Evidence Mounts To ‘T-Mobile Monthly 4G’ Plan Introduction May 22nd

With live T-Mobile website pages already available for the “reintroduction” of T-Mobile’s prepaid offering there was little room for doubt they were actually happening. However, if you’ve shrugged aside the official T-Mobile website and want some ninja evidence we’re delivering. The details line up with the information we learned earlier this month with the $70 plan offering unlimited talk, text and unlimited data. The new $50 plan will offer unlimited talk, text and 100MB of data and once the 100MB limit is reach the customer will be throttled. The current $50 plan offers 100MB of data but data is cut off at the 100MB point.

With prepaid being the lone standout in recent T-Mobile quarterly numbers it comes as little surprise that a revamp is taking place without a cost increase.

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