T-Mobile Pokes Fun At Verizon Wireless After LTE Outage

Under normal circumstances, I would have woke up this morning, seen the tweet T-Mobile directed at Verizon and cracked a smile. Instead, I’m focused on watching Seattle area residents beat their future parent company’s pride and joy iPhone in speed tests.

Of course, who knows how or if Verizon might playfully respond. If I were Verizon i’d respond with a simple statement of “Ok Tmobi…I mean future AT&T.” Just saying.


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  • Anonymous

    Sadly, the idiots at VZW just dont have that kind of twitter personality…lol

  • BradF

    This is HILARIOUS! Sock it to em!

  • Diannaroxxz72

    Ok I have t-mobile and love it and all but I think this is just straight out stupid. I bet t-mobile has had more outages than verizon. Like a lil while ago when t-mobile network went down in the texas area. Verizon didn’t say anything about t-mobile. Also if verizon would make comments like this about t-mobiles crappy coverage I bet t-mobile would not like it. Cuz lets face it t-mobiles coverage is a joke when compared to Verizon and u guys know its true. Verizon has 5 times more 3g coverage than t-mobile 3G. It may not be as fast as t-mobiles 3g cuz it runs at evdo rev A. But its still faster than t-mobiles edge which mostly all of t-mobiles network is still edge. I’m tired of everytime I take road trips which I take a lot my mytouch 4g drops down to edge or gsm once I’m out of the city while my boyfriend has a 3g signal on his droid x. And at times like that is when verizons 3g is faster than t-mobiles edge cuz it is. At times like that I borrow my boyfriends droid x to go on facebook and things like that cuz edge is just straight out slow his evdo rev A connection is faster. So yea. I think t-mobile should just keep their comments to their selfs before verizon really shuts them up and put them in there place..

    • Anonymous

      You dont have sense of humor do you? It’s okay, not everybody gets it.

      • ColdFeet

        If T-Mobile was a major player and wasn’t full of outages itself, it would be funny. But damn, if the wind blows east 15mph, T-Mobile has an outage.

        • AdrianMT4G

          I live in Cincinnati, Oh and we had maybe one outage in the last year? And it only lasted for maybe a hour or so? But if you have wifi calling, which I believe Verizon doesn’t, then your phone will still work with no problems at all. At least T-Mo’s outages don’t last two days.

        • ColdFeet

          I believe that the Verizon outage only affected 4g data services (and some 3g users, as well) but people still had voice services (and slower data speeds). I’m sure that if they had wifi turned on on their phones, they were able to surf the web without a problem, though.

          I don’t have Verizon so I generally don’t spend a lot of time keeping up on their issues but the past couple of T-Mobile outages I had last from an hour to about 12 hours. No calls, no texts, no data. At the time, my phone didn’t support wifi calling (most don’t) and I don’t know if that would have even helped.

          I guess my point is that if someone’s going to talk shit, they should make sure that their network isn’t full of problems, itself.

        • Minioninnc

          Wind is blowing even harder than that here and mine is still working, so this simply isn’t true. LOL. See the sarcasm here? Like redman says, you don’t have a sense of humor.

    • Minioninnc

      Awwww, so sad. :(

    • @sidekicker89

      True true, but aren’t you at least glad you pay less on your cell phone bill with T-Mobile than what your boyfriend pays for all that slow Verizon 3G? =)

    • Anonymous

      Maybe T-Mobile isn’t for you if you take road trips. If Verizon’s network is so much better then why don’t you go over to Verizon? Unless your just a cheap skate? You see, for someone like me who stays near a major city outfitted with HSPA+ 99% of there lives, T-Mobile is your best option. It’s faster than everyone else when it comes to data speeds. They have better pricing than anyone else when it comes to the major 4 and they have the best customer service in the mobile market. I have been with T-Mobile since 2004 and have never had a outage in my area.

  • LOL, that was a good one TMo…lol.

  • Mwnorman

    That was indeed a funny one. Unfortunately.

