Samsung Galaxy Tab Now Available

Behold the Samsung Galaxy Tab, now available from T-Mobile for just $399.99 on contract or you can make your way out of the store contract free for $599.99. I suppose you might have to break open the piggy bank or ask for an early holiday gift from a loved one but the Galaxy Tab is widely held as the first real competition to the iPad and the best Android tablet to date so let’s hope T-Mobile gives a little push to help sales as the holiday season kicks into full swing. Who knows, maybe that November 20th deal involves the Tab, stranger things have happened right? Oh well, it’s just a thought.


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  • MT4G/G2/HD2 USER

    Winmo 7 slate please

    • Yaniv C

      FTW! Im with you brother… well kinda. What Id really like to see is WP7 on a slate. Ive got the HD7 now and I can say enough how much I love the phone. Couple of things I would have added but overall, its not an iPhone killer… its an Apple
      Corer. I LOVE MY HD7… and having a slate with it would be awesome.
      Microsoft Zoom anyone?
      Hey if M$ uses that I want royalties!!!!! lol

    • 2FR35H

      Agreed to the 3rd power

    • Edward Mullens

      Seriously, what the heck are you going to do with a Winmo 7 tablet? They haven’t even completed their first real PHONE operating system3 years after the introduction of the iPhone and the smartphone revolution. There are key smartphone features missing still, and you’re expecting them to enter the tablet race? Get real.

  • Xajuran

    Love tablets, but this is too small

    • timmyjoe42

      Yea, why is this only a 7″? I can’t believe the manufacturers are so far behind Apple in getting out tablets, especially since they can use the Android code as a basis for free. Maybe they are waiting for 3.0 to come out which is supposed to be better suited for larger screens than 2.1.

  • sorandkairi

    GOT mine yesterday for ……. $200….. off contract (Thanks Jacob) but i’ve already reached my 5GB cap…..never done it before…. damn that new wifi tethering on the mytouch4G!

    • BeerBellyBilly

      Well don’t you worry one little bit, once they start charging for tethering you won’t have that problem anymore. Unless you buy the tethering plan that is.

      • 2FR35H


        They can’t charge you for tethering when its included when you bought the MT4G as well as they have no way of telling if you are tethering. To them he is just a guy that used up all 5gb’s of his plan.

        • cheech

          Unless T-Mobile looks at what you’re computer is sending out. Maybe packets that are only sent from PCs and not phones can be detected. Maybe seeing that you’re on Hulu or other sites that ban mobile devices (Hulu knows if you’re using a phone or other mobile device) is a good indicator of tethering.

      • sorandkairi


        lol…. yeah….. :/


        you are correct… never did i ever imagine that i would ever get to that “cap” but…. i did (PSN). I’m in the process of moving into our new home and we currently dont have internet available where we are.

        They only way that they could charge us user that tether for the mytouch4g is if that update 24 hours after most of us received the phone, it has a property to disable tethering, somehow, later down the line. But if so… EASY TETHER is a purchased product in my market so…..

        • BeerBellyBilly

          Oh sure they could charge. The only reason they don’t know is because they simply allow blanket authentication to their access servers for now. They could (and probably will) put up a proxy on all of their APN’s redirecting your IP to a sign-up portal (this is what verizon does if you tether without a plan). Their Droid Incredible (HTC-made) has the exact same software the MT4G and G2 have for wi-fi hotspot and USB tethering, and I’ve pulled up that portal on my Dash 3G wi-fi playing with their demos in the stores.

    • Bob

      How’d you get it for $200? That’s pretty crazy. I’ve got out of contract lines. Do share your magic. Thanks.

      • Sorandkairi

        t-mobile employee sold me his

      • Sorandkairi

        this is correct and its possible to do but as of now, they haven’t so……

    • nobody

      You got yours yesterday and already hit 5GB?? Someone needs to stop downloading porn….

      • Sorandkairi

        Reread……my statement…..usage came from psn

  • George

    Enable the call capabilities and I’ll buy it

    • GAM3R

      Absolutely YES, it is… :oD

    • Yaniv C

      DING DING DING WOOOOP WOOOOP WOOOOOP.. You hit the bullseye.
      Was considering buying this for my sister for her birthday but I figured $600 on a tablet that originally COULD make calls and Magenta decided to chop that out???? No thank you. I’ll wait to see if anyone at XDA can hack the stack and get the phone running (I believe it supports MMS,SMS).

  • GAM3R

    there saying Tmobile selling A7 TAB online only, not store?

