T-Mobile Needs Your Help, Take This Poll!

While this isn’t the first poll we have done regarding the AT&T deal, we’re hoping that weeks later, after the shock has worn off you’ll vote again. In fact this time we’re stepping up our efforts and the results of this poll will be sent off to Washington policy makers who will be appearing at next weeks Senate hearing. So we need your vote, we need you to tell your friends and family and all of those people who support T-Mobile remaining an independent company to vote. T-Mobile needs your help, even if the folks at Deutsche Telekom are resigned to sell our precious Magenta off, we won’t go without being heard!

So what do you need to do? Vote in our poll below and tell everyone you know to vote as well. Spread the word and get out the vote! As an extra bonus and we really need you to do this just this once, leave the state you are voting from in the comments. We can do more if we can show that this is a nationwide concern and that this deal will have a nationwide impact.

Vote, comment, tell your friends and spread the social media word through Twitter using our #sayno2att hashtag!

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  • Vibrant Addict

    Fourth choice has a grammar mistake

    • What is it?

      • The only reason I want it to go through this to go through is

        • I got it and fixed it!

      • Camille

        the first choice should be changed. it reads ‘
        The only reason I want it to go through this to go through is because I can get the iPhone.’ and should probably say ‘The only reason I want it to go through is because I can get the iPhone.’

        • Camille

          oops, sorry! I guess I was typing as you were editing.

          oh, and I’m voting from GA.

        • Camille

          oops, sorry! I guess I was typing as you were editing.

          oh, and I’m voting from GA.

        • Camille

          oops, sorry! I guess I was typing as you were editing.

          oh, and I’m voting from GA.

      • Camille

        the first choice should be changed. it reads ‘
        The only reason I want it to go through this to go through is because I can get the iPhone.’ and should probably say ‘The only reason I want it to go through is because I can get the iPhone.’

  • Better coverage is always beneficial in Blacksburg, Va…

  • T-mobile need to stay as they are. or i fear it’ll bring more buy outs worldwide.

  • Petey

    It’s a hard decision. As much as I love T-Mobile, I think they tried their best in trying to make their company successful, but it doesn’t seem to work out how they wanted it to be. If I had a final decision, I rather have AT&T buy T-Mobile, and grab the money instead of filing bankruptcy and selling the business at a lower price. But if the company had one more chance. They really need to grab the iPhone and offer lower aggressive plans in order to snitch those customer who left them in the first place. like it or not. we all want to continue to see t-mobile be in business in the future.

    • Anonymous

      I really don’t think the iPhone is the solution to T-Mobile’s problems at all. T-Mobile has a great lineup of Android phones on the way, including the Sensation, sure to be the best phone made at the time of it’s release. Note the sales figures for Verizon on the iPhone vs the Thunderbolt.

  • For the 10 people who voted: ”
    Yes, I want the nationwide LTE coverage AT&T promises. 6.85%” please roll over into a ditch & bury yourself alive O:) :D

    • Justin Mentor

      So, only your opinion matters, right? How about you take your own advice. TMobile is going under no matter what AT&T does. People are suggesting that they lower prices further to stay in business but do people understand that companies can’t stay in business at a loss? Guess what? Sprint is next. Sprint has continuously reported a loss.

  • For the 10 people who voted: ”
    Yes, I want the nationwide LTE coverage AT&T promises. 6.85%” please roll over into a ditch & bury yourself alive O:) :D

  • Voting from California

  • Voting from California

  • Voting from California

  • Anonymous

    South jersey says Tmo should stay Indy!

  • Anonymous

    South jersey says Tmo should stay Indy!

  • Anonymous

    South jersey says Tmo should stay Indy!

  • Stile99

    Voting from Texas. Don’t mess with Texas, and don’t make the mistake of killing competition.

  • Stile99

    Voting from Texas. Don’t mess with Texas, and don’t make the mistake of killing competition.

  • Stile99

    Voting from Texas. Don’t mess with Texas, and don’t make the mistake of killing competition.

  • Stile99

    Voting from Texas. Don’t mess with Texas, and don’t make the mistake of killing competition.

  • Stile99

    Voting from Texas. Don’t mess with Texas, and don’t make the mistake of killing competition.

  • Anonymous

    Michigan here.

  • Voting from Virginia {DC Metro}. And i say NO WAY…

  • wei


  • Carl

    Voting from Colorado

  • Kp3624

    Voting from PA

  • Rfgenerator

    Massachusetts, no way to the ATT buyout…

  • Ryan

    Voting No to the merger from Kansas City, MO

  • Voting from Florida.

    To all the iSheep, please try out an Android phone instead. It’ll do everything an iPhone can do, and so much more, and better!

    • Petey

      But not as cool as an iPhone! lol like it or not! That’s why it’s hyped. Don’t get me wrong, I’m using a vibrant right now. Bring the iPhone to T-mobile, to help t-mobile grow!

      • M83893

        I would have to disagree completely, the iphone does not look better at all, yes the retina display is nice but that’s it…its so “hyped” only because when the first gen came out there was no “user friendly” kool phones, so everybody wanted one, now smartphones are the only types of phones u see anymore and iphone is just so basic and ios is horrible….but with my feelings of me personally not liking the iphone, I still say tmo and apple should put it on tmobile if it would help sales go for it

        • Petey

          & my point still remain the same. People want the iPhone because it’s “cool” & it’s so “hyped” up. If you talking about Feature & iOS wise… well some people just doesn’t care about those stuff.

          It can help t-mobile boost up sales & gain #’s of customers.

  • Jonathanzavala09

    Voting from california,tmo stays

  • Anonymous

    Voting from NJ

  • Voting from Las Vegas, Nevada

  • NY. ATT sucks and I’ve been with T-Mo forever.

    • Justin Mentor

      If you’ve truly been there forever, you should know that Voicestream and Omnipoint were terrible…or did you know that’s where TMo came from?

  • MA here and I say NOOOO.

  • Ggrant18

    Brooklyn Ny Says no

  • Anonymous

    Aste la-vista T-Mobile!

  • Meagan

    Should a big company be allowed to buy a smaller company in USA? Yes.

    Just like they do with airlines, tech companies, etc.

    Do I want it to happen? No.

    I don’t want to see UMA and at Home go away forever.

  • T-Mo needs to remain a separate entity, COMPLETELY revamp its marketing & advertising, & take the 3Billion from AT&T & ramp up its coverage. I love T-Mo & don’t want to see this buyout happen.

    Ann from Overland Park, KS

  • phoenix

    Voting from Florida- say no to AT&T!

  • Anthonynegron

    Voting from Georgia

  • Petey

    voted from bay area! woot woot!

  • Chris

    Michigan. I simply can’t afford AT&T.

  • TypicalWhitePerson

    T-Mobile just get the iPhone and pull out of this merger. iPhone or DIE!! If not, then hellloooo to AT&T and LTE =D

    • Ash

      Then just goto ATT now, if you want the iPhone so much.

      Nobody is stoping you.

  • Jcarraha

    NY. AT&Teabag should leave TMo alone

  • Manny

    Voting from Texas.

  • D2danforth

    RI or NY depending on the week. Ma Bell was broken up for a reason, lets not rebuild her?

  • Mardenator

    Voting from the not so great state of Alabama. T-mobile for life!

  • David – There should be an option there that reads

    [_] Fuck no!


    • Probably, but I couldn’t write that in this time! Notice these responses are all clean cut!


    I would rather tmobile be bought by sprint than at&t. i hate both but at least sprint is cheaper. I have a feeling that the prices of plans or going to skyrocket.

    • Gm Aharrington1

      Exactly. Look here is some simple little bit of common knowledge. AT&T has bought out many numerous companies, brought us broadband cable, and done some other things that have been great… However, I would like to remind everybody that prior to Verizon obtaining the iPhone AT&T was selling it to their customers for over $500 per phone. Each year more than one million people bought the device. Simple math says thats over $500 million dollars not including their high priced service that they give their customers. As soon as VZW gets the iPhone the price drops dramaticly. Why, one may ask, simple answer new competition. Now back to the $500 million, that’s per year that the phone was sold exclusively to AT&T customers. With three years at those prices thats over $1.5 Billion. I understand basic economics and realize they are trying to promise us potential customers the world. I ask, no wait I implore all 33.63 million T-mobile customers to tell AT&T that we do not want their service, nor is it needed, and tell magenta itself that we have been customers for a reason. The reason is, fair rates, phenomenal customer service, great cellphone options, and overall competitiveness. I also raise the question for everybody that is buying into the whole “We will bring LTE to everyone,” why is it that AT&T has done NOTHING with their AWS bands that they have already had for more than two years? Not too mention the fact that they have their wireless that is haphazardly all over the frequency spectrum.

      • JoyinSoul

        Where are you getting these numbers from? The first iPhone was not offered at a subsidized price. The iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4 have been offered at the subsidizied prices and those prices stay the same for the first year that the phone is out. Yes, there are people who pay full price for the phone, but that also happens at VZW. Also, there have been way more than 3 million iPhone users before VZW entered the market. I think that the number was 18 million iPhone users on AT&T at the end of 2010.

  • I am hoping that T-Mobile is not merged with AT&T because it well hurt the innovation of the industry. For example T-Mobile has undercut the competition on plan pricing, and as a result they lowered their pricing as well allowing customer to save a few hundred dollars a year. If T-Mobile were to were to be sold to AT&T, pricing will increase leaving customer with bills that cost an arm and a leg. I understand that DT, would like to sell off their USA branch but, I honestly don’t believe AT&T is the right way to go. There should always be at least four major carriers in the US market at all times. Now if there was a smaller or upstart carrier that would like to operate and continue the T-Mobile brand, such as LightSquare or even US Celluar just for example. There would still be four key national carrier to continue to keep pricing at lower rate, more then just having three key carrier could do. Two of which would cover more then 50% of the cell phone consumer base alone. (That being Verizon and AT&T + T-Mobile mega-carrier)

    New Jersey

  • doogie

    Higher prices? No UMA? Sucky customer service? NO WAY!! voting from Colorado.

