(Updated) Dell Venue Pro To Launch Through Microsoft November 8th, Through Dell November 15th

Updated: Updated the post to include the internal image verifying the release dates!

The Dell Venue Pro will be available from Microsoft on November 8th and from Dell on November 15th according to information we just received, though no word on pricing was available. The Microsoft channel likely includes their limited selection of retail stores and their online offerings while Dell will sell the device directly from Dell.com. Having gone “hands on” with the Dell Venue Pro at Microsoft launch event (though I say “hands on” sparingly considering we weren’t allowed to handle the device) I can say it was incredibly responsive and the Dell representatives looked to be making out pretty well on the Qwerty keyboard. This device will definitely appeal to the Windows Phone 7 fan that opts away from the HD7 and it’s larger 4.3-inch screen.

Check out the “hands on” video below to take a closer look at the Dell Venue Pro.

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  • Farhan

    The title says it will be available from Microsoft on the 8th but the 18th is mentioned in the article.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Woops shoot, typo let me fix it…it’s the 8th!

      Edit: Fixed it! Sorry about that!

      • Do you know anything about hotspot? Will you have to ad the $15. Tethering plan?

      • Anil Vijay

        Just got my Venue Pro and love it.

    • https://store.microsoft.com/Locations called Colorado store and San Diego.. they Do have the Venue Pro in stock.. !! BUT WILL NOT SHIP !!! Bast@rds… $449 without contract $199 with.

  • GTwo Addict

    Very nice phone, i wonder how windows will do, hopefully well, im happy with my G2 for now.

  • cellswag5

    its too big. i dont think texting on that with one hand wou1d work that we11

    • Steve Jobless

      I wish you would have wrote the whole comment in “1337” format. 17 m4k35 3v312y 57up1d 53n73nc3 100k 4m421ng.

    • 2FR35H

      Its .1 inch bigger than the vibrant this is not that big 4.3 is big this is not.

      It just looks big because of the keyboard.

      Remove the keyboard and its just right.

      as a matter of fact, that I just described is the Dell Venue.

  • Carlos

    this or the mytouch 4g? ahhh decisions decisions

    • Galen20K

      I bought the myTouch 4G and love it, but I hadnt gotten it I would have gotten the Venue Pro, never thought I’d be excited over a dell phone lol. I generally don’t like their products but this one is in a class of its own!

  • ChrisP

    Finally an available date for the Venue Pro! This is my number one choice for WP7 device with HD7 a close second. I will still get the HD7 on Monday and the Venue Pro the 15th.

  • Blake


  • B-fam

    That phone looks good

  • GreenTea

    Looks great. I’m an Android fan-boy…well girl now tho. I did love my Tmobile Wing when I had it tho. I’m a PC for life tho B-)Good job MSFT.

  • rxgator

    I will be ecstatic if the ninja information you have received is correct. I have been coming to this website ever since the first g1 was released and have come to the conclusion while it isn’t the best website for leaks, it is a very consistent source for t-mobile specific information.

    However, I stand corrected today. Nobody (wpcentral.com, engadget.com, wmpoweruser.com) has posted this information and you are the first. IMHO, this is the most anticipated launch phone for windows phone 7.

    Great job, and thanks for everything.

    • David, Managing Editor

      I take definite issue with this statement that we aren’t the best website for leaks, this website far and away does more T-Mobile leaks than the rest of the sites you mentioned. In the last week we have broken more than a dozen stories compared to the very few the other outlets you mention have done. I would tend to think, or at the very least would like to believe that we are THE place for T-Mobile leaks, T-Mobile themselves knows it and you don’t think so?

      • somebody

        ^^ who cares who leaks a few mints earlier the point of this website for me is all the news i need is concentrated here. all i care about is tmobil and its phones

        This is the only place i find that.( thanks btw )

        • David, Managing Editor

          The backbone of the site is the leaks, thats why I care and my ninjas go to great lengths to make sure the information is presented here first, I want their hard work to be recognized.

      • rxgator

        “However, I stand corrected today”

        You are the best website for t-mobile news.

      • Kold

        I’ve been very impressed with TMoNews.com. Hadn’t heard of it until a few weeks ago and this place is much better than Engadget when it comes to specific T-Mobile based news.

    • kershon

      FYI This is THE site to go FIRST for anything T-Mobile related. Even the management at T-Mobile reads this site.

      • Jesus

        Sh*t tmonews.com is one of my homepage tabs ;D Right after Facebook , thats a privlage :D

        • J-Hop2o6

          all i have to type is “t” in my Firefox address bar, and TmoNews is the FIRST link!

  • somebody

    no hspa+ right?

  • Epic

    Phone looks amazing and the windows 7 interface is gorgeous definitely purchasing it, normally I don’t like dell or microsoft but I have to admit they’ve won me over on this one

  • nain77

    this or the HD7??? please i need help ughh =[, and i DONT need a keyboard, but i love the screen on this.. decisions decisions

    • 2FR35H

      HD7’s screen is .2 inches bigger if you don’t need a keyboard then why not get HD7? plus Dell Venue Pro is only available through Microsoft.com and Dell.com its probably cheaper to buy from dell though.

