T-Mobile HD7 Experiencing Pink Color Camera Issue?

Two days before its official debut, T-Mobile HTC HD7 reviewers have started to notice a camera flaw with the HD7. Apparently, when taking lowlight pictures with the HTC HD7 camera, white colored objects have a heavy pink-ish tint to them. If you may recall, this is the same issue the HTC HD2 had been plagued with until T-Mobile and HTC released a software update to rectify the issue. For those of you that have already received your T-Mobile HTC HD7, have you noticed this issue with the camera? Let us know in the comments!


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  • Shawn

    Sucks for windows users. Am I first?

    • kingcrab

      sucks for android users too, but i guess none of you have the vibrant, cause it does the same thing

      • Your Mom

        I have a vibrant.. and it works perfectly.. so I don’t know what you are experiencing, kingcrab.

  • Shawn

    Why yes it appears I am.

    • davidohio

      When is your 8th birthday?

      • monicooo


      • hater

        davidohio, that is the comment of the day.

  • Not gonna stop me from getting it. Its already on its way.

    • Duck Dodgers

      I thought you were suppose to get it Friday T1. When is it coming now?

  • El Guaparian

    Are they just recycling the HD2 and pretending it is a new phone? I mean the specs are identical and now even the bugs are the same.

    • Fanandualum

      Seriously they’re identical. I really want this phone but i’m afraid it’ll be just like my HD2 which overheats and crashes like crazy when I use it for more than like 30mins continuously ( which is a bummer considering that this phone is “supposed” to be great for watching movies )

      I’m am however getting this phone because it has netflix on it. I sure hope that even if HTC chose to go with the same hardware that they at least ironed out the bug.

      Oh and don’t even get me started on the battery!!! ( I mean 1200mAh, seriously guys WTF!!! )

      But alas I am still getting this phone just a soon as it comes to my local Wal-Mart :)

      Fingers Crossed

      • theo0331

        I really want to like this phone, excellent build, but I’m buying the Dell Venue Pro instead. Comes out 11/08/10, at my local Microsoft store.

  • me

    hd7 is a fantastic looking peice of hardware once again plagued with a POS OS called windows 7….folks, STAY AWAY from winmo7…its worthless

    • Duck Dodgers

      Why? Have you used it yet? Can you give me some reasons why it’s a POS OS? Personally I have not used it nor have I seen it for more then 1-2 min. so I don’t know how it will be.

      I have had WM on my phones since my SDA (currently have the HD2) and have used WM on iPAQs before that and have not had issues with the OS. From what I have read WP7 doesn’t look too bad of an OS.

    • Serotheo


    • David

      And you are a POS Vistor with POS comments!

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      You can always tell the uneducated people from the serious phone enthusiasts who actively research devices and features on them. People like you that continually scream about how windows phone 7 sucks really need to get your head checked, I’ll bet that more than 90% of you all haven’t even touched a windows phone 7 device or for that matter used the OS. I for one have used one through a friend who is a microsoft employee and got a device to test. It was very good but not without it’s gripes. As long as they have enough app support I see them becoming a serious mobile OS contender. If the app market for windows phone 7 is anywhere close to the windows market on windows 6.5 they can just start digging its grave now. APPS will make or brake this platform. Hardware on this is more than sufficient.

  • JP

    MT4G all the way !!!

  • alex

    Amazing how tmo gets this os on such prominent hardware…should have been android..a complete waste…

    • hrm

      Hardware is a year old, yes? I am surprised they put the OS on such crap hardware.

    • You guys are fanboy iddiots..android this android that…you don’t even know a thing about Linux past what you find on Google. Oh and htc already has a 4.3 inch phone running androi

    • You guys are fanboy iddiots..android this android that…you don’t even know a thing about Linux past what you find on Google. Oh and htc already has a 4.3 inch phone running android. Actually a couple.

      • 2FR35H

        Double posting and mispelling idiot, especially in reference to other people is idiotic beyond all means.

  • Tyler

    My samsung vibrant does the same thing just not as bad. Odd.

  • somebody

    hahaha its the EXACT same phone they didnt even update it lol

  • benjitek

    The iPhone-4’s camera did the same thing when it was first launched, but was later fixed in an OS update — hopefully this situation is similar…

    • Hmmm

      Don’t remember this issue with the ip4. No need to bash another phone due to microsoft’s mistakes.