  • Eastern VA gives two thumbs down! Freedom and cheaper prices will always win in the end!

    • ColdFeet

      But it’s not working for T-Mobile now and hasn’t been for a while.

  • SabsWifey

    Voting from Alabama’s Gulf Coast

  • Anonymous

    Great Suburban & city coverage and network service here in UT, but going rural is where T-mobile sucks. That would be the only upside of the AT&T deal going through.

  • Liamharden

    Fact, plans will go up after the merger. And service will go down,they’ll call it restructuring.

  • JD

    No one wants to see the buyout happen but when is the last time anyone saw a decent quarterly financial statement from them?!? It gets worse every quarter. Do you all honestly think that they can continue doing what they’re doing and survive long term? If you all try to stop the merger you’ll only be hurting yourselves in the long run! Tmobile is not strong enough to keep going at it alone. They have a new idea as to what they want to do every month and none of it is working!

    • Petey

      Android phones are not strong enough to help t-mobile. bring the iphone! gotta accept the reality.

    • TypicalWhitePerson

      Dude its their ad’s… they SUCK and no one takes them serious. Plus, T-Mobile acquire wayy too many Samsung phones in which historically have issues, and Tmo Samsung phones are NOT attractive at all. If a consumer had to deal with a Samsuck, best believe he or she would rather go with Verizon for that. All of VZW phones are sexy. Go to VZW site, then go to T-Mobile’s and see for yourself. That white iPhone gives me a orgasm. Sorry G2X… but you FAIL!!

      AT&T say its all about “spectrum” for this merger. Haha, well I say for T-Mobile it seriously needs to be all about the iPhone.

      • DetroitTechnoFan

        Here’s a roll of duct tape. Are you going to use it on yourself or do I have to wrap your face for you?

    • Justin Mentor

      Finally…a voice of reason. People hating Verizon and AT&T pricing (of course people don’t admit publicly that they hate Verizon because it’s cool to hate AT&T…Verizon is higher btw) don’t realize that TMo has been operating at a loss so they can attract consumers in order to sell the company at a higher rate. Sprint is trying to attract more consumers in order to survive but there’s every indication that they will raise prices once they continue to attract people ($10 additional for data, severely restricting new phones every 12 mths, etc). The everyday consumer is so naive…they don’t recognize a business move when they see it. Maybe this will help…think about when McDonald’s lowers the price of your favorite value meal…it only lasts long enough for you to get used to it but then they raise the prices.

  • Jodog500

    If tmobile is just going to end up bankrupt and disjointed without the merger then I say let the merge happen. If not then I say no to any merger..

  • InvisibleHand

    I feel like nobody really understands what competition is. 81% of poll respondents so far have said that competition needs to thrive yet fail to recognize that it is due to competition that AT&T is in a position to purchase T-Mobile. AT&T has obviously figured out how to make money better than T-Mobile has. Why should they be punished for being successful? If T-Mobile hadn’t made so many blunders (passing on the iPhone because T-Mobile isn’t “an internet company”) then we likely wouldn’t even be in this situation. In the NBA, if one team out-plays another in the playoffs, then the other team goes home. They don’t ask the government to evaluate the league and decide if the playoffs would be better for viewers by allowing the loser to stick around. Think about it.

    • JD

      My thoughts exactly!

    • Anonymous

      I feel like you don’t really understand that that was the only option for a response like “I like T-Mobile and I want them to stay”?

    • willf

      So what you’re saying is that when it all comes down to it there should be just one carrier? This isn’t the NBA playoffs. The government looking into this for two reasons is fine and it’s called the interstate commerce clause. They’re looking to see if it will be harmful to consumers and the market long term (at least they should be). And with the FCC there is the issue of the spectrum licensing and organizing of that spectrum.

      There is no question that T-Mobile has made some significant mistakes in the past. The iPhone being one depending on your point of view. Where I see the issue within T-Mobile has been in their strength of positioning. There hasn’t been anything in the last while where I’ve personally felt T-Mobile has taken a lead position and forced the market.

      – TMo brought Android to the marketplace and it was Verizon that made it known.
      – UMA calling. Brought out, then basically forgotten, and now merely “available”. Not something that’s even really highlighted at this point.
      – Phones. Want a top of the line phone? Yep, you can have it, but we’re going to take out a top of the line feature and give you a movie you’re probably never going to watch and a game you’re probably never going to play.
      – More on phones. Yep, you can have a phone and get it in any candy color you want.

      A couple of replies down JD said something spot on:
      “Do you all honestly think they can continue doing what they’re doing and survive long term?”
      No. They can’t. That doesn’t mean I want a merger with AT&T. I want a better T-Mobile and I think that’s possible. But the powers that be at corporate need to pull their heads out and take a position of strength. Strength in their marketing, phone choices, competitive plans and customer generation and retention. Show the public that T-Mobile is a better choice and show them why. Be blunt but fair. Use common sense and common language.

      • Justin Mentor

        What you are failing to recognize is that the parent company doesn’t want TMo USA. The things you like about TMo were nothing but a strategy to lure customers in order for a bigger sale price. Besides, where were all of these people when Verizon was buying AllTel? AT&T buys TMo now or let it go bankrupt and then what?

        • willf

          Where do you assume I don’t realize that DT is trying to offload some of their international assets? This isn’t exactly news as they’ve been vocal about getting back to more localized business in Europe.

          You’re also assuming that no one said anything when Verizon bought Alltel or when AT&T bought Suncom. The slight difference is those were regional carriers and have less of a perceived impact on the national marketplace than a full blown national carrier.

          What I’m saying is that I don’t think TMo has done a good job of proving itself a worthy contender, and for that matter I don’t think Sprint has done a great job of that either. Neither of those have the deep pockets of Verizon or AT&T but at least from the Sprint perspective they have put out some solid devices and haven’t gone too much the soft cuddly teddy bear approach.

          At some point there has to be the realization that any competitive marketplace is simply that – competitive. TMo without question has the plans to be competitive. The network could be better but it’s competitive. The phones could be better and I personally think those are an issue. But the reality is that what TMo has isn’t resonating with its potential customer base, let alone its current customer base.

          Which brings the big question… why?
          I don’t believe they’ve done a good enough job of communicating. Where they have tried has been more soft and tender than full of impact. Same thing with the phones. The Vibrant should scream that point. Galaxy S variant. Original has the front facing camera. Sprint gets its variant with both a flash and front facing camera (FFC). What do we get? No FFC, no flash… but we got Avatar and The Sims? The flagship phone at the time and it gets features removed and adds a movie most would never watch except to say “oooh it looks so good on this screen” and a game that I’d bet most users never even bothered to play. How much money was spent on licensing those only to see the demand for video calling start to take off?

          Now here’s the funny part. I don’t think you’d find most people using the FFC often. Some probably have never used it. But it’s a feature and people love features even if they’ll almost never use them. The one time they do, they’ll love it and they’ll talk about it to everyone they know. Give them a movie they’ve already seen and a game they likely could care less about and they’re not going to run out and talk about “wow this movie is so great on my 4-inch screen”. Give a father on a business trip the chance to say goodnight to his kids face to face… and you’ve created something special.

          It’s about communicating. TMo has been sitting on the fence too long. Communicate properly, show people how you can help them communicate and make the connection in a clear, concise and strong manner. Doing that can win customers and it can keep the ones you have. Don’t do that and you’re either bankrupt or absorbed into another company.

  • Jdan

    Florida – NO

  • TypicalWhitePerson

    So why can’t Google buy T-Mobile? Oh wait, that may kill off hope of acquiring the almighty iPhone. Nevermind! Anyways, stop running away from competition Humm, be a man and get the IPHONE!!


    • Fruitbasket

      if you want the ilocked soo bad go ahead and dismiss yourself and join at&t…. wait you cant afford the plans….and why would google give a rats you know what about icrap

  • No way, T-Mobile needs to live and competition needs to thrive! – Maryland. (Go O’s!)

  • Trixtur

    Seriously, everyone is so afraid of monopolies, primarily because they don’t understand economics.

    First of all, it won’t be a monopoly of mobile service, just the set of frequencies that T-Mobile and AT&T share.

    Second, a monopoly doesn’t necessarily price gouge… The maximize profit on marginal units. In short, they aren’t going to charge more than the market will pay… That would kill their revenue.

    Third, monopolies #1 purpose is justifying their existence, which means PR and a lot of it. Customer service should improve along with our nation wide service.

    Go AT&T!

    • Jared

      There have been respected economists who were antitrust and anti-monopolist so it’s a bit facile to say that fear of monopolies stems from a lack of understanding of economics.

      And while “a monopoly doesn’t necessarily price gouge”, when that monopoly becomes the only game in town (the way the new merged company would be for GSM) and you can’t do without that service, what “the market will pay” is whatever that company says it will.

    • Gm Aharrington1

      Lol. I love when people think they know the facts. Here is something for those that do not remember.
      this trial took place in May of 1998 and ultimately it was decided that they were trying to become a monopoly. Now I will not go into great detail of this case but the aftermath of this trial is simple. More than 50% of the servers in the world run on Linux not on Windows. The company is also bringing cloud computing to Linux based computers and you can run any operating system in a virtual machine on any type of computer. Hmm, sounds like stopping a monopoly brings a lot of great things.

    • DansDroid

      “Customer service *should* improve”. Take off the rose colored glasses. You are so off base it’s scarry.

  • Shatterpane

    No way! MN

  • Anonymouse

    I’m in Palm Beach County area of Florida, and I say no to the AT&T Inquisition. ;)
    The only reason ATT wants TMobile is to use up all their spectrum. How does that help me as a TMo customer?! It cuts my service, speed and reliability. I guess I could call ATT and complain… We all know how well that works. How is their customer service again… that’s right dead last!

  • Anonymous

    No way! For those of us, like myself, who use the cell network technology (GSM v CDMA) in their decision of which provider to use this deal would give us only one choice of carrier! People are complaining that this deal would create a duopoly but that just isn’t correct and the truth is much worse. This deal would literally create a monopoly! Regulators can’t allow this deal!

