Analyst Says Next iPhone Will Be Called iPhone “4S,” Coming To T-Mobile

It’s been a little over three weeks since our lastiPhone coming to T-Mobile” post so we’re overdue for some rumors news. According to Jefferies Analyst Peter Misek,  the next iPhone will be called the iPhone “4S” and not iPhone 5. Whatever the name is the next iPhone will “include minor cosmetic changes, better cameras, A5 dual-core processor and HSPA+ support.”

Misek goes on to say that Apple had hoped to add chips for 4G networks but the chipsets weren’t ready in time for the start of production. As such, the next iPhone will be a minor update with iPhone 5 coming at a later date and introducing 4G chipsets.

Misek believes that the next iPhone will work with Sprint, T-Mobile and China Mobile.

Sign me up. Sorry Android fans, I’m still an iPhone user. Of course as with all analyst claims take with a grain of salt.

Business Insider

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  • Henry

    About time! now all we need is a time frame when it will be coming to the wonderful T-mobile

  • IPHONEyes


  • Vibrant bro here, I ain’t even mad at that David. I’ll be looking to get one myself. Did anyone get any message of the Wi-Fi calling updates? I thought it was supposed to be the other day, then today…

  • Like_itnot

    This whole merger with AT&T, as if it wasn’t ridiculous to begin with, just gets more and more pointless…

    • Like_itnot

       …assuming it gets approved that is.

  • HisTreatness

     That WILL be the next phone I purchase from The Great Magenta

  • ZeroD00d

     Why is Apple releasing this ‘iPhone 4s’ and then an iPhone 5 so close together?

    • Scarf22

      I did not see anything about the iphone 5, nor a release date for the rumored iphone 4s or iphone 5.  I don’t get your question.  Can you clarify?  Thanks.

      • ZeroD00d

        Sorry, screwed up my statement. I guess I should say more of a ‘rumor’. I can’t remember exactly where I read this article at, I wanna say it was either Engadget or Techi, but it said that Apple is supposedly releasing a second version of the iPhone 4 (some upgrades, a better chip, overall make it better and faster) sometime later this year, and then release the newer iPhone sometime in the first quarter of 2012 (totally new design, even faster)?

  • Anonymous


  • Mario06


  • Mario06


  • Mario06


  • frontrowfred

    Let’s see, Sensation or iPhone…I’m thinking iPhone right now! 

    •  I’m still thinking Sensation. iPhone doesn’t even hold a candle to the supernova of the Sensation.

    • Im thinking SGS2!! 

    • Anonymous

      Sorry dude,, you’re coming down with the iSheep epidemic.. The worst side effect is choosing a shitty iPhone over a super Android device.. Doctor would suggest an Sensation to rid the grubbiness of stage 1 iSheep and get you into a great Android phone:))

      • Doctor will also suggest one pill named “stopthinkingAndroidisaonesizefitsallsolution” and call me in the morning.

      • yeah and I guess you will enjoy the insurmountable lag, the huge rom size on the htc, the shiny animations that do absolutely nothing and the horrid battery life. Oh btw how’s the whole unoptimized OS working for the dual core? pretty good right?

        Android is the new sheep and it is aggrivating. It is worse than the windows mobile people that used to say it could do anything when in fact it was extremely limited…and overly fragmented

  • frontrowfred

    Let’s see, Sensation or iPhone…I’m thinking iPhone right now! 

  • frontrowfred

    Let’s see, Sensation or iPhone…I’m thinking iPhone right now! 

  • Chatter

    I think this will likely happen and I will be first in line! Anyone want a MT4G?

    • Jack Zhang

       I do.

    • Yg3475

      Mytouch 4g Is better than iphone

  • Bimmerz

     Wonder if Jobs will save on production cost, and make this compatible with both AT&T-Mobile…? Or if AT&T/Verizon will skip this version, and go straight to i5?

  • tmoguy

     Please…my jailbroken/unlocked 3G is killing me…

  • Anonymous

     I appreciate the security measures they undertake for allowing apps into their app store. I haven’t used an iphone as yet, but if they increase the screen size and improve the antenna, and get rid of the glass back, I’ll look seriously at it. 

  • frontrowfred

    My mytouch 3G is almost dead….hurry up and release the iPhone please! 

  • kristin

    This just an analyst talking…no concrete evidence how many of these rumors have been out before??? Like David said…take it with a grain of salt

  • Not Your Cup Of Tea Dont Drink

    I’m with David on this one, I’ve tried android, wasn’t impressed and currently using the HD7 which I enjoy the simplicity of it. So why not give the I-phone a shot?

  • P905i

    Wonder if it’ll work on t-zones or web2go… hahahaha….

