Now That You’ve Owned The myTouch 4G For A While, What Say You?

Today is the 8th day many of you have had your hands on a myTouch4G so as is the norm for high profile T-Mobile launches we are throwing up a poll and wondering, what are your thoughts? Eight days in, is the myTouch4G everything you could have wanted and more? What would you change, what would you leave the same? So take the poll or leave a comment below for the hundreds of you who have asked me for Carly’s contact info, I don’t have it.

Thanks Bimmerz!!

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  • sorandkairi

    Well….. I think that it is a great addition to the T-Mobile family of phones (note that I didn’t say android but phones in general). But, I will sale when the “dual core” phones are available for T-Mobiles customers…. Got to stay “hip”!

  • 8 days and I love it. I can see it being the best phone I have ever owned if the infatuation turns to true love. Rooted, and waiting for CM woot woot!

  • Mark

    Love mine but had to exchange the first one for manufacture defects. The bezel was defective.

    • Im Justsayin

      Mine too. Though it was the wifi that couldn’t connect.

  • Faqundo

    I’m loving mine! Now with root, you can’t beat this phone right now!!

  • JP

    Coming from an unlocked iphone 3g, this thing is a monster. Just wish I had better coverage at my house. Upstairs, great hspa+. Downstairs, edge. Bummber.

    It’s taking a bit of getting use to, but by far one of the best devices I’ve had in a long time.

    • Brandon

      Heard of wifi?

    • ELVIS

      Tthats why wifi calling is great…have full coverage through out the entire house

    • Im Justsayin

      What about the wifi connection in your house and wifi calling app.\?

  • JaylanPHNX

    Love it. Battery’s setting in quite nicely. Screen, while no Vibrant, doesn’t suck. Coming from a CliqXT, I’m ecstatic.

  • Sean Buchanan

    Phone is great, Battery life sucks compared to my older iphone 3g but the phone murders the iphone in any other category.. I really hate not being about to delete crapware without a root. I’m new to the android software, so I really am not comfortable rooting my phone. Last thing I need to do is brick my phone. Is it easy to do? Would like to put stock droid on there.

    • Jordan Fritzsche

      Well lets think about this …. How many tasks can an iPhone 3G do at one time – one. And how many is your Mytouch doing? Who knows, but a ton more than one. Thats almost like saying my old Nokia 5310 has better battery life than any smart phone, its just a different category and besides there are definitely tweeks for extending battery life.

    • Josh

      Love the phone, not happy about the battery life.

  • Devin tmobile dude 105

    the phone is great i love it i sold my first one the other day and the dude i sold the phone to loved it

  • jdog25

    Why no Nexus Two option in the poll.

  • Illegal Machine

    Coming from a Vibrant (returned in my 14 day period due to bad GPS and foreclosing programs).

    The MySense has some quirks to it. It’s very attractive, but the menu navigation is a little cluttered.

    The battery life is fantastic.

    The camera is average. Little disappointed with HTC’s cameras company wide. Can’t touch the Galaxy S camera.

    “4G” has been lightninig fast in Houston.

    Screen is very crisp with great colors. Doesn’t touch the Super AMOLED on the Galaxy S, but is MORE than sufficient.

    No complaints on call volume or speaker volume (some people have had issues).

    GPS locks on INSTANTLY.

    The phone is heavy and feels perfect in the hand. Makes the Vibrant feel like a 99 cent kids toy.

    The Genius button is COMPLETELY worthless. Let me say it again. COMPLETELY worthless.


    I’M. IN. LOVE.

    • sorandkairi


      its more comparable to a pile of dung that was airlifted from the African savanna that came from an disease infected elephant with one tuck then condense into a glassy looking button to place on this phone by HTC and T-Mobile…

      I’m serious… smell it…. i bet you it smells like shit….

      • blah

        It not worthless, I use it for some tasks, the problem is it hinders other basic functions the search button did.

        • sorandkairi

          the original statement was more or less a joke but…. i do agree with you on that part

    • sorandkairi


      its more comparable to a pile of dung that was airlifted from the African savanna that came from an disease infected elephant with one tuck then condensed into a glassy looking button to place on this phone by HTC and T-Mobile…

      I’m serious… smell it…. i bet you it smells like crap….

    • heartless

      since… my last post didnt post….


      its more comparable to a pile of dung that was airlifted from the African savanna that came from an disease infected elephant with one tuck then condensed into a glassy looking button to place on this phone by HTC and T-Mobile…

      I’m serious… smell it…. i bet you it smells like crap….”

    • Really?

      Genius button is COMPLETELY worthless? Why do you think that?
      It’s on of my favorite features of the phone. When I’m driving it lets me do everything I would need to do while on the road. I can text, find locations easily and make all the calls I need with out having to look at my phone. Have had absolutely no problems with it.

      • sorandkairi

        sorry about the X posts!!!! some delete….. imma blame it on the computer and not the operator…..

        who needs to responds to text while driving, find locations… ok cool if it always got the locations correct which it doesn’t, bluetooth in car for calls….

        if the button was more responsive to all commands then yes it would be a great feature for the device but unf. to me its is still lacking…. I mean it take a while to even start… why not make it an instantaneous response because by the time i actually get it to work… i could’ve already searched for what i needed manually… idk maybe i’m not doing it right but the reg. search button on the phone would have made it perfect for me, even with sense ui (which i really dont mind all that much)

    • Kevin Groen

      I 100% agree with this review.

      I love this thing to death. The GPS is a huge thing for because this is mainly what I am using the phone for due to my job.
      The Genius button is lame, lame, lame. It worked once for me.
      Screen is a screen. I am not watching movies on it, I am checking my fantasy scores and getting driving direction. I spent 1000’s on a TV, for a screen.
      Battery life is good. I work the hell out of this thing, and I know the tricks to make it better when need be.
      The whining about what it is made out of is pointless. This feels, and looks perfect.
      My MOTO USB cord works with it! I have 4 chargers now.
      The 4G network is INSANE! Love it!

      – The ability to change the Genius button to turn something else on.
      – Accessories! Where the heck are they? I want more than 3 kinds of cases.
      – Car dock using the three brass connectors?
      – LED customization. I loved it on my G1, I hope someone comes out with an App for this. (Let me know if you know of one.)

  • verai

    I love this phoneee .is perfect.. with a better display and better battery life it would be more than perfect.

  • Pimpstrong

    I played with it for a couple minutes and it is NO WHERE NEAR AS SMOOTH AS MY VIBRANT. I will sacrifice all the extras that the MT4G has for the super fast Hummingbird any day.

    • Pimpstrong

      Let me add this:

      The MT4G studders with every screen swipe. It barely even seemed improved over the origional myTouch 3G with 2.2 that my woman has.

      I say this ONLY in reguards to screen swipes. so don’t take it to a different level.

      • Jordan Fritzsche

        This is a ridiculous comment. The 2nd generation snapdragon processor is just as fast if not faster than the Hummingbird. I have no problem at all with screen swipes. Its been smooth with every transition I do. You must be holding it wrong.

      • Illegal Machine

        That’s funny. I had 4 Vibrants in my 14 day window. ALL of them had lag.

        I mean, there is a downloadable “Lag Fix” for the Galaxy S phones for a reason.

        Even most reviewers pointed out the lag.

        I haven’t read a single review that says anything but how blistering fast this phone is.

      • pantlesspenguin

        My screen swipes are really smooth, especially when unlocking the phone. When I swiped to unlock the Vibrant’s screen I had to firmly press & give a long swipe. On the MT4G it just takes a lil flick.

      • JaylanPHNX

        @Pimpstrong. I’ve never experienced this. The one you used may have been having issues, because screen swipes fly on this thing. I’ve not had it lag yet.

      • Pimpstrong

        I’ma stand by what I say and say it again. The Vibrant page scrolling is much smoother than the MT3G. I’m not gonna call it “lag” but it was not as “smooth” MHO with the particular one that the rep handed me. My unlag fixed JI6 Vibrant is like a 120Hz tv as aposed to a 60Hz TV.

      • pantlesspenguin

        @pimp I mentioned this in another thread but I really want you to see this. It’s not that the MT4G is slower in processing speed & therefore the scrolling lags. The MySense UI has a little ANIMATION when swiping from screen to screen. It’s like it’s locking in place instead of fluidly going from screen to screen like the Vibrant. That’s a MySense issue, not a processor issue. Now that you’ve pointed it out it’s driving me crazy, lol. I hadn’t even noticed that little animation until I examined what you could be seeing, but I don’t like it, either.

        • PimpStrong

          Sorry to point it out man lol. I want to agree with you but to me it scrolls pretty much the same as the origional mt3g and you know that’s stock vanilla.

  • Frankfurter

    It really is a great phone. I have used many of TMobile’s Android offerings, and I’d say this is the best on spec. I had a few problems with the screen freezing and not being able to answer incoming calls. I’m sure that is something that a phone reset would resolve. The screen is very clear and is just the right size. The device feels like it is very solid and would not break easily. In the end, I returned it and put my beloved BB Bold 9700 back to work. My business needs are specific and are best answered for now with that magic device that I keep coming back to. For any serious Android user who doesn’t need a keyboard, I would recommend this phone without reservation.

  • I’m putting my pennies together. I’ve played with it and it has changed my mind. Maybe I will switch to WP7 in a year or two after it gets HSPA.

    Stay thirsty my friends!

  • tron

    Waiting on the 9100!

  • 16309A

    I was ready to get mine this weekend when I get paid, but now there could be a sale I have to wait till the 20th to see what happens. Ugh! lol

  • Ugh

    So ugly. It looks like a toy and the MyTouchUI is atrocious.

  • C-FU

    6 poll options, only 1 of which applies to actual owners? Not sure how the results are going to tell you what people think of it….

  • Nate

    Anyone tried the WIFI Calling feature on this phone?

    • Daniel

      Yea works like a charm. It doesn’t hand off once you leave wifi and start using a tower though.

      • igloobuilder

        Only the new BB’s do that, the Android WiFi calling feature won’t hand off to the network.

    • Kevin Groen

      Yes, I have. It works perfectly fine. I have it hooked into Wi-Fi, then into a Bluetooth home phone. If you think about the technology going on there it boggles the mind.

  • CKaye

    LOVE IT. Most polished android experience to date.

  • WazzuKirk

    The phone is freaking phenominal.

    Coming from using both the G2, Vibrant and every other phone you can think of, I have finally found a keeper.

  • MrsD

    Love it, but am so glad I kept my Vibrant! Hate that I cannot change the font size or type throughout the phone though. If I could somehow frankenstein the two devices togeather I would have the ultimate device. Swype is smoother on the mytouch, I posted with no mistakes, yay! Love it. Talked the husband into it and he loves it, can’t put it down. He I used to be the tech one, now it’s me, yay for me!


  • g2 has better photo gallery, why do i want to link my facebook or flicker?
    HTC give us the G2- GALLERY links to google picassa photo account.

  • Carlis

    Altgough it does have many new and good features, I prefer the Vibrant’s User Interface. I hope Samsung continues to upgrade their Galaxy S line of phones every year, just as Apple has done with the iPhone.

  • pantlesspenguin

    I got this phone coming from the Vibrant. I decided I needed a phone w/ camera flash, LED notifiers, & working GPS. THIS is really the phone I’ve been waiting for all my life. It’s dang near perfect.