  • Osiris

    does anyone know if the microsoft stores have a demo unit available?

  • David, any word about the samsung invitation?

    • I mean about the device their going to announce?

      • David, Managing Editor

        Well I can tell you the device they are going to announce is the Continuum, for Verizon…I don’t believe we will see an announcement for the Nexus Two. I’m not sure when we might see that honestly.

        • so the rumor isn’t true? )=

          then when are any other phones coming out? “Imean” like any couple of months or next year january?

        • David, Managing Editor

          No no, I’m not saying its not true, I just don’t think the phone is going to be announced next week, I think it exists though.

          As for the phones coming out in January, there is plenty of great stuff!

        • By what time will you have any rumors of the next phones?

          Know of any 4.3 (android) screens in or around that list?

      • Bimmerz

        Isn’t Google doing an event on the 11th? Could they be the one’s to announce something like the Nexus S/2 (or something along these lines of of a new phone, not necessarily by Samsung)?

    • redman12

      I would love that new Samsung refresh. I’m holding off with my upgrade for it.

  • Jake

    Android needs to up their screen size for Tmobile, I saw my friends Droid X and my tmobile Android Phone felt so inadequate next to it. I for one appreciate the hard work that is put into this website. I actually log on here more than I do to facebook. Two thumbs up Tmonews.

    • hell yes!!!!! thats exactly what ive been waiting for.

      Imagine the Evo or Dell Streak on T-mo!

    • 2FR35H

      Dell Venue is 4.1inches runs Android.

  • Vibrant Guy

    Windows phone 7 is looking pretty good now. WOW…I might just use my android tablet for my android needs, and have a WP7 for my personal device. Good job Winmo.

    • 2FR35H

      You should have it the other way around.

      Windows 7 for tablet and Android for Phones

      Android just isn’t ready for tablets plus with windows 7 on a tablet its basically a mobile computer.

  • km

    anyone know if purchasing through site will give you the option to select carrier plans, or is it just the phone itself? or should i just order the phone, and then order plan with sim card via t-mobile?
    really excited to get my hands on a Venue Pro!

    • 2FR35H

      Most likely the phone itself.

  • m

    Great, now we just need a price tag.

  • Vic

    Does it have real hard buttons so you can answer the phone before people hang up?

  • Hecg55

    Hey David did you get my submission about the shortage of windows phones? I tried through the submission page but did it through my phone so idk if it didn’t go through.. Anyways it’s affected europe and said to be going to hit us here too

  • Maria

    I thought my Evo was hot this phone and Wp7 is absolutely gorgeous and so smooth and fluent. Im either carrying two phones or Im leaving Sprint!!!

  • ob18

    A shame stores won’t really have this phone for anybody to check out. I’ll have to pass for that very reason.

    • Kold

      Don’t do that. Just wait a few days for reviews to pop up on blogs and YouTube. Simple as that, really.

  • Sam

    Awesome news! Was going to pick up HD7 at the Tmo store but will order the Venue instead…

  • D12

    Why is Dell secretive about price and launch date? Could it be that the Venue pro would be much more expensive than the other WP7 phones which all cost at most $199 with carrier subsidy? It’s as if they’re not interested in competing with the other phones on the launch date. They don’t even a product page on Dell.com.

    It’s also puzzling why Microsoft has a 1-week headstart. Could it be due to a supply shortage? Even so, that shouldn’t stop Dell.com from accepting pre-orders.

  • mikee

    I’ve been an Android user since the G1. Thinking about trying WP7. I’ll wait a couple of months.

    • Unless U want to be bored when u have nothing to do, get IT!!

      Really most of the apps are about 20-70.

      I only bought one (monopoly) and SUCKED BIG TIME.

      • Kold

        Explain, please. Are you talking about WP7 apps sucking or Android apps sucking? And what is 20-70?

        • Bout any windows phone.

          $20-$70 is the price of the “good Apps”

        • David, Managing Editor

          In what world is that the price for Apps on this platform? I’m staring at the app store now and haven’t seen most anything for 4.99 which was a game. Fail.

  • fanandualum

    Does this phone come with Netflix app like the HD7 (is the neflix app limited to the HD7???) because that’s my only driving force for getting the HD7 (yes Netflix is THAT awesome I remember that was the only reason I bought an iPad so very long ago and it was soooo worth it I <3 Netflix!!!)

    • ChrisP

      Netflix is available in the WP7 marketplace

    • Kold

      Netflix will be available on all WP7 devices. I just started watching Battle Star Galactica for the first time. It’ll be sweet watching outside at he beach house.

  • Eaton

    What is the price?

  • efjay

    Just show me where to buy it, so I can say goodbye to my HD2!

  • I’ve been trying to confirm if WP7 will have HSPA. The reps in the store quote TMONews. Kudos David! I want this Device very bad. Let the countdown begin.

    Stay thirsty my fiends!

    • J-Hop2o6

      it will have 7.2 HSPA.. but not 14.4 HSPA+ like the G2 or MT4G.

