Certain Stores Only: T-Mobile Mothers Day Promotion Offering $100 Credit?

With mothers day coming up it was inevitable that my inbox would be filled with inquiries as to what T-Mobile might be doing as a promotion. Well as it turns out, we’ve learned that certain store locations (check with your local store) are offering a $100 credit per line for new customers signing up for a new individual line or family plan with a two year agreement. On a family plan the credit applies to a max of two lines with a $100 credit applying to each line. Any third, fourth or fifth lines wouldn’t qualify for the bonus credit. We’re working to confirm what regions are offering this deal as we can’t confirm it’s a nationwide offer. We’ll update the post as we know more!

Let’s reiterate for those who might not read past the headline, we can’t confirm what locations are offering this deal. We’ve reached out to T-Mobile for comment.

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