      • zellbz

        How is it a MS mistake when it is clearly a hardware issue?, you know HTC’s fault. That why my plan is to get an HD7(with the crappy battery and screen) tomorrow, sell it on eBay and use that money to pay for the Dell Venue Pro( since I have no idea how it is being sold). I use love HTC but not their recycled hardwares and no concern for the battery life the use gets is pushing me away from their products more and more.

        • Hugo Stiglitz

          I don’t really think it’s the battery size that causes the poor battery life, it’s the other hardware components that draw power as well as the OS’s power optimization. ALL smartphones have short battery lives simply because you’re not just making calls and hanging up, you’re surfing the web on 3G, using wifi, getting emails as well as other updates on a regular basis. This is what kills a phone’s battery life. How is it HTCs fault that battery technology isn’t up to par? The answer is it’s not. I just went out of the country and was using my unlocked g1 on edge/GPRS for light calls and occassional texting and NO DATA. My G1 lasted more than 3 days without a single charge. In the US I don’t even get through a full day without having to charge it, so you can see how something simple as removing data from equation can triple battery life. It’s all a matter of hardware and OS optimization.

        • theo0331

          You’ll be able to get the Dell from Dell.com in less than two weeks, otherwise, get it from a microsoft store.

  • nain

    cant wait to get it… mostly getting it just to piss off these android fanboys..i LOVE android, currently running on my HD2// but i need something new. i see android everywhere its not even special anymore smhh

    • davidohio

      Boy I guess you’ll show those android fanboys won’t you? Lol

    • bige2k9

      woah i better watch out then. what with my: reliable os, copy and paste capabilities, epic app market, and extremly customizable open ended resources…I MUST BE CRAZY TO LOVE ANDROID. im gonna go return my g2 now because well…its just not especial anymore -____-

  • Eddie Android

    What do you expect from a company with terrible cameras on their phones. HTC will never learn. I almost made the mistake of getting the G2 but good thing I checked out the low light video samples and are completely terrible and unacceptable. I’m glad the Nexus Two (hopefully its true) is made by Samsung even though they use too much plastic. My N1 has terrible video recording, seriously in 2010? Bye HTC!

  • Android

    Seeing Android everywhere isn’t a bad thing. I hopped on the bandwagon because I was sick of seeing the iPhone and the crappy AT&T service. Blackberries didn’t have a touchscreen (for my service provider). And finally Windows 6 phones were just junk.

  • Killah Kyle

    I’m a barbie girl, in a barbie world

    • Coqui

      Life in plastic it’s fantastic

      • Sirmac

        You can braid my hair

  • hermanfish

    A T-Mobile phone that takes photos with a magenta tint? I think this should be marketed as a feature.

    • tecjunkie

      Good one.

  • John

    Not really sure how pandemic an issue this really is. I don’t foresee myself being drunk enough to want to take a picture of a bathroom stall door in the dark.

    • Coqui

      I belive thats a Fridge door

      • Jmc87

        Looks more like a pink wall to me….

  • ZMobileM1

    I have always liked Windows phones in the past. I have turned to Android recently with the My touch 4G, which I think is a great phone. I played with the HD7 for a couple days at a local store, and I didn’t like it.

    Visualy the OS is stunning and the hardware feels like a high-end phone, but the system seems too simple, and the animations take too long.

    I was thinking that the HD2 froze up from time to time, but this HD7 is just as bad as dealing with freeze ups due to the long drawn out animations between applications. Maybe this can be turned off, I do not know.

    But Overall, I found the HD7 system to feel very limited.

    I am not the biggest fan of Android, but after using several other OS’s and Just being tired of Blackberry which I used for years… I have to say Android is the best for my needs right now.But yeah, it would rock if they put Android on that HD& hardware.

    • efjay

      Funny how its always the android fans that seem to get all the freezes with Windows Phones, but reviewers and users havent reported anything remotely like what they report. And they contiually scream for a 4.3″ android phone yet ignore that they already exist in the evo and desire hd.

