supposed to get it and you will get it, most people dont bother to call the rebate phone line because there was one digit wrong on your form, everyone gets it if they are dedicated enough to it, but you obviously have no dedication, and apparently have a lot of things going on in your life

          just give it a little effort mate and ull be alright ;)


        • K.

        • Rayful Edmond

          Jokers like you always crack me up crying like a little bitch on the internet, I bet you stay on twitter, Facebook and a host of other sites all day long…that’s the problem with this Generation as soon as somebody says something to one of ya’ll you start crying like a bitch…you would have never made it out of the 80’s alive.

        • Anonymous

          lol wow someone has issues, instant discount $300 then $200 rebate, perfect its free

        • Get off my comment please.

          Oh how I wish this was FB where I could just delete your comment, block you,  and move on.

        • lmao… it’s not that serious, STOP crying. It’s the internet.

        • Rey Martinez

          lol   @people that always say (you dont know me!) or (you dont know anything about my life) So immature and dumbXD

        • And to you sir, shut up as well, ain’t nobody ask yo immature ass all that either.

          I’m guessin your so much grown up by instigating and hyping stuff? You sir, sound dumb.

        • Craibailey

          Men lets keep it clean. I like to hear what you guys have to say because it be a great help to me but to hear all the bad words. :-(

        • I usually keep it clean, I just have a problem with people always challenging MY opinion.

        • Craibailey

          Ok thanks for letting me know. I like to hear what you are saying on the site I read your stuff but if possible just ignore them.

        • Craibailey

          Ok thanks for letting me know. I like to hear what you are saying on the site I read your stuff but if possible just ignore them.

        • Thank you. I will just begin to ignore folks like @cromo8:disqus  and @google-1a259565731464b01cda5ea34cc82289:disqus . I will definitely be the bigger person.

        • Craibailey

          Yes Sir…. :-)

        • Please do! Enjoy yourselves around here!

      • Girth Brooks

        Exactly.  Nobody LIKES rebates, but as an employee of T-Mobile, I can tell you the reason they do them for these days and even hike the amount up, is so people do not de-act and get away with all of it.  This way, if they’re going to do it, they have to get 6-8 weeks of service from them, which on most of the smartphones is more than the rebate amount.

      • Aerofanbig

        no rebates are so they make more money, banking on the fact that a lot of people forget to send the cards in, or fill them out wrong and oops sorry, you lose your 50$, but thanks for playing!

        • Anonymous

          lol and you are a winner? i dont think so youre one of the people that dont follow thru with rebates, and for that reason you think they make more money

        • Anonymous

          lol and you are a winner? i dont think so youre one of the people that dont follow thru with rebates, and for that reason you think they make more money

        • Dubluv4life

           Rebates do not make T-Mobile more money. If you weren’t so ignorant you would understand how rebates work

        • None

          Rebates are designed (in part) to do exactly that–make money by people forgetting to fill them out and send them in.  Business 101.  Gift cards are also a cash cow.  SOOOOO many times people lose them or do not use all of them (leaving a $1.50 on them).  On a macro level, that is high dollar and pure profit.

        • Guest

          Rebates do both. They make the company money and minimize churn. It’s a win-win. If every phone was free without rebates we’d have the entire country lining up for phones then running off with them and not following through with their service contract.

  • Rey Martinez

    i hope the sensation is a part of that sale, if not, im not waiting. im so tired of waiting D;

  • J. Williams

    I think there will be some good deals, hopefully the sensation will be apart of the deals.

  • Anonymous

    If they release the G2X in a new (fixed) build at a discount, I may have to bite.

  • CharlieSheen

    So, David, buying something or holding on to your iphone and MT4G. I think we all know the answer.

    These phones will be paperweights in a year +/-

    I pity the fool 
    Who goes to school
    But breaks the golden rule

    Stick it to the man
    Boycott not fan
    The phone is not a toy
    Stop being a fanboy!


    • What? Are you ok?

  • CharlieSheen

    Companies that have introduced consumer tablets to compete with the iPad are dialing back production as demand for their tablets is failing to meet expectations. A new report issued Wednesday by J.P. Morgan Chase paints a sad picture for companies like Samsung, Motorola, RIM and ASUS as they look to make headway in the emerging consumer tablet market. These manufacturers have slowed production of their respective tablet offerings by as much as 10%, J.P. Morgan claims, due to limited consumer demand. Among those tablets that have failed to gain traction, the report lists the Motorola XOOM, which we know to have shipped at least 250,000 units in the first quarter alone; the BlackBerry PlayBook, which indeed isn’t selling well for some retailers but is thought to have sold 250,000 units in its first two months of availability; the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer, which the report says was initially selling well but is now overstocked in some cases; and the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which is far and away the second-best selling consumer tablet in the world. “Non-Apple tablet hopefuls have adjusted to the weak showing so far,” the report said. “We still think a tablet bubble burst could occur later this year when the UMA 1700 Mhz Tablets become dead inventory.”

  • Some tips from someone that’s had both issues (gotten the rebate & *almost* not gotten it):

    1. Ask TMO for an extra copy for the rebate if they don’t give it to you. They’ll be more than happy to do it.

    2. Check your dates, and if you’re concerned, postmark it and / or do certified delivery. It’s only a few bucks.

    3. In regards to the dates, do NOT wait for the last minute. Remember, you’re also depending on the post office (again, if concerned, due a certified delivery or something).

    4. Keep your copy handy. Start calling around the 4th week if you don’t see it.

    5. Don’t call just once, keep after them.

    6. Finally, if all else fails, file a ticket with the BBB (Better Business Bureau), contact your state’s State Attorney (who generally also handle business complaints).

    HTH Everyone!

  • Wallyworld

    There won’t be a sale on devices, probably a free add-a-line promo or the like . . . 

  • Loverofthekeys

    Are androids free for new and upgrading customers