HTC DoubleShot Coming In Three Colors, HTC Flyer Arriving Early July?

Coming off of yesterdays HTC DoubleShot report is a tipster stepping in and telling us the device will come in not one, not two but three colors and is likely a myTouch Slide 4G successor. Given the name doubleshot and the likelihood with which T-Mobile gives the myTouch line coffee based codenames we’re inclined to believe this is a very real possibility. Of course this is a strict rumor for now until we can find something a little more concrete to prove its part of the myTouch line.

As for the second round of HTC news today we were also given some intel by the same tipster on the HTC Flyer which is suspected to arrive on or around July 6th. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard the HTC Flyer could land on T-Mobile shores but it’s the first time we’ve had a hint of a possible release date. As always this far out dates are subject to change.

Thanks Pink Android!


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    • Chrisrj8084

      Not so much friend

  • LEXP88


  • Nexus Guy

    This could be something

  • Anonymous

    What is the size of this phone.

    • Otakingnw

      I want to know too. But a WVGA resolution and 1.2 GHz dual core already get me happy. If it is a 4.0 in screen I am there!

  • Anonymous

    Yea the multi colors scream myTouch lol. I wonder what they’re going to call the flyer, just flyer or like myTouch EX or something I forgot what sprint calls theirs, some kinda Evo thing. *side note* speaking of flyer or flyers they better win tonight. I’m done. Peace.

    • Anonymous

      Flyers did it.

  • Havoktek

    Love Ya’ Magenta, but you can’t sway me until you say Samsung Galaxy S II baby!

    • Anonymous

      They are tryin hard aren’t they. Nice phones but I’ve decided that it’s Galaxy S 2 or nothing for me.

      • Anonymous

        no HTC Sensation 4G(Pyramid) love?

        • Anonymous

          Naw I just can’t do it. I couldn’t “downgrade” from SuperAMOLED and just can’t get with Sense. It’s still an awesome phone tho!

        • Havoktek

          Word, the HTC Sensation is nice, but Sammy got them beat on this one. I’m not going to leave that SuperAMOLED for anything less!

  • Matthewsj

    Would be very intrested in the HTC Flyer. I don’t care if it only has Gingerbread. I’m intrested in the pen and Onlive for this device. OnLive for tablets is genius.

  • Anonymous

    The Flyer won’t be landing in my hands.

    • remister

      Asus eeePad Transformer!

  • Matlock

    HAHAHAHA, funny how all the info I posted up yesterday when I commented on the Doubleshot thread made it into this post, LMAO!!! you guys are welcome! :p

    • Didn’t see what you wrote but I did get it through an email from a ninja! Email me

  • Anonymous

    what about the wifi version???

  • Going_home

    I have no use whatsoever for a tablet PC.
    I have a decent laptop.

  • Anonymous

    T-Mobile needs to cut it out with these girly ass mytouches already… Nobody switches carriers to get a MyTouch… Ever… They land on it, nobody seeks it out… That espresso sense UI is pure crap… Wouldve preferred this be a Nokia prepaid than another MyTouch… Disgusting…

    • alex

      how are these girly? i have a mytouch as well as many guys i know

      • FILA

        as long as you root, like any true android fan, with stock, your ok!

        • Mario

          Its not as easy as they say, I’ve spent hours reading articles and reading through xda but i still haven’t been able to root a single phone I’ve owned here’s the list G1, cliqxt, mytouch 4g, defy, now G2X

        • Tortionist

          mytouch4g was an easy root. I just used the z4 root app. If I remember correctly visionary also works.

        • Anonymous

          I imagine some are easier than others, the Vibrant was as easy as moving a file over to the phone resetting the phone then reloading the package. It does the work for you. Flashing a ROM is more difficult, I had to get help from some of the XDA members. Now I’m pretty good at it.

      • Anonymous

        How? espresso sense, everything being bubbly and rounded, the keys too. The back of a MT4G is actually pretty nice looking, it’s the hideous buttons on the bottom. Also plenty of men carry purses too, so it’s cool. Lol

      • Anonymous

        While I was typing that my co-worker pointed out that this phone was also designed to be accessorized. Im pretty sure it’s the only phone that literally has a little purse as an option for a carrying case. Why are you pretending like I’m the crazy one? Go bedazzle your MyTouch, change your pad, and finish up your appletini.

    • Anonymous

      Options bro calm down, not everybody wants a dual core 4.3″ phone, they’re looking out for the casual user with this one.

