Internal Shots Confirm Rollout Of 2GB Data Plan Tomorrow

In an effort to confirm our story from early yesterday morning regarding T-Mobile launching a new 2GB data offering we’ve received some ninja screen shots. There aren’t any new details here but perhaps seeing something in writing or in pictures makes it all the more believable. As a quick recap, T-Mobile will launch a new 2GB data plan for $39.99 ($31.99 with existing voice plan) and will remove the overage plan on the $29.99 200MB plan allowing user speeds to be throttled instead.

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  • whosaidwhat

    Does this mean the $30 unlimited data plan will be going away?

    • Mustk1ll20

      Yes. Unless you already have that plan it should be grandfathered.

      • ^^^ wrong ^^^ uninformed comments cause more uninformed comments, we should have this removed lol

        • LC

          It really is amazing, isn’t it?

        • LC

          It really is amazing, isn’t it?

    • No. This is for webConnect, not smartphones.

    • different type of product. This is a no overage (Meaning throttle only) webconnect (Laptop stick or mobile hotspot) plan. It’s nice to see T-Mobile go away from something that charged for overage. I personally think it’s not a bad deal, 1000% more product for $10 more

  • Russiansolja

    Theses plans are getting worse rather then better. Going to switch to metroPCS soon.

    • good luck, hopefully they have plans that are written on chewable blocks, something tells me you ate lead paint chips as a child.

  • Anonymous

    I find your lack to observe and comprehend information quite disturbing,

    Both images say WEBCONNECT rate plans!

    The text that says “WEBCONNECT” is larger than tmonews text but that escaped you. You also failed to read the line “$31.99 with existing voice plan”

    I take it back. No, this isn’t webconnect. You are right this, it is for your smartphone. Maybe you will cancel, go elsewhere and stop following this site and post aggravating questions. So yeah. This is bad, and plans are getting worse. Switch to metro pcs please and take them with you

    • Mhughes919

      some people are just plain dumb….maybe, we can ellect them to run some major corp. or even better…our country haha

      • Anonymous

        Absolutely, I will vote for them.

        There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — [pauses] — shame on you. Fool me — [pauses] — You can’t get fooled again.

        • Going_home

          I think I may have misunderestimated you.


  • Whew. That was scary. Title is a little backwards. Makes it seem like they are doing this to the smartphone data plan rather than the USB stick type stuff. I was like, why would I pay more for less data than my $30 unlimited unthrottled EM+ data.

  • Anonymous
  • Sorto7

    Before it was unlimited data plans
    AT&T ruins everything they started with the limited data plan that’s why I hate at&t

    • TMoChris

      verizon actually limited data usage way before att did

  • Anonymous