    • Wow, funny. Except not.

      • Mopar6464

        My HD2 works with 3G on Web2Go , why would a iphone ? 

  • Not gonna matter anyway, too much Sensation buzz.  If T-Mo users really wanted an (true) iPhone experience they would already be over at AT&T.

    • Carmen Diva

      not necessarily. A lot of my friends want iphones but refuse to pay at&t prices 

      • Not Your Cup Of Tea Dont Drink

         Thank you Carmen! That deserves a major “Duhhhhhh!”

    • Carmen Diva

      not necessarily. A lot of my friends want iphones but refuse to pay at&t prices 

    • Anonymous

       I think you’d be surprised at just how many people are running unlocked iPhones on TMo. The Asurion packet that I got in the mail the other day even had a special disclaimer saying they do not cover iPhones on T-Mobile so I think it’s a pretty big deal.

  • DingleBerry

    Sorry, until the iPhone gets a bigger screen, ill pass.

  • lattelady

     If all of you wanted an iphone so bad, why don’t you already have one? Remember,two carriers already offer them.

    • Chatter

      I would imagine that many people do not want to pay the higher prices at those carriers. There likely are many Sprint folks too in the same boat. An extra $20-$30 is a sizeable amount for some.

      • Anonymous

        this is true, I’m also on a family plan making my bill very cheap.  If I was to splinter off I’d be paying at a minimum 80+ a month.  

    • tmoguy

      $ and customer service! 

    • Mopar6464

      I do , and even though it only gets 2G i still prefer the IOS over my WM HD2 and HD7. 

  • lattelady

     If all of you wanted an iphone so bad, why don’t you already have one? Remember,two carriers already offer them.

  • I welcome this! I love Android and Apple phones alike matter of fact I rock a G2 and Nexus S but before then I used to rock an unlocked iPhone for the longest, I just got tired of having to unlock every time they released a new iPhone, I’ll probably buy one

  • Anonymous

    Ive got nothing against an a Tmobile iPhone. Bring that $@#%

  • Hamster

    I’d prefer to see HP phones more than Apple ones if T-Mobile is adding a new phone manufacturer to their stable.

    • James O

       Hahaha, HP and phones in the same sentence??

  • Bigjohn7187

    I just dont get it. I have used an iphone, and i will take android over the iphone any day.  

  • SkyPirate600

     i dont get what it means by ‘grain of salt’ ???

    • Luis Valentin

      it just means out of all the different rumors going around this one is just “ONE” among many

  • I want a phone not a toy – no thx! 

  • Aaron_aarsm

    I doubt it I mean we have been hearing rumors like these since the iPhone 3gs but they never come true:( I just gave up and sold my unlocked iPhone cause I couldnt live on edge and got a G2x but if it is true I wouldnt mind selling my G2x and get the iPhone 4s !

  • Anonymous

    Old news. The iPhone 4S are prototype units for developers only to prepare for the next generation iPhone. Look here:

  • Mangobeach

    I guess now  I will have to wait before I upgrade. Then I can give my daughter my Ipod.

  • Y2c313

    Can someone please tell me what’s the big deal about the iphone? I’ve played with it before and it just reminds me of a hot girl with no brains…all looks, no power, especially compared to high end android phones. Someone please explain the fascination to me! 

    • Not Your Cup Of Tea Dont Drink

       Whats the obsession with Android all about???? Please don’t spark this pointless debate….that’s old news….

      • Y2c313

        I’m not familiar with the arguement…sorry.  

    • Slickrick

      its the name, its that simple

    • jarjon76

      Apple did a great job of marketing the iphone to the point where the average consumer thinks it’s the creme of the crop of phones. I applaud them for that, but that doesn’t diminish the fact the iphone is an average smartphone. The only thing is does well is dumbing it down for the non geek, which is a great thing. They’re are far better options out there.

  • nerdlust

    Hopefully tmob gets iphone for people who want them but its to late for me. I used to love my bb8900 and my 32gig ipod touch perfect combo. But last month my cousin gave me a cliq2 when my berry broke, pressure crack. Flash in browser is sick! If iphone on tmob would have came out in 2010 I might have tried it but I can’t go back to web without flash. No flash no sell.

  • michael

    It wont work on att and vzw?

    • Hurlamania

      In addition Too… It will add support for those carriers.

  • Barker1964

    I will be sticking with Android……Steve just want more of the market. And i just hate always chasing a new jailbreak and then the unlock. 

  • Slickrick

    analysts dont know more than we do so dont hold your breath…move on.

    • Martin Wilson

      Analysts make a living out of creating contacts and connections with industry insiders so that they can exploit their knowledge.  They literally earn their keep by knowing more than we do.