    Hardware: I love the heft of it. I picked up my Vibrant for the first time in a week last night to put it in its box & I couldn’t believe how light it felt in comparison. I love the look of the MT4G’s back. I got the plum color. A word of warning, the rubberized part is really easy to scratch. Mine took a little spill & got a tiny scratch on the rubber & a ding in the bezel. I immediately got a case & screen protector, but I hate having to cover the awesome hardware!

    Camera: MUCH better than my Vibrant’s…but judging from some other people who swear by the Vibrant’s camera I may have just gotten a dud. My Vibrant’s camera took great outdoor shots, but indoor shots were utter crap. The MT4G camera w/o flash takes better indoor pics than the Vibrant’s in night mode! I also took pics w/ flash in a dim restaurant & they came out pretty darn great.

    GPS: My GPS takes a few seconds to lock, but when it does it remains locked & accurate.

    MySense: It’s not bad. I like the interface & widget choices better than Touch Wiz, but sometimes it takes a second to grab the notification drawer for some reason. Scrolling through screens seems to be as smooth as Touch Wiz.

    FFC: LOVE IT! I haven’t done any actual video chatting yet, but I’ve played around w/ the camrea & am amazed at its quality. It’s much crisper than I was expecting, & it’s good for taking self-pics :).

    Genius button: Haven’t really used it, so can’t give an opinion one way or the other.

    Faves gallery: Meh. I could live w/o it. I wish I could switch that out so I could put something else in that place.

    Media Room: LOVE IT, & I love the widgets for it!

    I’m extremely happy w/ this phone & I can honestly say I can see myself keeping this phone for quite a long time.

    • FlyingRequin

      I don’t get it. Why do people like HEAVY phones? Come on — if apple had made a light phone, everyone would go gaga over it. Heavy phones are badly made phones, it is easy to make a 1 ton monster.

      I had both phones (vibrant and Mytouch 4g). I prefer the vibrant notification bar, the screen, the size — it just feels “Free”. On the mytouch, I felt uneasy, cramped. Can’t explain why, but that how it is. I do prefer the responsiveness of the mytouch. Samsung’s lag is annoying and GPS is not as good (although with the OTA update, it now works decently).

      Not sure the need for the Genius button – I think it is a waste of space, specially that froyo has Voice actions, that work much better.

      • pantlesspenguin

        Not everyone likes heavy phones. It’s just personal preference. Do you have any proof to back your claim that “heavy phones are badly made phones?”

        • FlyingRequin

          what I mean is that it is easier to design something without constraints for weight (and thus make it heavy), than to design a light phone – specially if it has the same functionality and is larger!

        • pantlesspenguin

          I think the weight comes from the materials used, not that they’re necessarily designing the phone specifically to be heavy.

  • Jin

    MyTouch4g is the smoothest phone ever on the market. I don’t know why ppl said it’s lagging when swiping. That’s impossible.

    • blah

      It does but I use launcher pro with lots of widgets and 7 screens, with 5 it would likely be fine or less widgets or no live wallpaper….

    • Pimpstrong

      go use the Vibrant right next to the MT3G and you’ll see which is smoother.

      • pantlesspenguin

        I think I understand what you’re saying now, but I think you’re misunderstanding what you’re seeing. The scrolling on the MT4G IS smooth, but there is a little ANIMATION when the next screen appears. I don’t think I can explain this correctly, but it’s like you’re seeing it lock into place. On the Vibrant, however, there isn’t this animation. It just goes from screen to screen. Does this make sense? So, it’s not that the scrolling isn’t smooth compared to the Vibrant, you just don’t like the MySense animation of the next screen locking into place on the MT4G. I honestly hadn’t even noticed this until you brought up the scrolling issue…but now it’s driving me crazy, lol. I don’t like that animation, either.

        • blah

          Yes that’s part of it but I disabled all animations.. also that little bounce thing it does is annoying as I like to swipe quickly. But yes the widgets can take a second to come up properly again it maybe the combination or launcher pro, non-rooted, 7 screens, and bunch of widgets.

  • DavidinJax

    I love my phone!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my phone.
    my only problem so far. When I have the headset in to listen to music and I get a text every, the alert notification makes a sound as if in Normal mode, which means everyone in the office can hear it. Same with emails… If the headset is in, why the heck is the notifications not in the headset! This is dumb, and annoying…

    Other than that I loooove my phone!!

    I don’t mind the Genius button, I’ve shown some people and they were actually amazed by it.
    I also used the video chat and was amazed at how clear and non-spotty it was.

    I have also noticed that the WiFi drains the battery quickly, the only reason I got this phone is for the UMA, since I have no signal in my apartment. so that is a bit of a let down. However, I will say even without wifi, this phone gets at least 2 bars anywhere in my apartment.

    • Illegal Machine

      It’s weird. Mine did the same thing.

      My notification tone is the “OOOOHHHHHH WAAAOOOOOWWWW” from the Double Rainbow guy. It was….loud. At work.

      It only did it a couple times the first day I got the phone. Hasn’t done it since. I’d forgotten about that.

      • DavidinJax

        It didn’t chime outloud the first day I used the music and headset, but it’s done it every day since the 2nd day. I’m quite annoyed by it, I found a work around, but its annoying.
        go into settings each time I use the headset. then I have to go back into settings when I’m done and reset them to my liking. Yeah if anyone can find a fix for this not as annoying as the one I’m doing please let me know!!

  • sorandkairi

    NO the G Button is not worthless …. Are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!!

    its more comparable to a pile of dung that was airlifted from the African savanna that came from an disease infected elephant with one tuck then condensed into a glassy looking button to place on this phone by HTC and T-Mobile…

    I’m serious… smell it…. i bet you it smells like crap….

  • Gooseilini

    I just came off a G1. I feel like heaven opened up and dropped the MT4G right in my lap.

    • Kevin Groen

      Awesome! From a G1 to this, must be amazing.

  • Cybersedan

    Coming from a Vibrant I thought I would miss the screen, but got over that in less than a day. T-Mobile has a real winner here, had it since release day and I’m loving it. This phone was well designed with everyday use in mind.

    I especially love having the track pad for text editing, can’t wait for dell and car docks!!

  • tmofan12

    Returned mine today. My sense was so ugly, g button was a waste. My vibtants screen spoiled me so the colors seemed washed out. Besides that the phone was a beast. Super fast camera was awesome. I love the hardware. Tough choice to make but couldn’t get past the my sense. And I’m not a rooter. So that’s out of the question

    • CKaye

      No need to root to get rid of Sense. Go download Launcher Pro. Gives much more of a straight Android 2.2 feel.

      • Pimpstrong

        I agree. I don’t even remember what Touch Wiz is like on my Vibrant due to LauncherPro Plus. It’s literally the best thing I’ve downloaded for this phone to date.

        @ tmofan12 – Espresso is butt fugly I agree. And the screen is definently ashy compared to a SuperAMOLED.

  • Cybersedan

    “Home and car docks”

    Guess I should have used my trackpad to edit that :-).

  • TMOJoe

    I LOVE the phone, except for the battery life. It has been very poor everyday and a lot worse than my Blackberry. For example, I played some games, watched TV, used Tweetdeck, etc on a 1.5 hour train ride and it was down to 30% battery, starting from 100%. On the train ride the Wi-Fi was turned off. I have noticed that if I have the Wi-Fi off at work it does last longer, but again there is no reason with Wi-Fi off that the battery should be down to about 30% after 1.5 hour train ride.

    I am also disappointed in the lack of internal memory. I have some apps on there, no great quantities and I am down to 860+ MB already.

  • rg

    I was going to change my Vibrant for the mytouch. However, after playing with the mytouch I didn’t feel it was much better than the Vibrant..The 4″ Super Amoled screen & hummingbird processor are the real reasons why I have the vibrant..If you feel that a front facing camera+2.2 (coming soon to vibrant) & you have hspa+ in your area then maybe the mytouch 4g fits you. It’s all going to come down to preferences and likes.

    Once 2.2 releases for the galaxy s, this phone is going to be even more awesome. The only downside to the phone is no flash and the plastic feel..which don’t really bother me..and everyone still benefits from hspa+(4g….), just not as much as a 4g capable device.

  • Russ

    I love this phone ..only complaint is no hdmi…genius button is the ish for me that may be because my bluetooth has a2dp….but I love it

  • xfooyen

    How about a poll option for people who actually HAVE the phone and don’t like it? Personally, I’m waiting ’til the 20th. I expect I’ll love it.

  • Twund

    I looooove my phone. But where is the 4g??? Max speed I have reached is 5.55 down. Most times while I am at work, when it says I have hsdpa, I cant access the internet. Only place I have niticed that though. I was in the heart of cleveland this am, and I had hspa, and ny speed was 294 kbs down and 612 kbs up. Weird.

  • ernie


  • Julez456

    I like the phone so far but c’mon T-Mobile..your not putting good Android phones out fast enough for me to buy. I have the original G1, the Nexus One, the Vibrant and now the MT4G. I passed on the G2 because of the hinge problems. What phone is coming out next? I want a different phone for each day of the week. :)

  • JayDubya

    I loved the phone hated the interface and bloatware. Returned it this morning and got a G2. Give me vanilla android any day of the week!

  • Big Jake

    by far… the best phone I’ve ever owned

  • fiveizzo

    I love this phone. My best friend is in tampa on vacation (im in detroit) and we have been video chatting since she got there (my phone to her computer through yahoo). This phone has surpassed all of my expectations and I truly love you. Way to go T-Mobile

    • mrsnappypants

      is your friend cute? I get my phone tomorrow and have no one to video chat with

  • Will

    I couldn’t be happier. I had the Vibrant before this so of course I’m a bit eh :/ about the screen but that’s to be expected seeing as the AMOLED screen on the Vibrant is untouchable and unlike any other. Luckily for me its not deal breaking factor for me because this screen is admirable on its own merits.

    The phone is incredibly responsive and smooth; never experienced an ounce of lag. The feel of the phone is just outstanding and I don’t mind the sense ui at all. I do however, which I seem to be one of the few that actually like it, prefer the touch wiz 3.0 of the app drawer on the Vibrant. Again, no biggie.

    I actually perma rooted my mytouch 4g last night =D

    My complaints however:

    WIFI calling is still not working. I’ve tried damn near everything I can find on the internet about it (on XDA, the tmobile forums, etc). Even on different wireless connections and Tmobile hot spots, no luck.

    Also… but this isn’t a complaint about the phone cause it’s the app itself but Facebook really need to get the application fixed cause I NEVER get notifications. I did the very first time I activated it but since then, not a one, smh.

    Anyway, the phone itself is incredible and I’m happy with my purchase.

  • andres


  • fatboy97

    Love it so much better than my defective G2. Even if the G2 was not defective and had a solid keyboard spring/hinge I would have preferred the myTouch4G over the G2.

  • Kevin Groen

    If anyone has gotten accessories from somewhere other than T-Mobile (30 bucks for a case!!!!) please let me know. I have never overpaid for a case and I am not going to start now.

  • blah

    I havent been on in a while, been playing with it but I will give my opinion. The WORSE feature of the phone is the software, The BEST feature is the hardware. The OK feature is the genius button.