  • Henry


  • Russ

    Just a phone company, rates may go up, but at the end of the day you *should* be getting better devices and coverage.

    Customer service just depends on who you talk to, I work for T-Mo and I can tell you that there’s plenty of assholes and idiots in our customer service department.

    I voted for merger, T-Mobile is going under anyway. Having more choice is better, but at the end of the day, it’s just your cell phone, get over it?

    • Gm Aharrington1

      If thats the way you feel then why you still work for them if they are going under? Oh yeah thats right its just a job. Get over that.

      • Justin Mentor

        Why don’t you take your own advice? If you hate AT&T so much, why not switch to Sprint or Verizon?

  • Unalloyedcube

    Atlanta, GA – I say no.

  • Joanarivers23

    were is the option that says “i dont care” so i could vote yes . i have at&t wireless so i honestly dont care what happens. fine it dont go tru i dnt care ,it goes tru fine i still dnt care .. its not like my service can get any better its already awesome over here in los angeles.

  • I’m voting from the Orlando area of Florida. Where I am the T-mobile service is way better than AT&T. Also, I buy phones unlocked whenever I can, so I prefer GSM to CDMA. I don’t want there to be a single GSM carrier, especially when all my friends on AT&T constantly have dropped calls or no service. I don’t know anyone who actually likes being on AT&T, they only put up with it because they want their iPhones. My N900 beats them all hands down. I really don’t want to lose the freedom to have my own (non-mainstream) phone and be able to do what I want with it. I do hear that AT&T will finally allow sideloading of apps on Android soon. Guess they have to become a real carrier now that they can’t depend on the iPhone to keep them alive.

  • enveed05

    Seriously, couldn’t they find a way to do this that doesn’t require full purchase of T-Mobile by AT&T? Could they create a joint venture or agreement between the companies that allows them to share the spectrum and LTE implementation while retaining both companies as independent entities? Almost like what the electric companies have done with separating generation from distribution… just a thought.

  • Ohio

    Ohio — no!

  • Angelg630

    S.Portland, ME: No way

  • Anonymous

    I don’t want to but I do because I only get edge and I atleast want 3g so I’m thinking about whats going on.

    • DansDroid

      WTH…why so many posts?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t want to but I do because I only get edge and I atleast want 3g so I’m thinking about whats going on.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t want to but I do because I only get edge and I atleast want 3g so I’m thinking about whats going on.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t want to but I do because I only get edge and I atleast want 3g so I’m thinking about whats going on.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t want to but I do because I only get edge and I atleast want 3g so I’m thinking about whats going on.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t want to but I do because I only get edge and I atleast want 3g so I’m thinking about whats going on.

  • Anonymous

    This report needs to be sent to the FCC

  • Climber42104bg

    No, I’m not for this, as it’ll be a GSM monopoly, and how can cricket, leap, and us cellular be considered competition?

    • Climber42104bg

      I’m in SC, via Phoenix, AZ

  • May

    Compared to ATT, Tmobile gives better coverage at a reduced cost. iPhone isn’t the only smartphone around- there are other options I would like to try out. If the merger goes through, ATT will have no reason to increase its rates even more!!

  • obliderate


  • Paul


  • New Jersey

  • I care & the moment this merger happens I gone . But the reason I’m here is because of the occasional snippet of news like this .

    From the Wall Street Journal

    Rep. John Conyers must have an inside line into antitrust thinking
    within the Justice Department. At least it looked that way after
    Tuesday’s House Judiciary Committee hearing featuring Attorney General
    Eric Holder.

    In opening remarks, Rep. Conyers took Justice to task for failing to
    block any big mergers. Then Rep. Conyers, the committee’s ranking
    Democrat, added, “I know you’re getting ready to block one large
    merger.” That had investors wondering which of the optimistic deals out
    there was headed for the regulatory rocks. Perhaps AT&T’s planned takeover of Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile, or Nasdaq OMX’s play for NYSE Euronext.
    Maybe Mr. Conyers misspoke—his office didn’t comment—and meant to say
    he knew Justice was looking at some big mergers. But, should Justice
    scotch a big deal in the coming months, M&A types will soon be
    hanging on Rep. Conyers every utterance.

    I say 40 percent shot it gets nixed .

    • DetroitTechnoFan

      Thanks. I’ll be calling his office on Monday. He’s my rep from the 313!

  • jthomet

    Voting from Idaho.

  • Anonymous

    Washington state.

  • Oh yeah Georgia

  • Dianimator

    Voting from Georgia. The deal should not go through. Consumers need to have more than one gsm carrier option. We all chose T-Mobile over AT&T because we considered it the best value and the best service. I don’t see how a company we specifically did not choose to buy service from is somehow going to offer us T-Mobile customers more.

  • Kansas

  • Guest


  • Lobo1388

    New Jersey and I say no

  • Mr Bob


  • Jake1682dp


  • Sam


  • 123

    North NJ and I say NO!

  • Kilroy4103

    No Way!! Ohio

  • Snowdaze

    Twin Cities, MN

  • Myl32007

    Orlando Florida says no to ATT buying T-Mobile out

  • Just voted from Atlanta, Georgia. I have AT&T for my home DSL service and with their new TOS (hideous I might add), not only no, but HELL NO!!!!! to this proposed merger/acquisition.

  • Voting from San Jose, CA

  • Snowdaze

    and a BIG NO WAY to AT&T!!!!!

  • Shardizzle

    Plz Tmobile Dnt go I dnt like At&t plzzzz i’m a frist time tmobile cumster from long beach ca. tell at&t to go f. there selfs

  • eaj1990

    chi-town rep. says no

  • Nonag

    Big Apple!!

  • 777

    New Jersey

  • A.P

    Cincinnati, OH!!! 513!!!!!

  • A.P

    Cincinnati, OH!!! 513!!!!!

  • DansDroid

    We don’t need any more monopolies in the cell phone carrier industry. This will ultimately cost consumers billions of dollars because the lack of competition. Tiered data plans will become the norm and the term unlimited will never be heard again in the cell phone carrier industry.

  • DansDroid

    We don’t need any more monopolies in the cell phone carrier industry. This will ultimately cost consumers billions of dollars because the lack of competition. Tiered data plans will become the norm and the term unlimited will never be heard again in the cell phone carrier industry.

  • RolloC84

    Voting from Millstadt, IL – Saint Louis, MO metro area.

  • elarella

    Houston, Texas

  • I’m not surprised at the results, lol. This need to be put out all over web, and get a balanced view of this poll. I have tweeted it, put it on facebook…everywhere I can think of. So we need to push this out more…I want to see this thing in the 100,000’s by the end of next week. lol

  • Respawn

    Cedar City, Utah

  • Anonymous


    Where’s Carly?

  • anonymousconsumer

    Portland, Oregon

  • Mmmmaxheadroom

    Voting from Tubs, Ok. Been a six year customer and have enjoyed the last few months the most. With the new head man in charge of DT USA it seems they were, are heading in the right direction. I would hate to see the fees AT&T will charge for data after LTD rollout.

  • Schecska

    ATL, GA

  • Yasmeht

    Queens, New York

  • Izzybrexx

    Easton pa here!!!!…keep tmobile alive

  • Anonymous

    3 words…..About [insert expression of shock and utter sarcastic amazement here] time !

    Are you kidding me ? This is PRECISELY what I was calling for when this brouhaha came about in the first place. You took the “let’s wait and see”….sometimes ( ok, most of the time ) I would agree with that approach. But then there’s times like this, where it’s pretty freakin’ obvious what the “right answer” is. It shouldn’t have taken this long for “the” TMobile fan site to have put something like this up for public polling.

    You guys are facing the right direction, but that pace better pick up, gentlemen.

  • Jack3365

    Huntsville, AL

  • macman37

    If this deal goes through, everyone, here in California, and across the U.S. needs to understand that the iPhone will only be offered at AT&T’s higher rates, not T-Mobile’s usual more affordable plans. The great customer service which has kept T-Mobile #2 in Consumer Reports’ Overall Ratings of Mobile Carriers since 2003 (when I started paying attention to this topic) until now will be gone, as well as the cheaper rates for other phones if this deal is approved. Too many T-Mobile customers are considering switching to another carrier if this deal happens; and for those who are considering to try out AT&T’s service needs to keep this in mind: Go to your local library and take time to read each yearly report of the Consumer Reports Rating for Mobile Phone Carrier since 2003 until now; we will see that the merger of Cingular and AT&T did not improve Cingular’s (now AT&T) rating for the categories for Overall and Customer Service. Before the merger, they were either #5 or #6 of the 6 mobile carriers rated; after the merger, where there are now only 4 carriers instead of 6 being rated, they have only moved up from #4 to #3 in one of those years…only to go back down to #4 in the next report. In conclusion, if anyone who wants this deal to go through so they can get the iPhone, keep in mind that you will be paying higher monthly rates, and have a much worse customer service experience. Although this deal allows AT&T to spread their LTE service faster, it also allows them to spread their 2nd rate customer service and spotty network as well. Apple is starting to see how many potential losses of T-Mobile customers that they would miss out on if this deal goes through; that is why we are starting to see the article that Boy Genius Report gave tmonews.com and Apple rumor sites that Apple is now testing the iPhone on T-Mobile’s Network. Qualcomm’s Gobi chipset (the world mode modem), as well as other technologies like a chips that allow more than 5 five bands (pentaband) will allow us to have finally have an iPhone on T-Mobile using the missing 1700 Mhz band that it’s been absent since 2007 without it being jailbroken. Let’s not have this merger approved, so that T-Mobile can have the option of having AT&T paying them $3 billion to help T-Mobile expand their 4G network.

  • josefrontanez

    Puerto Rico in the house !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Everyone here is against the merger,NO to AT&T,fuck their plans,yes to freedom,to unlimited,to cheap plans,TO CARLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  • Azkikr182

    Positively “NO”… Kansas

  • H3LL2noATT

    Atlanta, GA

  • Tabitha

    No way! Alabama

  • Carlos

    Begging for t-mobile to stay independent from utah!