  • alex

    Awesome phone, but rather the android version..

  • SublimeDavid

    yeah im a rep and we do read this site quite often im sure theres more of us that do as well. Same thing for alot of the managers they also read the site and stay up to date at times as well. Nice work on the site.

  • currator

    I can tell you there is another phone coming out for tmobile very soon. and its I do believe its made by samsung. and as of what I know now it is runing andriod. ill have so more info prob around tues ill let you know if I find anything out. ohh and tmobile will also from what I know will be the first with a gingerbread phone. and I do believe the samsung phone will be runing 2.3 so we will see.

    • David, Managing Editor

      So basically you are talking about the Nexus Two, which as far as everyone knows won’t be unveiled Tuesday, the Samsung Continuum will be.

      • bmg314


        I know this might not be the place to ask, but here goes anyway.

        Have you heard anything about the problems with the G2 OTA?

        Also, any news on if the T2 will in fact be coming to all four US carriers?


  • blake

    Will this device indeed be HSPA+ 21?

    • J-Hop2o6

      it’ll max out at 7.2 HSPA.. G2 & MT4G max out at 14.4.. Tmo’s data sticks are the only ones that maxes out at 21mbps.

  • Blake

    ^ No, it is not.

  • BeeMichael

    Can’t wait for the Dell Venue Pro. I hope you can order it online at Dell.com and be able to select which T-Mobile Plan you want from the site… and show that your eligible for upgrade… I hope they don’t make it a crazy price… or “unlocked only”…

  • Fam

    Wow nice…..

  • Monkeyspank

    I just NEED to know if this thing is going to be supporting HSPA+ connection.

    I’m soo disappointed at the HD7 for not having HSPA+ so I need the venue pro to have it!

    So Please tell me it will!

  • Lukian

    They should really let T-Mo sell these.

  • Imoses

    Any confirmation that it’ll be available on the Microsoft Store online site?


  • davian

    You can signup with microsoft to be notified via email.
    store.microsoft.com says “coming Novemeber 8th”

  • D12

    That the the Dell Venue Pro will be available from Microsoft Stores tomorrow is confirmed by this post on their Facebook page
    that says
    – See the Dell Venue Pro with a slender form that provides elegance in a pocket-friendly size, only on T-Mobile

    All the other phones are also listed except for the one from LG.

  • AreYouSerious?

    So far nothing on either sites about Dell Venue Pro being available today. Not that I can find anyway, and I’ve hit every link in this article.

    Ah well. Keep waiting…

  • Blacklark57

    Is anyone here actually planning to go to (or already waiting in front of) a microsoft store. I’ve got one in my state, but it is several hours drive away, not sure it is worth the trip if they are going to be sold out or something.

  • Rich

    No Venue Pros at their stores today. I just left one of their stores empty-handed. They said that they did not get them in for the release today. They are hoping to get them in later this week, but they don’t know exactly which day.

    • Rich

      FYI, this was at their Chicago area store.

  • grigsby1

    just called the Microsoft store in AZ they have the dell venue pro for $199.00 on contract and $449.00 without.

  • epic

    just got mine and it rules at the microsoft store 449, only drawback 8gb only no sd or fcc but great design win 7 is amazing overall would recommend!!!

  • First time I’ve ever felt a phone looked sexy. I want it.

  • eric42

    It’s 11/15. Nothing on Dell.com. Delayed due to the “problems” with the first batch, I’m guessing? I believe I read that the MS stores should have replacements on 11/19–perhaps that will be the new Dell.com release date as well?

  • RYU

    Okay…Dell Venue Pro is not coming out until later this week.

    It has been pushed out. I called to place my order annnnd nope. NO GO.

    I was really looking forward to getting the order done. If it is 11/19 (Friday), we will not see our order until Monday or Tuesday.

    I guess patience is key.

    WM7 (Pacquio) vs. Android (Mayweather)….YOU DECIDE!

    • TheDude

      I hope it is Friday! Disappointing though.

    • Pacquiao-v-Margherito

      That being the case I hope that the iPhone is Margherito (I hate those iTards).

      • RYU

        HA (iTards)! Good comparison!

      • RYU

        HA (iTards)! Good comparison!

    • RYU

      If I was a device forecaster l would look like a total liar now based on my last blurb.

      No Venue Pro…it’s Friday. WTH?!

      I hear you, bro!

      This is shameful for Dell. Why leak the launch date if you cannot meet it…I believe many have been wait for this device, yet Dell ignores any response to the launch. The Dell reps do not know what to say but “Sign up on the Venue Pro launch link”. The President of the mobile device line retires…WHAT IS GOING ON DELL?!

      It makes me question the quality of their other product lines.

      TMO, Do you have any more inside to what is going on? I am leaning towards the HD7 at this point.

  • Jennyji

    Perhaps this explains why the T-Mobile store was barren of any Windows Phone goodness. The Dell Venue Pro is apparently launching exclusively through Microsoft and Dell, rather than from the T-Mobile stores.www.delld610.com