    Things to hate:
    The HTC “get more widgets” doesnt even work
    The genius button completely takes over the search button
    This sucks because when in the web browser it goes to the ugly genius app instead of the search bar… thats super annoying.
    The expresso sense can be slow and clunky.
    No way to remove bloat ware.
    EX. of this I am not a fan of the home screen and that dang favs box or the fact that the media room is NOT optional and there is no dedicated music player…
    I replaced each of these immediately, launcher pro, handcent, fancy flip clock widget, etc. Until last night we didnt have a root so I will likely try that but I would rather receive OTA updates too so I havent made a decision yet. Adding these things over the UI slows the phone down substantial but its neccessary for me personally for usability.
    Contacts are consolidated which is both good and bad. Bad because attempting to import them from a backup file can potentially corrupt your contacts. I did it and had to perform a factory reset to get it to work.
    Speakers are too low and do crackle at high volumes but not a major concern as I text and email mostly anyway.
    Alot of games do not support the new processor yet so thats unfortunate. Right now my major problem is the lack of being able to customize/disable the things i dont like. Example I downloaded a sexy british voice to read my text messages, setting the TTS settings as default works for every app but the genuis hands-free mode for text messages… thats annoying…
    Settings are all switched around…almost like an android for dummies. Horrible.

    Now the good:
    Outstanding hardware, and I love the look of the black one. The white one really is ugly. Great feel and I love the size and even the speaker grill poor sound and all. Love the integrated contacts when it works and its great for facebook, yahoo, qik, etc. Love the face that it automatically detects which users have cams to video chat with them. Everything else about the phone is great besides my critiques and HSPA+ is FAST. I have constant HSPA+ coverage which to be honest makes me doubt the validity of the coverage because its almost too good to be true… The hardware is so fast it overcomes many of the shortcomings of running layers of software.

    In closing the major problem with this phone is that is has the potential and ability to be everything the iphone is and more. Actually, by specs alone it should put iphone to shame. Its the software execution which is so poor :(. Once this phone has been rooted it will be a 9/10. Overclocked it should be considered an 11/10. At its present state, out-of-the-box its a 7 or 8/10. Not bad but the only reason its get this mark is because after a few hours of using it you know it can be so much more its almost painful. Looking forward to new OTAs where more choice is given out the box and then I would be satisfied.

    Recommendation? I want to see what they do with the OTA updates. IF tmo takes a different approach and listens to consumers and considers this handset and priority and opens it up more. Its a definite buy, no question, hands down.

    • blah

      Another annoyance, I dont particularly like swype so the fact that its the ONLY keyboard it allows you to use and no option for stock is annoying!!!!

      • lauren

        There is an option to change the swype keyboard to stock. Should be able to push and hold in the input bar on the keyboard and a notification window should open and you can change it from there.

      • stickeywicket

        If you long press in a text area pop-up will appear with “Input method.” Choose “Touch Input” and you’ll be un-Swyped. PhoneDog did posted an article about replacement software keyboards that you might want to check out (fwiw, I’ve always like the HTC one).

        • blah

          Did it, Thanks guys!

  • Bill (Pickle)

    Bought one for the wife and one for me a week ago. I am very please with this phone and like it more then the 3G’s I own, “FROYO ROCKS”.

  • jake

    Question to anyone who has the mytouch 4G. the processor is the same as the g2 but clocked to 1ghz right? Cause one tmo sales rep told me it was clocked to 800mhz like the g2. Is this the case or is he wrong?

    • Houston

      G2 has the Qualcomm MSM 7230 800 MHz (Scorpion) processor. MyTouch4G has the Qualcomm MSM 8255 1 GHz (Snapdragon, 2nd Generation) processor.

    • T-MoMike

      He is wrong.

      • jake

        Ah ok appreciate your answers

    • bryan

      The rep was wrong. The myTouch 4g had essentially the same processor as the G2 except clocked at 1Ghz.

  • johnny

    I’m still getting used to workin the thing but my first impressions are that its very heavy and the battery life isnt so great but this is my first smart phone ever so i’m not sure what the standard battery life should be. I just know that being fully charged in the morning, i’ll go the day texting maybe 40 times, a few calls no longer than 2 minutes, checking email and by 10pm i’m at or below 20 percent battery capacity. I dont think thats normal. What if i were to use all the things on the phone like use media player, made longer phone calls, sent emails, take videos, twitter or facebook. I would be at 20 percent battery life by midday but i’m liking nonetheless.

    • Kevin Groen

      Change your screen brightness and turn off your GPS and WiFi when not in use and you should see a drastic change. Put the power widget on your home screen to remind you.

    • TMOJoe

      I am with you, I am experiencing the same issues.

    • David

      Battery life on my MyTouch 4G has been very good. I’ve been able to go more than a day without charging with light use, and a full day with moderate use. I have wi-fi and GPS turned off. Compare to two of my friends who have the Evo 4G; with light use their batteries are drained by early evening.

    • Usman

      I generally agree with the other’s comments, EXCEPT the one about turning off GPS. I don’t care what anyone says, but the GPS only turns on WHEN NEEDED when you have it enabled. Turning it off makes no difference. Leaving Wifi off until you’re using it will help though. I’d also leave the brightness on Auto.

    • stockypeasant

      upon speaking with a rep who had the MT4G pre launch, he mentioned the same battery life drain as you are experiencing, but he did mention that after the OTA update for the MT4G, the battery life significantly increased.

    • Johnny

      Right now im at 20% life and I have not done anything that would drain battery. I did the screen brightness thing, turned off wifi and gps but the same outcome. I think I found the source though. When I go to battery use it says yahoo messenger has used 50% of the battery but I dont use messenger and have never even logged on to it from my phone. Yeah, I might be returning this bad boy.

    • CARLYmyTouchEXPERT

      -Heavy in comparison to what? It’s only 0.6 oz heavier than iPhone4.
      -Battery life is generally short on Androids, you’re lucky to have it till 10PM
      -Try the App “Juice Defender – Battery” helps out
      -DO NOT USE ADVANCED TASK KILLER this messes up THIS phone in ways u can’t imagine
      -Use the POWER WIDGET to control Wifi/Bluetooth/GPS/Sync/and brightness
      -The phone has its very own Power Saver mode (Menu Settings Power Saver – customize to ur liking)

  • I LOVE this phone. The battery lasts about twice as long as my MyTouch 3g (when I’m not playing Angry Birds, which my MT3G couldn’t handle), and the phone is FAST. My only complaint is the lack of a 3D app drawer. (Yes, I know I can use Launcher Pro and friends to replace the app drawer, but many of the advertised features depend on Sense.)

  • Hmmmm?

    I’ve had mine since last Thursday, so far I love my phone. The UI is super fast, as fast as the G2 or Vibrant that used in the T-Mobile store the same day. I just tried to use the Genius button the other day, and although it doesn’t understand a lick of Spanish (I said “find Chihua’s Tacos” and it came back with “searching for “she want’s tacos””) it didn’t work but as a consolation it made me laugh. Otherwise if you speak clearly, and in English, it works okay, about what I expected. I don’t use it really though, it’s faster just to type something in Google search.

    I think that both of the camera’s quality is pretty nice, definitely usable, the auto-focus is a little annoying though. I live in Kansas City, but right now I’m in El Paso, both places have strong HSPA+ signals, it’s been loading as fast if not faster than the wifi I’ve been using in the house. Since I’m a tourist at the moment I’ve been using the navigation, the gps works great as well.

    Everything else, seems to be tip top, lots of things running simultaneously, with lots of memory to spare. I had a few issues with the new Yahoo Video Chat feature, mostly finding someone to use it with, and getting the version synched up, but now seems okay. The web browser is great, can’t think of any complaints there.

    I think the only thing that people can complain about is a matter of opinion and regarding the UI style and the hardware style. Nothing can compare on Android with the Galaxy S screens, that was a tough choice for me. But the myTouch screen is quite beautiful, at least on par with other top of the line Android phones. I read the Engadget review, and what a bunch of crap, I don’t know if they think they complain about it enough that T-Mobile and HTC will change it up next time or what, probably not though. I have mine in a gel skin, so I don’t notice it at all. And how can you say it looks exactly like an iPhone 3GS, it has “five” buttons on the bottom of it, and a front facing camera, does the 3GS, uh… no. If so, than so does the Droid Incredible, why not the Vibrant too?

    I have not rooted mine, and probably won’t until it gets more stable, but really how much faster do you need it to go? Mine has zero lag, if your’s does, maybe you got a bad one, not sure. My only other possible complaint would be a couple of the HTC widgets, the calendar, kind of worthless, but I don’t use mine that much anyway, not sure how having a different version of Sense or UI would solve the widget issue, if you don’t like them, just don’t use them, it’s not mandatory.

    This is just my opinion, if you can get past your personal thoughts & preferences on the design, 3.8 screen and instead of 4.3 and the name (I just call mine the HTC Glacier, since that is what it says in the device settings, throws everyone off) it really is a great phone, and all around the best available at the moment, again my opinion.

    • Hmmmm?

      I forgot, I think the battery life is pretty acceptable as well, it lasts me a whole day, easy, and that’s around the house with wifi on and all the notifications running, and ample amount of media processing going on.

    • Lbdagreat1

      yep im also in kc the speed is fast. My bro jus went to go visit friends in el paso

    • Me

      El Paso? So don’t you mean Chico’s Tacos? hmmm I’m hungry now, thanks alot!

      • i want chicos tacos! lol am from el paso btw

        I was gonna get this phone but deicided to get something else. its very nice

      • Hmmmm?

        Nah, not Chico’s tacos, don’t really care much for Chico’s, this is maybe something new, not sure, said it was good though.

    • dannyb91979

      After playing with the demo in our store for a while, I’m very dissapointed in this phone. The screen is very jerky, and animations are not smooth at all. For example, as I try to scroll through the icons in the app drawer – it’s not smooth at all (The G2 has the 3D app drawer, which is much more demanding on the processor, and does it as smooth as butter) It’s a little dissapointing that the MT4G can’t keep up with a simple task like that – or perhaps it’s just glitches in HTC’s software, but I noticed the “jerks” in the screen when running Quadrant too. Either way, I’m very dissapointed in this phone, and I’m glad I didn’t bother waiting for it and got my G2!

      • CARLYmyTouchEXPERT


      • whatyouarecrazy!

        I completely, entirely disagree. This phone is as smooth as can be. I had the G2, and while I had no complaints about it easier, this phone is more usable right off the bat, and it does EVERYTHING extremely well. I know a lot of phones in stores get a bunch of junk loaded on them, but it is not jerky or anything even approaching jerky.

    • CARLYmyTouchEXPERT

      -To activate you must press AND HOLD for 3 secs it loads quickly and once it says “listening” speak “FIND STARBUCKS NEAR ME” and you will see it quickly load
      -The more you talk to Genius, the more it learns how you speak, so it gets better with time.
      -Speak to Genius “Driving Mode ON” and it will announce calls, and text messages and let you reply all this hands free. Check out this link for more Genius Button commands
      -Try the App called “TANGO” to video call iPhone & Evo users, Yahoo Messenger and Qik for best.
      -Check that you’re phone’s Software build is 1.17 should’ve arrived over the air 2-24 hrs within getting the phone & by now everything should be wkng perfect
      -Make sure your SIM card has the words TM with numbers next to it, these are the new SIM cards and they are better & make a diff w/the new MT4G
      -Download ADW Launcher to have your screens look like the Galaxy/iPhone you DON’T need to have Sense UI if you don’t like it. ADW Launcher is free and there’s a bunch of themes. myTouch is 100% YOU customize it!
      -I don’t recommend rooting it..YET anyway.
      -If your unit has a LAG of any sort do a factory reset (you won’t lose anything but it will sort this issue – if you have a LAG of ANY SORT come to store and get new one they DO NOT HAVE LAG OF ANY SORT!)