      And for those blindly claiming “its windows, what do you expect?”, maybe you should ask yourself why it appears to only be an HTC device that has this problem, the exact same problem on a previous HTC device, while other manufacturers dont have the same issue.

      And does it matter what hardware is uses if its fast, stable and condusive to developers to create applications for? Any android user care to load up their netflix application to compare to the WP7 one? Oh I forgot, you dont have one, yet the OS you constantly bash has one already. Thats the benefit of a standard hardware config across all devices. And please come back and tell us how much fun you’re having waiting for the latest version of android to be released for your particular device, while WP7 users get ALL available updates at the same time.

      • landon

        I won’t deny my android “fanboyism”…Since the days of the G1 way back in October of 2008…but this post isn’t about me, its about my best friend. He has been a Winmo user for as long as I can remember and is reluctant to change (and trust me I’ve tried) yet EVERYDAY he needed to reset his Touch Pro2 for freezing up in him. He jumped ship from Sprint to get the hd2 and he is still having problems with freezing. He has never used an android device (beside my g1 and Mytouch) and is in no way shape or form and android fanboy (but he will be *evil laugh*)!!! My point is, its not always android fans that find major issues with Windows Mobile as you stated. Also, as much as I find no need to carry a 4.3in device in my back pocket, I can understand why people would use them. You have to understand where you are…this is TmoNews, and if ZmobileM1 wants a 4.3in android phone on Tmo…he is out of luck (unless u put android on the HD2 *thanx Clay*). If the desire HD came to the states it would be a HUGE hit on Tmobile (IMO). The consumer wants a choice and (IMO) wants to be able to customize his or her phone to be perfect for them. I’ll take your argument on the fragmentation of Android…but what OS offers its consumers the most choices on what they want their phone to look like and do? Thats android my friend. I’ll be interested to see how HTC and Microsoft handles updating Winpho…have you noticed the fragmentation of Winmo…just saying. Good day!

        • Eddie Android

          I had an HTC tilt with wm6 and rarely gave me a problem but every device will freeze from time to time. My Tilt, Sony Ericsson K750i, K800i, Sony VAIO PC, PSP, Mac in college, G2, Nokia N900, Nexus One, PS3 (while playing God Of War 3 DAMMIT!) have all frozen at sometime.

  • infinitycodes

    I’ve played with the hd7 quite a bit and I’ll just say that i think alot of people will be pleasantly surprised with both the os and the hardware …if u think its gonna be anything like the hd2, …it’s not

  • truth

    The fanboys need to stay away from bashing wp7. They will get one soon. It is the best OS out there hands down.

    • davidohio

      Don’t forget that windows mobile fans also bash android fans. The cycle never ends. I have used windows mobile and it was not bad although I did experience some issues including freezing. Overall it is ok. When I switched to android I liked it and stayed with it. To each their own.

  • nooby

    I love android and it’s by far my favorite OS but it is still FAR from being considered a polished OS. Hence why manufacturers are still using skins. You guys really need to understand that WP7 is a different animal and I for one am willing to give it a try. Its something different from android and that’s partially why I want it. Plus from everything I’ve seen it’s very fast and smooth. You can’t beat the multitouch on it either.

  • Very Disappointing news. This is not going to help those who had the HD2 come and try the HD7. 2nd major blunder since the hinge problem on the G2. I’m holding out for the Dell Venue Pro. FTW!

    Stay thirsty my friends!

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      You do realize that hardwarfe spec-wise, except for the screen the dell venue pro is identical to the HD7 right? Not to mention Dell isn’t exactly a phone manufacturer. HTC however has been manufacturing phones for more than a decade. Not saying the Dell venue won’t be better than the HD7, I would wait a few days at least before buying it to see if there are any initial hardware/firmware/software bugs.