    • Martin Wilson

      Analysts make a living out of creating contacts and connections with industry insiders so that they can exploit their knowledge.  They literally earn their keep by knowing more than we do. their knowledge.  They literally earn their keep by knowing more than we do.

  • Petey

    Sign me up too…  If it does come to T-Mobile and the deals doesn’t go through then I’ll be upgrading all my three lines to iPhone… tired of android now lol.

  • Luis Valentin

    It would be funny if and when the T-Mobilo iPhone 4,4S,5,5S watever… Gets released that it would out perform AT&T in network stability and performance.. That would be a bigo slap in the face..

  • Reyyvit

    iphone<android anydayyyjusss sayin.. 

  • Reyyvit


  • Tgresham

     I love that my Android has a hidden agenda and can’t do anything when I want it too. I would gladly welcome an Iphone to Tmo

    • Anonymous

       What type of android phone do you have? I have a Vibrant and it does everything that I want, and more.

  • Slickrick

    Jobs and apple are jealous and greedy. they see that android is on the rise being available on all carriers and their dumbasses was limited to atnt(now verizon too) in the us. go figure.

    • ATL Guy

       “jealous”. Of what? NOT ONE SINGLE ANDROID PHONE has outsold THE 1 SINGLE IPHONE. 
      “greedy” How so? If you mean growing his company and bettering the lives of his employees, shareholders and others that is called the living the American dream. 
      Sorry buddy dont hate the player…

      • jarjon76

        When you’re finished swinging from Jobs’ nutsack, I’ll think about giving what you have to say credence. 

      • DetroitTechnoFan

         Not one single Android phone has outsold the iphone, but the whole gamut of Android phones IS outselling the iphone. Android isn’t simply a one size fits all offering. You can get your phone with a keyboard or without. You can get it from Motorola or Samsung, or HTC or whatever company makes one, along with their added skins, etc…

        Still, if there was anything that would make me more likely to actually pick up an iphone, this is it!

  • Whitetiger2242

    I hate the my touch I cant wait for T-mobile to come out with the I phone.

    • Jgomezsti

       @2ad5362cfee096ef5f7754efcd787587:disqus all you need is the g2x you will be happy trust me i went from hd2 to g2 to g2x whitch is 10x better….
       all my coworkers have i phones 4 and my g2x runs circels around there i phones, and yes the i phones are from at&t and verizon. I am runing about 6-8 mbps every day in my area while they run 1-3 mbps

  • Fcukiphone

    Android all day ftw

  • James O

    Yes competition is good, but this might be a little scary knowing that Apple wants a piece of the market share in every single carrier.  Like him or not, Steve Jobs is a smart businessman who will make TONS of money off of this…

    And don’t forget, this is a rumor.  The iPhone 3G was supposed to come to Sprint and T-Mobile, so I would be careful linking HSPA+ with T-Mobile.  The words “reportedly”, “rumored”, “alleged”, and “speculate” are big flags in these T-Mo iPhone articles.

    On a positive note, an A5 dual-core proc iPhone running on LTE would be sweeeet (just wishing here)

    • Tito!

      & with what battery technology will you run that LTE network?
      I believe iPhones have the best battery life, but even they probably can’t withhold LTE.
      I honestly don’t get the hype about LTE .
      I rather prefer a juiced up HSPA+ network to it’s max, then a technology that’s way too immature for release. :)

      • James O

        Yeah the rumors have it that it won’t do LTE at all (hardware won’t support it) and I doubt Apple would release a product that dies after 4 hours of use (remember how the antenna scandal hurt their PR?)

      • Tortionist

        Actually, the I phone doesn’t have the best battery life. LG smartphones tend to have a much better battery life, especially the LG Optimus T. My wife has it and the dang battery lasts for more than 3 full days with moderate usage. 

  • Tito!

    So, still think this AT&T merger should happen iPhone faithfuls? I didn’t think so. T-Mobile FTW!
    So when we get the iPhone we’ll more then likely steal a great chunk of their customers (:

    • jarjon76

      Not really, but I like your positive attitude. This will help T-Mobile now, but it won’t greatly affect AT&T’s sales. 

  • I know this will sound horrible, and I am a 100% android fan, but maybe this will do good for T-Mobile. Bring in more sheep to heard and some more cash to prove they are a competitor.

    What I will hate with a passion is all the iPhone sheep dissing the other phone offerings, or other non informed people. I really hate ignorance at that level. . .Anyways I hope that if this comes becomes true, T-Mobile will stay classy and still love android. As well as not undermining it.