      • blah

        Mine lags but I put launcher pro, 7 screens and a billion widgets on it so I would expect it to. Are you saying I should still expect zero lag or is some reasonable. Just want to make sure I dont need to take it back.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    My impression on the Mytouch 4G (Sorry I just COULDN’T let this opportunity slip):


    But seriously, overall I think it’s a pretty nice phone.

  • thaghost

    ip4 vs evo vs mt4g (kinda, sorta)

    my bro owns da evo and ip4. i had several opportunities to compare all three phones:

    by now u know bout da evo n ip4 so i’ll go to da mt4g. it is very sleek and slim. it has a solid build. its certainly comparable to da ip4 but definitely feels betta than da evo. i luv da dark red outline n how it matches da grey metal back.
    da front is okay. not beau but an improvement ova the mt3g.

    mt4g screen is pretty good. the gaming is solid and the graphics are cool. when put side by side u notice a superior brightness for the mt4g ova both phones n they were all set to da same level. not da best screen but certainly very good.

    we did video chat betw all 3 phones: da brightness of the mt4g really showed itsself in this part. mt4g to ip4 was clear n bright, but brighter on da mt4g.
    mt4g to evo was average on da mt4g and kinda dull on da evo. evo to ip4 was dull on da ip4 and very dark on da evo. aparrently da evo’s screen is inferior.

    pinch to zoom was dominated by da ip4. there is a slight drop off for the mt4g and a noticable bluriness/lag in da evo’s pinch to zoom.

    i will spare da ip4 any embarrasment of the browser tests. we all know dat android detroys ios in browser speeds and flash, etc.

    Mt4g Sense: i dont love it but da widgets are cool. there are some minor upgrades ova the sense on da evo.

    mt4g overall: pluses: good and bright screen. has a sleek and pretty good look to it. doesnt look or feel cheap. the phone is very fast. downloading apps is super fast. WiFi hotspot is working so dat is a big plus. Im not big on cameras on da phone but this seems fine to me coming from a g1. yes there is bloatware but in my opinion, i would probaly download da ones that’s on here anyway. call quality was good. used da headphones during a call n had no complaints

    minuses: battery sucks. htc or whoever is responsible for this needs to do a better job. i got 9hrs out of it b4 it died. i dont see any improvement in my signal strength. tmo needs to do something about that. some of the “themes” in sense is down right ugly.

    as of 11/10/2010 i would have to say dat this is da best android phone available on da 4 carriers. it was da evo but i think da screen size/brightness, faster processer, better build and a few minor upgrades makes it better. of course this is my opinion and feel free to disagree. cerainly it will not be on top for long as android moves fast. :) hope i help some of u. Thanks David!

    • cirrob

      What jacked up language are the following words part of:
      Dat, da, u, ova, n, bro, b4,?

      Are you slightly retarded? Seriously, do you even know how to work a phone; what a phone is? Your gibberish above is unreadable (damn right anger inspiring) I stopped at “… owns da evo…” because I didn’t want your retardation to rub off on me.

      There is no excuse for this. People (especially this kid’s parents) should demand more of him (even if he did eat paint chips), and he should demand more of himself.

      • Fujitsujeff

        Normally, I do not take the time to defend people who insult other individuals, based on their grammar on blogs (I emphasize this word), but to state, and I quote, “Are you slightly retarded?” and “There is no excuse for this. People (especially this kid’s parents) should demand more of him” is inexcusable as well.

        Instead of insulting this individual, and stating “I didn’t want your retardation to rub off on me,” maybe you should take a step back and recognize what you call retardation, as a skill this individual possesses. For example, the ability to write in a professional, eloquent, manner such as how I am responding to your obnoxious comment above is a skill. On the other hand, in its own way, it is also a skill to rite (write) n (in) ths (this) wy (way) 2 (to) sum (some) diff (different) ppl (people), nd (and) still get my point across, as this in its own way is a different skill.

        This is for the grammar trolls who feel the need to make comments on blogs, and criticize others for their grammar. Unlock your minds, and realize we are not writing term papers, and many of us are typing on cell phones, where quick, accurate, and straight to the point, takes precedent, over proper grammar.

        • somebody

          ^^ hah owned i was about to say the same thing but i saw you’re comment.

        • somebody

          yea i said it you’re is that bothering anyone ?

        • El Guapo

          YOUR comment, not YOU’RE comment

          ugh, humanity is doomed

        • CARLYmyTouchEXPERT

          I Do admit it was a bit hard to read, but when you know how to read you can read anything. We all speak and write differently. GRAMMAR TROLLS ::rolls eyes::

      • Lbdagreat1

        Stfu! His writting skill should’nt bother anyone if it’s a bother dnt read it. What would be funny is if his IQ is higher than yours. Ha ha

    • Benjamin

      While your review was good and I believe accurate, I could barely stand to read it. How hard can it be to type a “th” instead of a “d” and to spell out “you” and “and”? Ugh, the whole trend of this abbreviated typing just really annoys me.

      • Vibrant Addict

        I wish there were an App for that…

      • Thaghost

        My bad guys. I will no longer type in that manner. However, take it easy with the disrespectful words. Especially the word “retarded”.


    • GTwo Addict

      I couldnt read past 2 sentences “cuz” of the dumb abbreviations for words that are 1 or 2 letters longer, this is ok when you text, but when you write a review/paragraph then its just plain horrible.

      • pantlesspenguin


      • sorandkairi

        maybe he sent it from a phone… but yeah i totally agree, it was a tuff, lol, read!

    • luis

      you are a moron. If you wanna talk like that it’s fine, but please type in regular english not fucking ebonics

  • Houston

    No complaints, and that’s coming from a proud Nexus One owner. I do miss a couple things about the Nexus One, but the MyTouch4G is a seriously legit telephonic device. Three cheers to HTC for this high-quality beast. I personally like heavy phones. Makes me actually feel that the $450 I spent actually bought something (and not some cheap-ass piece of plastic). And yeah, all of you complaining about lag probably aren’t using a MyTouch4G. With multiple apps running (and just for fun, 2 music players simultaneously), I can’t get this thing to lag one bit!

    • aagvain

      same here…….mt4g replaced my n1 and absolutely no complaints

    • Galen20K

      ditto! Love my Nexus One and there’s a couple things I miss but I still have it and use it also. But I really am VERY impressed by the myTouch 4G, love it just as much as my Nexus and thats saying an awful lot, I really love that one lol

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Hopefully Tmo can get the Xperia X12 a.k.a the Anzu. That thing looks monsterous and rumored specs are pretty good for what they know of as of right now. Here’s a link to it:

    • Bimmerz

      Good find Wilma! Until your link, I had only seen the main image of this phone, good to see all the angles of it. Looks a lot bigger than a 4.3″ screen phone, nonetheless, it’s one I’d consider. :)

  • kendrix_myrealname

    Im still not really sold on this device. I hear all the wonderful things about it and its great to know everyone loves it. I just like the G2 more than this thing and I don’t know why. Although I still prefer my Nexus one over all these devices, i guess I’m waiting on the ultimate stellar device to drop.

  • Chris

    Let me first say that I came from a Samsung Vibrant so I was using a pretty nice phone to begin with.

    myTouch 4G:
    Physical: Form factor is great. The Vibrant was a bit too light and slippery. This MT4G is heavier and is much easier to grip than the Vibrant. Plus, with the Vibrants screen going all the way to the edge I would accidentally click on things. This screen is much better in that regard.
    I love having real buttons and a track pad. You have no idea how much you love those things until they are gone.

    Wifi Calling: Need I say more? Finally I can make calls in my house again without standing near a window. I haven’t done that since I had my BB Pearl.

    Reception: Better than the Vibrant. Sorry, that’s all I can compare it to.

    FFC / QIK: Don’t know. I’m the dorkiest of all my friends so I’m the only one with this feature. Shotting videos and sharing them is very easy and I have enjoyed it. I believe QIK is working on a feature that would allow me to video chat to a PC with a webcam so that will be nice if its true.

    Web: Feels much faster than the Vibrant and may just be the difference between 2.1 and 2.2

    Speeds: Very fast but not really that different from the Vibrant.

    Battery: Much better than expected. Can easily make it through the day unlike the Vibrant that I had to recharge at lunch.

    Physical: No Super AMOLED like the Vibrant. Uses a plastic screen rather than a glass one and tends to show smudges worse.

    Data: Sometimes the data craps out and you have to do a restart. This happen to both me and my father in law a few times in the first few days but hasn’t happen in a while.

    Calendar: Useless unless you are in day mode. But I’m sure there’s an app for that.

    Ok,I’ve got to get back to work, I’ve wasted too much time here.

    • watbetch

      Reception is worse than the Samsung Vibrant. Reception on this phone is not even worth mentioning. HTC still can’t build a phone with good reception to save their lives.

      • Untouchable4rc

        thats kind of odd. I have both phones and the Vibrant can’t hold a candle to the Mytouch in terms of holding a decent connection in buildings and the such.

        • watbetch

          You must not have JI6 installed. This thing was dropping 3G like it was going out of style. VERY unimpressed

      • CARLYmyTouchEXPERT

        This is one thing I’ve yet to see after testing TONS of myTouch. I would recommend you visit a store and get a new SIM card ASAP. Free! Go Go go! This phone has amazing reception AND if you were to be outside of coverage area, you have WiFi calling so there’s absolutely no way anyone would have reception issues.

        • blah

          Umm I sent you a response earlier. I tried getting a new sim card when I purchased mine and they told me I would be a $30 charge… I declined and just used my old one. Please tell me how to get a free new one. I dont think I should have to buy a new sim card when I purchased a new phone. I am going to a different store today to see if that makes a difference on who I talk to.

  • Deaconclgi

    Soooooooooooo……many Tmonews users complained of xxxx device not having the front facing camera or how the competition had FFCs and now we get one and there is nary a mention of making video calls/chats. I expected an uproar of how awesome it is and how T-Mobile has arrived and 4G video calling this and that. What happened to the FFC enthusiasm? No seriously, has anyone with a MT4G made video calls with the same excitement as the few bash fests of old.

    In all fairness. I just want to know are you all taking advantage of the FFC that we have so waited for. I make Skype and GTalk video calls on my n900 and I quickly found out that almost no one that I know makes video calls of any sort so I had to get some recruits and sign friends up for Skype and GTalk and install the software on their PC and search out friends that have N900s. Even after all that, I make 1 video call every 2 months to friends and 2-3 times a month to my wife and kids.

    Looking from hindsight to now, is video calling all that important to you, the Tmonews and MT4G users as we made it out to be?

    • CARLYmyTouchEXPERT

      I LOVE VIDEO CALLING! I’ve met quite a lot of people like this. I met my friend’s son who was nearby playing w/his toys, I saw my coworker in WA show me the iceskating rink next to her booth, I saw my future boyfriend smoking on his work break, I’ve seen my friend drunk chugging more beers, I’ve seen my friend in IN drive a lil bit fast than most, AND I’ve seen MORE but of course… I can’t go on and on.

      Yahoo Messenger works perfect from phone to phone and phone to PC
      Qik works really well from Qik to Qik
      Tango works Ok from myTouch to iPhone4 I prefer Yahoo Messenger and Qik equally.

      Personally I like to use QiK to record things LIVE bc it automatically shows it on my Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channel HOWEVER, I think ppl don’t know exactly how things work yet.

      QiK is now on the Samsung Tablet so more ppl will be on it very soon… let’s just get the phone in more ppl’s hands.