  • Kinghat

    Johnson City TN says no

  • While all that coverage and the possiblity of an Iphone does sound nice, I don’t want higher priced rip off plans and crappy customer service…and that’s EXACTLY what AT&T offers!….Twin Cities, MN!

  • Jaqal

    Minnesota Votes Definitively NO!

  • Never

    This merger shouldn’t happen! New Jersey

  • Heyyou488

    Merger should not be allowed for Ohio.

    • Havoktek



    Absolutely not. But i am biased

  • Andrew Dodson

    Houston, Texas says absolutely not!

  • Xxjwattxx

    Daily tmonews ready says NOOOO from New Orleans

    • Drlewistwo

      Also from N.O. saying noooo.

  • Xxjwattxx


  • Tokeaboll

    This merger should not happen! Keep our beloved t-mobile the way it is. -Florida

  • Ricardo

    What I mostly want is the iPhone but i would like for T-Mobile to stay as an independent company. My problem would be resolved if Apple comes out with a T-Mobile iPhone. Texas

  • dani26286

    everybody i know here in New York, and their families, are against this. its a lose-lose situation for everyone, no matter the promises that are being made. dear mister tmo ceo, get your act together, please. money is money, but a business without consumers, is NO MONEY….

  • The Salsa

    Austin, Tx says no. We need this merger about as much as we need to keep giving huge tax breaks to large corporations. I honestly think this is ridiculous. The only reason that ATT wants to buy TMO is that ATT has long neglected their infrastructure and thinks that acquiring TMO will keep them from having to sink millions into improving their infrastructure like they should have been doing for the last decade. Regardless of what they think, combining two networks and adding millions of existing TMO customers to ATT’s already shoddy network will bring no network improvements and lead to higher cellular bills and data cap limits.

    My only concern is that the reason TMO wants to sell is so that they can pour more money into their European infrastructure as the cellular market continues to grow, which I can understand. However, if the merger is not approved will we begin to see the slow decline of TMO as they continue to focus on their home markets? Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather see TMO go to any other company besides ATT, but you have to ask what a denial from the government will mean in the long term for the TMO we have all come to know and love.

  • HeLLkAt31

    Tmobile has the best money saving plans for every individual and in this day in age as gas prices are sky rocketing and everything else and unemployment is at its highest, how can the merger be beneficial to the economy when prices will surely go up after the merger… California

  • Armaghan

    If this goes through, I swear I will leave T-Mobile and go to AT&T (the only other GSM carrier).

    • EvilleSV

      Wait, What?!!!!

    • DJ

      what the hell are you talking about?

    • Armaghan

      People! its “Sarcasm”!!!!. ..

      you guys just killed my joke… urghhh!!

  • Yanes Elmer

    Washington DC says no!!!!!!!!

  • EvilleSV

    Evansville, IN says NO WAY. This will only lead to further stifling of competition.

  • Darkshadowedheart

    NO in Florida

  • Noemail

    I would love for Tmobile to stay doing business as an independent company. They have the best prices, very good phones and the best customer service. The only thing I need is nothing. Just stay separate please!!!

  • Josue2282

    Hell no!

    From South Phoenix, AZ

  • Missjen86

    Dallas Texas says no to the merger! My husband and I both love the phones, plan prices, network, and customer service just the way they are.

    If you want an iphone so bad, just buy an unlocked one or switch!

  • Anonymous

    There are 101 iTrolls on this site.

  • JT

    Richmond VA no to the merger

  • LRC

    I already bailed on Magenta. Deutsche Telekom has made it very clear that they want out of the US market. Even if the AT&T merger is disapproved (very unlikely, IMHO), T-Mobile will be sold to someone else.

  • Bbrownell007

    Minnesota says No to this season as well. I’ve been a loyal T-Mobile customer since I was old enough to sign up for a phone (6 years ago). I’ve had no problems with the service, which is why I’ve been with them for so long, but will switch to Sprint if it goes through because I won’t give a penny to AT&T. If you want the iPhone so badly, get an unlocked iPhone and stop complaining, and if you think AT&T will deliver on their “nationwide LTE” coverage, you need to snap out of that dream.

  • jaZzyjeff

    California says NO

  • Anonymous

    Knowing AT&T and their “promises”….

    Hell no, from Miami, Florida

  • LadyTrysh25

    AT&T is all about making the money and the hard sell. Customer service gets left behind and in an effort to TRY to meet parent company demands, T-mobile has lost sight of the ONE THING that made them win so many awards…the customer service and dedication to ALWAYS doing the right thing for the customer. If the deal doesn’t go through, I am afraid that the damage is already done. However, to get eaten up by Momma Bell will absolutely devastate the majority of loyal t-mobilers by losing sight of the needs of the customers and only worrying about the bottom line.

    Missouri here!

  • Anonymous

    The only resonance a merger like this should get approved is if it was Sprint buying Tmobile. Since Att is buying the competition will be drastically reduced and local carriers will have an incredibly difficult time competing for consumer mind share and for product deals from manufacturers. The competition will be reduced from 4 major carriers to 2, not 3. Sprint will get left behind in the wake of the merger.

    Plus the government should not forget that Att was once a monopoly before and had to break it up. Is a duopoly any better than a monopoly?

    I am living in Orlando Florida and tmobile coverage isn’t that great but they have 4G coverage and customer service is far greater than any other carrier.

    Please do not look at this merger from a local stand point. This is a deal that will affect the entire nation and getting 4G to rural areas should not be the one thing that gets this deal approved.

  • Anonymous

    The only resonance a merger like this should get approved is if it was Sprint buying Tmobile. Since Att is buying the competition will be drastically reduced and local carriers will have an incredibly difficult time competing for consumer mind share and for product deals from manufacturers. The competition will be reduced from 4 major carriers to 2, not 3. Sprint will get left behind in the wake of the merger.

    Plus the government should not forget that Att was once a monopoly before and had to break it up. Is a duopoly any better than a monopoly?

    I am living in Orlando Florida and tmobile coverage isn’t that great but they have 4G coverage and customer service is far greater than any other carrier.

    Please do not look at this merger from a local stand point. This is a deal that will affect the entire nation and getting 4G to rural areas should not be the one thing that gets this deal approved.

  • NardVa

    Voting from Virginia.

  • NardVa

    Voting from Virginia.

  • SirWilliam

    On behalf of the state of Missouri, I vote no! T Mobile should be not be sold!

  • PWSC

    Voting from Pa

  • ATL Guy

    LOL David I really think you are in denial. Look the overwhelming response to your poll!
    TMobile has only themselves to blame for the mess they are in.
    Piss poor leadership, HORRIBLE marketing, bad competitive choices and timing, etc, etc, etc….
    Tmobile should have been THE Android cell company but instead they allowed the other carries to come in and steal that title!!!!!
    Ask the average person, “who started the android revolution?” and I bet tmobile will not win.
    I mean how cool was it back in the day to see Tmobile be on the bleeding edge!!
    Maybe they tried targeting the teen market and those with poor credit.
    There is no denying that for the longest time those with poor credit pretty had no choice but tmobile due to their low deposit requirements and looser credit requirements.

  • ughhh

    Voting from Indiana.

  • T-Mobile should not be sold to to AT&T. Less competition and prices will increase. The outcome will be only one GSM carrier and one CDMA carrier. Sprint won’t even be a competitor. Duopoly = Higher prices and less innovation to release handsets with the latest and greatest technology!

    Orland Park, Illinois Does Not Approve This Deal!

  • Arizona

  • Cbjmrmiser

    No merger. Minnesota.

  • Sven

    Voting from Kansas.

    I wouldn’t mind if Google bought T-Mobile, but AT&T? No way!

  • 53adsds

    T-Mobile For Ever!


    the company that gives the best service wins and living in 38221 with ANDROID smart phones leaves me only t-mobile with wifi devices right now.

    when the deal gets done i will port my numbers to the best company of my choice.

    the key words here are, ‘my choice’.

    as a southwestern bell, att, bellsouth and snet veteran they’re going to have to beat verizon’s service with a 20% corporate discount.

    verizon has 3g outside my door att has edge no brainer for me as it stands now.

  • No merger! Smaller companies such as T-Mobile and Sprint need to survive because they are the ones that do more for consumers. In an attempt to compete they innovate and offer alternatives that bigger AT&T and Verizon do not, lower prices and flexibility. Lets not forget that the 2 smaller companies were the first to make the jump to 4G like speeds; Sprint with their 4G WiMax and T-Mobile with HSPA+. Not until these 2 companies started offering 4G speeds did the other 2 start making the transition to 4G. Verizon may have had a plan in place to roll out 4G in the near future but not as quickly as they did, which explains why they launched LTE with no LTE phones to begin with and why they experienced a recent LTE outage with hardly any LTE phones available on their network when compared to T-Mobile. Then there’s AT&T and their sudden 4G network that still doesn’t offer speeds that can compete with T-Mobile’s 4G speeds, I don’t think they were even looking at moving towards 4G anytime soon if not for the 2 smaller companies that decided to innovate and substantially improve their company and networks to compete with the larger 2. AT&T buyout of T-Mobile just proves that their willing to buyout their competition but not spend that same money on improving their network and customer service, buying T-Mobile spectrum is their way of upgrading the network that they couldn’t upgrade in time and that T-Mobile had already spent time and money building up. In my opinion they will use T-Mobile’s upgraded spectrum in the mean time while they roll out their LTE network to compete with Verizon’s LTE, after that it’s anyone’s guess as to when the next innovation or move to the next generation will be, that will depend on these 2 giants and on how Sprint will manage in this new market.
    Voting from Nevada.

  • 808 state..

    Hawaii 808 state in da house…Voting T-mobile needs to hang in there and help out all of us Loyal and new customers out..I did not join them over credit issues,I joined them for there great products and there cherry @ss plans..I just hope this merger does not go through or i may have to pay sprint a visit…

  • Rstollison

    Memphis, TN here and I voted no, I have 5 lines on an EM+ plan with 750min, unlimited text and the wife and I have unlimited data, tax and all my bill runs me $150, tmobile has always been great with handling any issues or questions and I checked the other big 3 and anything comparable to what I have would run me around $200 a month, I will ride this out and not jump ship from tmo and if/when it happens ill see what at&t’s plans are for us and if its not something I like, hello cellular south as I refuse to be back with sprint again and I will never give Verizon my money

  • Richmond, VA here… This cannot go through. What happens to competition if does go through? It disappears.