    • Anonymous

      something have always believed is that the iphone on tmobile would be a good thing even though I would never get one. and this is coming from a current iphone and android user. not only do I simply like android better but the iphone wouldn’t be a locked down system that forces me to use itunes every time I want to add or remove something.

  • Anonymous

     Being a Android nut I would absolutely love to see the I-phone come to T-Mobile. Maybe, just maybe this is the shot in the ass T-Mobile needs to push itself over the hill. Just hope it ain’t too late.

  • droiddddddddd…….htc

    Only way ill go iPhone if the screen boost up to 4.3 HDMI same retina higher resolution of course…. 1.3 Meg front can 8 Meg. Rear can…until then android rooted user htc evo cm7 2.3.3 new google talk,running so smooth….:):):)

    • Nen06587

      who cares about hdmi. how great is the battery life on most android phones 

  • droiddddddddd…….htc

    bring iPhone to all carriers mite as well apple needs to keep up..they should have did it from the begining but they wanted to make it exclusive so now…if they release to sprint they will even make more…ex tmo customer no talks bout them rather merger goes threw or not T-Mobile USA will no longer exist….. by the way just saying androidddddddd all the way …….ftw

  • droiddddddddd…….htc

    bring iPhone to all carriers mite as well apple needs to keep up..they should have did it from the begining but they wanted to make it exclusive so now…if they release to sprint they will even make more…ex tmo customer no talks bout them rather merger goes threw or not T-Mobile USA will no longer exist….. by the way just saying androidddddddd all the way …….ftw

    • jarjon76


  • Guest


  •  I don’t like iPhone but i think that if T-mobile gets the iPhone then that will put a dent into the T-mobile and At&t agreement..

    • jarjon76

      I doubt this will have any effect on the proposed merger. It will help T-Mobile in the short term as far as sales, but it will be a blimp on the radar in regards to the AT&T-Mobile. 

  • Anonymous

    • Guest

      Get a life loser. Your post will be removed soon douche

  • ATL Guy

     It never ceases to amaze me how personally android fan boys take the iphone. 
    Its like Steve Jobs took a crap on their kitchen table. 
    I think its just people who arent happy in their own lives have to take shots at people like Jobs who are making it happen. 
    I think the guy acts like a douchebag but he protects his brand like no other. 

    • jarjon76

      Rather, people that hate the iphone do so because it’s an overrated phone. How you decided people who hate the iphone are jealous of Jobs is grasping on your part. You’re either over analyzing or trying to troll. 

      I don’t like the iphone, but I’m ok with it being available for those who want it. I don’t care for Samsung phones, either, but I have no problem with them being available for those who want a Samsung device. I’m all for having as many options as possible for the consumer. 

    • Aerofanbig

       Steve Jobs did take a crap on my table, then he f’ed my grandma and kicked my dog

  •  whether you like the iphone or not having this phone added to the tmobile line up of phones would be great for bussiness, i for one look forward to it. i love choices

  • Titadab05

     If they can get 6 billion dollars AND add the iPhone 4S, that’s all great news for T-Mobile.  They just need the FCC to make up their minds quickly!

    This is all good news, but no matter what phones they get, it’s all moot if the consumer is concerned about the future because of the merger and the uncertainty that comes with it at this point.

  • Muxmarine

    WOW…now to just have the FCC or DOJ deny this merger..get an iPhone and 3 Billion…then steal half of att customers overnight…that would be amazing…tmo would instantly leap frog sprint and directly compete with vzw and att…from my mouth to Gods ears

    • Anonymous

       Sounds good to me

    • michael

       *6 billion… :D

  • Respawn

    Oh good… T-Mobile can share in the horrific, sheep-infested BS that is the iPhone…..

    Don’t want to remove your battery? No problem! Want to pay Apple for tech support? You got it! Order now and you’ll also get the exclusive ability to have to send your phone in for repairs when it dies on you! Order within the next five minutes and you’ll also NOT be allowed to unlock the phone! All for the low, low price of $199 plus all the Apple MobileProtect BS included!

    No thank you. I’ll stick with something that actually doesn’t suck.

    • I work at VZW and dread the iPhone calls. Why call AppleCare when they can just call us for help? And many of them are very arrogant and snooty compared to the other users like Android. They get more annoyed and frustrated when their precious phone doesn’t work. Ugh.

      • Respawn

        I work for AT&T as a manager so I’m in the same boat you are. Why the hell would I want to put T-Mobile through that?

        And yes, the iPhone customers are generally more douchey. I say “douchey” because I fail to come up with a better term for people who treat my agents like trash, when they themselves are trash and think they’re all that because of their shiny idiotPhone.