  • LMAO, I gotta say thats pretty damn funny

  • Anthony C

    Oooooo the shade.. lmao but guess what T-Mobile, can you reach 25 down 10 up or more.. I don’t think so. 4G for tmo is 3 down and barely 1 up. Hell my nexus one pulls 5 down 1.3 up for a 3G device.. Sorry epic fail!!

    • know your tech dude.

      lol, my vibrant 3g pulls 6.3 down and 1.8 up. and just so you know your nexus one is a 3g phone it’s only suppose to get 3-5 heck it’s max would be 7.2. if you want more then get a fucking 4g phone. my parents mytouch 4g pulls down 10 mbps and 3 up.

    • michael

      Verizon has 3 laptop sticks and one phone that are 4G. They cover about half the people as T-Mo’s 4G.

      Also, T-Mobile can reach 25mbps. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKRfvMInpSM

      Currently, T-Mobile’s 21mbps 4G network covers 200 million people, with their 42mbps network soon covering 140 million people this year. This is guaranteed before the merger pretty much.

      Also my 14.4mbps myTouch 4G on a 21mbps network can pull 10mbps down and 3mbps up.25 down and 10 up for vzw is becoming less and less common now.

    • AdrianMT4G

      Wow.. What a douche? I just ran a speedtest yesterday on my MT4G and got about 10 down and 1.6 up. I got proof to show it. Also, if I could recall, I thought 3g phones could only hit 7.2 down and 768kbps up? Sorry Anthony, but epic fail on your part!

    • AdrianMT4G

      As I read this comment again, I’m still not understanding how someone without a 4g phone can talk about any 4g network whether it be HSPA+, LTE, or WiMax. You obviously can’t take advantage of any of the speeds so why run ya mouth, or shall I say, why run your fingers?

  • tmofan99

    This is why I love T-mobile: http://yfrog.com/h6qihp

    • Guest

      Wow can’t believe that T-Mobile moron is continuing to incite a twitter war.
      Very unprofessional on both their parts
      I hope Verizon just ignores the troll

      • AdrianMT4G

        Its just for fun you moron. Grow a sense of humor damn. If Verizon isn’t complaining, then you shouldn’t be either.

  • Anonymous

    Ha ha ha I like this one!

  • Anonymous

    funny coming from the company that can’t stay in business and needs to merge with AT&T to survive.

    • Soloaffiliated

      You Dnt Do Your Homework Do You? Tmobile Dnt Need AT&T, AT&T Needs Tmobile, Thats Why They Trying To Buy Them, Dnt Speak On Tmobile Unless Ya Kno Wat You Saying.

      • Guest

        Dnt speak on English unless ya kno what you saying.
        WTF is with capitalizing all your letters?
        Is that some sort of ghetto gang thing?

        • ATTSUCKSBUTT.com

          thats very ignorant. i guess you bought a iPhone too? Smh, i would hate my life too to have to take racist shots at people.

        • Guest

          All shapes and colors live in the Ghetto.
          Maybe though you shouldn’t post and talk like you are straight out of the ghetto.
          Look up the definition of racist and clear your ignorance

        • iphonevirgin

          SO IS WRITING LIKE THIS SOME SORT OF GHETTO GANG THING? OR AM I JUST YELLING? I noticed that you press enter before you start a sentence, is that a ghetto gang undertone?

        • Dalemurphy03

          David, not sure why you allowed this post to remain. There are other forums for these types of racist comments.

        • Guest

          LOL do you even know what the meaning of racist is?
          That wasn’t racist.

        • Deleted.

      • The. ATL Guy

        They certainly do need at&t or they wouldn’t sell.
        Get a clue

      • Aa

        crappy carrier + good carrier = crappy2 carrier

      • Anonymous

        hey hey, T-Mobile finally (2 weeks after everyone else) posted their Q1 results. Continued losses. My point proven.


      Dude. Get your research game up. ATT is inquiring TMOBILE to better their service, not the other way around. I guess you just bought a iPhone huh?

