Dell Venue Pro Suffering WiFi Problems?

Now, I know a lot of interest has been surrounding the HD7, but there is another T-Mobile Windows Phone 7 handset out there that deserves some attention, especially if it is having some problems.  This ailment probably doesn’t effect very many people, but you would care if you are one of those infected.  So, guess what!?  Someone made a mistake and sent some Dell Venue Pro engineering samples to the Microsoft retail stores.  If you purchased one of these phones yesterday, then you may want to check your WiFi and your battery.  If it looks like the one above, then you have an engineering sample, and are probably having some issues connecting to a secure WiFi network.  Dell and the Microsoft Stores are aware of this issue and should be receiving new stock soon.  Those with defective units will be contacted for a phone swap and a free 1 year Zune pass.  This only applies to those phones purchased at the Microsoft retail stores.

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  • Androidless

    1 year free Zune pass is a rather good deal for those who got the defective phones.

  • John


  • MT4G/G2/HD2 USER


  • danbutter

    At least they are doing something to compensate affected users.
    Any early adopter should expect some issues…getting a free year of zune subscription out of it is a good deal.
    kudos to microsoft for at least trying to make things right on this one.

  • efjay

    Since it was down to Dell shipping engineering samples for sale hopefully this wont be an issue with the final units. Of course that is if they actually release them.

  • I still want one.

  • vinny

    Microsoft is taking damn good care of their customers. Wouldn’t it be great if all companies stepped up like that. The venue pro looks like one bad ass device. The hardware looks fantastic. I’m a Nexus One owner who wouldn’t change devices for anything but I would not mind owning the venue pro as a 2nd device. Wait, I also have the G2, it would be my 3rd device. I’m out of my freaken mind.
    Love T-Mobile

  • Howard Abraham

    Can I have a Kinect instead?

    • Vibrant Addict