        “Hooray for my $11.99 insurance I was dumb enough to not know about until after my 30 day enrollment period. It’s all AT&T/Verizon’s/Obama’s fault! And now I can’t download the app after 30 days. Waaaah!”

        Maybe Apple should start their own network so they can take all that with them. The great iPhone customers don’t call in nearly as often as the douchey iPhone customers. It’s part of the job now.

        • Chris

          What are you griping about? You have the sweetest job in the world. An AT&T manager NEVER has to get on the phone…

          And maybe things would be better if your people’s actions even remotely resembled actual customer service.

          AT&T is terrible, top to bottom, and you know it.

  • VinylDestination555

    Funny thing, after waiting for the iPhone for so long, I don’t think I want iPhone anymore after having my G2. I had the first gen iPhone unlocked, but I just couldn’t work with EDGE. For the most part – I’ve enjoyed my lil Android phone.

  • DetroitTechnoFan

    I’m an Android user, and probably will continue to be one, but I think this is great!

    Give the iphone a good network to play on, and you have a winner.

  • 19fonzy

    Im an android user so im waiting for the sensation or sgs ll i hate ios.. but this is great for T-Mobile!

    • Cybersedan

      Can’t wait for the Sensation, I’m counting the days…. according to the 6/8 rumors, there are 25 days to go, hope that date holds.

  • Nearmsp

     This is another  one of those false stories being put out to prop T-mobile.  As per Wall Street Journal, T-mobile USA lost 471,000 customers in the first quarter. Sprint gained 253,000 new customers. After over 7 years of happy T-mobile customer I too am looking at moving. I want to go for an iphone with Verizon, but they don’t have international version of the phone (Dual CDMA-GSM). Having experienced lousy customer service at AT&T I have no plans to go back to them under any circumstances. IF t-mobile gets the iphone 4S by July, I will renew my contract at current rates for an iphone. With a contract signed for 2 years, I will protected for 2 years from evil AT&T. Though frankly much as I would like to believe this story, I don’t believe it because this thing about T-mobile getting an iphone has been floating since the last 18 months. I don’t see that happening until AT&T takes over. This put out to stop the monthly bleeding of customers from T-mobile to Verizon and Sprint.

  •  so david, let me get this straight, you wrote a tmo blog but use an iphone?  do you have it running on tmo’s network?  And have you tried android before?, you wrote a tmo blog but use an iphone?  do you have it running on tmo’s network?  And have you tried android before?

    • Anonymous

      I think he’s covered that before.  He has tried Android, and doesn’t enjoy it.  He has an unlocked iPhone running on TMO’s network just like…thousands of people! It runs on edge, but not 3g.   

    • Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes. Personal preference for me is an iPhone on EDGE which I prefer over an Android device. Sorry, to each their own.  

      • Hey David what firmware is your iphone 4 running? im sure it’s not passed 4.2 right? i have an iphone 4.3 that i cant unlock :( 

      •  sorry about the messed up comment, i went to fix one letter and it went crazy.  You are a better man than living on the edge all the time!  i couldnt do it, i need my speed.

  • Ajax

    If Tmobile gets the iphone 4s hspa+
    – $3 billion cash
    – some aws spectrums (£2 billion)
    – roaming agreement ($1 billion)
    This might solve all the problems Tmobile is facing In short term. And in long term it should put smile on CEO of tmobile when they lose count of all the new customers they will take away from AT&T and verizon.

    •  I agree. If T-Mobile gets this phone AND the $6 Billion ( if the deal is a bust), this will be a very good year for them. You might see T-Mobile move from #4 to #3 by 2013.

    • Aerofanbig

      If the deal fails, DT is going to bank the 3bil, and still sell off Tmo piece by piece. They are very straight forward in saying they don’t want anything to do with Tmo USA anymore. It won’t solve any short, long or middle term problems. All it will do is create more issues of who is being sold to who.  

      • Chris


  • Anonymous

    It’s retarded to use the iphone on T-Mobile’s network. Just switch to AT&T or Verizon, don’t be stupid and cripple yourself to EDGE.

    Iphone isn’t coming to T-Mobile so don’t waste time waiting for it.

    • Clark Damron

       UM my sarcasm meter may not be working correctly but I’m assuming you realize that….nevermind #PWRuserFAIL

    •  Lol.. wut?

      Edge? You realize T-Mobile has 3G and 4G, right? Did you just wake up from a 4 year coma?