      • Anonymous

        I didn’t say anything about scaling back phones, so your comment is useless, I have observed the launch of these mytouches the effects they have on the business and it just seems foolish that they keep running these phones out, I’m all for improved blackberries, windows phones, galaxy s phones, G series phones, HTC beast phone etc… The mytouches are always under specd or come in some feminine design that push people away. If the MT4G would’ve been stock and the front didn’t have those feminine MyTouch buttons and interface it would’ve sold exponentially more. Variety is important, but they put way too much marketing and push behind these lameduck phones. That money could be spent advertising real game changing phones like the G2X or the Sensation, or maybe even a windows phone.

        • Anonymous

          I didn’t say anything about scaling back a phone either, when you compare it to its assumed predecessor the phone is an upgrade hence the name. I hear you on the advertising, it would be nice to see them push the high end phones. Feminine buttons and design? A nokia prepaid? Cmon man, nobody has even seen what this version looks like. So if my comment was useless what does that make yours? I see plenty comments about ppl wanting a physical keyboard some say they don’t care about dual cores or 4+” screens. Its all about personal preference.

        • Anonymous

          Your comment about variety would imply that my comment was meant to knock variety, that’s why I said I’m all for variety. I just think from a consumer perspective it’s confusing to have a G series of phones along with the MyTouch line, I also think it’s lame that they put all the marketing dollars behind the MyTouch regardless of how little marketshare it helps them acquire. Think back to the G2 launch, there was no fanfare, no lines, no advertising, but they launched the MT4G like a week later with a bunch of advertising behind it. The G2 launched on the Saturday before it was supposed to in the most haphazard way. Again, the G2X commercial doesn’t even call the phone by it’s name. It shows the iPhone 4 more than the G2x. This is my problem. As far your comment about specs, as I’ve stated the internals on the MT4G are good, but the slide was released underspecd for no reason only 5 months behind it, all the same technology was available(HSPA+, 1Ghz processor, 2.2 was on the Horizon) As far as opinions, I don’t think calling those buttons feminine is much of an opinion at all. I don’t think anyone would call a G2 or a G2X feminine unless it has a pink case on it. These phones, even their UI were built with bubbly edges and designs to appeal to children and women. So while I get the whole people want keyboards business, as stated, it doesn’t have to be a MyTouch. Verizon has Droid. sprint has EVO. T-Mobile has G-Series. MyTouch is useless… Especially with the SK returning offering a premium Qwerty Android device for teens.

        • Anonymous

          So basically what you saying is, this should be called anything but “myTouch” even though we know little about what it does or what it looks like?

        • Anonymous

          Are you serious? If it is a MyTouch, we know it’ll have sense and the same interface and female/tween oriented design, if it’s a G-Series phone it’s stock, theres nothing ambiguous about that. In this specific case, the name tells a lot.

    • James

      Sadly, my mytouch4g w/cm7 out does my stock nexus s. I like the size and feel of the mytouch.

      • Anonymous

        How do you feel about the all around design though? This is my problem way more than software… Software can be changed, not that most people will anyway. Plus all the dollars thrown at it in marketing. Could be better spent. Only tmo customers buy mytouches.

    • Polaris1

      girly ass mytouches? Dude you really need to look at the specs on the MT4G. It’s still better than 85% of all the android handsets out there right now. Nothing girly about it.

      • Anonymous

        Funny how you missed the point of the post. The specs on the phone are great, on the MT4G that is.. However the packaging and the front of the phone is designed specifically to appeal to children and soccer moms. It’s an eyesore of a phone. And espresso is even more bubbly and feminine. Is this a real argument?

        • Anonymous

          So…since it’s just somebody’s opinion on aesthetics, there really IS no point.
          BTW: What is your source for this statement, “Nobody switches carriers to get a MyTouch… Ever..”? Can you provide a link to facts? If you just made it up, why? Why would anyone care to read made-up stuff?

        • Anonymous

          There is a stark contrast between a subjective opinion, and drawing a parallel between a design and the target demographic it hopes to capture. Your attempt at being a smartass was humerous though. There was an obvious use of hyperbole to drive the point home, but in reality id challenge you to this. I can guarantee the number of MyTouches sold to existing customers outweighs what was sold to New Customers 3-1. The Galaxy S Vibrant crossed the million mark, no MyTouch has come close to that. The problem with the S was that every carrier had a variant. I will say though the comment “tmobile needs to stop this MyTouch garbage” is an opinion. My opinion, you don’t like it? I really don’t care, you should however try to speak intelligently if you are going to try to pretend like you can.

