Dell Venue Pro Suffering WiFi Problems?

Now, I know a lot of interest has been surrounding the HD7, but there is another T-Mobile Windows Phone 7 handset out there that deserves some attention, especially if it is having some problems.  This ailment probably doesn’t effect very many people, but you would care if you are one of those infected.  So, guess what!?  Someone made a mistake and sent some Dell Venue Pro engineering samples to the Microsoft retail stores.  If you purchased one of these phones yesterday, then you may want to check your WiFi and your battery.  If it looks like the one above, then you have an engineering sample, and are probably having some issues connecting to a secure WiFi network.  Dell and the Microsoft Stores are aware of this issue and should be receiving new stock soon.  Those with defective units will be contacted for a phone swap and a free 1 year Zune pass.  This only applies to those phones purchased at the Microsoft retail stores.

Tom on Tech

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