Reminder: T-Mobile 4G Is Taking On The iPhone 4 In Seattle Speed Tests

This message is for you Seattle residents as you all hopefully remember this is the weekend T-Mobile takes the iPhone 4 on in a no holds barred speed test. The prize? A one thousand dollar prize to any iPhone 4 owner who can beat the Samsung Galaxy S 4G two out of three times in a speed test at one of the T-Mobile retail locations mentioned on the flyer below.

The contest runs through tomorrow, May 1st so get your friends and family with iPhone’s down to one of the T-Mobile stores listed and try to win! Actually, we hope you lose but you know what we mean.


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  • Mwnorman

    Has anyone heard how the tests are going? My friend and I just did one here in our Seattle area neighborhood. He has an Iphone 4 and I have a G1 and a G2x. Both beat the Iphone in speed…his download average was .6 meg while my average with the G1 was 1.1meg and the G2x was 6.9meg. Nice.

    • Ya I can get just over 6,000kbps on my 3G Vibrant.

    • Aberanfitch

      I live in cleveland and my AT&T iPhone 4 gets 6-8Meg nearly every test, speed depends on the area you live and traffic. Too bad AT&T will be buying tmobile anyhow, haha AT&T rules!!!

      • Anonymous

        ATT rules? How? They have more dropped calls, slower average data speeds, bad customer service and higher prices. Yea, go ahead and keep paying more for less. I know I won’t be if the merger goes through. If your going to pay that much for mobile service you misewell go with Verizon who has faster data and better coverage. HAHA AT&T sucks!!!

        • Ace

          Actually AT&T has faster average data speeds than verizon does. I do have verizon and live in a very populated area and coverage is very unreliable. And “on average” I get .5 megs with my droid incredible. Depends on location and how many people are using the same network around you dumbass!

        • ObsceneJesster

          I was talking about Verizon LTE dumbass! I know that ATT HSPA+ is faster than Verizon 3G which is slow as shit. Are you going to tell me ATT 4G is faster than Verizon 4G? If so, then your a liar to dumbass!

      • Anonymous

        8 Megabits is impossible on any iPhone, the radio only supports HSDPA 7.2Mbps and you really don’t ever hit that limit.

        • Anonymous

          He’s just jealous. He knows damn straight his iPhone doesn’t ever go over 2mb/s. If hes lucky it will be getting 1.5mb/s.

        • Guest

          He was probably getting .6-.8 and didn’t know how to read the numbers.

      • Anonymous

        Lol you should know better than to lie especially on the net with those numbers

  • Boricuachick21

    Sucks its seattlle only for now.. They should make that promotion over here in Puerto rico. Over here t-mobile already took out hspa+ at 21 mbps but it always and I mean always goes down and craps out. U don’t believe me? Come and test it out for yourself. If they were to do that I would happily walk down to a t-mobile store with my att iphone 4 and get my money. U can look it up online for those that don’t live in puerto rico over here is the only place in the US at&t actually works maybe cuz its an island and there’s not a lot of people. And for some reason t-mobiles 3G network never work look that up too if u dnt believe me people with t-mobile always have problems with there service and coverage over here there coverage is also spotty . Only att covers the whole island. I have 3 friends with g2xs on t-mobile and even tho there phone has full reception and a 4G icon they only get 1-3 mbps up and down. While us people on att that have iphones and atrixs and htc inspires are getting 3-6 mbps up and down. U can even ask anyone over here what cellphone company is the best over here ur only gunna get 1 answer AT&T. Dam why can’t they do that over here? That money would really come in handy right now…

    • Wndyforeva77

      @boricia chick I agree with u. T-mobile over here in PR does suck badly. Also people are complaining about the t-mobile merger with att. Because u guys are saying att will screw u guys over. Well let me tell u something over here suncom was a great company but t-mobile bought it. All suncom stores became t-mobile stores. And lets just say t-mobile doesn’t handle mergers really well over here were I live in bayamon pr suncom had great service I always had reception on my crappy razr. When t-mobile took over I was brainwashed into buying a new phone I bought a bb bold 9700 and I have never been so dissapointed in my whole life I get no service and my phone was constantly searching in the same places my old razr worked fine. I couldn’t take it anymore so I was forced to get an att go phone which works fine I always have full reception and never dropped a call. I always wondered what the hell did t-mobile did to suncoms coverage in my area? It just vanished it I guess cuz It just dissapeared. ? So yea u people in the states if the states if the att/t-mobile merger does go tru u are gunna feel what we felt when we lost a great cellphone company when it got bought out by a crappy company.