  • Oce

    I’m sorry, but for 600 ponies, I’d get an iPad instead.

    • j

      what a waste of money ipads are, they simply are not worth that much. don’t get me wrong I want one but wont pay apple 1000 bucks for one

  • smm1st

    Is it available for upgrade? What about upgrade with family plan? I’ve heard no…

  • Ti_Neo

    Just a little heads up for those that “think” they can outsmart the ISP–Think again. They can see each and every device that hits “Their” network—>You know, it’s called a MAC address. If they choose to ignore it at this point, thats cool, but when you least expect it–They’ll hit you with charges. You say that you can block it? Good luck! If you were to clone the MAC from the cell–It might just work (For awhile). Never think you getting away with jack when it comes to corporations and their wallets. They hire people to teach them all the tricks and devise safeguards against such shananigans.
    The game is afoot!

    • cheech

      They can only get the MAC address of the device that’s actually connected to their network which is only the phone’s MAC address.

      I’m sure there are other ways to detect tethering though (ie. built-in software in the phone, pattern recognition algorithms that differentiate between phone and desktop browsing behaviors, network packet content, network responses from specific desktop OSs, etc.).

  • Any colors beside black and white?

    Stay thirsty my friends!

  • Pimpstrong


    • chris

      I tried it. It worked for about 2 hours, then everytime I tried to go to a website it kicked me back to t-mobile page to change my plan. Had to change to a webconnect plan.

  • Al

    It will be interesting to see how many FOOLS buy this overpriced tablet !!!!!

    • j

      overpriced? look at ipad prices, that is overpriced!

  • 16309A

    I would love to get it, but my wife got an ipad a few months ago, so I can’t justify two similar devices. (She travels alot, so it was perfect for movies, reading, etc). Oh well, she did let me buy a Mustang so I can’t complain! :)

    • Al

      Dam u got the better deal LOL nice wife !!!


    This is not an iPad killer.

    Stay tuned.

    • Al

      I agree , will wait till next year for better ones n CHEAPER !!

    • j

      noone said it was supposed to be

  • Dominick

    I went to about 3 t-mobile store here in NYC, and they said it limited edition.

  • Dominick

    good thing i reserved mine from a friend

  • Matt Hatter

    Pardon the soapboxing.
    I’m loving how people are saying that they shouldn’t have to pay to tether just because the phone has the capability to do so. My car has the capability of going 180 MPH, but I don’t do it. Why? Because it’s breaking the law. Just like stealing. By tethering without having the plan, you are in fact stealing services from T-Mobile. Just like going to the Dr. and not paying your bill. I see no reason why T-Mobile should not charge an extra 15.00 on your bill to use the web for your home computer, friend’s laptop, PSP, PS3, X360, Netflix supscription, whatever. You are using the web for stuff other than your phone, which is what you subscribed to to begin with. FOR YOUR PHONE, not your home internet needs.
    BTW, T-Mobile recommends that you use wifi whenever available on the Tab to preserve your GBs.

    • Matt Hatter

      This was probably the wrong post to rant about this.

    • JD

      While I see your point, you should at least be able to get extra GB for the extra $15.00/month. I can’t get behind the stealing argument if you are paying for 5GB per month and use them.

      • j

        are you cut off at 5GB, NO just slowed down, quit whining people

    • Edward Mullens

      There is a simple point you’re missing little boy. The very notion of unlimited data denotes a freedom to use that data as you see fit. Whether the phone/ tablet is using the data or you’re passing it through to another device, it is the same device that is gathering the data. This is EXACTLY why we need net neutrality regulations prompto. To keep greedy corporations and little corporate shills like you from restricting free and fair use to things we pay for.

      • j

        it is unlimited as you are not cut off, if you actually read the feature limitations you would know this and realize what you signed up for

    • Edward Mullens

      Give me a break. You pay for UNLIMITED DATA, the very notion implies that you can use that data coming from that device as you wish. Just the very fact that we have greedy corporations and corporate shills like you making this point is exactly why we need NET NEUTRALITY regulations immediately that define FAIR USE of what you pay for. The data you’re tethering isn’t coming by magic friend, it’s coming THROUGH THE DEVICE YOURE PAYING FOR DATA ON.

      • Thomas_M.

        “There is a simple point you’re missing little boy. ” —>Hmmmm, who’s speaking like a little brat?