  • Randy

    Phoenix, AZ here, I voted no due to the fact about 5 years ago when i first signed my contract with T-mobile I willingly paid the $250 termination fee Verizon was making me pay to end my contract looking back its the best $250 I ever had to spend T-mobile since then has provided me with the most amazing customer service ive ever experienced with any company my fear is that At&t will not have room for all the wonderful reps T-mobile has which will result in a loss in customer support experience not to mention i feel as though At&t will not only raise the rates on there service to make up for the money they had to spend on T-mobile but also there is a reason im with T-mobile opposed to any of the other carriers that the US provides and its the fact that they are a very competitive company as fare as rates and phones go as well as the best customer support I have 3 lines with T-mobile and if At&t trys to get me to switch I can honestly say that i will go to a prepaid service such as virgin mobile instead of providing At&t or any other Post Paid services my money! Please say no to the merger its not going to be all that its hyped up to be.

  • Dom

    Utah, voted no for the simple fact that other carrier prices are way too expensive to switch and tmobile has always cared about their customers which is why i stay with them.

  • Bimmerz

    Colorado… Oh, HELL-to-the NO!

  • rm

    In Texas: Absolutely Not! No AT&T, I didn’t want you in the past, and I don’t want you now. Leave my T-Mobile alone. >=|

  • Golmar88

    Oklahoma in da house! BOOMER SOONER Baby!

    • Golmar88

      And we say hellz no!

  • Kwu

    Illinois, T-Mobile network is SO much more reliable than AT&T’s in Chicago. Even in Dekalb, My roommate’s iPhone can’t make a call without standing next to the window.

    • chrissie

      I agree! I’m from IL too and T-Mobile is way better than AT&T in the city of Chicago.

      • Spooln3

        You all apparently are missing the point of this merger, ATT will get T-Mo’s spectrum, current and future, the service you get now WILL NOT CHANGE!!!!! They arent taking away towers. Common sense is not so common…

        • Bobeer86

          that’s true only for 2G service – HSPA on AWS bands will go down to make place for LTE on the same bands.
          Indeed, common sense ain’t that common..

        • Spooln3

          and you are a fine display of it Bobeer86. The coverage in the areas where we already have it will remain the same, yes, you will need to get a new phone if you dont have one of the ones coming out that will support the new bands, but ATT isn’t going to pull out T-Mobile towers of those markets…

  • Volv02

    Oklahoma. I can’t get ATT coverage in my house… off i-35 in the heart of the city

  • Kehaisch

    Oregon. The pricing for T-mobile is better than ATT.

  • JoyinSoul

    Maryland says no!

  • Soccerull

    If T-mobile does go to AT&T whats gonna happen to all the new phones?

    • Boeber86

      you will get fantastic 4G service…NOT! you will actually be stuck with EDGE (2G, can’t use data and voice at the same time) for remaining part of your service commitment.
      cheers! =P

      • Spooln3

        This is a lie, its already been seen, ON THIS SITE, that some of the new phones have quad bands that will operate on ATT’s network, example- LG G2X. Stop spewing BS Boeber86

        • Chris

          no, sorry its not, it was announced that the g2x will not work on att’s 3g. maybe u should stop spewing the bs

        • Spooln3

          Do your studying before you make yourself look like an idiot.

        • Bobeer86

          Man, you really cranked my up with stalking all my posts here – totally made my day =)
          Anyway, about doing your own research (seems we both like this phrase…) you might want to keep up with the news:
          This one is clarification directly from T-Mo that G2x does NOT have 850 HSPA band and is recent article from late April instead of old news from March.

          Now, telling us you work for T-Mo and are kind of “Mr. Know-It-All” really makes you look like…hmm…let me just quote you: “Do your studying before you make yourself look like an idiot.”
          Cheers ;)

  • Jerry

    I Get 4G pretty much every where i go in Tulsa,OK ,. i tested pretty much against every friend with all other companies,. n even my home cox broadband, but my phone averages as a better connection,., Screw att,. ,.Stop The merge,. Tmobile doesnt need att. it only benefits their customers, ill stick around,. Loyal 7yr voicestream/tmobile customer,. Jerry.

  • Anonymous

    “Stick together” yeah right..

  • G2 user

    Tmobile needs to stay an independent company, coming from VIRGINIA!

  • Anonymous

    – Prices will increase.

    – Existing Tmo retailers will force to reduce workforce.

    – 3G won’t work for existing phones.

    – Customer service quality will decrease.

    • Spooln3

      @robrob777:disqus Curious, where did you see this new information stating these random facts you have posted? I would love to see the official documentation showing this…

      • bobeer86

        how about just comparing both companies’ official data?
        – ATT service is more expensive (prices are on their site)
        – ATT has already advised FCC that it wants AWS spectrum from T-Mo for their LTE, so HSPA on 1700/2100 will no longer be available as it will be replaced with LTE. that means all T-Mo devices will be forced to use EDGE
        – ATT CS is a joke – I was their customer for over 5 yrs..my account varied from single voice line to four lines with voice and data (about $400/mo bill – where you get “premium” CS) you can trust me on that one ;)

        • Spooln3

          – ATT service is more expensive (prices are on their site) You will have more coverage, more phone choices, and it has already been said that current customers will be grandfathered in with their current rate plans.- ATT has already advised FCC that it wants AWS spectrum from T-Mo for their LTE, so HSPA on 1700/2100 will no longer be available as it will be replaced with LTE. that means all T-Mo devices will be forced to use EDGE – I dont know a single person that has a phone that they are still using from a year and a half ago. So what if you have to get a new phone, odds are you would be getting a new one a year from now anyway, and if not, thats on you. You have choice, you can get a new phone that works, or stick with your 1+ year old phone that doesn’t, pretty clear to me…- ATT CS is a joke – I was their customer for over 5 yrs..my account varied from single voice line to four lines with voice and data (about $400/mo bill – where you get “premium” CS) you can trust me on that one ;) – ATT is buying a company that has the #1 rated customer service, vs their crappy 3rd/4th place customer service. If you honestly think for a second, that they dont plan on leveraging that #1 service to improve what they have, you are sadly mistaken, and you can trust me on that one. ;)

  • Loyal tmobile customer

    New York, tmobile does not need to merge.

  • Richard in Utah votes for T-Mobile needs to live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sgt. Cell

    Keep T Mobile independent of
    . Voting from New York State.

  • Sgt. Cell

    Keep T Mobile independent of
    . Voting from New York State.

  • Mr Monkeywrench

    Hey Google please Buy Tmobile! Block the mereger!! Saint Paul, MN

    • Anonymous

      that seems reasonable enough……lol

      google has enough money to do that…..He could easily buy it for 43bililion

  • Mr Monkeywrench

    Hey Google please Buy Tmobile! Block the mereger!! Saint Paul, MN

  • Tylermaxwell14

    Vote for NO from State of Indiana!!!

  • liveTexas

    NO from SA, TX !!!!!!!

  • Snarf

    All hell would break lose should this deal go through, who in the right mind would pay more and get less?? I say NO from Orlando FL

  • Snarf

    All hell would break lose should this deal go through, who in the right mind would pay more and get less?? I say NO from Orlando FL

  • Going_home

    No no no. Florida .

  • Going_home

    No no no. Florida .

  • Macbfac

    NO NO NO!!! Coast of North Carolina here!!

  • techieTroy

    It would be a huge loss to customers and the consumer market to lose T-Mobile and have only one (the worst) GSM option (monopoly for GSM service). Yes, it would help AT&T be bigger and to trap more customers in high priced, poor service, but I don’t think that is in the consumers best interest when it comes to the value of innovation, competition, and choice.

    We lose a fantastic choice if we lose a company like T-Mobile with such great customer focus. And it could seal Sprint’s eventual doom, leaving us stuck with only 2 huge carriers, one GSM and one CDMA (who can get by with charging more regardless of the value of their services to us because we have no alternatives)…and NO choice for consumers. That’s what AT&T wants, because without iPhone exclusivity they just are winning it on customer service, quality of service, or overall value.

  • Ross12122

    No sell from CA

  • Spooln3

    You all realize that even if this merger doesn’t go through, T-Mobile is through?!?! DT wants out, its evident, the amount of customers we are going to lose between now and the close of this deal will be too much, and they will end up selling off pieces of T-Mo anyway, so one way or the other, T-Mo is done. You all need to wake up and hope for the thousands of people that do work for magenta that it does go through, so they all can hope to keep their job and dignity. I can’t believe how selfish people are in this country, and how blind and naive. Change is good, as is the competition that will remain. If it wasn’t for change, we all would still be riding horses and fetching pales of water.

    • bobeer86

      Seriously, you find single national GSM operator monopoly to be competitive market and positive change? Let me quote you ”
      . I can’t believe how (…) people are in this country, and how blind and naive”. Might be a good idea to do some research prior to posting BS like this crap above.

      ..and back on topic – HELL NO from NYC!!

      • Spooln3

        You should take your own advice Mr. Bobeer86, there are many other, smaller GSM1900 carriers in this country. You don’t have a single valid, FACTUAL reason for not wanting this to go through but your own greedy wants. So what you may have to pay 10 bucks more a month, I would rather you pay that than me have to lose my job cause of your ignorance on what is going to inevitably happen. Stop swinging from everyone elses nuts and do some of your own research.

        • Spoon youre tripping…I actually work at T-Mo and I was at AT&T before this..I worked for T-Mo, went to AT&T and went back to T-Mo (I moved to another state thats why)..But the smaller GSM companies are NOT nationwide and they also have a limited device inventory and they are piggy backing off the big guys anyway mostly. so you do your own research. My company and fellow co-workers work too damn hard for some rich ass suits to com sweep us off like dust. The rate plans and device selection at T-Mo can NOT be touched. I just think T-Mo needs to rebrand and get rid of the pink(magenta) and get tougher and we can swim with the sharks. Image is everything.