      • Christopher_McG

        LOL so you just admitted that the 9700 has terrible reception?

        I personally knew that already, you shouldn’t fuck around with Crapberries. TERRIBLE reception on the 9700!

      • Rgvbadman


    • ObsceneJesster

      T-Mobile may suck in Puerto Rico but I could give a shit less since I don’t live there. I live in the US and stay around Baltimore, MD 99% of the time so I use T-Mobile since there network here never craps out and they have the fastest data speeds for the best price. If I lived in Puerto Rico then I would probably get whatever suited my needs the best and if T-Mobile crapped out all of the time then I wouldn’t use it. There’s a reason why T-Mobile doesn’t do this in Puerto Rico, it’s because they know they would lose and let’s be honest. Hoe really gives a shit about Puerto Rico besides the people who live there.

    • Rgvbadman

      You are such a liar Boricuachick21….. I live in Puerto Rico works great!!! Its most likely user error lol

  • Going_home

    Of course the 3G phone will lose to the 4G phone.
    The Iphones only advantage is iOS stability.
    By that I mean it has no phone manufacturers (or service providers) custom crapware on it.

  • Anonymous

    This is not a big thing to hoot about. The iPhone 4 is nearly a year old and is still only a 3G device. There are other reasons that the iPhone is a better phone (just about any of the other reasons actually)

    • You failed to give reasons as to why the iPhone is better.. Go ahead.

  • Brook

    Even my TMO 3G Speed kicks AT&T’s arse.

    • Garet

      um it is showing an H in that pic so you are on a 4g phone no? most dont show the H unless they do unless you have rooted your phone.

      • From what I’m aware there is no Gingerbread T Mobile phone on 4G.. so yes it must be a rom showing H, instead of 3G.

        • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        H doesn’t mean 4G. H only means hspda which isn’t 4g at all. you’re thinking hspda+

        • TheKoreanKkim

          Well not necessarily. Like take G2 for instance. It shows an “H”, however, it could either mean 3G or 4G. So technically, if it were a phone that had such display or notification, we cant really tell for sure.

      • Anonymous

        Nope “H” is just an indicator to being on the 4G tower. My Nexus S is in no way 4G has a data speed top at 7.2 for it to be consider 4G it would have to exceed that and go onwards of that. essentially though T-mo’s 4G towers are the same as the 3G they are just upgraded.

  • Tito!

    I Love this strategy.
    Let’s use (testerone egomaniac) iPhone users to disgrace this network “AT&T”, pubicly. :)
    Hahaha. Its mere brilliance!
    T-Mobile FTW! (:

    • TheKoreanKkim

      Haha. Not only do I like this comment because your a T-Mobile Fan, but also because you mistyped “publicly” hehe. I didn’t know you can disgrace a network pubicly.

  • BC


  • Anonymous

    i was gunna say, if tmobile has a 4G network worth a DAMN, it should beat any 3G phone hands down

  • Meagan

    Laugh now Tmobile Samsung Galaxy S owners. Soon you’ll only get AT&T Edge on it.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, girlfriend.. the Galaxy S 3G & 4G will work on PCS AT&T 3G. Which has the most capacity for AT&T. They use the PCS band to supplement capacity because they don’t have enough 850MHz spectrum nationwide to use it exclusively.

  • So many haters that have come to troll on this thread. IF (and that’s a big IF) this merger even happens, yes, it will be a slam for us on T-Mobile that are getting these fantastic speeds as we’ll be at the mercy of whatever AT&T can muster, but for now, we’re having our moment under the sun. T-Mobile has been running full steam ahead here in 2011 and AT&T can’t hold a torch to our data speeds or selection of hot Android products. iPhone 4 users can poo poo all they want, but we all know where the true variety, speed, choice, pricing, and customer service currently resides.

    If that’s what you want to hate on us for, then go right ahead. We know the truth. Showing your heads on this thread just proves that point.

    • Going_home

      T-Mobile advertises it has Americas largest 4g network.
      Funny how none of the competition has even tried to refute this.

      Verizons so called “fastest 4G in the world” network has what, one 4G phone now
      (TMO has 4, and # 5 and 6 on the way) and it crashes their 4G network. Hello ?

      AT&T at least has 3 locked down 4G devices (locked to 3rd party downloads…but why ?).
      And their 4G speeds arent very good, they are throttling the upload speeds. Hello ?

