Certain Stores Only: T-Mobile Mothers Day Promotion Offering $100 Credit?

With mothers day coming up it was inevitable that my inbox would be filled with inquiries as to what T-Mobile might be doing as a promotion. Well as it turns out, we’ve learned that certain store locations (check with your local store) are offering a $100 credit per line for new customers signing up for a new individual line or family plan with a two year agreement. On a family plan the credit applies to a max of two lines with a $100 credit applying to each line. Any third, fourth or fifth lines wouldn’t qualify for the bonus credit. We’re working to confirm what regions are offering this deal as we can’t confirm it’s a nationwide offer. We’ll update the post as we know more!

Let’s reiterate for those who might not read past the headline, we can’t confirm what locations are offering this deal. We’ve reached out to T-Mobile for comment.

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  • So new activation again? So nice of them to take care of their own…

    • michael

      I think its cause they lost like 100,000 customers..

    • Yungsir2

      Stop complaining you bitches!!!

  • DetroitRep

    I’m a sales rep in the Detroit area and we got that advertisement, but ours is just waiving the $35 activation fees on all new lines. We are offering $50 credits for referrals this weekend as well, so I’m not sure how region specific that promotion is.

  • Jonathan from LA

    So current customers that are eligible for an upgrade are exempt from this promo?

  • tmonews

    You were taken care of when you were a new customer as well.

    • So what? I’ve paid my dues by signing a contract and paying for the phone over the past 2 years. If I want to sign up for another 2 years, why shouldn’t I get the same discount if not more?

      • Anonymous

        You paid for a service, and that service was given to you. Equal exchange.

  • Anonymous

    Wahhhhhh….I’m a current “loyal” T-Mobile customer, and I’m so upset, that the company I’m with is giving out a promotion to entice new customers to join, but won’t give me anything to stay. Chances are I joined in on a promotion but I want another one! WAHHHHHHHHHHH :(

    • I agree. no incentive for a loyal customer to stick around when he can just jump to another carrier when they’re offering a $100 discount.

      • Jason

        that make sense….

        go ahead, jump from carrier to carrier every 2 years so you get that sweet promotional deal each time.

  • TypicalWhitePerson


  • Will

    Ah well that’s a nice incentive for new customers. I was hopelessly hoping for a promotion like they did last year for Mothers Day but oh well.

    • Will

      or maybe it was Fathers Day sale last year…it was one of them I remember where all phones were free.

      Just wanted to clarify.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, it was last father’s day… as well as Valentine’s day.

  • YaddaYaddaSomething

    My location in Minnesota is participating in this promo as of today (going until Sunday). Port in numbers only, $100 each and up to two lines.

  • Anonymous

    So do you have to be a “Mother” to get this deal? ;-)

  • Tx2azn93

    Not offered in Phx, AZ..

  • I Went Today To Exchange My Buggy-As-Hell Sidekick 4G And Ended Up Getting The G2x For 99.99 And Added A Line With The Optimus Which I Got For Free And I’ll Be Getting The Activation Fees Waived And $200 Will Be Credited To My Account. =D