Nexus S Pre-Order Spotted On Best Buy Page

Those eagle-eyed boys at Phandroid have found what can only be described as a “silver bullet” in the Nexus S “is it real?” debate. A pre-order page on was spotted but the real kicker, at least in our case is the reference “Nexus S for T-Mobile.” While we still know next to nothing about this phone and with rumors of a delay due to hardware “issues,” we’re still left guessing on what exactly the Nexus S is. However, this pretty much confirms the existence of the device and of course, the first carrier that can expect to carry it. For now we’ll just have to take a “wait and see” attitude toward an eventual launch, but more importantly on what kind of specs we can expect.


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  • trini_pirate

    exciting news. i will hold off on the mt4g

    • thaghost

      um. where is the photo?

      • Mark

        Your asking for a bit much hey?

        • thaghost


        • mikeyo

          yeah he is. im just glad to see it in writing.

    • JM

      Me too, unfortunately. My G1 has been on its last leg for quite sometime, so PLEASE, for the love of god, let this come out SOOOOOON.

    • phonegeek

      i just said the EXACT same thing

  • drm916

    shit… should i keep my G2.. or wait for this? HHmmm.

  • EXOCET19

    I am betting that is a FAKE.. What next.. Best Buy to sell Yeti and Unicorns?

    • David Thomas

      Yes, because Best Buy doesn’t sell cellphones, and Google is going the online-only route again, like with the Nexus 1.

      Next you’ll be telling us that there’s no such thing as Santa Claus?

      • Farhan

        Santa is the CEO of Best Buy.

    • an

      best buy is a real place to shop ever thing they do is real

    • dethduck

      I gotta agree, all we have is one “phandroid fan” who supposedly saw this, no one else. No way outside of his screen grab which for all we know was photoshopped as proof one way or another. Yeah, this seems legit.

      • Ryan

        Google cached it before it was removed. It’s legit.

        • mikeyo

          oh yeah heres your proof you flucking trolls. put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  • pantlesspenguin

    It would be pretty rad if this is true! I prolly wouldn’t get it since I’m more than happy w/ the MT4G, but the more positive exposure T-Mo gets the better!

  • The screen size and if it is HSPA would be the thing that sways me.

    Stay thirsty my friends!

    • 2FR35H

      4inches was the rumour. Hopefully HSPA+ follows suit as well if it doesn’t I may just have to get MT4G.

  • GTwo Addict

    Could this possibly be the Nov 20 announcement? maybe this combined with a free phone sale, that would be nice.

  • ob18

    I don’t see this on Best Buys site.

    • Jason

      It got took down, it’s explained on

      • ob18

        I thought that was the case.

  • M

    After the delays with vibrant why would anyone trust samsung again. Behold, Vibrant, now Nexus S! I loved the vibrant but samsung couldve done better with this phone and didn’t. It should of had Wifi calling and HSPA+,Froyo 2.2, FFC,Flash the list goes on and on. Then they ruin that phone by their empty promises of froyo and never delivering which ssmsung has a a history of. Google could change their name to ssmsung and give it away for free I’d never buy a sammy phone again .

    • danbutter

      gotta agree it would be very hard for me to buy another samsung phone any time soon

      • luis

        It does not have those things because T-Mobile told them not to! Do u think T-Mobiles flagship phone is the vibrant? Nope its the mytouch! If the vibrant had those things who would buy the mytouch? every phone has its appeal on purpose! Vibrant samoled, g2 keyboard, mytouch ffc, nexus s gingerbread. Duh!

        • mikeyo

          hit the nail right on the head. also there will be no delays for updates with this phone it another NEXUS duh. i swear people dont read st all now a days. they just like to bitch.