      • Guest


    • AdrianMT4G

      Actually, T-Mobile has proved over the last ten years that they can stay in business regardless of any profit loss. DT just wants out so they’re deciding to sell out to the big bucks. We DON”T need AT&T to stay around. They need us. Please read the countless number of articles on this before saying anything.

      • Anonymous

        Solid Q1 results eh?

  • Blountmant

    That was awesome !!!!!!, thats what I call going out with style !!!

  • Guest

    Too bad their 4G isn’t really 4G.

    • Soloaffiliated

      Guess What? Aint None Of These Carriers 4G For Real.

    • Happy

      But if they aren’t, then no one is yet. But they are the fastest…according to basically all the independent tests.

      So say what you want, but my wi-fi hotspot via my T-Mobile myTouch 4G is faster that my 12Mbps home internet service.

      • Ted

        Not true. Lte is the global standard

        • Anonymous

          The global standard is slower than HSPA+.

        • rich

          lol no it’s not. way to go.

      • So are you saying our 3G is almost as fast as your 4G and soon to be faster? what? ;)

  • Anonymous

    Considering that T-Mobile wants to sell the USA business, I would rather have T-Mobile take shots at AT&T and Verizon than go out quietly.

    Verizon does have a true 4G network and yes, it is faster. But looking at Verizon’s handset crippling practices and prices, it better be faster.

    • Anonymous

      Get yourself out of 2009 and back into 2011. Name one current smartphone that Verizon has crippled. The only crippling Verizon did back in the day was GPS so people would have to buy VZ Nav, but that was stopped over 2 years ago.

  • Guest

    Verizon should just respond, “what’s a T-Mobile ?”

    • AdrianMT4G

      Ok…. um…. please leave this board.

      • Guest


  • Guest

    Or verizon should respond and ask why does t mobile dress up a grown woman and make her look like a 12 year old little girl?
    Pedophile in the t mobile marketing department?

    • michael


  • T-Mobile sure has some nerve… I think there marketing department needs to reevaluate their own situation before taking shots at competition…


    • Guest

      Poor guy….bought into a MLM

      • Hey 9-5 doesn’t cut it anymore…lmao

        • Guest

          Ya what other canned (no thought of your own) MLM responses are you going to regurgitate?

        • yo that’s for real. I didn’t finish college like you did… I don’t have a nice job like you do to make all my bills. I have to make money on the side to live the lifestyle that I want. I trade in the forex market too. I am not as fortunate as you are. I should of planned my life like you did because you are successful. congrats.

  • Happy

    I really hope we don’t lose our precious gem T-Mobile to crappy AT&T. I’m hoping! What a loss to the mobile market, consumers, and to the value of customer focus, and especially to very happy T-Mobile customers like me.

    • @sidekicker89

      YESS!! agreed 100%!

  • Carson J Gallo

    You mean on your fake 4G network.

    • Happy

      According to the government, T-Mobile is 4G. Regardless, T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network is the largest 4G implementation and has consistently beat out the others in speed and overall performance. While others are known for dropped calls and outages, T-Mobile is known for maintaining a #1 rating for customer support as well as a high level of customer satisfaction.

      It just sounds as if you’re uninformed, not to mention unnecessarily rude.

      • Carson J Gallo

        Dude according o the government LTE isn’t even real 4G, FCC defines 4G with speeds of 60 to 80 MBps. where as LTE does 40, and hspa+ does like 15-20. So ur the one who is uninformed.

        • Bratty

          Government? There is no government involved here. Go back to to calling out networks – its at your level.

        • Shino

          LOL! You said TMobile was fake 4G and now you say LTE isn’t even real 4G. I guess we’re all just a bunch of fakes.

        • Anonymous

          No buddy boy, it’s not the government, you’re referring to the ITU, which is a governing agency but not the government. 4G is actually defined as 1000Mbps stationary and 300Mbps mobile. So you are correct in stating that no US carrier has true 4G, but mistaken again in your theoretical speeds since NY’s T-Mobile 4G already has a top theoretical speed of 42Mbps which is the same as Verizon’s current LTE. The difference is all of T-Mobile’s 3G devices are causing network saturation of a sort, while Verizon has one phone and a handful of Mobile Broadband devices using the network, giving them the current advantage in LTE markets but T-Mobile the advantage in deployment. At the end of the day though, HSPA+ is still the global standard, LTE Advanced is the future (real 4G but by then they’ll be calling it 8G) and HSPA+ actually has an upgrade path to 864Mbps. However you do get one point for trying. Thanks for playing.