      So yeah, AT&T and Verizon troll boys, dont be jealous.

      Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain//


  • Wndyforeva77

    @watbetchh ey puta not only da bb bold sucked but also the mytouch 4g and lg optimus T. Searching on all of them so t-mobile sucks over here.

  • Wndyforeva77

    I kno and ur right but lets face it nobody also gives a shyyt bout baltimore MD only the people that live there. T-mobile is only doing those things in the important places of the usa like seattle, La etc .. the main places. That everyone talks about u never hear them talkin bout puerto rico or Baltimore ..

    • Anonymous

      Actually a lot of people care about Baltimore. Sprint launched it’s WiMax network in Baltimore first. Baltimore was also in the first group of Verizon LTE roll outs and T-Mobiles HSPA+ roll outs. Believe it or not but Baltimore is a huge mobile market. I don’t live in Baltimore since the taxes are high and it’s mostly ghetto but I can tell you that Baltimore is just as popular as Seattle within the states. Neither one is on the level of New York, Sanfran, and LA. I really don’t know who would talk about Seattle out side of the US since there really is nothing to talk about. Except maybe the major sports teams.

      But my comment was in regards to the country as a whole. DO you think it’s coincidence T-Mobile built a better network in the US than in Puerto Rico? I don’t think so. They build where the money is and lets face it. Puerto Rico isn’t a major mobile market.

  • 4G_or_not_4G

    Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive in Slow Lanes

    Hahahaha! I LUV It!

  • Civicintegra

    Bet you $1000 that we will have better cell service over you galaxy s4G

  • Anonymous

    The difference is so big here (NYC).
    I usually get 5-7Mbps (max 8Mbps) in my home area with G2X.
    I tried Atrix, and I got a few hundred kbps.
    You can come to 86th Street & Bay Parkway to test it yourself.
    BTW, it’s better iphone 5 has 43.2Mbps HSPA+.

    • Marshall23D

      At&t doesn’t have 4g yet They just market 4g capable devices as 4g

      • Marshall23D

        Oh my bad they do have 4g they just cap it to a point that it’s slower than 3G

        • Kriznak69

          Actually, T-Mobile has the fastest 4G network, just not the best range. AT&T and Verizon cap out at 2.5mbps. T-Mobile’s caps out at 14.5mbps.

          I get that you are too ignorant to do your homework and your own research.

  • I keep hearing about T-Mobile’s zippy 4G speed and everything, but I’m still not getting some proper 3G inside my apartment. I have to step out otherwise, I’m on Edge. What’s up with that?

    • Anonymous

      Maybe it’s the area you live in? Maybe you don’t have a strong HSPA+ signal where you live? I get insane speeds inside my house and while at work inside the station.

    • Cathy

      I use to get crappy reception in my house, along with basic internet, but since I got 3g on my Bb I didn’t have any issues. only at my school one classroom gives me crappy reception.

  • Miphone

    Tmobile won almost every single test this weekend.

  • Jonathan Schiver

    all tmobile did was choose 4 spots in the city that had their best services and choose those. Hell they could have pushed te towers a little more this weekend to make their speed faster.

    • Jonathan Schiver

      idk y i said 4 there were 10 idk what i was thinking sorry

  • Miphone

    They did over 100 tests and won almost every one. Whether or not they picked their best sites, why Verizon and ATT sucked so bad that they didn’t win more than 2% of the time?

  • ungh

    anyone who can’t spell or communicate clearly should be ignored

  • Anonymous
  • milkman

    You know I am really sorry.. but this has got to be the worst ad campaign I have ever witnessed! First off T-mobile and AT&T are more then likely about to merge. Second, this is like comparing corporate buildings to houses. AT&T obviously has a lot more customers so naturally their connection is going to be more saturated then the lesser. Also, as the other user pointed it, they choose key locations to run this test. Sounds to me like they know these locations are their stronger key places. Last, what good is your speed if you can’t get the same area coverage as AT&T between the two?? This would have been a better ad for say Verizon and AT&T.. Both can take the same phone and run across to random places and run test tests.

    Last my friend has the Galaxy and I have the Iphone 3gs on AT&T. We first ran speed tests using the app. His results blew mine away even ping times. However, the odd thing is we ran another test. Using file attachments downloading from our gmail accounts. Oddly, with his phone showing better speed test results. My iphone downloaded the same attachment at almost twice the speed his downloaded at.

    So that started to make us both think that maybe Tmobile does a “burst” speed rather than a steady download speed…. Dunno…