Bloomberg Says T-Mobile USA Needs A Partner, Do They?

Oh the good old rumor mill is churning yet again with tomorrows event featuring T-Mobile USA CEO Philip Humm and Deutsche Telekom CEO Rene Obermann. Bloomberg is running a report this morning pretty much offering up the very same analysis we’ve heard for months, T-Mobile needs a partner, more spectrum, needs to grow like a bean stalk , etc. Tomorrow is expected to showcase a new strategy for the T-Mobile USA with a focus on boosting revenue, profit, customer retention but most importantly acquiring new customers.

Interestingly, or not interestingly depending on your point of view there is more analysis on how T-Mobile “needs to show that they’re prepared to buy or partner with a rival by next year to get spectrum to build a next generation network…” The problem is, that contradicts what was said at CES where T-Mobile is focusing on HSPA+ for at last another 2-3 years, minimum. While it’s certainly possible for back-room discussions to take place discussing the possibility to not allowing for that time frame with HSPA+ and surprising everyone with a shift to LTE, T-Mobile execs sounded quite confident at CES with their current HSPA+ plans.

The article further goes on to say how T-Mobile needs to play catch up to the competition which really requires no consideration at all, they are fourth place carrier, of course they have to play catch up. The real question comes down to marketing and anticipating how the “4G” speed battle will play out. It’s likely that Verizon will mount a significant campaign to showcase their LTE network and play up the name differences later this year, even if T-Mobile HSPA+ 42Mbps is capable of hitting the same or similar real world speeds. Marketing will be a key as it always is and there is no question T-Mobile needs to continue to emphasize this front in the 4G battle.

Regardless of this “analysis,” we’re looking forward to hearing both CEO’s speak tomorrow on the future of T-Mobile USA and seeing whats in store for our Magenta. We’ll be keeping a close eye on tomorrow and of course report back all the findings!


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