      • Aerofanbig

         you realize what he means is that, to use an iPhail on TMO network, you hack the phone and it runs on EDGE, NOT 3 or 4 G. It will be the same with this phone, and the 5 if/when it comes out. If it is not directly sold and radio’d to TMO networks, you have to unlock it and run on TMO’s EDGE network

    • Scarf22


    • k-mack

      i think the article is talking about an iPhone that could run on T-Mobile’s 4G network, buddy.  try to keep up, here!…

  • Mtnman

     I’m in the boot as to saying “Let T-Mobile get the iPhone” After all it will increase the number of subscribers to T-Mobile. This just gives a variety to the company. You’ll have a choice of either a Non-Android, Android, Blackberry, Window’s and iPhone device. This is what competition is all about, if you don’t like it; you have several other choices to choose from. 

    Competition and choice is what the Free-Market is all about, and letting the customer choose what phone suites their needs and wants. And if T-Mobile is able to get the iPhone and is able to have a 4G version on it, just imagine the speeds on it? I’m quite sure it will have a duel-core processor, after all; all phones coming out now have one on them. In today’s competitive phone market, you either lead with new and innovative ideas, or get left behind. Blackberry and Nokia who once dominated the market has lost it and now struggling to get back in the game. It was once Nokia on top, then BB/RIM and now Android, who know’s what’s coming down the pike? I for one can’t wait to find out. 

  • the dude

    jarjon76 stop commenting on everyones posts and get a life 

    • Respawn

      Maybe TmoNews IS his life ;)

  • andy

    Hopefully the iphone comes around soon. now i cant decide if i should get the sensation or what for the iphone 4s. if the iphone 4s does come i hope it supports the new 42mbps here in orlando!

    • andy


  • Anonymous

    No thanks. Why would I switch from a smart phone to a dumb phone. The apps might look a little better on iOS but with google announcing the new DEV tool box Apple will soon have nothing on Android. Except maybe being so easy to use a soccer mom could do it.

  • Anonymous

    The iPhone was an innovator and undoubtedly the impetus for so much of what Android has accomplished.  That said, going for one in the current smartphone landscape is being short-sighted primarily because of its size.  Android has so much more upside and phones like the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S2 will make everyone realize that it’s time to let go of there 2007 infatuation with this diminutive but agile cruiser with training wheels.    

    • Cybersedan

      Couldn’t have put it better myself, my sentiments of the iPhone myself, trailblazer it was but the trail has changed and the iPhone has not.

      Still bring it to T-Mobile though, because not everyone wants an Android phone :-). 

    • Yeah.  Well said.  Android is the current Evolution.  I’ve read that WP7 is supposed to be the next since it’s essentially the best things about ios and the best of Android put together with the $$ of Microsoft and the hardware support all there from day 1.  Who know’s whats next tho.  I’d like to see tablets with the phone part left in and maybe a disconnectible handset device/bluetooth 

  • Tzarza

    Iphone 4S for both Tmobile and Sprint? Why not even make it a dual carrier phone. I’d like to have coverage for both networks. That would be great. I wouldn’t mind paying prepaid tmobile If I needed… I suggest apple allow the iphone dual bootable like they did their macbooks. This would keep them competitive. The only reason why I bought into Mac because I knew I had the option to install Windows if I chose to. =) They also made it easy to do. That’s what apple should do with the iphone. Make android an option for licensing. Its open source so why not make it available. I still think apple has the best Hardware. It was the hardware that drew me to mac, then realizing the software was superb, I soon followed suit using OSX as my primary operating system, and soon dumped windows altogether. I Love both Google and Apple, why not live in matrimony without the vows. 

  • 007

     another iphone lie….

  • heres to hoping Apple and Tmo will give potential owners the unlock codes, if this is true

  • Egrunder33

     yeah makes alot of will release a phone for a company on the verge of being bought out..ok it doesnt make sense..keep dreamin t-mob

    • Chris

      Here here! It just ain’t gawna happen…

    • Cybersedan

      A T-Mobile iPhone might have been in the works months before a buyout was announced, so your comment makes no sense.  

      And if you know anything about Apple, what has stopped them from bringing out a product that people will buy?  If Apple drops an iPhone on T-Mobile and they can sell even 2 or 3 million units this year, u think Apple cares whether T-Mobile is bought out and those ppl have to buy a new iPhone next year. 

      • remixfa

         There is also no reason why this new phone wouldnt be dual compatable with Tmobile and ATT.  They just have to put in both radios.  Its not that hard.  Even if they didnt, They would still have access to 30 million new customers.

        Would you make a product for potentially 30 million customers?  Does apple care what happens to Tmo? No, they care about their bottom line.
        That said.. BLAAEEEEHHH… I was happy having an iphone free lineup.. lol.

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    Keep in mind guys that there are options for those that do not want the iPhone. I feel that the iPhone was long overdue on our network. That will bring many customers over to the T-mobile network and will really help our company. I was an ex iPhone user and am a current G2x user with no plans to look back, but it will be a sound and smart investment for our company.

