(Updated: Contest Is Over!) Enter To Win A T-Mobile myTouch 4G

Update 2: The contest is officially over!!

Update 1: Anyone who wants an opportunity to win MUST head on over to the link at the end of the post to enter. Putting the name in the comment section here won’t qualify you for a chance. We are not hosting, running or sponsoring this contest in anyway. This is through TechFlash.

The folks over at TechFlash are currently running one of their TechFlash Trivia contests, and this week’s prize is the myTouch 4G. To enter the contest, simply answer the following question:

Q: Who was the original celebrity spokesperson for T-Mobile, back when the company was named VoiceStream?

Here is how it works: Here’s how it works: Submit your answer to the question below between now and Wednesday, Nov. 10, at 5 p.m. Pacific time by clicking here to send us an email. From the pool of correct answers, TechFlash will randomly select one person to win the myTouch 4G. The winner will be notified on Thursday, and we’ll give the answer (and name the winner) next weekend. Please include in the subject of your email TechFlash Trivia 009 to ensure your entry!

Just to recap, after you think you know the answer, submit the answer via email to: toddbishop@bizjournals.com with “TechFlash Trivia 009” in the subject line. From the pool of correct answers, one person will be randomly selected to win a new myTouch 4G. The contest runs from now until Wednesday, November 10, 5:00 PM PST. The winner will be notified on Thursday, November 11th, and the answer to the question, along with the name of the winner will be revealed the following weekend.

Good luck!


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  • danny

    i think is Jamie Lee Curtis, but i am not sure

    • Ansel

      It is Jamie Lee Curtis, real T-Mobile people know this automatically…she was the spokesperson back when they were Voicestream…

      • Whoa

        “real T-Mobile people”

        Dude, you sound like a complete snob. I want no membership in a cult like that.

        I think the longevity, commitment, and thousands of dollars I’ve paid to T-Mo over the years proves how loyal I’ve been to the company.

        And while I’m at it, the Android vs. iPhone vs. Windows Mobile rants and raves I see on here are equally as ridiculous.

        We’re supposed to be on the same team enjoying the same great services T-Mobile has to offer. Get it?

        • Ansel

          My bad I wasn’t trying to sound like a snob, sorry if it came across like that.

      • Reece

        What a way to greatly qualify yourself by TELLING PEOPLE WHO IT IS AND HAVING MORE PEOPLE ENTER IT IN

        *sigh* we have some Einsteins in here, smh

      • fcbayernfan

        I’ve been with t-mobile since before voicestream, before omnipoint, I’ve been with them since 1992ish as deutsche telekom back home in the Fatherland…prost…can’t beat that with a wiener schnitzel…

    • J-Hop2o6

      ya’ll remember the old commercials? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6TTvpJze2Y

  • El Guaparian

    You aren’t sure? If you do a google search for “voicestream celebrity spokesperson”, it is literally the first link, and you don’t even have to click on it, the preview text shows it to you!

  • Mimi

    I’m sure every1 is googleling 4 the answer. But not me. Just enter me, please.

  • Jeremiah

    I joined T-Mobile almost just after the name transition, but even I knew off the top of my head that it was Jamie Lee Curtis. Here’s to hoping I get it!

    • Reece



  • Magenta Magic


  • Tyler

    Jamie Lee Curtis. Please pick me. I need an upgrade from a flip phone!

  • calijlbc

    Jamie Lee Curtis.. Definitely agreed upon that.

  • samuel


  • SKLX-09 user

    I know this cause my parents got their first (and later mine) first cell phones with voicestream! Lol

    We still even use that original cell line.

  • 2C

    Jamie Lee Curtis

  • reX

    So easy! Omg

  • immadroid

    so it was jamie lee curtis, then tmo and catherine zeta jones, and now they’re 4g and they have this hot girl =) cool!

  • robert saucedo

    jaime lee curtis

  • rbt

    Michael Myers’ little sis, Jamie Lee Curtis!

  • chris

    I thought it was Neil Patrick Harris??? 0.o

  • chrisrj28

    Lol @Neil Patrick Harris

  • jonathan morcilio

    Who was the original celebrity spokesperson for T-Mobile, back when the company was named VoiceStream? its jamie lee curtis.

  • crystal

    Jamie Lee Curtis was the spokesperson for VoiceStream.

  • Chet

    Okay, who’s been with the company from before Voicestream. I started my account in January 1996…when it was Omnipoint. I don’t think they could afford a celebrity spokesperson.