        • Spooln3

          I understand the other GSM carriers are not nationwide, I never said they were, I said there simply would not be a monopoly on the GSM1900 spectrum. I also work for T-Mo, if you want we can swap P numbers and compare salaries, I used to work for GTE now known as Verizon as well, and I will tell you that Tmo is EXACTLY like GTE used to be. Almost everyone that I knew kept their jobs from that merger. The service people got was a lot better and they are now the nations largest Wireless company. Facts are facts, we are hemorrhaging customers, even more so now after this announcement, the damage has been done and like it or not, the only way most of us will be able to keep our jobs is by this merging successfully completing. What is the difference of ATT buying us or Sprint? Either we merge spectrums with ATT or get rid of them all together by way of Sprint. Either way, new phones will need to be purchased by existing customers, Rate plans will NOT remain the same if Sprint bought us out, and Sprint has way crappier service. I would much rather this sale be completed with ATT than Sprint, you all are just complaining just to hear yourselves complain. You aren’t looking at the bigger picture, and you really need to.

      • Spooln3

        You should take your own advice Mr. Bobeer86, there are many other, smaller GSM1900 carriers in this country. You don’t have a single valid, FACTUAL reason for not wanting this to go through but your own greedy wants. So what you may have to pay 10 bucks more a month, I would rather you pay that than me have to lose my job cause of your ignorance on what is going to inevitably happen. Stop swinging from everyone elses nuts and do some of your own research.

    • Teddybear3446

      I agree, T-Mobile is loosing customers every day to pre paid companies such as METRO PCS. In order for the Gov”t to approve the sale AT&T needs to promise to adopt T-Mobile”s plans and keep prices down. It would make no sense to spend 39Billion, only to lose all of TMO customers. No matter what Deutsche Telekom will sell. And I most likley will lose my job.

  • Av

    I’m from houston texas and i DISAPPROVE OF THIS DEAL! I :P

    • Spooln3

      I’m curious, why?

  • MT3GS

    A big HELL NO from Miami, Florida!

  • DIE ATT! DIE AND GO TO HELL! you hideous mega-corp leftist octopus

  • JWW

    the only deal i approve of is at&t paying t-mobile 3 billion. str8 from maryland

    • Jeffreygreen1315

      I agree with JWW. Give T-Mo $3mil and go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please
      Jeff G also from Maryland @Latoya_Renee

  • DetroitTechnoFan

    No freakin way am I gonna give up my speedy internet, buckets of minutes that I don’t have to wait months to build up to use, and full set of features for laggy internet (that is SLOWER on their “LTE” than THEIR 3G, which is SLOWER than T-Mo’s 3G!) and having to pay for things that I take for granted separately from my normal bill!

    No way from the 313, Detroit, Michigan!

  • Voted No from Utah.

  • Phonegeek

    NO NO NO vote from atl

  • Anonymous

    online polls are meaningless. Start a letter writing campaign to the real people in charge at T-mobile USA, AT&T, and the various govt officials who are reviewing the merger.

    • This poll will be going to government officials.

      • Anonymous

        The results are still meaningless though and won’t even get looked at by anyone that cares.

        Whereas a well thought out letter by individual people on this site with one’s name and address might actually have more merit and effect.

        Just thought i’d point it out. Although I suspect that most of the AT&T hate is largely lazy whining on the internet. People probably don’t care about the issue enough to actually write a letter, which is what AT&T is hoping. Just look at all the comments about what people were sending in the online public comments to the FCC. A good chunk of them were just nonsense and will not even be taken seriously.

        wake me up when there is a serious campaign…..

  • Lugo

    Voted No from California

  • neneloco83

    From Pennsylvania!!! No, no, no, no!!!!!

  • Voted from Georgia

  • Voted from Georgia

  • Voted from Georgia

  • Seattle, WA (backyard of Tmo)

  • I voted like 3 times, idk if that counts but I couldn’t comment from phone but I voted frm Florida

  • I voted from Florida like @twitter-72719383:disqus also shes cute :)

  • Drew

    Dallas, Tx! I hate At&t

  • Winston Salem, NC college students need affordable cell phone services and phones which is exactly why I will never leave T-Mobile

  • Orlando, Florida but I go to Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, Florida. The majority of people at FAMU have T-Mobile since most College students need affordable price phones/services. Been with T-Mobile for over 10 years, have no plans on leaving.

  • Ghuyg

    After being a SunCom customer and being bought out by T-Mobile and I was ecstatic. At&t can go away with their crappy service and limited Android. I want options for my GSM service and who better than T-Mobile. Voting from Puerto Rico.

  • Matt Rams

    Texas – T-mobile is best priced and def doesn’t hurt the pocket as much as these other companies out here. They finally rolling out some phones too, there’s no way I’d ever leave.

  • Florida: Just re-signed and bought a G2x. Here’s hoping we stay free and modding friendly!

    • Jane

      I had to change phones because of the danger/microsoft/sidekick platform being discontinued, so I got a galaxy S 4G. I’m still on a huge learning curve; but don’t think an iPhone can do any better, and I prefer the droid platform anyhow. If AT&T actually buys T-Moblle will it be TT&T? I think T-Mobile customers will be the losers in this deal, and when the merger takes place, I’ll probably switch to Verizon.I’ve heard about too many people complaining about poor reception and dropped calls with AT&T

  • Anonymous

    FL but travel all over the US, recently left ATT for T-Mobile, hope that they stay independent. Switched because of phone choice and features, amongst others WiFi calling

  • Thank you very much @davidtmonews:disqus for this poll, i really hope we can some how stop this from happening. NO from Florida, Orlando! @tmonews:twitter

  • Kathi17

    Maine, I love T-Mo. We need GSM competition for innovation and price choice. Many people couldn’t afford to pay AT&T prices. Also, T-Mo gives us more freedom with our devices than AT&T.

  • I’ll agree with the rest of the people. T-Mobile has came a long way. I remember when I was with Verizon and I was like wow, T-Mobile has some crappy phones and this was like 4 years back. Fast forward to now they have an excellent lineup of phones, just got the G2X yesterday, the phone service is fantastic, and most importantly they have great affordable pricing plans. Something else that I like is after 1 year of continued service of FlexPay, you have the option to go on contract for those with not so perfect credit.

  • Matt O

    Matt from Miami, Fl. No madder what is said by us the users, the people that make up this company they are going to do as they please. I hope I am wrong but I am getting ready to be come part of that evil monster thats call AT&T one step close to a celluar Monopoly!

  • Irodriguez99

    Isaias from Houston, Texas. T-Mobile Rocks!!! Its better than att in every way.

  • Seriously

    I have a suggestion, can you make a serious poll and not some punk ridiculous poll. I mean, come on, one of your questions is “ATT is buying T-Mobile, since when!?” Couldn’t fit the LOL or WTF in there huh?

    The questions should be “Yes, ATT should. It will help wireless growth” or “I have no opinion” and finally “No, T-Mobile should remain independent this merger would inhibit wireless growth and fair competition.”


    eddie .from san diego california i vote stay way from t moblie we dont need you at@t these money you can buy alot of LTE service why uou buying t moblie when you have big money .your plan is to harm t moblie costumer for sure and alot of t moblie workers they gonna get laid off .from this deal i remember i use to have att my bill was so high over $100 back in two years and serivice was bad in san diego to many drop calls .and now i have t moblie i dont have any problem with them and my bill is under $ 70.00 wish is good, and good service i never have dropp calls and and i have hspa in my area to so my enternet is good , att they dont even have hspa 4g becuse there towers are old they cant put hspa 4g towers are very old .so thats why they wanna buy t moblie ,apple is not happy with at@t becuase they dont have any service like LTE AND HESPA AND WIMAX THATS WHY APPLE IS TESTING T MOBLIE IPHONE LAST 2 WEEK BECUASE T MOBLIE HAVE EVERYWERE 4G CHECK T MOBLIE MAP

  • Wteppenpaw


  • Anthonymrobb

    Denver, Colorado. Hell NO! We won’t go. Tmobile don’t let it go through.

  • Dfgdfgdf

    Voted no from NY

  • bobby

    either let it go through, or give us an iphone…

  • South3rn Rydah956


  • TMO fanatic


  • You shouldn’t have put that iPhone option. Lots of Apple freaks are going to simply vote for that to upset the real balance of the votes.


  • Alynnashun

    Funny how ppl think cuz AT&T merges with TMobile they can jus get an iPhone to work with Tmobile… Apple owns iPhones so Apple would have to allow TMobile to carry iPhone so they work on our network without unlocking and setting up the phone to work on Tmobile. Thas why when ppl jailbreak them they still have to input setting for Tmobile network to work!

  • Kuzco

    Come on people, get an iPhone on eBay, jailbreak it, use it. Works great on T-Mobile network.

  • from GA folks!

  • Georgia or Jawja! T-Mobile def! ATT sux! no coverage at all. raising the bar my butt! Folks should sue for false advertisement!

  • SocalTeknique

    Love T-Mobile
    Sent from Anaheim, California!

  • zzzz_zzzzzzz


  • As a 12 year customer and 3.5 year employee of T-Mobile, I see a lot of benefits of the acquisition. While I’m sure the price will go up, there will always be small carriers who offer a lower price and lower quality of coverage. The market will still allow for Boost, U.S. Cellular and the like to do business at a lower price, but with lesser nationwide coverage. For people like me, who never leave town anyway, it won’t make a difference which company I’m with. This merger will go through, and these petitions and protests will not mean anything. AT&T and DT have too much money for a petition (or for Sprint, for that matter) to block it. Quit whining and just make other arrangements if you don’t like AT&T.

    • InvisibleHand

      Finally, someone else who gets it.

    • Captainrule

      The difference is that those companies aren’t near T-mobile’s quality. T-mobile is amazing quality for your money. Any other company will be a downgrade. AT&T will only break down the amazing service and the excellent selection of phones. Sprint and Verizon have some great phones and AT&T does not. The smaller companies have a horrendous selection of phones. The smaller companies have comparable prices but lack service. Some people just aren’t interested in any other carriers. T-Mobile is great and in my opinion none of the others are even close. I have amazing coverage, a great phone and perfect service.