  • lex


  • MT4G/G2/HD2 USER

    Boy genius has a article on the hd2 running winmo 7 and making a phone call. I might have new life in my hd2 and won’t need to sell it. Triple boot ftw

  • Yyevo

    Looks like he didn’t turn on the white balance.


    wow…windows has been in the OS game for years longer than Android, even Apple and still was EASILY bullied out of the top 4 Mobile OS’ (Nokia, Android,iPhone, Blackberry). That shows that MS has POS software engineers. Im a neutral android fanboy but at the same time, im a realist. Theres NO excuse for Windows to be this behind when they were doing touch screen phones waaaaay b4 the iPhone. Android has barely been around 3 yrs and has officially taken the shine from the iPhone so u kno its serious business when steve jobs is actually bashing it in press conferences…If they wanna stay alive in the mobile OS battle, they must now focus on not making the OS so pretty, it needs to be stable, expand the app store w/ quality free apps, and extremely noob/idiot friendly. that explains the success of iPhone and especially, Android. ppl on here are tech savy but everyone else isnt gonna want a phone thats too complicated and has a sup-par app collection. The hardware that they chose for windows OS phones is sexxy on 6 diff layers, i aint gonna lie. better than Android phones, its jus that the WP7 software is made to look pretty than to work…that explains Windows Vista LOL!!

    • efjay

      What a poor post.

      • Yyevo

        Yep. I don’t even know where to begin with what was wrong with his post. Maybe it’s easier to say what he got right…..

        Yep, here it is, “…Windows (was) doing touch screen phones waaaaay b4 the iPhone.”

        That’s about all that was right.

  • puzuzu

    pink? no it looks like a light magenta to me….

    • Patrick

      *like* lol – it’s called subliminal advertising

  • Patrick

    people are interesting…I see all this posting about how it’s the EXACT same as the HD2 with WP7 on it….wasn’t that the BIGGEST complain when the HD2 came out? “it won’t be able to be upgraded to wp7!!!!!!” now….they release exactly what ppl asked for.

    Old hardware? hardly……1gb processor, 16gb rom, 480×800 display, 576 Ram…..wait….doesn’t the droid x, evo, incredible, AND the droid 2 ALL ave those same specs? oh wait….no I think the drod series has 512mb ram instead of 576(im not 100% sure on that though). Matter of fact….the droid 2 EVEN has the SAME 5mp 710p video recording capable camera!!!!!! Hardware that’s a year old…..I bet no one in here would complain if someone bought them an Pentium Core i7…..well…they might cause that’s hardware thats a year old too

  • Patrick

    in addition to that…iphone rumors started in like 2002…..FIVE years before the phone even came out…….wp7 rumors started in 2008….two years ago….prior to the iphone, who were WM biggest competitors? BB, Palm, and Symbian…and realistically the only one who had any edgeway was BB. What reason would MS have to think it needed to change it’s OS? It didn’t have one until the iphone came and took the nation by story…then android came and again took the nation by storm. WM was NOT created to be a “fun” device…just like Palm and BB weren’t either…they were OS’s meant strictly for business. So for WM to be COMPLETELY cahnged in just 2 years…..MS i applaud you…and i can’t wait to get my device

    • Yyevo

      Hear, hear!

  • craig

    no issues with mine runs perfect…get one

  • Macutopr

    They support Susan G Komen.

  • Mr. Shikadance

    I have had my HD7 for a week now and i love it. My last 2 phones were Nexus and Vibrant. Nexus comes in a close second to the HD7. The HD7 feels like driving a benz seriously. Its as smooth or smoother running then the iphone. I have found a few small issues that i dont like but im sure updates will fix that. App market obviously needs some growth but there is no doubt in my mind that it will. These guys spent lots of time and money re making this phone. Im sure that they have plans for the apps too. I have been seeing atleast 4 to 5 new apps per day hitting the market and thats just in the areas that i look. I will keep this phone for awhile in hopes that things will only get better from here. I might go back to android if they release a new version of the nexus?????

  • Soldier

    The phone came out and was suppose to put the iPhone 4G to shame, but instead it was but to shame itself. Microsoft needs to start contracting with a new manufacturer to produce its phones or come up with its own unique design. I am sick and tired of HTC not listening to what the customers want. the damn thing is not capable of 4G speed….Yet T-mobile says it has the largest 4G network out there.

    I went through 4 HD2 phones until recently a newly release update fixed all the bugs, after 7 months. :( to have the HD7 with the same specs and bug, thats a shame. they should of made the HD7 with more robust hardware to stand out. I love windows phones and T-mobile but because of HCT’s garbage I may have to get an iPhone or the Droid from Verizon