        Edward, here’s the vital part you are missing. When you speak of “unlimited data” please keep in mind it’s not YOUR network YOU are browsing on. The “very notion of unlimited data” you speak of means pure and simple, T-Mobile allows you to send/receive data packets on their network (as they see fit) till you’ve run afoul and abused the so called “right” that you profess to have. Look on the Balance Sheet of T-Mobile and examine the section titled Property and Equipment. There, you’ll see a list of assets that T-Mobile owns and assets that YOU do not own. When some day in the hopefully not to distant future, your name is on the top of those financial statements, that’s when you get to make the “fair” and “unlimited” data policies. Until then, chill out on the whole “I’m oppressed” by my phone/internet provider rant. Those “greedy” corporations and corporate “shills” put our a product that include NO OBLIGATION to purchase, so if you feel like you’re getting screwed by anyone, please don’t forget to blame your parent(s) and/or teacher(s) because they apparently didn’t impress upon you a decent business or economics class.

        Pure and simple, it’s T-Mobile’s network. You don’t like it, go make your own network.

        • Edward Mullens

          Ahh the dumbing down of America. Nothing entertains me more than the tea party nutjob “build your own network” argument. Let me inform you of some key points you’ve missed. A) The major network providers are all providing service on public airwaves and frequencies that belong to ALL of American people and are auctioned off as leases to provide services to the American people AND ARE SUBJECT TO REGULATION THERE OF AND THERE BY. Now the argument you make is amusing on many levels. It is the same argument that the former AT&T and the later Bell companies made to prohibit usage of any other equipment such as Modems on their phone lines. Later reversed by regulation. It is the same argument that the cable companies used to make to try to regulate consumers from using wireless routers to distribute internet access. In short, your argument is only valid until such time as the inevitable regulation comes to ensure proper competition in a CREATED OLIGOPOLOGY ENVIRONMENT because of limited spectrum. Understand kid?

        • Thomas_M.

          Edward, No, I don’t understand. Since you’re apparently big into giving stuff to people for free because they have an assumed “right” (which btw is NOT in the Constitution), how about you GIVE me an answer that’s not built on propaganda and “feelings” of entitlement.

          The weak rebuttal you offer implies property rights are somehow rooted in a “tea party nutjob” argument however I am sad to see you are not cognizant of the ACTUAL right you and all Americans are afforded by the 5th Amendment. I’m not going to waste my time explaining to you what the 5th amendment since you’re probably already a card-carrying zombie Marxist, but for those of you readers who have a feeling Edward’s argument is without merit, weak (look at personal attacks), and lacking substance, feel free to Google “property rights”, “Constitution”, and “eminent domain” and have fun getting to know what you ACTUALLY have rights to do (and own).

          To the reader: If you agree with the “team Edward” argument and you’ve hated business for some time now because of the insurmountable oppression they inflict upon you, be sure to ask a Chinese, Slavic, or Vietnamese immigrant > 45 yrs old about how great America and American business is compared to their old home-land and you’ll get much better argument as to how oppressed we are here in America.

          Question for you Edward: 1.) If you lease a car, do YOU own it? Can you do what you please with that car or do you only have the right to operate that car? 2.) How’s that eminent domain argument working out for the people in Venezuela? I challenge you to befriend a Venezuelan man/woman and find out just how the increased “quality of life” is working out for them.

          I await your response.


        • Edward Mullens

          Oh my deluded little tea party friend. Quick to jump on the supposed literalist constitution and property rights mantra drilled into you by legions of talk radio fools who are products of the same education system that produces children who are fat and can’t compete in the intellectual world economy but can certainly give their “astute” opinions on the constitution. Coming back to the point at hand. Contrary to your idealized view of free market capitalism, it has ALWAYS been a concurrent aim to have regulation to control monopolies and oligopolies which are an inevitable part of capitalism. That is the essence of a hundred years or so of anti trust law and regulation since the start of the industrial revolution in America. It is only amongst right wing nutjobs that they separate out that tenet from the rest. In this case these corporations are using public airwaves and are absolutely subject to regulation to ensure competition regardless.

        • Thomas_M.

          Edward, what drivel you propose yet once again! Let’s try and agree on one thing then. If we are to blame one group of society for the “astute” opinions on the Constitution, I hope you’d agree with me that it’s actually the sophist lawyers of America who have “produced children who are fat and can’t compete in the intellectual world economy.” After all they’re the ones who grossly complicate and disrupt the “concurrent aim” you speak of, not some “nut job” radio/tea party citizen. Hey, if you’re so big on the individual rights of man (or is still Marxism you’re for…), shouldn’t you be proud to see the “lazy and fat” people rise up against the political oppression we’re facing today?