  • Slev

    This post might sound a little harsh, so I should start by saying I love my mytouch 4g. It’s super fast and has a million things I love about it. I’ve had it for a week though and there are a bunch of shortcomings that should be addressed in future phones or in software updates:

    Things I love:
    – nate support for xvid/divx playback!!!! Thank you hardware decoding in snapdragon!
    – fast fast fast. lots of ram and processor is speedy
    – I like the integration they do with facebook and contacts
    – GPS locks so much faster than my old mytouch

    Minor annoyances:
    – Genius button is stupid. I wish t-mobile would stop wasting a perfectly good physical button for a feature that lots of people could care less about. It’s fine if you want to have your genius software on the phone, but just make it a normal app that we can throw on our desktop if we want to use it.
    – I wish that the “3G” icon could come back instead of having “H” for anything above edge. No quick way to tell if you’re on 3g or 4g without going into settings/phone/network
    – Taking out stock google apps like calendar and replacing them with HTC’s calendar app is dumb. Put both on their and give us the option.
    – Heavy customizing means that android updates will be really slow to come to this phone. I’m predicting 6+ months for 2.3 and doubtful we’ll ever see anything past 2.3.
    – I don’t like the feel of the volume or power buttons. It seems like I’m always bumping them when I don’t want to and then when I do want to hit them, I have a hard time finding them by feel alone.
    – Too much bloatware pre-installed on the phone. If you want to pre-install apps, fine… but let us uninstall them so they don’t clutter up our app list.

    Major annoyances:
    – I’m very disappointed in wifi calling. I’ve tried it on a few different wifi networks now and the results have all been the same – unless you’re pretty close to the router, you get voices cutting in and out constantly. This is a big bummer since my t-mo reception drops to almost nothing as soon as I walk into my house. UMA on my old blackberry was *much* better and I hope T-Mobile can work on this through updates.
    – Same complaint for video calling. My wife and I have been on the same wifi network before and have our video calls get dropped with Qik. Haven’t tried yahoo chat yet.

    • Justin

      Regarding network signal, I have seen a G instead the more usual E or H. I assume that G means 3G, which I also assume means that the phone does tell you when it’s using 3G without HSPA+. But it could mean something else entirely.

      • Yyevo

        Justin, G means GSM, it’s the lowest speed of data for TMo. G>E>3G>H

        3G just means third generation. HSPA is a part of the third generation of wireless technology.

        It’s confusing and, in the end, meaningless.

        • pantlesspenguin

          Slight correction: G means GPRS.

    • CARLYmyTouchEXPERT


  • Danny

    Great battery and it charges fast too.

    My Vibrant would charge soooooooooo slowly while listening to media while plugged in but not this one.

    Perfect size and screen is nice and sharp.

    Call quality is good.

    The only real con I can think of is that the speakerphone is poor/tiny and sounds really bassy/scratchy when turned up. Hopefully this can be improved with a FW update.

    • David

      Yes, the speakerphone is my one big complaint. The speakerphone sounds absolutely TERRIBLE at any audible volume. My old Motorola flip phone has the MyTouch 4G beat by a mile. Otherwise I’ve been very happy with the phone.

      • CARLYmyTouchEXPERT

        This gets fixed on new OTA what version are you on? If on newer version go to store and change ur unit. This is NOT normal on production units.

  • Danny

    Oh yeah and I finally found a phone that works decent with Slacker Radio. Both my G2 and my Vibrant would constantly crash with that app.

    Knock on wood. ;-) But so far so good.

  • msads

    my gmail doesn’t seem to automatically push to my phone with the myt4g. anyone else have this problem? i have to continuously click sync now for my email to work

    • CKaye

      No problems here. Gmail pushes fine.

  • msads

    my gmail doesn’t seem to automatically push to my phone with the myt4g. anyone else have this problem? i have to continuously click sync now for my email to work

    • moise

      Go in the settings then choose account and sync then check the background data and auto sync.

  • rjz

    hows qik for everyone? in the first week it was pretty spotty and ended always around 20 secs. but now it seems to be working. Anyone else having better luck than me?

    AND people say they are getting good battery life! Me not so much, maybe cuz I check it every 10 secs but i usually gotta charge it twice a day. Maybe im just a stickler and dont want to see orange then the dreaded RED. i’ll be waiting on a better battery by Seidio.

    Other than that I like the phone a lot. I like the design despite what others say. Except the ear piece design. kinda daewoo, kinda ugly.


  • rjz

    anyone recommend yahoo chat over qik?

  • immadroid

    i love this device, i haven’t been this happy since i got the g1 (i’ve tried the HD2, Vibrant, and G2 prior to the mytouch 4g).

    First impression was just WOW!, it feels amazing in the hand, a really solid phone ( i have the black not the white “plasticy looking” color. It has a good grip to it and weight.

    -Fast, not just in processor speed with the second gen snapdragon it’s got under the hood but also HSPA+ is awesome (i live in Los Angeles so we’re covered)
    -Camera, yea video chat is cool and the FFC takes some pretty nice pictures; the camera on the back with flash is pretty awesome too, much better than one found on the vibrant.
    -Build, I can’t oversell how solid this device feels, if you haven’t already just go play with one.
    -Battery, this phone lasts me all day while pushing 2 gmal accounts, facebook, twitter, flickr, and i’m a pretty heavy texter, LOVE THE BATTERY!!!

    -Video Chat Volume, hoping this is just a simple OTA update fix because i can’t hear anything through qik and this was over WIFI so we can’t blame the network.
    -Display, although it’s very responsive i just wish it was better in sunlight (sunny california is not display friendly)

    Like i said this phone is a keeper in my book after trying out the other tmo smartphones, i’m glad i jumped on this device and i’m even more glad i’m keeping it =)

  • Brotha Darcness

    I test drove my buddies and comparing it to my Vibrant, its a nice device if having a physical keyboard is your thing. Better then my Nexus One is many instances since its a pure Android OS.

    • JaylanPHNX

      I think you’re thinking of the G2. MyTouch4G has no keyboard.

  • alex

    my dads buying it for me at the end of the month
    guys plum or white i can’t decide!?

    • immadroid

      plum, any color besides the white so it feels more solid and there’s more of a grip to it =)

      • alex

        thanks, and i know that i went to a t-mobile store and felt both of them, and the plum felt more solid

        • yasuya

          serioulsy? the color makes a difference in the feel?.. i think this needs some blind testing. i’m patial to red my self, but im willing to admit it’s purely an aesthetic choice.

        • SKLX-09 User

          dunno about there being any real difference between red/plum/black but the white mytouch doesn’t have the same soft touch finish, its glossy.
          so purely from a feel point of view the other colors do feel more stable in your hand cause of the grip you get with black/plum/red.

        • Evan

          Yeah, the colored ones have a soft plastic to them, while the white is a hard plastic. Soft plastic = better grip.

  • Ricardo

    It has been a week and i must say, hands down this is the best phone i have ever used.
    To start off,the quick boot is such a welcome change. No longer do i wait almost a minute to get to the home screen.
    The speed of the phone is amazing. Coming from a MyTouch 3G slide, the difference is quite palpable. Processes are zippy. Almost no lag. Small things like opening the program dock, a program or loading text messages are noticably faster.
    The feel of the phone is great. It has a nice heft to it so that you know something is in your pocket. It feels natural in the hand. The screen is the perfect size.
    Photo capabilities are not as great as i would like. The phone requires everything must be perfect conditions. Lighting and holding the phone as sturdy as possible. Video capabilities are better. The videos i have taken have come out crisp.
    Phone call quality is perfect and i swear i get better reception inthe same places i use the slide. The speaker phone is loud but i dont like how the volume color is grey on grey when it used to be orange.
    Internet speeds on the device are blazing fast. At my job desk i get 2.2 mbs down and 1.4 mbs down. Internet pages open at desktop speeds.
    Now my biggest gripe, on i have yet to find a solution to is that no matter how hard i try, MMS just don’t work. I can’t send one at all. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem.

    • nino

      Ricardo,did you buy your mt 4g full price? I have a slide as well and would like to get a mt4g also.

    • pantlesspenguin

      Ricardo: For your mms problem, go to setting > wireless & networks > mobile networks > access point names > then check t-mobile data.

    • CKaye

      No problems sending or receiving MMS with Handcent.

  • Lbdagreat1

    I drive a semi, and I video chat my kidz all the time. Mt4g

    • coolMANDINGO

      a few months back i was getting laughed at because i said the front facing camera was a bad idea. you sir gave the perfect example of what its needed for.

  • Jerry

    My only complaint would be when pinch and zooming on web, it completely moves the scroll to another section of the page…ive tested over 100 phones in my years and never had such an annoying complaint about such a great phone. My vibrant, desire, hero, evo, all iphones and other mytouch phones pinch and zoom and stay!, but this is stupid to have a new phone jump to another section of the page.

    • Slev

      I don’t think I’ve noticed any problem like this

      • Slev

        Ahhh I see what youre talking about now. Yeah it is kind of annoying how it tries to auto snap for you after zoom

    • David

      Weird. I tried this out on a few web pages and my phone does the same thing. How annoying! I wonder if this is an issue with the stock browser and not the phone.

  • Jerry

    Im going to miss the native task manager that was on my vibrant though…maybe i can retrieve the APK file and put it on my mt4.

  • mrsnappypants

    can you skype with this thing?

    • Brian

      Yes you can skype with it. You can skype with any android phone.

  • Cez

    I love the phone, its fast, but my battery live sucks, if i limit my usage of the phone it barely last me 12 hours, that is no talking, checking my email once a day and 20 mgs, Internet usage less than 30 min and no angry birds. Hope i can fix this soon or ill have to get rid of it. But other than that the phone has great potential.

  • mingkee

    I am not decisive between MyTouch 4 gen or NII yet.

    • mrsnappypants

      No one knows if the N2 even exists, plus it’ll probably be months before it’s even out if it does.
      Something new is always coming out

  • Mark

    I have the N1, Vibrant, mytouch 3g, and jailbroken icrap 3gs. Mytouch 4G blows em all away. Smooth, smooth, smooth. Fast, fast, fast. I can run navigation, doggcatcher(my podcasts) and another app at the same time and have zero lag. Vibrant and N1 would lock up, and of course the icrap couldn’t do any of it. Best all around phone out right now. Check out all of the quadrant scores and the you tube comparisons, it crushes everything.

  • Jason

    Love the phone. I was having battery issues at first, got rid of handcent, put watchdog lite on, and have great battery life since. Phone is snappy, and now I can root it. Couldn’t be happier.

  • Carlos

    I bought mine and after playing with it for hours, I simply couldn’t get used to it (that my sense UI is a joke), so I went and returned it the following day. In my opinion, the Vibrant’s UI and Super AMOLED screen are by far superior. Just like others in here, once it gets the Froyo update (if we’re lucky), it will be even better. Now, I have to admit that the hardware on the myTouch 4G is solid, but I rather wait and hopefully by next year, Samsung will unveil the next generation Galaxy S line, which it better have at least an LED flash. It was T-Mobile’s poor judgment not to include it. As far as Front Facing Camera goes, yes it’s nice to have that feature but let’s be honest, this is just starting, wait 2 more years (probably less than that) and you’ll see almost every handset carry one. Remember when blue tooth came out??? ….. it’s the same principle, now it has become a common and standard feature. Anyways, when that happens the service should be even better.