        • Mbregar13

          Actually, ITU backed off of that stance a few months ago, seemingly acknowledging that they should have never “named” that future standard of speed. They failed to realize at the time that there would be a major stepping stone between 3G as we knew it, and what you described above, and as a result have concluded that any of the aforementioned technologies (HSPA+, LTE, WiMax) which show drastic performance improvements over their 3G counterparts, shall be appropriately referred to as 4G.

          I know, I know… links or it never happened ;) http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2374564,00.asp

        • Anonymous

          They didn’t rescind the definition of 4G, what they allowed was calling any “evolved technology over 3G” 4G. Cmon man we all read that article. So what they’ll allow to pass and what actually IS are two different things.

        • Odiosomalo

          Carson – you dont know jack. Shut up and go cry to ur momma and stay with your crappy Verizon.

    • Macintexas

      I’ll take 42mbs ANY day over V ‘s 18mbs ! Already up & running here in Houston…!!! YIPPIE AY YAY, Cowboys!

  • Carson J Gallo

    @T-Mobile Blow me. – VerizonWireless

  • AdrianMT4G

    I honestly don’t care about what goes on on Verizon’s network since I’m not part of them but I can say April has been a nasty month for us here in the Midwest and we didn’t have any outages at all. The wind was gusting up to about 70mph and still no outage. If people would get real phones with wifi calling, which T-Mobile is adding to most of their androids, then their phone will work during an outage as long as they are near wifi.

    There were many people here on facebook complaining about their phones not working during the outage back in December but mine was working like a charm as far as voice, data, and text because I was connected to my router. People should upgrade to nicer phones so they can take advantage of that great feature.

    • alexaqq23

      ye i think its great t-mobile phones have wifi calling but people on verizon dont need that cuz there network always works . over here in alabama with all da tornadoes nd shit att , t-mobile dont work at all while verizon does. also theres was no internet acces so us people on t-mobile cannot use wifi calling!! i had to borrow my boyfriends droid x cuz verizon network did work unlike t-mobile i think i will be switching to verizon soon…..

    • kellyhotty24

      ok dude i get u but over here in alabama with allda tornadoes guess what ?!? theres was no internet acces and t-mobile network went down like always so u know what that means?!?! no wifi calling!! cuz there was no internet acces . sprint, att and verizon obviously worked so they dont need wifi calling . my mom on att and my boyfriend on verizon had working phones! so i had to borrow there phones to make calls so yea if u ask me that kinda sucks i think i will be dumping t-mobile and getting verizon soon cuz i care about having reception i dnt care if verizons network is not as fast as t-mobile i only care about reception thats why i will be switching soon once i save money ..

  • Nick

    alright, that’s pretty funny

  • Steve

    thats why cdma and lte don’t match together. If T-Mobile had lte and it would go down our other 4g hspa+ would respon well.

  • Dickerlicker


    • Buttholesauce

      F uck you C unt!

      • Liceitup

        Im going to Rape you

  • Shadibaby510

    Isn’t T-Mobile the one with outages every couple of months. I’m just saying…

  • AT&T Roolz D00d

    @ Carson. Face the facts. Its nearly impossible to create a network that will max out speeds on EVERY device the cell site connects to at one time. Mobile operators would have to use ALL their spectrum in ONE cell site for this to even maybe happen. not to mention each cell site would cost around 1 billion each.


    don’t smash verizon too hard.

    they’re going to be my choice after the merge.

    they have 3-g outside my door and att only has edge.

  • Greekboy

    Check out YouTube by greekthuglife69 see how Verizon treats their workers u already know how they treat u

    • Anonymous

      Working at AT&T isn’t as great as you think. I have lots of friends who have been there since they were Cingular who tell me the company culture is not so great.