          You speak of the desire for less oligopoly and monopoly, but guess what, markets with high barriers to entry (like the telecom. industry) ALWAYS trend towards an oligopoly/monopoly. Companies like T-Mobile-US take RISKS to allocate large amounts of capital towards providing services that you or I may or may not choose to purchase. The FCC licenses they lease only enable them to operate within gov’t spectrum and the have no relation the necessary RETURN ON INVESTMENT that is required to fund/purchase equipment required to operate therein. That’s the nature of the game we play.

          I still have hope you’ll someday see T-Mobile should be allowed to profit (and loose) based upon their basic business decisions of what they decide to do with capital equipment they purchase and run. Oh and don’t worry, the gov’t still regulates the airwaves, this you are correct on. Thanks for the sparing match and take care.


          T-Mobile is still the #1 service provider to me. I look forward to a great plan for the family for phone, text, and web. All I need now is for them to step up the competition and offer me a home internet solution!

    • Vinchenzo

      Ok but, if the cap is 5GB, shouldn’t I have the right to utilize the bandwidth as I see fit? 5GB is 5GB no matter how you cut it so what you are saying is that T-Mobile should get another $15 from me for the same amount of bandwidth because I want to connect my pc,xbox, etc. Sounds like a scam to me and you drank the cool-aid

  • JD

    Can someone, perhaps a TMo employee, explain the pricing? To get the 2yr contract pricing, are you required to sign up for a WebConnect plan for 2 yrs?

    Also, @sorandkairi, how in the world did you get this at $200?

    • Matt Hatter

      That is correct.

  • Fred Coulter

    How does this compare to the Nook Color, which has also been described as the best Android tablet to date (and half the price)?

    • Edward Mullens

      Ok multiple things wrong with this post. The NOOK COLOR isn’t an Android tablet, it’s an EREADER that is based off the Android platform. It is a wholly proprietary software. It also doesn’t have this type of processor nor GPU.

      • Fred Coulter

        The Nook Color isn’t an eReader. An ereader is based on an eInk display (not lcd) and has a batter life measured in weeks. Barnes and Noble has given up on the eReader market since they couldn’t beat Amazon.

        However, the limits Barnes and Noble have placed on their implementation of Android is a valid point. I wonder how long it will be before some bright hacker roots the Nook.

        Using a different CPU by itself doesn’t mean anything. You need to show how the Nook’s CPU is too underpowered to run decent programs compared to the Galaxy Tab.

        In other words, rather than just dismissing the Nook Color, I’d like a comparison of how it compares to the Galaxy Tab.

  • Jerry

    ATOM NOTION INK!!! FTW and i wont consider a Galaxy tab until SMOLED screens. Seems dumb to go backwards in technology when “you” the manufactor makes the screens.

    • Edward Mullens

      Nobody is going to buy the NOTION INK alright? What is it with you nerds and latching on to some “future nerdy product” and then posting about them incessantly? Do you anything anybody other than a few geeks will buy the “Notion Ink Atom”?

      • Jerry

        Does it matter “whos” going to buy it? Absolutly not. The stats are way over galaxy tab. Galaxy tab is great though. Im just saying for a tab…something like the Atom is much more advanced….peroid.

      • Jerry

        So if only a few nerdy geeks are going to buy the atom….what are YOU buying?? an ipad?? lol

  • I bought the Huawei Ideos S7 Android Tablet 2 days ago when it was released at Best Buy for $329 out the door. If you are looking for a descent tab definitely take a look, it is half the price of the Galaxy Tab, it runs Android 2.1 out of the box, and upgrading to 2.2 in a month. It has 8GB Internal memory and a Micro SD card slot for an additional 16GB or maybe even 32GB Card, I have heard it will take a 32GB card but not verified yet. Front a rear facing cameras, 768Mhz Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor, and very responsive, can’t wait to see how much faster on 2.2 it will be.

    I compared it today to the Galaxy Tab at a T-mobile store and they were amazed at the store how good it is for half the price. After comparing I feel even better about my purchase. It’s a little heavier than the Galaxy Tab, camer resolution is lower, and the screen is pressure touch instead of capacitive like the Galaxy Tab! But for $300 less, it will run 2.2 soon, no contract needed, and it allows voice calls! definitely worth it, yes i said Voice calls! I took the Sim from my G2, popped it in, and instantly i was on the HSPA Data Network downloading from the Android Market, and making voice calls! The Galaxy Tab doesn’t allow voice calls! Check it out!