      AT&T has nothing to offer me, I don’t care at all for their phones or their subpar customer service. The “benefits” don’t look good at all. AT&T is going to offload their over capacity customers straight onto the T-Mobile network. They are going to shut down T-mobiles 3g/4g bands to deploy LTE which if their HSPA+ is any indication, will be ultra slow. The prices will most likely skyrocket as soon as our contracts are up, they will probably force people to sign new contracts or cut them off. That is exactly what this company does, they gobble up other companies and bring down their service quality. Ruin their prices and overall screw over lots of people. AT&T home phone, t.v., internet and cellular all have been horrible experiences for myself and many others. I’m not really sure any of that will be a benefit anyone.

      • The Kraut

        I guess what I am trying to figure out is if ATT is spending $39 billion to buy Tmobile, why couldnt they use that same money to build out their network? If the sole reason for buying T Mobile is to extend their coverage, couldnt the money be used in the same fashion to build more of their own towers etc and put people to work at the same time??

        • Captainrule

          Of course they could but it appears that they would just rather absorb companies than spend money on the network. I read an article somewhere that mentions how AT&T owns more spectrum than any other company and spends less on improving their technology than verizon. The article speculated that if AT&T invested in ways to better utilise what they have it would alleviate some of their congestion.

    • Ok, you pay our cell phone bills, supply us with a array of high-end smartphones, great customer service, & innovative plans ,products & services, expansive 4G network with great call & voice clarity & we’ll call it a deal. Ok? :)

  • Im all for it, Less companies means less versions of specific cell phones which means better cellphones.

  • Timbois44

    WE left T-Mobile 2 weeks ago after being with them for 10 yrs and went to Verizon….At&t will never get a dime from me…Timbo

  • Anonymous

    While I have mixed emotions about this merger, this poll isn’t fair. There is only 1 pro ATT option. I’m into the merger for better call signals not necessarily for LTE.

  • jim in chicago

    I have been using an iPhone with T-Mobile for the past 30 months. Just say “no” to AT&T.

  • Texas

    Been with T-Mobile for 10 years……. I will not give ATT one cent of my money. Texas!

  • Anonymous

    How many times can I vote no? :-)

  • Thepqz

    I tried to call ATT business support today. 4 calls dropped and it took them 10 minutes on call 5 to find the account (and I had the account number, etc at my fingertips). Yeah, I’m really hopeful for an ATT takeover… *sigh*

  • Mario

    i dont care if it goes through, if it does by that time us cellular will have LTE in Des Moines, IA thats where ill be. ive enjoyed Tmobile for the time ive had it but it looks like theyre dead in the water

  • Kristina


  • C_47


  • Captainrule

    commenting from fresno california, I do NOT want to be a part of at & t.

  • xoox

    Southern California

  • Dmo566

    No to at&t, Michelle, Hawaii

  • @davidtmonews:disqus only 101 more votes on No way to get 6K disapproval

  • Matthew

    Santa Monica, CA #sayno2att :)

  • Dreamcasting

    I escaped from at&t to T-Mobile and was grateful for it. To go back? Not even going to take a chance. Ported two lines away from T-Mo, have 2 lines to go. That being said, I do hope T-Mobile can find a way to succeed on its own, without the tentacles of at&t wrapped around it.

  • Nearmsp

    I moved from AT&T to T-mobile 10 years back. I have enjoyed T-mobile’s excellent customer service and honest and ethical policies, which is more common in Europe and Australia. US companies such as AT&T rely on bribing politicians and screwing its own customers. I have no plans to become part of the AT&T customer base. I am waiting for Verizon to come out with the world phone (that would include GSM in addition to their CDMA protocol). I am hoping that the phone is out by Fall and I will move from T-mobile. AT&T is the most evil corporation. Once you have a wrong billing or something like that, good luck getting it resolved! It will not matter if they have LTE or not. You just have to put up with what they dish out. US regulators have been neutered by politicians who have their snouts in the lobbyists trough and the merger will go ahead. AT&T has the largest number of lobbyists on the hill and have spent $50 million in lobbying to date. Instead of spending a $500 million on customer support it is cheaper to kill off competition and buy the T-mobile infrastructure. In no country in the world is the Anti Trust run by the Justice department as farcical as in the US. Recall this very same shameless government department rubber stamped the merger of XM and Sirius to create a monopoly.Vote with your ballots by moving to Verizon or Sprint because no amount of submissions to any of the regulatory bodies will make a difference. AT&T is paying $3 billion break up fee to T-mobile if this fails and if this passes in addition to the $39 billion the German company also gets 9% ownership of AT&T stock. The deal is too sweet for T-mobile not to say no to the marriage proposal that comes with a hefty dowry for the dad (T-mobile Germany).

  • Decknology


  • Satanthecow


  • I don’t think I’ve commented here before, but I really want T-Mobile to stay T-Mobile, not be devoured by some Ma Bell company and diminish all the goodness of the big Magenta. I’m from Arizona and I LOVE T-Mobile!

  • Jereader1

    I left alltel to join up with tmo. If at&t is allowed to buy tmo, I will jump to sprint (or last choice verizon). Here’s hoping that the government actually listens to the population for once and stops this.

  • anonymous


  • Guest

    Washington. Zip: 99354

  • TK

    Writing from Missouri…..

    The merger of AT&T and T-Mobile would eliminate a major competitor among nationwide cell phone providers and have the following bad effects:

    –Reduces the number of nationwide cell phone companies to just two (AT&T and Verizon) and a marginal third provider, Sprint. Deutsche Telekom AG should be barred from selling T-Mobile USA to any existing US Cell phone company. The buyer should have to be someone not already involved in providing cell phone service.

    –Results in price increases in cellular service. AT&T clearly indicated a goal for increasing ARPU (Average Revenue Per User), investment speak for price increases. This will be an issue even more strongly for long time loyal T-Mobile customers on older “grandfathered” plans. AT&T’s promise to grandfather in their filing is vague and does not ensure they will grandfather all T-Mobile customers, including postpaid customers whose contract has expired, and prepaid customers. And there is no promise that grandfathering will be performed fully and accurately, including allowing those older grandfathered T-Mobile customers still allowed to tether (connect other devices to the Internet through) their phones, to continue to do so at no additional charge.

    –Gives AT&T a U.S. monopoly on nationwide GSM coverage, a world standard preferred by travelers.

    –AT&T has demonstrated an attitude that they will take advantage of limited competition. For example, for wired internet, they are imposing new usage caps limiting monthly data transfer because they know that in many communities, there is usually at most one other wired broadband provider, usually the local cable TV company, and many of those have also established usage caps. AT&T, like the cable companies, is doing this to protect their TV services from Internet based competitors such as Netflix and Hulu to try to prevent loss of UVerse or Cable TV subscribers due to new alternatives.

    –Puts many T-Mobile employees out of their jobs.

    –A partial takeover with divestiture of some T-Mobile customers would have all the above harms, but may hurt T-Mobile customers even more, by not giving AT&T any opportunity to welcome them and grandfather their plans, if that is their intent or they should be so forced.

    –Gives AT&T too much spectrum hurting the public interest by reducing competition. AT&T is simultaneously trying to acquire even more spectrum from Qualcomm. The available spectrum needs to be spread over a number of competitors to ensure a competitive market.

    –The FCC may be anticipating approving LightSquared to offer future competition for AT&T and Verizon, but their plans may interfere with GPS equipment, including extremely expensive specialized equipment used in aviation, forestry, emergency response, law enforcement, etc, making that a questionable proposition as well.

    –Finally, on a side note, cell phone companies often find it difficult to setup new towers with local zoning and NIMBY (Not-In-My-Back-Yard) resistance. To help cell phone companies make better use of existing towers, cell phone companies should be encouraged to enter into reasonable roaming deals, and every cell phone company should be required to offer for lease space on their towers for competitors to also place their radios.

    • Now just send that to the FCC & your U.S. State Congress, & we’ll have something going here

  • California

  • Trkingingrany

    We have 4 phones here in COLORADO

  • Ayla

    Austin, TX

  • Preciouskp2002

    Voted No WAY from Baltimore,MD, If I wanted to go to at&t I would have switched on my own!

  • @joshuhl From a tech blogger to another I think this is a good idea,

  • Tacobell_princess

    ATT is SBC. The company that destroyed PacBell with its horrible service. They bought ATT and took its name to essentially buy a new image. Tmobile will fade into the folds of ATT and it will be just like ATT bought the tmobile contracts. The only way people still pay them money is because they all but have a monopoly on service in most areas including mine. ATT needs to be stopped from trying to get another piece of the pie moving it toward monopoly status….which would suck in any case, but nothing is worse than a company that treats their customers like garbage getting more of a stranglehold on the market.

  • Stacey1994

    I have been a T-Mobile customer for 5 years. Great customer service and good rates are important to me and I have not found that with any other company. My friends that use AT&T hate it; calls are suddenly dropped, internet is inconsistent (sometimes non-existent), and poor customer service are common complaints. No thanks! I will be looking elsewhere for service if this goes through.

    Stacey in CA

  • Placed my vote for no on this merger and my vote comes from Indiana.

  • i voted no from Kansas

  • Tshire

    Only three major carriers would mean dramatically reduced competition. Even if there are some immediate benefits to consumers, in the long run, consumers will be hurt. Think about it: AT&T is trying to buy their lower-priced competition. Does anyone seriously believe they want to do so to give us LOWER prices? Somehow, I think not.
    Marion, MA

  • Anonymous

    ATT should be broken up again into more baby bells.

    We dont need a large ATT. They should not be allowed monopolies.

  • i am for the merger as long the customer service stays the same or better, comment from NY

  • Does anyone else here think tmonews needs to do a better job at conducting polls. If we wanted to use this poll at all, for any testimonial purposes, it would be laughed at.

