T-Mobile Unveiling New $39.99 2GB Plan This Thursday?

We’ve just been tipped that T-Mobile is set to roll out another plan option to their Mobile Broadband price lineup with the addition of a 2GB data plan for $39.99. The price will drop to around $32 when in combination with an existing voice plan. Along with that, the current $29.99 plan drops the overage penalty in favor of throttling for anything over the 200 MB allotted amount. Both changes take effect this Thursday, April 28th.

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  • Frigadroid

    More options are better, just wish the throttle speed was a little faster.

    • It’s not hard to get around the throttling at all. They only throttle the wap and epc apn’s, not the internet2.voicestream.com apn. (At least for me). You can tether with that apn too without needing to change your user agent.

      • J-Hop2o6

        internet2 & 3 was throttled also 2-3 months ago.. they even throttled 2G/EDGE down to GPRS/Dial-up speeds.. ridiculous.. smh Tmo!! either up the cap to 10GB, or bump up the throttle speeds around 200-500kbps.

        • Not for me. I’m using the internet2 apn as of today and am supposed to be throttled and get full speeds still. Must depend on the user or area. This happens on both my hd2 and dell streak 7, Going back to the epc apn and im back at dialup speeds.

        • J-Hop2o6

          What data plan do u have?

        • Rudie B

          5gb unlimited webconnect on the dell streak 7 and dell mini 10 and regular $20 “4g internet” on the hd2. All get around the throttling on the internet2 apn. (skaboy here. on my netbook, sorry)

        • J-Hop2o6

          I’m on the same $20 Android internet also.. I just got the Tmo txt today saying I reached my 5GB cap.. but my speeds are still the same.. I’m on the epc. APN.. weird.

        • Ash

          Really? I usually keep it around 5GB/month..
          I guess I’ll have to try go go over and see what happens to the speed.
          I do receive sms from t-mo telling me that I went above 5GB and will be slow down.
          But that’s usually the last day of my billing cycle.

        • Mopar6464

          I use the $9.99/month Web2Go plan on my HD2 and i never get throttled after 5gb , i will tether at times and listen to the radio most of the day at work and get no warnings or issues from T-Mobile.
          And i get 3G speeds on the internet2.voicestream.com setting with the same service as my brother-in-law gets with his $30.00/month data package.

        • Matt

          Thanks for stealing service! You suck!

        • Guest

          Maybe this is why you are on t mobile because you’re always trying to game the system

        • Anonymous

          would you rather pay overages? because that is why you are with tmobile i assume, so u dont have to

        • J-Hop2o6

          I rather Tmo go back to their old cap (10GB).. They do say only about 2% use more than 2GB, so whats the problem with 10GB? its a kick in the nuts that they even lowered the cap to 2GB on the newest plans.. smdh.

      • Frigadroid

        OK so your saying in laymen’s terms, I can adjust the settings on my stock vibrant and bypass the throttle? Just want to make sure I understand this sounds like something I need to investigate.

    • not sure :D

  • Wizzstar

    I don’t like Sprint, but stuff like this makes me consider what Sprint’s CEO said in the TV commercial, unlimited means unlimited, not throttling or overage… I just might consider moving to Sprint with the new EVO 3D coming. I would never ever move to AT&T-Mobile, even if they gave me free service for life …

    • Anonymous

      TMobile does not charge you if you go over the limit unlike other carriers.. Also, no one knows if the buyout is gonna get approved. But I wish you the best.

      • Anonymous

        everything points to a no, but we shall see

    • Pb35

      Actually what he said on the commercial and what you read on their website are two different things. Yes you get unlimited data with no throttling, but only if in areas with 4G. Not all areas have 4G yet so most of the Sprint customers are still using 3G and being throttled.

  • Moneyman

    Does sprint call their mobile broadband “unlimited” plans? Their $59.99 5gb data for their mobile broadband has an unlimited amount of overage charges. People complain about at&t’s slow network and then complain about the data throttle. Can’t have both….bill shock can be a very alarming experience.

  • John Kenny

    i have an “even more plan” just found out with this month agreement crap you cant upgrade your phone every two years with out getting a new contract at new contract price. wow. i knew there had to be a catch to the cheeper plan

    • john kenny

      i happen to enjoy me grandfather price. not looking foward to paying FULL PRICE .

      • ATL guy

        Then pay full price for your phone.

      • Matt

        Are you “Even More” or “Even More Plus”? If you signed up for Even More Plus and are upset about having to pay more and sign a contract to get a discount, what did you expect? Something for nothing? Too many people hear the first half of the sales pitch (Lower monthly rate) but don’t keep listening (No more discounted phones). Take the $20 a month you’re saving, multiply that by the 24 month contract you could have signed to receive ONE discounted phone during that time period. You saved $480 by not taking a discounted phone. Considering that even the top of the line phones are $500 at full price, but discounted to $200, you are essentially given a $300 one-time discount in return for the extra $20 a month. (or $480 over 2 years!) YOU ARE GETTING THE BETTER DEAL. Do the math, pay $500 for your new phone, and you still save money.

      • Jay

        Well the plus about it is that they can bill you for the phone. Around 20 bucks a month for 24 months. You can pay more then you have to a month also to pay it off cheaper. Just a nice little option if you can pay the phone full price at once.

        • Jay

          To pay it off EARLIER* .. If you CANT pay for the phone full price*

    • You can upgrade your phone whenever you want, you just have to pay “full price” – but generally the two years of savings for EM+ more than make up for the lack of a subsidy.

  • T-Att mobile packet

    • Mopar6464

      AT&T-Mobile here it comes !

  • KC

    i dont get it…are these prices for tablet users?

    • wow

      If these prices are for tablet users, T-Mobile seriously just shot themselves in the foot! There are too many places that offer free wifi along with tethering i don’t see how they plan on making a nickel off these prices. Long live Nook Color!

  • Anonymous

    i do not understand why they are releasing this plan…lol

  • Tmobile should just come out w/ a plan that is every 2gb for $39.99. I hate how expensive data is in the US.

  • The only problem is that I live in an area where T-Mobile’s 4G network is blazingly fast and you hit those soft caps too quickly resulting in throttled speeds. If you are like me and live in an area where T-Mobile has great 4G coverage you should opt for the bigger plans..

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