        • Anonymous

          LOL! I seem to have hit a nerve!
          As for speaking intelligently, anyone who uses terms like “girly ass” are setting their personal standards a little low…unless you’re under the age of 13.
          Keep tryin’ tho — you’ll get there!

        • Anonymous

          Girly ass works perfectly fine, I actually wouldn’t choose any other way to articulate my message since it was a post on a blog not a dissertation. I do however fond humor in someone trying to call someone out for their choice of words and in the same thought saying “tho”. I also find it humerous that you again eluded the main argument of the post again which is fine because it’s evident theres no intelligent banter coming from you… As far as hitting a nerve goes… I wrote a two line comment about mytouches that got your gstring in a twist… So yeah… What exactly is the point of anything you’ve said so far? Nothing? That’s what I thought…

        • Anonymous

          Well, since your replies have been several time the length of mine it’s obvious whose panties are in a twist.
          But, no, I still don’t see the point of your trollish first post. And you still haven’t explained how you know what the design strategy is (“appeal specifically to children and soccer moms”) or your source of sales figures. And I didn’t see the need for your sarcastic second post. But forums and comment boards are full of kids who know nothing (if they did they’d be able to supply references) so I guess I don’t know why I picked on YOUR silly post in particular.
          Feel free to carry on with girly ass glee!

        • Anonymous

          I’m going to ignore most of your reply as the majority of it was repetitive garbage that still cries ignorance. I dont know whether youre trying to argue the social construct of gender association or if you’re really trying to argue whether this phone is feminine. I would have to lean towards the second because again judging by the quality of your posts I think the first is way out of your realm of intelligence. So let me be as sarcastic as possible. I guess you’re right, a phone that comes in purple, red, and white was obviously designed for men. Traditionally, bubbly text and bubbly text boxes have always been designed to attract male buyers. Clearly I was mistaken for thinking a phone in which the commercials ran showing a mom video chatting with her soccer playing daughter was geared towards soccer moms and children. Also T-Mobile losing 1/4 million customers in Q4, had nothing to do with their decision to go all in with their marketing dollars on the MyTouch to anchor their 4G claims. That purse accessory for this phone must be a European black leather carry all. Men dont gather to play Fantasy Sports, they gather to bedazzle their phones and talk up how well theyve accessorized them. How foolish of me.

        • MCbrian

          What reply — there aren’t any. Dude, you’re sick…which is why I deleted my replies — I started feeling sorry for you when I went back and noticed that you actually said that the phone is feminine! Man, what are you on!? It’s probably not your fault — must be the culture you’re from where a man is judged by the manliness of his cell phone…so it’s your native culture that’s sick. Maybe you can get a cover made out of sand-paper — that way any phone you’d get would be manly! just a thought…
          To me, the superficial appearance of a phone isn’t key…but it’s OK if that’s what important to you, so don’t get down on yourself — you can’t help it!

        • Giraffe

          Most successful trolling ever. Carry on, my MT4G Black looks slick as hell anyways.

        • Anonymous

          Trolling? Why don’t you stop being a f*cking nerd and Stfu… There’s nothing slick about your feminine ass phone… Why don’t you drop by your local tmobile store and pick up that little purse accessory next time you find yourself buying pads for that moist unsure feeling. It can hold your pads and your phone…

        • Anonymous

          *like accident*

    • decaf

      looks like you’ve had too many espressos yourself billi…try decaf!

  • Smaller screen works fine for me — Sensation is too big. If I thought that the bigger the better I’d get a tablet…or television. Anyway, “much smaller screen” would have to be something like only 2/3 the size of the Sensation screen — but it’s actually “much bigger” than 2/3 the size of the Sensation screen. Pretty simple arithmetic.

    • Anonymous

      Hmmm: This is MY comment — word-for-word — that I posted yesterday on a similar article on Engadget Mobile.
      I guess I should take this plagiarism as a compliment.

      • Anonymous

        If the specs on that site are accurate, this is going to be a serious contender.

    • Nice opinion, but for me, the bigger the better. My phone is 3/4 mini tablet pc, 1/4 phone.

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    This phone is starting to sound really nice

    Sense 3.0…no espresso? *maybe not*
    8mp rear cam 1.3mp ffc
    Qwerty *already stated*
    1.2ghz dual core processor
    3.6-4″ screen
    768mb ram

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    Full Specs extracted from a leaked ROM for this phone:
    Thanks to t-mizzle’s post for pointing me to this:

  • HTC