  • Danacoleman

    T-Mobile was a good network. Now they are backed by a Network with the number one drop call and spotty network on the planet. Why, Boost Mobile is got something on ATT and now TMobile with be Terrible Mobile

  • Nybetterthansuperg05

    T-Mobile forgot to mention the fact that this is doesnt matter because they sold their company? lol seriously shut up T-Mobile. Verizon service is QUALITY service. and yes i work for T-mobile so im not just a hater.

    • John

      I too work for t-mobile and I completely agree! Kinda wished I worked for Verizon….

      • TMO

        Door’s always open dude ’cause I also work for T-Mobile and we don’t need idiots like you around poisoning the Kool Aid!

        • Tree Frogs

          Just to clarify: you do admit that you all are “drinking the kool-aid”?

        • Guest

          Could it be that you can just be saying you work for Tmobile and not actually work for tmobile?

        • Nybetterthansuperg05

          I’ve been a rep for more than 3 years and I love T-Mobile service im just keeping it real. You cant talk about Verizon when you just sold your own company how smart is that? and what Kool Aid? T-Mobile started screwing customers/employees about 2 years ago with new polices, hidden fee’s, not acknowledging FAILS (@home service) for example. Screwing our commission structure to trying and get us to attack revenue instead of a qouta based system which had the company growing. Bottom line T-Mobile tried to compete with the big dogs and got chewed up. Yes our internet is amazing…. but our coverage is a joke compared to VERIZON. I mean lets be realistic people, they want me to lie and show customers a “Coverage Map” when I know the coverage map is so inaccurate myself.

        • Nybetterthansuperg05

          Now if i didnt work for t-mobile how would i know all of that?

        • Rmontoya22

          Obviously these guys r lying morons

  • SaceedAbdul

    Is there a way for the goverment to stop the AT-Tmobile thing like what happens if we could put on ballet and use that to determine the converge.

    • Tree Frogs

      That is a stupid idea. I want the government to stay the hell out of the way of capitalism.

      • Realcool2000

        If you want the governmaent to stay out of the way of capitolism, then you must want the company with the most money to buy everything including your rights and then tell you what you can’t or can do. You are obviously not informed enough to make edjucated statements.

        • Giraffe

          And you’re not educated enough to spell educated. Damn.

      • Guest

        Oh you mean like when they ignored the sub prime mortgage crisis? Moron…

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Love T-Mobile, their service and phones are the best, but a coompany that pullled the plug on their customers and employees should not laugh or poke fun at a 1st rate company that is making it. If T-Mobile was going to stick around and make a real attempt at this market in the USA then in all honesty they could. I still have not gotten over this buy out and probably never will. To me T-Mobile is the father to the Android platform.

    • InvisibleHand

      I don’t know why everyone is so hung up on the buyout. People vote with their dollars and T-Mobile is receiving fewer votes than ATT&T, Verizon and Sprint. This is because T-Mobile has made too many poor strategic decisions and given customers way too much. It makes me laugh to see people post things on how to call in to loyalty and threaten to cancel so that they can get all sorts of crazy deals and then turn around a cry about the buyout. YOU ARE THE REASON THE COMPANY IS IN TROUBLE! This post was not necessarily directed @vinnyj.

  • Wait, how does T-Mobile know this?? *reaching for tinfoil hat*

  • Tmobilesub

    EDGE, GPRS then back to 4G. EDGE, 4G, GPRS, no service then back to 4G.

    That’s my life everyday with T-Mobile. All day long the network bounce continues to plague me.

    T-Mobile really shouldn’t talk with their “4G,” service w/o any backhaul. I still get 200-400 Kbps with my “4G,” phone in a so-called “4G,” area.

  • Tmobile’s been drinking allot of Haterade.

    • Guest

      Indeed. I am a current T-mobile subscriber, but we are in no position to make fun of other companies. Oh let’s post fake frequencies on the G2x, have our parent company abandon us and kick in the nuts with this ATT deal. At least they waited until the merger was announced to actually release decent devices because if they would have done so before the announcement I may have ended up with a brick.

