The Sidekick 4G Rumors Heat Back Up, Coming “Spring”

I’ll be the first to admit swearing off the “Sidekick Twist” rumors we originated way back last year when we thought it was the fabled Project Emerald. I’ve admittedly turned away from this project when, boom, it falls right back into my lap today.  We’re putting this firmly in the “so many ninjas saying it’s happening category, that we firmly believe it category”.  It’s come in from enough sources who attended a town hall meeting today that we’re super confident it’s real.

So what do we know?  Apparent name is “Sidekick 4G,” though it’s possible that’s just a working title.  However, that gives the obvious impression it’ll be HSPA+ compatible and we’re hearing that is a definite.  That manufacturer is unknown, however we  know it’ll be typical Sidekick fashion with the full slide-out QWERTY keyboard. You’ll find a swivel screen running Android 2.3 along with a touchscreen that will likely double as a keyboard as well.

That’s all we know for now, but you can rest assured we’re already working our sources to find out more! Sidekick fans rejoice!

P.S. I found that image off Google Images, that is NOT what it will look like!

P.P.S. If anyone managed to snap a shot of this device during the slideshow, send it our way!!

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