(Updated: Cancelled?) T-Mobile Getting Ready For November 20th Holiday Event

Update: We’re getting word now both in the comments and from our sources that the event has been cancelled. No reason or explanation was given only that it has been cancelled and will be rescheduled for another day. We’ll update as we hear more!

We’re back with a follow up on our article from yesterday and we’ve got more exclusive details on the upcoming November 20th “Holiday Event”. According to our ninjas, T-Mobile Retail stores are starting to receive packages with “tools” for the November 20th event. As pictured below, these tools include, reservation cards, appointment reminder cards, and rebate stickers. From the looks of it, Magenta seems to be expecting lots of customers to take advantage of this “Holiday Event”. Additionally, our ninja tells us that apparently, this stuff is top secret and that employees were directed to put the package  in a safe. We’re still diggin’ for more details, so stay tuned!

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