    • Jmpmn6

      Are you sure this can be used on TMO 3g network. I bought one and all I’m getting is edge service and I’m blanketed by 3g service.

  • T

    did anyone else notice “Unlimited domestic text, pic, and video messages” can be added for free :O …wish the iPad was t-mobile hspa+ compatible

    • j

      dream on, apple isn’t customer friendly. Apple is about one thing, money and pushing proprietary stuff on people that isn’t all it is cracked up to be

  • Ktwist

    Here is a little tmobile samsung galaxy unboxing video I did with my Mytouch4G. Forgive me it’s not the best unboxing, actually its my first unboxing video so please take with a grain of salt.

  • rick

    I got to play with one at my local tmobile store yesterday.It’s so nice

  • SeaBee

    Tmobile botched this launch hardcore. Of the 5 stores in my ‘district’ only 1 got in any tabs for launch. They sold 4 of the 5 they were shipped. Other stores got zero retail stock, zero demo units. Way to go tmo.

    • j

      DUH, what part of limited launch don’t you understand

  • raduque

    This is for Matt Hatter:

    That argument is a little bit idiotic. Data is data is data. As long as it’s not specifically illegal (piracy, etc), it doesn’t matter how or on what device I’m consuming the data on. All that should matter is whether or not I stay under the 5gb usage cap. How is watching Youtube on the phone any different than using it on my computer connected through my phone? It’s not. Same with browsing web pages. It’s no different, it doesn’t cause more of a usage burden. T-Mobile, ATT, VZW, etc just don’t want to be made irrelevant. Same with landline ISPs – they all want their walled gardens where they can charge you for every little thing, and charge you go outside them. I for one will not pay them extra to use the data that I’m already paying for, however I want to.

  • techy2010

    I guess Tmobile can only promote the first-to-get-it Samsung Tab, if Tmobile had it in stock in stores for; training, customer demo, and in-stock to sell it. We’ll see if Verizon or Sprint shows some excitement for the new product.

    Oh well, if Tmobile isn’t promoting it, then they’ll rely on to do it for them.

    Sadly the Tmobile Stores I visit three times, don’t ensure their new Tmobile demo mobiles are charged for customer viewing. Tmobile Store staff still haven’t figured out that you can play/learn with a new mobile if it is charging to ensure the new mobile is ready for a Tmobile customer who drives 15 miles to a Tmobile store to see a working new Tmobile mobile for possible purchase.

    What is more important, selling the Tmobile mobile, or letting it sit there dead? I understand that Tmobile Stores are relatively new and still maturing, but there are some procedures that should happen without explaining to Tmobile Store staff.

    If I were a Tmobile Store Manager I’d make it a rule, that all demo mobiles, must be charging if sitting in the back room office and must be kept on a charger if learning a new demo mobile.

    Can you say “NO SALE?”

  • Alex

    I just went into my local T-Mobile corporate store with the intention of purchasing the Galaxy Tab for retail/no contract price of $599. When I was about to pay, the representative told me that I had to still attach a data plan onto it, even though I was buying it for retail price. I thought the reps here were just dumb so I called several other local stores and they all said the same thing. So I called Customer Care and they told me that stores may have individual policies right now due to stock. LAME

  • RDL

    I’m not too sure but you should be able to cancel that without reprecussions since you paid off of contract price. They shouldn’t be able to force that. Aside from that it sounds fishy because the stores don’t have the right to set policy (corporate). The whole point of a corporate store (one of them anyway) is that you get a uniform experience in any one you walk into. That doesn’t seem to be a uniform experience. Call them back (the CSR) and ask if you can cancel the policy without penalty :)

    • RDL

      Oh yeah, that was meant to be a reply to Alex

  • Bright Eyes

    Hey T Mo has the best deal in town Pad $395 or 350 and for $50.00 it is all unlimited data! EAT that Verizon coming in at a whopping 500+ for tablet and 2 limited baby data plans. My T Mo is the only one out there with UNLIMITED Data! Seeeeeeeeeeee Ya

    Now who is laughing?
    Bright Eyes getting hers tomorrow!

  • Bright Eyes

    I am in tne T Mo unlimited loyalty club in PC,FL

  • Can someone direct me in the right direction:

    I want the version of ThinkFree Office that is on the Tab on my vibrant. It has the tabs at the top of the document and is really much more user friendly.

    The build # is 101018(R117831)/sstablet(trunk)

    Any help out there??