  • Anonymous

    T-Mobile taking shots at Verizon are laughable coming from a company that was last to the 3G game, who touts their 3G network as 4G and oh, did I mention their desperate need to be bought by AT&T because of their dismal lack of competitiveness. Need I say more?

    T-Mobile should be worrying about a Plan B if this acquisition falls through. Word from within is that even if they get the $3 billion and some spectrum from AT&T they’re still in a pickle.

    Do you really think T-Mobile cares about it’s customers? If they did why wouldn’t they put together a grand plan to gain a competitive edge instead of selling off to AT&T? Good luck with the T-Mobile.

    • Aerofanbig

      AT&T is in the pickle. Tmo HAS posted profits in the last several years. AT&T offered up a deal that couldn’t be refused because they have openly admitted they don’t have the capacity to support their own current customers. Go troll somewhere else

      • Guest

        I know someone doesn’t agree with your opinion so they’re a troll.
        Have you called t mobile for service lately?
        Enjoy your 45 minute hold time.
        Yes T-Mobile cares about its customers yeah right.

        • Guest

          Are you even a Tmobile customer?

          Didnt think so.

          Wait time is NOT 45 mins.
          Maybe you should try calling before making an ASSumption

        • hateraid

          Wait time is longer for customers who frequently call in and get blacklisted.

        • Cosmo10292

          lmao your hitting that crack pipe a little too hard! i just called a couple days ago to activate my g2x and i was immediately with someone that got my phone working. I think you called verizon lmfao

      • Anonymous

        Troll? Wow. You seem to have a hard time accepting truth. I was a T-Mo customer for 6 years so don’t consider me a troll. You my friend are just a butt hurt delusional individual who resorts to calling names when you can’t accept the obvious.

        Those buffoons running the T-Mo brought this upon the company. I have friends who work for T-Mo and I’m not happy about their fate, some of them will lose their jobs. But what is indisputable is if this deal goes through you and everyone here as a customer will be let down by what AT&T has to offer and will seek out better services in Verizon or Sprint. That’s a fact.

        So the mangy mutt taking shots at the top dog is as I stated previously, laughable.

      • Anonymous

        Here’s another fact. AT&T outright offer a deal, T-Mobile has been actively seeking a buyer. Get your story straight.

  • Long live tmo, f**k you to the haters! Feel free and jump ship and let us take full advantage of the better rates and service. Have fun on the death star fan boys! Baaah Baaah I love apple Baaah Baaah! Keep eating the crow sheep!!!!

  • Aerofanbig

    HAHAHA! Oh man thats great, I did some research on the outage after reading this story. 1 phone…3 laptop sticks…thats all VZW has on the LTE and it CRASHES! I knew this would happen, they tout the most reliable and fasted 4G (when only a fraction of traffic is using it *rolls eyes*) and as soon as literally a few devices come online…they get tanked to 2G speeds. Man, if the iPhone 5 is LTE equipped, that will be a fun circus to watch

  • IamtherealDavid

    Yeah, whats tmo gonna say. In the time VZW network was out….OK. One for you, tmo.

    VZW..Since our network has come back online it took our subscribers 3 hours to make for for their lost data at your avg rate of 3M down and ours of 14M down. Soon you were eating our dust again. Oh yeah, three datasticks?? They have 2 and 2 mifi’s. Go back to dreamland.

    Cant wait for David to run his beloved Iphone on the T!


    Try LiL Wayne….I would call it little too at 4M down max.

    Still waiting on my promisted G2 upgrade. Maybe it will stop it from crashing once a week!!!!!!!!!

  • ardchoille

    @Tmobile Have you forgotten about this already? http://preview.tinyurl.com/yhydpu2

  • Ian

    @Tmo Pot, meet kettle: http://tinyurl.com/yhydpu2

  • for 700mhz penetration and a network using 4g Technology (not just 4g speeds,) I’d endure much more than just a day down