(Updated) Deal Alert: HTC HD7 Free On T-Mobile.com For New Or Add A Line Customers Through 4/28

Update: An earlier edition of this story reported that the HD7 was available to upgrade customers. That was incorrect and we apologize for the mistake. New or add a line customers only.

Anyone looking to pick up the HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7 device best act now with T-Mobile.com giving the phone away for free to new and add a line customers through tomorrow April 28th. The HD7 comes with 4.3″ of Windows Phone 7 glory, 16 GB of built in memory, 1GHz processor and a 5 megapixel camera. Better act fast!


HD7 T-Mobile.com Page

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  • Cs

    Trash phone

    • Guest

      Your an idiot…best phone on the market

      • Havoktek


  • Bingo

    Window 7 phone are useless in opinion.

    • I think there is plenty of potential in the platform, Windows just has to bring out Mango.

      • Bingo

        I guess lol. Window 7 is only good for xbox

  • “Windows Phone 7 glory”?

    Light up another one.

  • Ms.Carmen Diva

    and cue the trolls…

  • Anonymous

    I guess giving them out for free is better than tossing them in the trash, right?

    Good job trying to cut your losses

  • Ms.Carmen Diva

    LOL Like on youtube, I always wonder why on these sites why do ppl waste their time
    commenting just to trash a phone or OS they deem inferior or “trash”

    • Havoktek

      It’s for self gratification, try it…… cause I know you want to!

    • i dont understand that either. people that do that honestly havent used the phone they are trashing. im a android power user, rooting, flashing roms and optimizing my phone for the best performance plus i have owned 5 androids g1,vibrant, mtslide, g2 and mt4g before switching to the HD7 and i will honestly say my HD7 is beast. My auntie just got a galaxy s 4g and im still teaching her to use the phone and im not missing anything at all with android. the day she got it she asked me what a force close is and why its happeneing! that was epic and now her email is choppy which is a very very very important feature(she came from a blackberry bold) for her and since android only has native push email she would have been better off with an HD7 sense it has push email for all clients instead of windows live only. basically the phone is great and its genius at some of the things it does! i cant wait for wp7 to update and get even better because it has the potential to be a top seller. I LOVE THE INTERFACE! ITS AWESOME AND TRULY UNIQUE, android is stale to me now in comparison although i will still be getting a galaxy s2 but that doesnt change the way i feel about wp7 nor android

  • Crey23

    Can one “root” this and put android on it?

    • Mhughes919

      as far as i know you can. im a dealer and have heard plenty of talk about it from customers , although ive never actually seen one rooted. however, ive seen plenty of hd2’s rooted, so id say as an educated guess “yes”

  • Havoktek

    I shouldn’t even comment on it………but…..
    The phone is sooooooo weak that their giving it away for free!

    • Ms.Carmen Diva

      lol weren’t they just giving away a majority of their android phones…like the top ones for free like a week or two ago

      I even got a G2 for free for my bro about 2 months ago back in Feb. T-mobile does sells like this all the time

      • Havoktek

        I know, hell that’s how I got my Vibrant…..but I just couldn’t help myself!

        • Ms.Carmen Diva

          lmao hater…JK JK

        • Havoktek

          Gots to be multi-talented……….The hate has to come thru sometimes! lol

      • The weekend the Iphone launched on verizon T-Mobile had a special were ALL smartphones were free with a 2 year contract. but it only lasted that weekend.

  • This is for NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY, TMOUS told me no upgrades for FREE, if I wanted it as a FULL upgrade, the cost is $99.99

    • This is correct, I erroneously titled/wrote this article and I apologize for that.

  • Petey

    Even for free. I wonder how many people are interested in getting it. I remember when android were offer for free, there were alot of interest.

  • And the hate rolls on….

  • Anonymous
  • NardVa

    They’re dumping the hd7 because the Sensation is coming.

    • Havoktek

      Well, not for that reason, I don’t know about all the other chuckle heads out there but after WINMO 6.5 I was a lost soul. I loved it at the start but became disallusioned when it didn’t provide the features that was needed at the time when all this social…Edge/EVDO,2G,3G etc. crap jumped off.
      Android came and saved me for obscurity….now WIN7 want my love back? After all these years?
      Sorry for me too little, too late.

      But Hey they got a shot at the newbs!

  • Senor Chang

    What I find most hilarious is how the majority of people on Android and iOS… that’s their FIRST real smartphone.
    Some of you come from Blackberries, some of you know WinMo and Palm… but most of you do not. Most of you were rocking your cheap little Razr’s. And now you got yourselves an Android device and are suddenly talking crap about mobile OS’s like you know anything.

    Razr was the #1 phone at one time.
    Android is the #1 mobile OS now.

    Relate and equate that however you want.

    • Havoktek

      True, I rocked a RAZR even before I knew what a Blackberry was, hell wasn’t it shaped like a berry back then?
      That RAZR gave me my first phone freakin’ cred!

  • Liddiah

    What I find funny is that most people who have (and love) this phone came from Android. I happen to be one of them. I’ve had the Cliq, Behold 2 (nightmare really), My Touch, My Touch 3g, My Touch 3g slide, Vibrant, Vibrant 4g and the Nexus S, (Wow… I didn’t realize just how many I’ve gone through…). Now I have the HD7 and while I dislike how little the market it, I greatly enjoy the fact that I have a stable phone. No massive restarts and factory resets because the phone likes to go berserk. My area (San Diego) 3g and 4g speeds are that same, no real difference outside of doing speed tests. This happens to be a great phone most people ignore because it doesn’t happen to be Android.

  • Anonymous

    What turns me away is the 1200 mAh battery

  • I just don’t like the UI and the apple like control.

  • Boogie_Man666

    What the hell happened to the HTC Mozart? I’ve been waiting on that since I read the news. Any new news? I will upgrade to this for now until Mozart or the Nokia Windows Phone drops (News is that the end of the year)

  • Anonymous

    There’s a few reasons why businesses run promotions, giveaways, sales, coupons and rebates.

    A few relevant here might be related to dumping inventory, sales are not good or business in general is bad.

    Assuming T-Mobile intended (and intends, at least until it closes the doors) to always carry a few Windows Phone 7 handsets I don’t think this promo is related to dumping inventory.

    In my view, that leaves two other reasons why there’s this giveaway. I suspect Windows Phone 7 are not selling and that overall business is bad at T-Mobile. (To be sure, if business is good, you charge full price, and then some. Witness the iPhone and iPad.)

    As I said before, I’m real curious to see T-Mobile’s Q1 and Q2 numbers, post-acquisition announcement and after it has been running all these promotions. I suspect the numbers have been dismal.

    Any T-Mobile employees, can you chime in how it’s been going on the sales floor? Thanks.

  • Anonymous