Public Knowledge Uses TmoNews Poll As Consumer Voice

Didn’t think anyone would listen to our poll regarding your thoughts on the AT&T/T-Mobile deal? Our new friends at thought otherwise using the TmoNews poll inside their Presidents Gigi Sohn’s opening remarks before the Senate Judiciary subcommittee on antitrust. You’ll definitely want to start paying attention around the 1:50 mark. This poll was designed to show that consumers with emphasis on the T-Mobile consumer have a voice and need to be heard.

Special thanks go out to Gigi, Art and the rest of the team who have been wonderful to work with as we begin a grass roots movement to stop the AT&T/T-Mobile deal. Gigi was amazing during the hearing asking all the right questions and having all the right responses. She definitely came prepared and we look forward to hearing more from her and the rest of the PublicKnowledge team.

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