Verizon Claims Fastest 4G Network; How Should T-Mobile Respond?

Well, what do we have here?  It’s another entry into the “4G” war by big red Verizon herself.  The above image, via Twitter, shows that Verizon is ready to tackle the 4G issue and formally enter the 4G war.  This time the ad hits AT&T where Verizon has enjoyed hitting them in the past, their 3G network.  Anyone remember the “There is a map for that” ad campaign?  While T-Mobile has enjoyed the last few weeks of cheap shots at AT&T about their network and its weaknesses, such fighting back against Verizon could be a whole separate issue.

Of course, AT&T isn’t sitting back as they laid claim today to having 80% of their network covered with HSPA+ 14.4 goodness.  However, they have but one device that can even reach those speeds and it’s a data stick so without any devices, AT&T has little to show off.  The same could be said for Verizon, as they have no LTE phones now and likely for some time.  The thing isT-Mobile can’t hurt Verizon on their network with Verizon widely accepted as the strongest competitor in that arena and while T-Mobile has arguably the most “attractive” ad campaign right now, where do they go from here?  The 4G wars are definitely going to heat up as we push right into the holiday season but it’s next year that the fun should really begin.  One thing is for certain.  When the carriers fight, the customer usually wins.

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