  • Danny Nicholson

    Jamie Lee Curtis

    • George

      It would seem that a few folks here don’t understand this site isn’t running the contest–the answer needs to be emailed to someone else who is giving away the phone.

      “After you think you know the answer, submit the answer via email to: toddbishop@bizjournals.com. From the pool of correct answers, one person will be randomly selected to win a new myTouch 4G.”

      Posting the answer and writing “enter me please” isn’t going to get the job done.

      Reading: It’s fun for the whole family!

  • JB6464

    I’ll still Do Jamie Lee Curtis,lol.

  • Hecg55

    But if that was voice stream wouldn’t that be wrong?

  • Phani9

    Ok. I’ll go with Jamie Lee Curtis.

  • Cardsrun

    If I win the mytouch 4g… can i have the one in the pink and white dress..

    • Reece

      your chances of winning one went down drastically due to all the dummies in here blurting out the answer for more folks to use

  • Eric

    It was Jamie Lee Curtis

  • aquilino

    It was Jamie Lee Curtis

  • Ron

    Jamie Lee Curtis. I have a picture of her with me in it at launch.

  • wildcardlv

    Jamie Lee Curtis

  • strmr8

    Would love to reply with the very obvious answer but the link requires Outlook so I am sorry but I can’t now win the fancy phone.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Well why not just copy and paste the email address, use the correct subject line and enter?

      • 2FR35H


        You should do some speculation posts again you know like you used to for fridays? Those were always a fun read.

  • QuikZilver

    C-c-c-c-c-c-ombo Breaker!!!!!!!!!

  • It’s called a contest people. Follow instructions. Wow

  • Mattheuw

    I’m gonna have to say it was Jamie Lee Curtis. Hope I win.

  • Matthew Muro

    Jaime Lee Curtis

  • Scott

    So I went to the site, sent the email with the answer according to the directions there, and I received the response “Your email was deleted without being read.” Makes me wonder how legit this contest is. B.S.

  • Jay Bishop

    it was Jamie Lee Curtis

  • derrickps3

    lol like we can’t google the answer, this is so easy

  • jedi-9-clone

    Jamie Lee Curtis
    That is my final answer!

  • Eric
  • DLo

    Yes Jamie Lee Curtis is right

  • Jeremy Samms

    Jamie Lee Curtis

  • The Observer

    cant believe yall really stupid enough to put the answer in the comments. yall realize you are decreasing your chances of winning right?

    • Reece

      No, the lot of them are beyond stupid. Actually the words to accurately describe their stupidity probably would be censored on this site so stupid is accurate enough.

  • Steven

    Jamie Lee Curtis

  • Dirtybandit

    Anybody else notice that in the app tray under the My device app, the phone is described as the Htc Glacier.

  • Poochi

    I need a new phone, the N8 is awesome, but it would be awesome to have 2 cool phones…. :))))

  • Poochi

    Jamie Lee Curtis

    • David, Managing Editor

      I hope you submitted your guess on the site that is actually holding the contest!

  • Flyingrequin

    And I thought this website was followed by smart people. Please read the f$*K instructions.

  • Mr. Camp

    i think the original celebrity spokesperson for T-Mobile, back when the company was named VoiceStream his name was Deutsche Telekom

  • BackAlley

    What’s the matter with you people? Here are some tips for those of you who never participated in a contest before. First off, the contest IS NOT being held by this site. Secondly, you are RUINING YOUR ODDS of winning every time you share your answer. Final tip, stay away from the dopeman. JUST SAY NO!

  • Bill Techedt

    Replaced the MyTouch 3G with the new 4G and the swap was more then I had hoped for. Fast, flash 10.1, Bigger Screen, Android, nuff said.

  • Eric Flowersc

    Jamie Lee curtis

  • smart

    It was jennifer lopez

  • Christian

    Jamie Lee Curtis

  • the nice one

    katherine zeta jones

  • Loi

    amazon sells the MT4G for 79.99 with contract if anyone is interested?

  • Greg

    Jaime Lee Curtis

  • debra

    it was jamie lee curtis

  • Srsarajoan81

    I want to win mytouch 4g for my mom for mothers day she hasnt had a nice andorid phone yet and It will be awesome to get my mom one. I wouldnt mind haveing one eighter they are cool to have. I like the color they :) :) :) srsarajoan81@yahoo.com