    • luis

      Not bad judgement they did not want to kill the sales of the mytouch 4G or f2f. Had vibrant had flash, ffc, froyo who would buy a mytouch or g2!? It would be like apple making an iPad that dis everything a laptop did

  • g1-and-only

    well i had it for 3 days and it is a great phone, very fast, great weight i love the design but i made a mistake. i have the sexy nexy and decided to do a side by side screen test, the nexus screen looks like HD compared to the 4g, you dont believe me, go to you tube and watch charlie the unicorn episode 2 with the brightness cranked up, it was such a big difference that i sent the 4g back and will wait for the next big thing, plus i just got my nexus in april so ill wait till then to upgrade…but fantastic phone other wise.

  • PrisonerOfDoom

    I’m loving the phone. My battery life is excellent. I’m getting 2 days between charges.

  • JackMatt

    I have to say I like the hardware….. and I like some of the other stuff, WIFI calling for one. But man this thing has a ton of bloatware and its every were. They give you a Facebook app that syncs your contacts? WTH? the standard app from the market does that to. Speaking of contacts…. man this t-mobile contact sync is just dumb. Why do I need to sync my contacts with T-mobile? So that I can recover them if the phone is lost/stolen/broken? uhhhh Google does that right in gmail!! All in all I like the phone, but now that its rooted I will be uninstalling stuff! I don’t know why T-Mobile does not just give you the opention of Nilia Adroid or T-Mobile Android… come one give the people what they want and everyone is happy.

    • Will

      Yeah I was hating the contact syncing because I was having issues with the contact pictures but I had it and just deleted all my contacts (131) and then went into settings, and turned off T-Mobile syncing so only gmail contacts would sync and of course facebook with those contacts that have it. Took no time and made a world of difference for me.

  • John

    Could somebody tell me which has a better battery life out of the box? The G2 or the Mytouch 4G?

  • poni

    can this phone surf while making a call at the same time? How’s the speaker? Thanks alll.

  • sklx-09 user

    I loved it for the 3 hours that it actually worked for me.
    after that they turned off my data and tried to force me into a more expensive data plan.
    claimed my current data plan wouldn’t work, EVEN THOUGH IT WAS WORKING FINE UNTIL THEY TURNED IT OFF.

    so much for advertising that they aren’t charging customers more for using their network, BS.

    • brianh

      What plan were you on? I have been on the cheapest android plan since I got my G1 and nothing has changed. If you are changing from a non android plan then yes you will get charged extra but this has been going on for 2 years so it shouldn’t be a surprise.

      • SKLX-09 user

        The same unlimited web/data/text plan I have pretty much always had through 4 different phones and 3 different network “generations” without a problem to this day.

        And it was working fine on the mytouch until it was switched off.
        I had no issues loading web pages or applications or emails or text/mms.

  • MartinC

    I’ve had mine for about a week and here are my thoughts:

    The Good:
    – HSPA+: WOW ITS FAST! When connected I get 2-5mbps down. Fantastic for streaming video and tethering
    – Screen: Decent screen and is very responsive.
    – Processor: Programs are snappy
    – Android 2.2

    The Bad:
    Call Volume: Way too soft
    Video Calling: Gimmicky and only fully works when the planets align properly
    Genius Button: Another gimmick and a waste of a button. Doesn’t work 70% of the times I use it.
    Camera Quality: 50% of the shots look awesome and 50% of the shots looks horrible.

    The Ugly:
    – UI!!!!!! Thank god this bad boy can now be rooted. Someone make a stock ROM quick.
    – Speakerphone: Worst speakerphone I have ever heard on a phone. Really it is that bad.
    – Power Button: The button is nestled in the curved top of the phone and hard to press. I find it very annoying but others might not care.

    I am still debating on if I should return this phone. Now that it can be rooted I will most likely keep it if I can install a decent ROM. Don’t get me wrong I can live with most of my complaints but if any of the above bother you a lot you may want to hold off.

  • vinny

    Great phone, fast as hell, great features, pass on the genius button, use Vlingo on all my phones, nothing can compare to vlingo’s accuracy and speed. Don’t listen to engadget revue, they are all about Stevey boy Jobs.. If it isn’t apple it doesn’t have a chance to them.. I stopped listening and viewing their podcasts because of that. The most bias bunch of ass kissing trouts around.
    Love T-Mobile and their Network.

  • Kerry

    I got mine on Saturday. I had the G1, then the MT Slide (I bought this knowing I was going to get something in November). My fist physical keyboardless phone… which is fine because I hadn’t opened my keyboard on the Slide for months.

    I love the phone, but I like the sense overlay in the first place. This phone is fast both processor wise and getting data. Angry Birds plays pretty well on this; occasionally laggy but that seems in time with the adds displaying. The screen seems perfectly sized too, not to big and not too small.

    It’s solid and feels like you have $450 bucks worth of stuff in your hand or pocket. The Vibrant felt too light to me (I played with one for quite a while and decided I didn’t like it).

    Battery lasts about what I expect… with heavy use (gmail sync, Exchange via Touchdown syncing every 15 mins, surfing, texting, and some messaging.) I can go from about 7AM-3PM before I hit 20%. I have my brightness turned way down, Wifi is off but I leave the GPS to connect when it needs too (I agree with a previous post, it doesn’t seem to connect unless an app needs it).

    The screen is beautiful and the touch screen is responsive. I was using Google Earth last night with no lag or stuttering.

    I like the on screen ‘touch input’ keyboard on the ‘Slide better. I can get used to this keyboard but I liked the way you can select the text entry area and a perfectly sized text window comes up above the keyboard. You can type and edit in there very easily (scrolling up/down to review etc.). Seems mainly an issue with the web browser as Handcent and other apps use the entry box I mentioned above. I looked for setting to change this, but no luck (at the browser or keyboard).

    No native MSN chat… seems odd as it was on all the previous phones. I did find an MSN app for this so not a huge deal.

    Genius button is a joke. Great concept but takes too long to activate so you can use it. Its faster to type things in. Voice recognition SW works very well elsewhere though.

    Demo apps… its fine to load them, but why can’t we delete them if we don’t want to keep them and buy them.

    I miss the My Music app on the ‘Slide, that was fun. There’s always Pandora.

    The music app is decent, but why oh why can’t it remember where you were in a playlist. That is so annoying…. I have pretty much quit using my ipod now, except in the vehicles.

    All-in-all minor gripes, but I do like the phone and I think I can keep this one for 2 years. Looking forward to the 2.3 update, but now that I have apps to SD I’m pretty happy with this OS.

  • Really?

    dudes, all smartphones die fast – how are people still shocked by this?

    Fact is MT4G screams, it looks and feels every bit the premium superphone, and G2’s physical keyboard should be the only thing standing between you and it.

    And the engadget review is biased trash. Probably the last review I’ll bother with on that site. It’s THAT innacurate.

  • Joe

    What I love: Almost everything, specially its speed while multitasking and opening like 15 apps at the same time. The HSPA network here in Puerto Rico is awesome; at home I’m downloading at 6mbps on average. The Genius button while on “Hands Free Mode” is just awesome; btw, although it has an option to use it in Spanish, it doesn’t work at all; it always processes everything in English, but I can live with that.

    What I hate:
    1. I CAN’T VIDEO CHAT WITH MAC YAHOO MESSENGER USERS!!! You can only video chat with people that have Yahoo Messenger for Windows. I’m so sad (and upset?) for that.
    2. THE SENSE GALLERY!!! My good Lord Jesus, that app is horrible, it really sucks. I was hoping to see default Froyo gallery, but no… The Sense one is the default and it seems that it can’t be changed. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

    What I didn’t like too much: I am a former MyTouch 3G user and I miss the easy level of customization that I had with my old phone. For example, and it took me two days to figure out how to make this work, I had to turn off all the SMS related options/services on the phone in order to have Handcent as my default INCOMING SMS client. On the 3G I just had to mark is as the default for SMS and that was all. Before i did that, I was always getting double notifications of incoming SMS messages and double number of messages.

  • vibrant guy

    I love it.

  • I LOVE THE PHONE battery life was an issue then guess what i turned off qik and my phone dame near lasted me from the whole day didnt have to charge until about 8 tonight and i had the wifi on all day using it for wifi sms and calling great!!

  • let down

    Had the G2 for a month and now MT4G for five days. Really want the G2 vanilla goodness in the MT4G body.

    Would really like to delete pre-installed apps and can only send MMS via stock messaging app. Doesnt work with Handcent-so either need to have the stock app made tremendoulsy better or wait till Handcent fixs their issue.

    Bottom line-if are ok with the size and weight of the G2-go for it.

  • BMAN325i

    just got my mytouch4g a few days ago. upgraded from a mytouch3g. Way better, faster, smoother, everything. But the battery, well it lasts, but not as long as it did on the mytouch3g but it does make sense that it uses alot more power because of all the upgrades they made. Overall great phone, for now…

  • MrFlorida

    So you guys that upgraded from the MyTouch3G Slide, did yall pay the $449?
    im a MT3G Slide user and wanna get this phone, im pretty sure i’ll like it, it’ll be my second All-Touch phone(no physicaly QWERTY) my first all-touch phone was a Iphone3G

  • fazeowl

    ive always power cycled my phones n their batterys… Never charged them outta the box, ran it till it turned off, charged it over night… repeated that about 7 to 10 times and ive always gotten the best battery life.


    i think its a pretty awesome phone out of the box. i think its way better than the iphone 4 at least androids O.S. is constantly changing not like iphone 4 O.S. Which still looks the same which is boring lol HTC UP IN DISS

  • fazeowl

    btw i love my mytouch 4g… but the whole lay out ehhh… maybe taking it back for a g2… to bad there isnt any other hspa+ phones coming out…

  • rojasmarco08

    Just got mine yesturday! and I like the device its smooth, Htc sence is nice too but man I wish it had a QWERTY keyboard!.I dk if its because I am a heavy txter and because I never used a touchscreen phone to txt but it gets me fustruated. I might change it for the G2 but then again I like the phone! and dont want to make a wrong decision lol..oh and the battery just sucks:/ but ANDROID ROCKS!

  • MT4G/G2/HD2 USER

    Use the sim that came with the phone. I sim swapped and my data speeds are off the charts!! This is no joke. If you compare your old sim to this one they look different. Just try it and let me know. I guarantee it will improve you data speeds and connection.

    • crazyfunky

      Thanks for this note. I’ll try it and let you know.

    • blah

      I purchased mine from a corporate store on day one. The told me if I wanted the new sim it would cost me $30… I just used my old one. Anyone know how to get a new sim for free? Not cheap just feel like the sim should be included…

      • Bimmerz

        @ blah; That is BS! Yes it comes included with the phone! Usually they will take your old sim, and transfer all your contacts to the new sim card – and keep your old one.

        Personally, I don’t let the store set me up, this way I’ll have extra sim cards – same as though I had ordered online or via phone. When they mail you the phone, they don’t remove the sim card before doing so.

        In fact, when I left Tmobile for almost a month (to try Sprint out for the Epic), and then came back – I went into the store to reactivate my old phone, and they gave me a new sim for free, and it was their idea!

        So definitely go back, or go to another store – if you still have a problem getting a new one, then threaten to return the phone. If need be, get it online or through CS. Good luck! :)

        • autoadhd

          Actually retail is supposed to keep the Sim card it is usually printed on the box. The Sim shouldn’t have cost you anything we are supposed to upgrade all customers to the new Sim card. It does increase data speeds and has a longer life cycle. As far as customer care sending you one included in the box it is because the usually send you an un-open box in store is different policy.

