Evidence Mounts To ‘T-Mobile Monthly 4G’ Plan Introduction May 22nd

With live T-Mobile website pages already available for the “reintroduction” of T-Mobile’s prepaid offering there was little room for doubt they were actually happening. However, if you’ve shrugged aside the official T-Mobile website and want some ninja evidence we’re delivering. The details line up with the information we learned earlier this month with the $70 plan offering unlimited talk, text and unlimited data. The new $50 plan will offer unlimited talk, text and 100MB of data and once the 100MB limit is reach the customer will be throttled. The current $50 plan offers 100MB of data but data is cut off at the 100MB point.

With prepaid being the lone standout in recent T-Mobile quarterly numbers it comes as little surprise that a revamp is taking place without a cost increase.

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  • Barker1964

    So glad I got the EM+ 59.99 

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Has anybody else clicked on the Tmobile ad on the right side of the screen?  So much false info in it and read the small print “Includes 2GB of Full Speed Data” for $79.99. What a ripoff.

    Anywho on to the article, this is Bogus and really sucks that the rates are $10 higher for Blackberry users.  And only 100MB of data before they throttle you?  So let me get thjis straight, they allow you faster speeds to get you to that 100MB limit faster then say, your “Unlimited 4G” plan must now go down to Edge or slower?  This will cause a lot of complaints and problems.  It’d be better for them to just go EM+

    • Realistically speaking Wilma, you sound like every other customer who thinks that a major wireless corporation is going to give something for “Free” or “Unlimited”. I long for consumer knowledge as an employee of T-mobile and so I will educate you and others who might think to agree. “Prepaid” as it was known before did not even offer BIS access, and the previous data plan that covered 100MB cut you off after that. This is a huge one up for the monthly no commitment customer to get away from a “poopy MVNO” ie. Metro or Cricket, Leap ect. So this is a good thing…please tell your freinds and neighbors…dont just post some ignorance about fine print and cost changes you know nothing about…good day

      • Auser72

         Well Said.

      • I know people hate to place blame and like to stick up for the carrier, but at some point people need to be held accountable and be honest.  The carriers need to stop advertising unlimited data and advertise “2GB high speed data. Then unlimited so slow it’s almost useless data” I never really thought the cap would matter since I had the prepaid account with no cap until recently, but then with about 6 days of having a postpaid account I’m at 900 MB already.  They underestimate the fact that in todays world smartphone media isn’t emails and browsing html.  It’s streaming Google map images, downloading video and audio podcasts.  Renting movies and downloading apps.

        • Anonymous

          Tmobile doesnt hide their new highspeed data cutoff. They can market it as unlimited because it is…..the throttling might be in the fine print, but thats advertising….emphasize the positives….minimize the negatives. It sucks that premium, high demand features like gps and youtube use lots of data, but thats how it is

        • Yeah, but we don’t need to be apologizing for them.  It’s a bad situation.  Worse yet, did u know that if you go over 2GB on edge you get throttled to EDGE.  Seems like they’d only count high speed toward the limit, but oh well.  I guess the others are worse than T-mo, though we will be the others soon.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Yawn, too easy to counter you here.  Next.  Good try though. LOL!!!

    • moveonrp

      That ad is almost like a parody of itself.  Making fun of small print…while including it in the very same ad…just when I thought T-Mobile’s marketing couldn’t sink any lower….enjoy your “4G” Comet. 

    • This $70 plan *currently* includes 2GB if access. The point to these new plans is changing things around. The 100mb one won’t cut you off data completely anymore, it will throttle you (much better solution). The $70 plan will have it’s 2gb limit changed to have no throttle point (“truly unlimited”).

      I haven’t seen this ad on the side of the screen, but I do see where the old plans are currently advertised and in big, regular people letters that most certainly ARE NOT fine print, T-Mobile states in no uncertain terms what the limits are (100mb and 2gb). It’s the actual name of the plan, so nobody trying to deceive anybody here or rip them or or perform a bait and switch or whatever else you may have been implying.


  • Carmen Diva

     So what is the difference between postpaid and deposit and this?

    One is prepaid…but aren’t the other 2 contract?

    • Anonymous

      The new prepaid plan will now be a better value than the recent contract $80 unlimited plan. The highspeed data caps will be the same but the prepaid plan will be $10 cheaper….To a customer that has a smartphone already, this is a no brainer

      • Amdivoff

         Prepaid does not offer the nationwide roaming like postpaid plans do. Meaning that you will get partner tower service where prepaid will not.

  • Maschwar77

     Does this mean Even More Plus is going away? I am on the Even  More Plus plan and would really not like to see it go away.

    • Ash

      If you have it already, t-mo won’t change or add anything to your plan, unlike ATT.
      So don’t worry.

      SMS from ATT: Hi, we notice you got a smartphone at full price, and we will “upgrade” you to the higher cost data plan.
      Thank you…….

      Me: SOB!!

