German Workers Fight For T-Mobile USA Employee’s Rights

Workers from ver.di, the German telecommunication works union came together during Deutsche Telekom’s annual shareholder meeting and demanded the company ensure that their American counterparts at T-Mobile USA receive the same rights as they do. Forming a human chain around the venue and releasing black balloons the workers showed a strong sign of solidarity with T-Mobile USA workers.

In Germany, DT recognizes the union and has a collective bargaining agreement with the workers. No such union exists at T-Mobile USA and workers are “constantly harassed by management” when conversations about forming a Union come up. The blog points out that T-Mobile has “implemented a company-wide strategy of refusing to recognize the workers’ choice of a union and collective bargaining rights.”

“Deutsche Telekom should change its behaviour in the United States as soon as possible. Its global standing is at stake and it should use this chance to improve its reputation,” said ver.di’s Ado Wilhelm.

Larry Cohen, President of the Communications Workers America stated:

T-Mobile workers must be allowed to choose a union, and the harassment must stop. We thank German workers for standing up for our rights.


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