        • rep@0000

          I work in a retail store and the sim cards do not come with upgrades. It says so on the side of the box. We are willing to get you a new one to help your speed especially if you have one that is ancient, but it is because of people like you that make the sim cards cost money to replace. Our store does not charge to replace a sim because we take ones that come with upgrades. If we didn’t take them out of the box we would not have sim cards for people have lost or stolen their sim cards. You make me not want to be nice and give the sim cards away but actually charge people for them just for being rude. we have a job to do thank you! oh and by the way we dont keep peoples old sim cards we shred them or let you take them!

      • Madmax26

        I work on the floor at a tmo corperate retail store and employees are supposed to take new sims out and keep them when doing upgrades… Its policy. And then yes we sell them for 30. Go to costco they dont keep them in theyre inventory but they always have them

        • lunchbreak

          Yeah it’s policy to return the SIM that came with the phone when doing an upgrade. But there is no policy stating you can’t proactively offer to upgrade a customer’s SIM. Further, there is absolutely no policy about charging a customer $30 for a newer SIM. Worst case scenario, if a customer loses their SIM they can buy a replacement for $19.99, and most corporate stores don’t charge even for that.

          @blah – any corporate store can swap out your sim for FREE. If they tell you otherwise it is because they have no clue to what they are doing or they’re a bunch of indirects.

        • Bill

          It’s also policy when upgrading a customers handset to make sure they are using a UICC sim and to upgrade at no charge if they are not

        • tmo

          what are you talking about! sim cards are 19.99! you guys are pocketing the money or what! i worked at a corprate store for 3 years now and it was always 19.99 plus tax..

        • veronica

          Actually direct stores only charge $20.00 for sim cards. Any stores charging $30 is pocketing the money than. I talked to several stores that are DIRECT stores which you can look those up on tmobile store locater they are the pink t’s. Everyone I talk to say 20 plus tax and tax is not 10$. Not only that but if it is a technical issues tmobile gives them for free.

        • j

          @autoadhd – Every upgrade I have gotten in 5 years has had a sim card in it. It is part of the packaging and stores should leave it in the box for customers. this is sent as an extra in case they need one or for new customers to activate, taking it is like stealing.

      • bluefer

        everyone here is false. i work for tmo corporate and yes, we’re supposed to return sim cards, but associates are also supposed to upgrade old sim cards for customers upgrading to hspa+ phones. old ones won’t give them the same speeds. if you’re having trouble find a new store or tell them to do research. it’s what we’re SUPPOSED to be doing.

        • SKLX-09 User

          i was at a t mobile store shortly after the new mytouch launched and i had mentioned that i have been having a hard time keeping a good signal lately and they asked how old my SIM card was and i told them its my original sim from several years back and while i was trying out their mytouch 4g they gave me a new sim card for free AND gave me my old one as i left.

          and when i got my mytouch 4g in the mail there was a new sim card in it as well, didnt use it though and sent it back when i sent back the mytouch.

      • ashnic

        Yeah i work at a corporate store. we only charge $20.00 for lost or stollen sim cards. Dont know where the $30.00 came from. Tell that rep to do their research on streamline. Its mandatory to update that sim for free.

      • davina

        I have one that you can have, it came with the prepaid for that I bought until my phone came in..

      • That was not a corporate store you went to Blah, each upgrade COMES with a sim card per T-Mobile policy @ a corporate store. Authorized agents do sell them for $30 and if you just want to buy a sim from a T-Mobile store itself (in case you lost your phone) they only ever charge $20 so…definitely not a corporate store call customer care and tell them the situation I am sure if you ask them nicely they will 100% get you a free sim card.

        • Cork

          same here….i work at a corporate location and i get customers all the time who come from authorized/indirect dealers who will charge $30 for a sim not activated. At our corporate stores sim cards are 19.99 (lost/stolen) free to swap your sim if you are having issues (dropped calls/slower internet speeds) not free with upgrades (says it on the box) and we do give or sell sim cards to people with no service….its policy

          you can most definitely go into the store and ask to have your sim card upgraded due to slower speeds and will not be charged….as long as you are polite and not rude like a lot of people who march in and demand.

          but sim cards are NOT $30…

        • john

          i used to work at a corporate store but i left because working at tmobile has lots of shady business. in streamline their is no where stated that they have to purchase a sim card for 19.99. this can be avoided by calling customer service and giving them the store number thats trying to charge you. also not being able to keep your flexpay number is fake to, you can always transfer it to prepaid then transfer to regular account. you also dont to need to cancel your lines that are up for upgrade just to open another line again for alot of promotions.

      • JonnyBlaze

        Thats messed up. i have worked for t-mobile in stl for 7 years and i have never charged anyone for a sim card. with the exception of people that come in acting like douchers.

    • MT4G/G2/HD2 USER

      I did my swap over the phone with customer care. All I had to do was read them some numbers and that was it. No questions asked.

      • blah

        Thanks guys, Ive been too busy playing with my phone to get back to the store but I will go today and let you know what happens.

        As a sidenote, figured out why android UI is running so laggy, Im using alot of transparent widgets and unfortunately no version of android supports GPU UI rendering, all the UI rendering is done on the CPU which is really a waste on this amazing SoC… Anyway hopefully I will get my HSPA sim card and MT4G will get 2.3 soon as I hear it MAY support gpu UI acceleration with would make this run twice as smooth as the iphone OS…

        • blah

          Good news I got my sim from another corporate store, bad news it didnt improve my speeds but phone is more responsive so who knows.. I know the MT4G uses the data connection alot when opening various apps so that could explain the reponsiveness.

    • Toss

      I believe u, bt sumtimes when this happens, u get a few problems with either incoming calls fo a while.. but I totally agree with u on the sim swapping.

  • Prasad

    I love the phone, only wish the speaker is little more louder.. other than that it pretty darn good phone.. here at work.. it beat all other phones that my co-workers are holding..

    • blah

      Thanks guys, Ive been too busy playing with my phone to get back to the store but I will go today and let you know what happens.

      As a sidenote, figured out why android UI is running so laggy, Im using alot of transparent widgets and unfortunately no version of android supports GPU UI rendering, all the UI rendering is done on the CPU which is really a waste on this amazing SoC… Anyway hopefully I will get my HSPA sim card and MT4G will get 2.3 soon as I hear it MAY support gpu UI acceleration with would make this run twice as smooth as the iphone OS…

  • I Think The Battery Life Is great Remember to log out of qik if your not making any video calls this app kill your battery. Only charge your phone when its fully dead you tend to get a longer day out of your phone. Other than that i work if a old facility with no signal i had my wifi on from 9:30 to 5:00pm using it for wifi calling and mms and sms no web browsing tho but it lasted my ride home i used the navigation for a lil bit and i went to 5 guys died about 8pm to 8:30 now thats some good battery life lol.

  • Zorro

    I’ve only owned 3 Android phones. The G1, Vibrant, and now the MyTouch 4G. The G1 was an incredible phone for me at the time, and I still love it… The Vibrant was a good phone with a fantastic screen. However there are many dislikes I had personally with the Vibrant. One being Samsung and there inability to update phones. And even with the ji6 update, my GPS was still not accurate. My G1’s GPS was far better. Also with the Vibrant, my 3G was very inconsistent. No LED notification and no camera flash were just small gripes… So I sold my Vibrant for the 4G. I might as well get a phone to go with the HSPA+ speeds. And I love it. My HSPA+ signal is always here in Kansas City. It has the LED notification, and the flash. (Sometimes the small things go a long way) I also used Yahoo video chat with a friend in Florida and it worked really well. This is the best phone I have owned and I would recommend it. To me this phone has everything you could want.

    • MT4G/G2/HD2 USER

      I’m in kc too and the data speeds are off the charts!

    • pantlesspenguin

      Another KC user here. I always recommend T-Mo to my friends here. I get consistantly awesome service everywhere in the metro.

  • TMOJoe

    I went with some of the advice and got a new SIM card (for free). I guess we will see if the battery life improves. Yesterday I had it at 100% when I left the office and it was down to 44% after 2 hours of game playing.

    I just did a Speed Test and it registered at 1755kbps download and 167 upload. Anyone know if this is pretty good?

    • Melissa

      sim cards dont kill your battery

  • M

    Ive owned the MT3G, MT3GSlide, Cliq, Vibrant. Althought I really like the vibrant This MT4G has everything You’ll need. Speed, FFC, Flash, Hspa+, WiFI calling, hotspot, froyo. U can root it now. Perfection, lets hope it doesn’t start forcesclosing. I know its early buy im Looking forward to Gingerbread on it. Vibrant might get 2.2 by MT4G gets the gingerbread man!

    • j

      force closing is usually app related but not always

  • fidget

    prefer it over the MT3gslide although I have to say that phone was underrated. It was not at all laggy. The main reason I upgraded was for hspa+ speeds and for Froyo 2.2 now instead of waiting, and also once I got hooked on Swype I NEVER used the keyboard.

    mtouch 4g is great, but no better/worse regarding lag than mt3gslide. Getting some nice download/upload speeds in my area – N. Atlanta. Up to 6 mbs down, 1.6 up.

    haven’t tried video chat yet as none of my family/friends use Qik or Tango. Anyone had good experience?

    • the MT3GSlide has one hell of a major flaw though. I owned it and the Dialer and Phone applications would crash leaving me unable to make calls for 20 minutes or only after a reboot. Talked to a T-Mo employee who has the MT3GSlide and he has the same issue. They replaced my phone for free under waranty and I sold it. Got a BB Bold 9700. No HSPA+ but I’m hoping for HSPA+ iPad 2nd gen or iPhone within a year.

    • the MT3GSlide has one hell of a major flaw though. I owned it and the Dialer and Phone applications would crash leaving me unable to make calls for 20 minutes or only after a reboot. Talked to a T-Mo employee who has the MT3GSlide and he has the same issue. They replaced my phone for free under waranty and I sold it. Got a BB Bold 9700. No HSPA+ but I’m hoping for HSPA+ iPad 2nd gen or iPhone within a year.

  • Russ

    Yeah, I work for TMO, I’ve heard rumors of some of our newer phones not working well with older SIM cards. The newest cards are denoted by a TM9073 somewhere on them.

    Any store that tries to charge you for a SIM card is ridiculous. Just tell them that customer care told you to come in and swap out your SIM card and that it’d be free.

    If they’re not a corporate store then you’re probably out of luck.

    • MIke

      [quote]If they’re not a corporate store then you’re probably out of luck.[/quote]

      Figures. TMo corporate owned store is 30+ miles away, freaking retarded AND only corporate stores have working demos for phones.

      • Bill

        Tmobile can mail out the sim for free or reimburse your account for the cost of the sim if you just call customer care

      • Young Brezzie

        Mike, why are you talking out of your a hole I work at a non corporate store store and we have every phone in a demo phone. Don’t speak or comment if you have not visited a lot of n on corporate stores.

      • JonnyBlaze

        thats not true about the corporate stores have working demos. there are also tpr(retail partner) stores that are fully functional stores with the exception of manual override upgrades.

  • NEO

    Ok I love my Mytouch 4g, but can someone tell me how do i get the pinch-zoom to work on Gmail..this is one of the big things as I have to zoom to read some of the emails that I get which has images within in the email. these are critical item listings and I want to be able to zoom to view them. iPhone can still do this, I tried on my colleagues and unfortunately not on Gmail.. i’m pretty sure its a basic thing for google, not sure why they didnt think about it or is it a settings issue?

  • MIke

    Ah so T Mobile lets people bring in their old sim cards to trade in for a new one for free?

