Sprint Targeting T-Mobile Customers Unhappy With AT&T Deal?

I’ve been going back and forth on writing this all day even so it was sent my way last night. At first glance it appears as though Sprint is prepared to grab up all the T-Mobile customers it can between now and July 23rd, 2011. If for some reason the AT&T/T-Mobile deal doesn’t go through customers who ported into Sprint during that timeframe will be allowed to port back to T-Mobile ETF free. The catch? This deal is only for corporate liable customers hence the “CL” all over the advertisement. That’s the spot most websites who published this story today¬† glossed over. In order to qualify for this deal your T-Mobile account must have a tax ID. It’s certainly possible Sprint may open this up to consumer accounts later on but for now, no tax ID, no deal.

So to recap it’s a great offer and a great opportunity for Sprint to capitalize but you must be a business customer to qualify. Like all good things, there is a catch.



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