    • True.  Gotta have a phone for people like my sister who want something that’s cute and slim, but don’t understand what they’re missing out on just like they need free dumb phones for people who only know how to dial the # and hit send.

  • Going_home

    While I dont want anything Apple including iTunes, this is great for T-Mobile !
    The first network to have a 4G iPhone ?
    Think of what that will do for the bottom line !

    Now if the powers that be will make the AT&T thing go away all will be well in TMOland.


  • Cybersedan

     I agree with most of the comments here, while I certainly won’t be lining up for this device, others will and for those that do, this would be good news for our beloved Magenta, so bring it on Apple!!

  • Jmfos

    How about an iphone 4s with a 4″ screen and HSPA+ on tmo!

  • TM21fourT3

    Hmm…..Keep my Android or go with this…

  • Finally! Something I’ve been waiting for since the day the iPhone came out. I’m totally hooked on Android now but I will definitely consider this. and I know a lot of people are saying don’t get your hopes up, but heres why I think this could be real.
    1. Apple probably wants the iPhone to be on all the 4 major networks, to increase sales of it.
    2. This is a lot more possible since Android is killing the iPhone, and Android is availible on all 4 networks, so they want to be too.
    3. They know that T-Mobile’s HSPA+ (a.k.a. T-Mobile 4G) is way better then AT&T’s, which could lead to a way better phone, which could lead to more sales.
    4. They realize that T-Mobile is awesome

  •  How are people still doubting this? We’ve already seen the iPhone being tested on the Tmo network…its going to happen. This is the only way Sprint is going to be able to stay in business.

  • Anonymous

    No interest whatsoever.

  • Locke88

    screw the iphone

    • Flipzide John15

       TEGRA 3!!!! woooooohoooooo!!!!!1

  • Brians Android

     I am PRO  Android but on the other hand my wife would love an iPhone. It is just a matter of time before the Android OS moves ahead of the iOS. Unless Google starts to move away from open source.

  • roger

    That would suck! I just bought a g2x and as much as I love it I know somehow the iPhone 4s will be better.

    • Alex (Direct Dealer)

      Thats really unlikely to be true, unless you like less apps, less web capibility, less customization, and less overall device support. i mean if you hate all those things, then it may be better… but i just dont think thats likely.

      • Guest

         Just because they’re more apps, doesn’t mean they’re good.  Android is slowly becoming a better platform… after a little while with a little polish, Android will be unstoppable.

    • Basural

      Rofl… if you bought the G2X for real… you would not even look at an iPhone 4G

      Why do I say this.

      Cause got eight of eight iPhone 4G users to buy a G2X, selling their Apple toys for dirt cheap.


      Cause its so dog gone fast, slick and responsive, that its amazing.

      The fact that they got a discount on the G2X helped.  Still that’s eight former iPhone 4G users.   

      So if you think you rather have an iPhone,….  be my guest.. and drool afterwards.

      • I bought the G2x the day in launched in stores. NO way to undelete email, NO option to add a new email address by clicking on the “from” feild. NO built in spell checker, NO built in custom sms options, battery sucked, NO copy and paste quick option (jump hoops to get it to copy and paste) WIFI was unusable, returned it and fought them on the NEWLY implimented “restocking fee”. I want a S M A R T P H O N E. That means I can un delete my email and it will fix spelling and gramatical errors, I can ADD new address, I can use my phone more then 2 hours. Sure the live tv and games were awesome but so what, smart means just that. (OH and to all the droid FAN BOYS, YES, I spoke to tech support AND 3 tmo emplyees tried to show me that there was NO way those options were not there) I will stick with my blackberry unilt A: Iphone comes to tmo B: blackberry steps up there internet and browsing ability C: android fixes is battery issues.

        Click = garbage returned=
        Mytouch 4G = Garbage returned after first day and upgrade erased all my contacts and some other things
        G2X = Garbage at launch (I dont care if those issues are now fixed or will be fixed. For 500 efing dollars it should do it at launch.

        • Anonymous

           ROFL, you dont know how to use a phone.

          Cause I do have all that on mine.


          what planet are you living on.

          Battery last two days of continuous use (5am – 12pm).

          Guess you got ripped off. 

        • My2Cents

           No phone comes out of the box and functions exactly the way you want it to.  The beauty of Android and Iphone, is that if the phone doesn’t come out of the box the way you like it, download and application to make it do that.

          and as for the Mytouch 4G erasing all your contacts…  not buying it… especially since if you’re smart.. you would have the phone connected to a Gmail account.. after all it is a Android powered GOOGLE device.  and in which case all of you’re contacts and calendar are saved here, and can easily be put back on the phone.