    Radioshack and a non owned corporate TMo store told me if I wanted to get service on my G2 that I OWN I would have to pay them to buy a new sim which was like $22 or so.

    Thankfully I found a unused sim in the packaging of the phone box in the manual cover. That’s good to activate till 04/2013

  • hyproglo

    All this talk of sim cards is mute, ive had 3 of them die on me and have never had to pay for a replacement. If you buy your phone online you generally get new sim. Only noobs who let High School dropouts set up your phone @ retailers get your new sim stolen.

    • Putz

      I think you mean moot, not “mute.”

    • blah

      I think even high school dropouts know how to properly use “moot” and “mute” lol.


  • G4tro

    Im sorry to say guys but i went to Tmo with the intention of maybe getting this phone until i had it in my hand not only does it really feel inferior to the Vibrant but this is gotta be the most feminine line of phones I’ve ever touched…wow i cant believe guys will actually walk around with this phone…I’m sorry but they shouldve first of all change that body style and second change that retarded Mytouch logo to something more manly unless their target audience is women like the one in the commercial…But on the plus side i got The HD7 and Im trying it out and so far so good no lag speed is great and Im considering selling my Vibrant and keeping the HD7…

    • Cybersedan

      I guess you’re entitled to your opinion, I’m not sure what part of this phone screams feminine to you, but to each his own. My wife actually thinks the MyTouch is too heavy for her and prefers her Vibrant, so there you go.

  • what kind of a poll is this.
    where’s the option for the people that didn’t like their MT4G?

  • JP

    anyone having issues downloading paid apps from the marketplace? stuck in authorizing?

  • EvanMax

    I’m the MyTouch champion at my particular T-Mobile Corporate Retail store (although, for the record, my views expressed herein are my personal views only, and do not reflect the company in any way) so I’ve had the phone a few more days than most, and I am loving it. My Android history is Moment –> Droid –> Nexus One (six of them, don’t ask) –> myTouch 4G, and I would say it is the best so far. I was previously used to stock Android, so sense is taking some getting used to, but there are features of this phone that I don’t think I could live without (and the hardware is INSANE. Seriously, three quarters of a gig of RAM?! The majority of the PCs that I’ve owned over the years have had less than that.)

    In particular I think the hands-free mode is amazing. The fact that I can answer my texts over bluetooth while driving is now an essential feature to me in a phone for personal use, when before it didn’t really exist.

    There are a couple of things I’m not such a big fan of. I wish I could set the genius button so that a short press brought up contextual search, and a long press brought up the genius app, but maybe I can fix this up through a third party app. I’m also not looking forward to having to wait when new OS versions come out (I’ve been used to the turn-around time of stock Android), but I think the positives far outweigh those concerns.

  • Zorro

    Has anybody had trouble sending picture messages? It keeps saying generic network failure… I can receive them, just not send them

    • Zorro

      Disregard this. I researched and found out the problem

      • Carlos

        How did you fix that generic network failure I’m having the same problem

  • molten

    This off topic but it will help anyways. I am waiting on my HD7 and when I talked to the Rep, she said that the phone will come with a new sim card and I should make sure to activate it when I get it instead of using my old card. My guess is this might have something to do with the HSDPA+ capability even though the HD7 is not a full HSDPA+ (14mbs at the moment) device but its HSDPA+ capable to 7.2 mbs. So I will say get a new sim when you buy the phone or if you didnt you should go back and ask for the new sim.

  • MrXtramean

    I new to android having come from the Shadow with windows 6. I like the MYT4 and android. I got the phone at a mall TMO store and used my TMO credits, no contract for the phone. They didn’t even mention a data plan or offer to put my old sim card in. Just handed me the phone. I didn’t get a new sim card with my phone or they, he, the rep kept it. Should I do something? I didn’t get the phone on contract, if that matters.

    I’m having issue’s with my phone Favs and Weather apps not showing info. I think it’s because I have downloaded a few apps, like Advanced Task killer, but not sure. I don’t have a data plan either and just use wi-fi.

    The phone is BIG and heavy for the pocket in a case. Still learning the phone, but overall, I like it. What I don’t like is all the apps auto starting. And I’m trying to get the phone setup so it only sync’s when I want it to…aka manually. I don’t want twitter updates, actually don’t need updates, I just post directly or from my Blog. So, I’ve some work to do and some tweeking to figure out. But again, the MYT4 is kinda cool.

    • Young Brezzie

      All new phones are not my faves capable

  • Meego

    9.07Mbps download here in Cincinnati so far. Best phone tmo has come out with do far. Solid and feature packed. Destroys the iphone 4 by far.

  • joe

    mine is permernantly rooted. youtube guy, linked, shows you how to root your phone without adb. i love this phone very much.

  • shanikwa

    Will there be a mytouch HG slide?

    • shanikwa

      Sorry, Will there be a mytouch HD slide?

  • shaquille

    i would love to own a mytouch 4g but cant afford it so if any one has a spare i can really use it would be my first touch screen phone.

  • shaquille

    if u have one call me or text me at 706-726-2376. pleaze!!!!!!!!

  • mattwod

    Does anyone have any complaints with the screen on this phone? I have been to several Tmo stores to check this phone out and every one I go to the screen has a defect where it looks like the glass (top protective screen) is actually touching the LCD display in a small portion in the center of the screen almost a fingernail-sized. I assume it is from people pressing too hard, but the fact that mark seems permanent is making me second guess this phones quality. Even when pressing the screen a little hard, the display seems to distort(the LCD rainbow effect), if you compare it to the Vibrant or G2 glass, there is no distortion from even the most forceful presses on the glass.

    • dma76

      my screen is nice and clear.

  • Test

    does the my touch 4g have a tegra 2 chip?

    • phatdaddy60

      it has the new 2nd generation 1Ghz snapdragon chip.

  • Test

    does the my touch 4g have a tegra 2 chip?

  • Js_carter127

    l really like everything about it but the spekerphone. Also this is my first andriod phone and I am not used to the keyboard. I an iphone before this phone. Does anyone know any tricks to minimize mistakes when using this keyboard?

    • Mathismybag

      i had the same problem. i went from my first gen iphone to a mytouch3g slide. when i got the slide, i tried installing an app called Better Keyboard with the iphone keyboard add-on. the speed and screen-size of the slide made it kinda shitty. the mytouch4g is bigger and faster, though. better keyboard + iphone add-on = an EXACT replica of the iphone keyboard experience. i don’t miss anything about the iphone, to be completely honest.

      • The iPhone add-on as you call it is just a skin you know that right?

      • The iPhone add-on as you call it is just a skin you know that right?

    • phatdaddy60

      Turn off the predictive text and leave spell check on. That should help you.

    • Jeff7181968

      if you do a calibration in text menu it will help alot..i

  • Js_carter127

    l really like everything about it but the spekerphone. Also this is my first andriod phone and I am not used to the keyboard. I an iphone before this phone. Does anyone know any tricks to minimize mistakes when using this keyboard?

  • mazine24

    I love it, the only problem i have is the short battery life. coming from a blackberry, my BB would last me about 1-3 days depending on the use. mt4g last me about one day at THE MOST. other than that, the phone is amazing. super fast, very very good phone overall. however, angry birds (game), does slow the screen during the game as if it lagged

  • mazine24

    I love it, the only problem i have is the short battery life. coming from a blackberry, my BB would last me about 1-3 days depending on the use. mt4g last me about one day at THE MOST. other than that, the phone is amazing. super fast, very very good phone overall. however, angry birds (game), does slow the screen during the game as if it lagged

  • KevinCG

    This phone is amazing. Seriously, coming from CLIQ and G1 and everything else I don’t know what more you would want at this point in time. Its prefect. Battery is sucked because this thing is a beast and the display eats all of the charge. I am not a fan of 40%, so I carry my cord to work and in the car at all times. Never be without a charge station.

  • this phone is awesome!!! im coming from a TouchPro2.

  • Exocet19

    Just got the phone. I came from a Blackberry, and this phone is in a different league.. I do have to say the speakerphone is very poor. The battery life is also a bit poor.. About 1.5 days.. less if you try to watch a lot of video.. Other then that it works very well as a phone ( shocking that I would dare use it for something so simple) and the web, gmail, facebook, etc applicaitons are awesome.. The Facebook for myTouch is crappy.. I would suggest just using the standard Facebook app from the Market..

    • Rockhopper

      No need to download a FB app – just use FB Mobile –

  • i need this phone my behold 2 is killing me

  • Cadmanwilliams68

    This is my first Android phone. I came from a Blackberry that was constantly locking up. I love this phone but have two complaints. The speaker phone is way too quite to be useful and syncing contacts has been a royal pain. Ive had to wipe my phone 3 times in 4 days because the syng wasnt working right. Gmail showed 70 contacts but the mytouch wouldnt pull them all down unless I did a factory reset. So, 3 times I’ve had to redownload all apps, register to all programs and start over with all the games creating new usernames each time. Other than that, I am happy to own it. The UMA voice over wi-fi was the only reason I had a BB to begin with and the main reason I jumped at the chance to buy the Mytouch 4g.

  • Dude with MyTouch

    The speaker’s nasally, tiny, ear piercing output ruins all of the hands free functions, especially GPS. The phone is awesome otherwise, but dang… what type of speaker did they put back there? EVeryone says i’m loud, but clear, but they come out sounding i plugged my headphones into the out jack on my stereo. I think we all deserve a free upgrade when it comes out.

  • i love my mytouch 4g best phone on the market

  • 123

    I just got my myTouch 4G today and I have to say that I’m quite disappointed with it. I used to use a rooted G1 (that unfortunately took a dump) and wish that I had my customization that I had with my G1. I use Exchange at work and have many subfolders within my inbox, but on my 4G, I can’t sync these. Think I’m going to take mine back and get the G2 for stock Android.


      did you ever get the G2??? If so how does it compare.. I had to send my MY TOUCH back 3 times and they all have different issues. I called TMOBILE and the rep explained that there is an issue with the programming on the phn, and driod told them to exchange phn for another model. So every phn they send will have a similar problem. The issue is – this is TMOBILE’s best phn so they can up grade us to anything better…..SMDH!!!

  • feeling stupid… first day with the MT4G and my slacker radio/media room seems to stay on and I think its killing my battery faster than it should. It shows up in “ongoing” but I can’t find a way to quit it.


    The my touch 4g sucks bad i got one and had to exchange it and the new one I got also sucks the games skip and get stuck the calender is a day behind dont know why its always on edge I hate this atari phone ive been rebooting for a whole month now no wonder it was free they got to get rid of those slow sucky cheap video chat phones why do they advertise otherwise the commercial looks all clear FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!! Liars cant wait for a real dream phone if u feel me hit me up at

  • Tammy 1983

    Mine keeps dropping calls!!!

  • Tammy 1983

    and linking fb to contacts is a pain in the @ss!!!

  • Csmurphy22109

    I have had to replace my mytouch 4g already 4 times in 6 months since i got it. I have been with tmobile for about 7 years and now plan on changing carrriers. This new phone is such a pile of crap and same thing each time, dropped calls, dropped internet, powers off and on by self, sends out random texts to people for no reason, ear piece stops working for no reason, locks up so i have to take out battery, internet window scrolls over and sticks for no reason. Just a pile of crap. Going to pay the disconnect fee and go get a DROID by Verizon…can you hear me now? Not yet my tmobile mytouch ear piece dont work! CCRRRRRRAAAAAAPPPPPOOLLA!!