  • guest


    • Polaris1

      New Jersey

  • I voted NO for this merger to happen it would hurt many people in a time where we arent financially good, gas prices are high, everything is high, people have less money, with this merger yes some iwll jump to sprint few others to Verizon some to the small prepaid carriers but a lot ALOT of them will be forced to stay without a cell phone as not many can afford those huge overpriced plans att and Verizon offer, it would decrease the number of cell phone users, we would be taking a step back in the US, Please dont let this happen its bad for everyone.
    I’m From New Jersey

  • TravyTouchdown

    New Jersey

  • Jayq330

    New York, to have only one nation wide GSM network would create a big impact on the selections odd phones & also all the virtual network phone companies would have no “choice” on there price they pay on roaming charged & even unforeseen damages that come from greed & power hungry companies.

  • Jayq330

    Reality says that at&t & verizon will make side deals to control the plan prices. And sprint will be forgotten in the big monopoly deals that the two other companies will be controlling. Prices will drop to bait & hook & squash smaller networks, then raises there prices back up once the competition is gone… wait & see. Of course the Rick doing career about the peasants but this can’t be allowed.

    • Jayq330

      Correction “of course the rich don’t care about the middle & lower class, but this can’t be allowed” swipe keyboard needs some tuning or i need more practice =)

  • Doug

    A lot of customers are leaving TMO in droves. Where are all of these loyal TMO customers?

    • Mikestrass212

      you should ask AT&T they are the ones harm those people

  • Kerry

    I’m in Oregon… competition is good, I’d rather see T-Mobile on its own than be swallowed up. AT&T doesn’t have good customer service, and it seems unlikely to me that they will adopt the philosophy of T-Mobile when it comes to customers.

  • It’s too bad T-Mobile can’t find a way to harness the customer loyalty they have into a broader base of subscribers. What will we all do once the merger goes through and then AT&T tries to buy Verizon…using the same argument that they are now?

  • Britegray

    Voting from Texas

  • cammy

    “No Way!” from Maine

  • Paizante

    NO way ……. I really hate ATT.

  • Dcast2777

    If it happens I will be force to go with Sprint.

  • the poll should have a “I don’t like it but can see no reason they shouldn’t be allowed to do it” option..

  • I would prefer this not to happen as I am not an AT&T fan. If the deal goes through I will more than likely head to Verizon. I think that one of the reason Verizon doesn’t care about this merger is they know that 90% of T-Mobile’s customers completely hate AT&T and they will get a huge customer boost from the mass exodus of unsatisfied customers.

  • Valerie

    We need competition among wireless companies, fron New Mexico.

  • Waltmen

    Keep T-Mobile independent. Its good for competition, Southern CA

  • Tet84

    I’m jumping over to Verizon if AT&T is taking over.

  • Webform

    No from Alabama.

  • Voted yes. I want my 3G. Tired of EDGE.

  • Anonymous

    Against the merger, but as a few others have said the way this poll is worded it comes across as a joke and something that really isn’t being taken seriously.

    What this poll SHOULD have been was very straight forward on answers (just a simple yes or no) instead of coming across comically — especially if you’re sending this to people who could be voting on the matter. I wouldn’t be surprised if they just looked at the poll answers, laughed and delete the email.

    • And I disagree, the words were chosen for a reason. The intent wasn’t to make it a yes, no poll.

  • Capsick

    I just want The iPhone to come to Tmobile already

    • Tito!

      You are a dip****.. APPLE FOLLOWER.

      iPhone is old news. :)

      • Count me in to the dip**** category!

        • Tito!

          Well, when T-Mobile gets iPhone as an INDIVIDUAL Company, then will I accept it! Haha .

          For now, I guess it’s okay that David wants it :]

  • Cray820

    voted now way from delaware

  • Dgib107

    no. i dont think at&t should merge with tmobile because. tmobile needs to compete with other companys. the reasons why i dont think at&t should merge with tmobile are alot of tmobile costumers with be unhappy, the phones in at&t suck, and the service sucks. please please dont merge with at&t. as a tmobile costumer im saying no. i love tmobile the way it is!

  • the only reason i would be happy with this merger is if tmobile customers get the iphone and if the plans’ prices go down, which at&t said it would try to do, but i really don’t see that happening. hopefully apple gives tmobile an iphone this fall, tmobile really needs it right now and apple would benefit from it as well.

    • Senor Chang

      Go DOWN? How could it possibly go down when Tmo is already the lowest cost alternative to all the other carriers? The only way Tmo can come down is if VZW, Spring and At&t alter their plans and drop prices as well. Compare the plans… there is no way you can get the same services and options that Tmo gives you for the same price anywhere else. to get an idea of my choices, I actually did go compare and came to the conclusion that if I ever had to drop Tmobile for another carrier, I would do without a data plans. Its not THAT serious that I’m going to pay an extra $20 – $40 month for it on another carrier.

      • by go down i mean att’s prices because tmo would BECOME a part of att

  • PIRATE67_200

    come on people. DT wants out. T-Mobile cannot make it!! Get over it. They are not profitable. I would much rather work for ATT than TMO. Everything about TMO Stinks

    • Mikestrass212

      listen back 2008 DT didn’t want to do Anything T-Mobile which it was mistake they had over 37 million but they think don’t need the part to bulid highspeed that why it cause the issue listen AT&T is no good at all customers left AT&T Becuase high price since T-Mobile lost customers this month because AT&T harm them so just to tell u are brain wash by AT&T

      • Tito!

        Yeah? Like what the hell. haha, not profitable? this company has more potential then AT&T, hell Sprint has more potential then AT&T .

        the only reason the buyout is happening proves, AT&T NEEDS T-Mobile.

        They need OUR Technology.
        Just because AT&T has more users doesn’t mean crap!& Honestly, they only got a free ride thanks to Apple.If you’ll excuse me, you ARE not profitable. It is that likes of you that strikes this company down.& anything you say or do, will not stop people in taking the extra steps in hope in making sure that this merger doesn’t happen.#SAYNO2ATT

  • Chiefsfan70

    No way from California

  • AA

    New Jersey

  • Senor Chang

    the poll doesn’t have my nihilistic choice which is… At&t or no At&t, Tmobile is changing in one way or another. If At&t were blocked, why do some of you have this false belief that Tmo is just going to keep trucking the same as it ever was? Time to face reality. and I’m not jumping ship… no reason to, not until something actually happens.

    • Tito!

      this had no sense. you’re comparing a company making policy changes (minor) < to a company sellout/merger?

      Hmm. Let's weight out! PEOPLE DON'T WANT THIS TO HAPPEN! FINAL.

      these are your thoughts.. we all have our own.

      You say you won't jump ship, but you come off as the tone of a sellout.

      Idc what Deutshe Telekom thinks! It is officially their loss.

      It is in the best interest of this country, that this company stays.

      it's all out the Dynamic .

      "Promised" [Almost Impossible] Innovation means nothing to me.

      So take that, eat it and run with it! :)

  • Chris

    Stop the merger! Mesa, AZ!

  • Broadwayb

    I left sprint for T-mobile after being with them for a total of 9 years. The reason I left was due to SPRINT’s sub-par customer service. My fear with this acquisition is T-mobile’s award winning customer service will go down the drain once absorbed by AT&T. T-mobile’s treatment of customers was a big determining factor when I originally left sprint as AT&T customer service record was Sub par as well. I have now been with T-mobile for 5 years and have no interest in switching to another carrier just as long as their service remains top notch. One final note, I appreciate the flexibility of being able to swap SIM cards when I travel overseas.

  • Mustbechris


  • Hcw

    North Carolina, Save T-mobile

  • craigers


  • Newyorksuzie

    New York city wants T-Mobile to stay pure!

  • J-Dog

    Isn’t this why the government broke up Ma Bell in the first place. They were suffocating the industry and stopping anyone from actually competing. ATT is trying to become the second Ma Bell. Please, don’t let Magenta I love customer service, I love the phones (I want the HTC Sensation), and I love the prices. Verizon and ATT will only make them more expensive over time, eventually one will by out the other and when all competition is gone they will really make everyone pay. I don’t want to live in a world were there is no choice. AT@T is already largest if they by TMobile with 137 million customers, next is Verizon with 102 million, and last is Sprint, which has 42 million, not even half of AT@T’s consumer base. So please politicians, I know you are all bought out, but I not all of you are bought out, so do what’s you know is right for America and protect this growing market from a brutal takeover. This is from Virginia.

    • J-Dog

      Meant to say “don’t let Magenta Die I love their customer service”

  • Amanda

    No from Texas!

  • elarella

    I may check out those MVNO if the buyout happens. There are way more GSM phones to choose from than CDMA phones.

    • Simple Mobile all the way.

      • Snowzone1976

        simple moblie is powered by T-Mobile

  • Tmobile has the best service. NO to At&t

  • Sickiehead

    Brooklyn ny

  • MagentaMadness

    LOL these polls don’t do anything.

  • Paso

    Ft Laudy, FL needs Magenta to live!

  • Utah

  • Richfield Minnesota needs T-Mobile to live on.

  • Mikepaz84

    I was at central park NY, with a couple friends the other day, i was surfing the web and making phone calls on my G2, so was my girlfriend, on of our friends has an iphone from atnt, and guess what, NO SERVICE!!! TRUE STORY!!! NUff Said!

  • Nequan

     Los Angeles..Please don’t allow Ma Bell to return.

  • shariq

    No from Houston! Long live Tmobile!!!

  • No from California — if it goes through, I’m switching to Sprint

  • JayeJaye98

     No from South Carolina.! Let Magenta Live.!!!

  • Rplus3

    NO!!!!!!!!! from North Carolina

  • Karen Strassberg

    I have to say that my reception with my T-Mobile phone is WAY BETTER than the reception with my AT&T iphone at my house. I live in Santa Monica, CA. I get one or no bars with AT&T and all the bars with T-Mobile. Should have stayed with T-Mobile!

  • Smithj666

    How many times am I going to have to abandon a company once AT&T absorbs them? How is it that a company  as blatantly inept as AT&T, with horrid customer service and terrible prices, not only continues to exist, but manages to buy out viable competition? Not to mention this merger will force me off of GSM(goodbye world phone). 

    SAY NO!