      • Anonymous

         Seriously? Did that really happen or was that sarcastic remarks?

        • Ash

          Maybe not word for word, but it REALLY happened!! F$%king ATT!!

          It made me leave ATT and back to T-mo, couldn’t be more happy!

  • DingleBerry

     LOL…..Its got the Comet showing to be a 4G speed phone. LOL

    • Wilma Flintstone

      LOL Good Eye.  I didn’t even notice that.  LOL!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Its a good deal for a prepaid plan. But when did the 5GB cap go down to 2GB? Those who are on a contract plan can’t just switch to this, right?

  • zps

    2GB cap?   NO THANKS.  i’ll stay with my 5.  what blatant false advertising to claim this is unlimited.  corporations are absolutely unhinged these days. false advertising to claim this is unlimited.  corporations are absolutely unhinged these days.

    • Mmmaxhearoom

      Holy crap you damn cheap skates does no one have wireline wifi? Really! I am on my phone a lot but do wifi at home, mostly because its faster etc. I feel most of our readers here are who they are after, the bandwidth vampires. SUCK It!

      • Vroom

         Some people spend time outside their house. You know, use that 4G web to find the best and closest place to eat. Watch videos to kill time waiting for everyone to arrive or some other waiting period. Anyway, not everyone stays at home all the time and just needs internet there.

        • TDl

           Out of the house?  His mom would be happy if he came up out of the basement once and a while.

      • zps

        cheap skates? for not wanting to accept a pathetically low 2gb of data per month on a plan advertised as “Unlimited”….? it’s corporate propaganda of the worst kind. what t-mo should do is work to improve its ability to deliver bandwidth, not try to mislead consumers.

      • Anonymous

        uh what? People do drive, work in places that don’t have wifi, etc. Do you have any idea what you’re talking about?

        Pandora on the drive to/from work every day will put you quite high on the usage, even if it’s a 45min drive.

    • Jcj1969

      Do you get shut off, NO! You get slowed down after heavy usage, quit crying and just get over yourself. Verizon throttles and just doesn’t advertise it. T-Mobile openly advsies you so how is it false advertisement??? Dumb*** it. T-Mobile openly advsies you so how is it false advertisement??? Dumb***

      • Jlo

        @af10a61191e6a6c42b93846a3627a745:disqus when your speeds are throttled to crazy slow speeds, sometimes web pages fail to load, they basically time out because the connection is so slow. So yes, ZPS WAS RIGHT. JUST becuase they keep the internet unlimited at crazy slow speed, doesn’t mean it is unlimited, it actually is LIMITED IF IT LIMITES YOUR INTERNET USE and causes web pages to fail from loading.

        Also just because you now know that throttling isn’t technically going against their claim of being unlimited doesn’t mean you have to yell at others, I bet you probably had the same reaction at first too until someone explained to you the terms and conditions of throttling and unlimited.


      • zps

        false advertisement: “Unlimited” in no way lines up with bandwidth caps after 2GB of data, which is paltry by the way. why are you so thrilled to accept corporate bs?

      • zps

        false advertisement: “Unlimited” in no way lines up with bandwidth caps after 2GB of data, which is paltry by the way. why are you so thrilled to accept corporate bs?

      • Jojo

        No one on Verizon has reported of being throttled yet. Throttling wouldn’t be so bad if T-Mobile didn’t slow you down to speeds so slow it might as well be turned off. I used to have T-Mobile but the throttled speeds virtually makes the 5 GB limit (2 GB for prepaid) a hard cap.

  • John

    these are great plans if you don’t mind paying full price for a device… biggest difference is the devices packaged for “monthly” generally suck… outside of that these plans are great and would be perfect for probably more than 75% of T-Mobiles customers.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • rebot4

    Some of the best news I’ve heard in a long time.That $70 plan is mine!

  • PhoneSaver

     T-Mobile’s Monthly4G Plan at $50 is best value in the U.S. market, but the 200 MB of usage might be unrealistic.  Verizon’s 4G LTE sends through that much in VZAM updates during a billing period.  The VZAM or Verzion Access Manager is from Smith Micro’s QuickLink software.  Smith Micro’s VZAM regularly delivers 10-25 MB files updates to manage Verizon’s throttling speed and to monitor the user behavior for metered billing.  Monthly allotment of 2GB is realistic. T-Mobile’s Monthly4G Plan steps up from 200 MB at $50 to 5GB at $700 including the unlimited Talk & Text.  T-Mobile’s alternative is too complicated for tiered plans from $70 to $120 with no overage but reverting to slower 3G from 4G HSPA+.  During the likely prolonged FCC scrutiny of the acquisition, both AT&T and DT are desperate to retain the T-Mobile USA customer base.  The varying definitions of “unlimited” could be a constraint for AT&T after approval.  Sprint CFO Dan Hesse might be back with TV commercials about “making unlimited simple”.  Sprint’s core business as 1Q results show is non-contract and T-Mobile USA could be the prey.