          It seems like Android isn’t for you.. which is fine..  It works great for me.. and I’d rather use Gmail for Android…  on a Google device.. then to use Gmail for Iphone???  (does that even make sense?)

        • WholesomeGx

           it’s ok man, John Strange seems to have issues breaking his phone by himself…yet Android is to blame lol

        • appleidiots743

           Haha John talks as if Iphones don’t come out defective…every iphone in the world comes out perfect with no problems.
          people need to realize your personal experience with a phone doesn’t make the phone bad.

      • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

  •  No thanks, gonna need a screen size of 4+ inches. What is this, 2009?

  • I wanted this phone when the G1 first came out, but they went with AT&T and now Android is the far better option.  Sorry Apple, Stevey J messed up.

  • Noel

    It is a given…for Apple to combat the unstopable Android march they will have to get the iPhone on to all the major carriers. It is the only way for Apple and also as long rumoured, they will also have to come up with a mid level iPhone and also make refurbished devices readily available for cheap. I love Android but also love the competition between the OS… Google Android, Apples OS, Microsoft windows 7, HP WebOS, Blackberry QNX, and yes MeeGo even Symbian. They all make for better devices for us all cz they all wonna up one another. A couple of years from now…the device in ur hand might be a Quad core flawlessly running beast of a device easily averaging 21 or 42 Mbps download.

    • Anonymous

      I’ll wait for this years Google G3 phone, with Terga 3 core.. that’s 5 times faster than Terga 2.

      iPhone 4S. why would i pay for last years technology. and in the case of an iPhone.. that’s 2 years behind Android hardware wise. It makes no sense but to Apple fans.

      Nope, rather have the best, and that’s Android.

      • Yes, the best. Nothing better than having to charge your phone every 2 hours. But hey, you have a snazzy 52″ screen, you can dowload 2tbs, and have a 5x proccessor. Too bad you can’t use it that long or you have to stay plugged in. I thought the idea of having a cell phone was the freedom of not having to have a cord? Android users are slaves to their charge and I don’t want to hear jack SH about “task killer”. The battery still sucks.

        • brucewayne73

           Dear Mr Strange.. you just made me chuckle.  The problems you describe are with the HARDWARE of the phone, not the OS.  

        • at least windows phone is optimized for the h/w and s/wnot many huge hiccuups save from the htc and dell side 

        • ugotpwned7

           Haha Bruce owned you.

  • Badoki

     If I had a dollar for ever rumor of an I Phone being sold by T-Mobile I would be a rich man. I hope I am wrong, but with the pending merger with AT &T, the I Phone will not be coming to T-Mobile. AT &T, the I Phone will not be coming to T-Mobile.

    • JMinDC

      As you’ve said, this is a “pending merger.” The FCC has not yet approved of this said merger.  Even if and when the merger comes to fruition, there will be at least a year before a transition really begins to start.  Who’s telling when this could actually be. Two, three, four years from now? As this is a rumor mill, I’ll believe it when I see it. For now, i’m perfectly fine with my MyTouch 4G.

  • Isaac Roldan

    Thats is good news cant wait to by one. I have a andriod phone a samsung galaxy vibrant and I could tell you this that I hate this phone android is not stable and it freezes alot .

    • Wunako_09

       NEVER buy a Samsung… trust me i have made that mistake before, just for future refrence

      • Petey

        Agreed, I learned it the hard way.

      • Anonymous

         Whatever.  The Vibrant was my favorite phone, ever.  Its not for everyone, but rooting that phone opens up whole new worlds of opportunity.  Re-write the file structure to EXT4, use a custom ROM (I loved Team Whiskey), and overclock to 1.2Ghz.  Phone becomes beast.

        • Adan Salinas

          it really does! i have exactly the same stuff and my sister has the stock vibrant! its so damn slow! and mines REAL FAST!! props to team whiskey!!

    • Anonymous

       its not a problem with android, its with the vibrant, supposedly they fixed the lag issue with GSII with new file systems or something

  • Anonymous

     I say this is BS.  

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

  • Fray Contreras

     OOO great… Another bullshit iPhone. Lets just say its a brother from the 3GS. Trash.

  • Meagan

    iPhone coming to Tmobile USA.  I wish it were true…
    Apple is not going to waste their time if Humm feels most of the Tmobile USA customers are satisfied with the look of prepaid mobiles.  Just look at Tmobile USAs line up.  I would love to be in the meeting for the Mobile company to listen to them whine about who is paying for promotion of the new mobile.

  • It will or it won’t either way, I am sure that you won’t get “4G Speeds” when it turns into AT&T