    • stantheman

      actually froyo for the vibrant has been leaked to developers on xda im currently using eugene’s macnut r10 froyo rom neways from what they are sayin froyo is in beta testing right now with official release comming soon oh and the nexus s will be a google experience phone with stock 2.3 gingerbread samsung will be building the phone not messing with the software it will be treated line the n1 with updates goming directly from google or so the rumors say but u should really do your research before u flame the phone hope that gives u some insight peace

    • 30014

      Samsung will not be responsible for updates to the phone. Just like the n1, all updates will be directly from google. You won’t have to worry about carriers and manufacturers delaying the updates.

    • lhstech

      @M…I agree with you about Samsung being the worst manufacturer for doing Android OS updates. I bet the Nexus S will have hardware issues like pretty much every other smartphone that comes out too right after its launch. Personally I would have never thought I would buy a Samsung phone after Samsung screwed over every Behold II owner out there with their lies about not being able to upgrade it to 2.x.

      Still the Nexus S is going to be a different phone. It will be Google’s new developer’s phone. That means Google will handle all of the updates NOT Samsung!!! That makes the biggest difference to me. I have owned a Nexus One since it came out in January this year. It is an HTC manufactured phone BUT I have never gotten one update from them. All of my updates come from Google before ANY OTHER cell phone out there.

      Usually most other Android phones have to wait months or more while I am playing with the brand new OS version a couple of weeks (if that!!!) after the SDK is released in the wild.

      If Google takes the Nexus S from Samsung then I will buy it for sure!!!

    • Antwain

      The vibrant is getting froyo in fact their is already a leaked build of it over at xda. The ffc by this time next year will probably a standard feature on all high end phones but right now it just isn’t that whould be far down on the list of deal breakers.

  • Jon

    Maybe this is the phone that uses microSIM.

    • 2FR35H

      Highly doubt it. Samsung to my knowledge never used Micro Sims.

  • 16309A

    Well crap! Now it’s back to not getting the mytouch 4g this weekend! I gotta wait and see if/where/when/how/why/etc…

  • I-love-black-booty

    Its true, but im ashamed that this nexus phone was made by samsung. im going to kill myself this instant.

    Forgive me christ for I have sinned.

  • Bigmerf

    @M, the updates woudnt come from samsung. It would be straight from google. So the Vibrant or galaxy s series lacking a 2.2 update does not apply here. Samsung will not be handling those duties.

  • Ben
    • Wow! When Google cached the page, they also italicized “Pure Google”……..

  • Reader

    Nice. Vanilla android!!!

  • bigger mac

    nexus S no thank you! apparently its just a slightly modified version of the galaxy S, very disappointing… here’s the article

    • Desmondo

      That’s old news bigger mac and we don’t even know if it is true. I would be really upset if it’s a Samsung handset. I’d actually rather have it an HTC Device with a camera by Samsung. Cameras that HTC used till this day always blew. They make great phones but just use s..tty cameras.

  • XfooYen

    Are we sure that this phone is made by Scamsung? Apart from it being called the Nexus S, is there any other indication? Just curious (and praying it’s not true).

  • FlyingRequin

    this is awesome news

  • Jflaco

    well we all know what the surprise was for nov. 20th. Its was the nexus s they cancelled it yesturday and now they delayed the nexus s for hardware issues makes sence now!! well maybe nov 26!! Black Friday!!

  • bigger mac

    well If the release date is been delayed due to “hardware” issues, that gives you a clue that its a samsung device right

    • Thaghost


  • fish

    The google ceo said they aren’t releasing any more phones. What makes you think this phone’s updates will be handled by google? Just cause its called nexus does not make it the nexus 2.

  • Masrico

    Check this out my friends..

    MT4G…step aside…

    • Thaghost

      Good job…but honor my new phone tho (mt4g)

      • 2FR35H

        Considered your phone honored for being the first ffc on t-mobile that matters to anyone :)

        • Thaghost

          Thanx dude

  • Noel

    All i know is Samsungs hardware issues are holding all of us up from getting our next tasty treat…hmmmmm Gingerbread when are ye gonna placate my palate. It will take a lot for this device to impress me enuf to get it as a replacement for my N1. Honestly i think it might take another HTC Nexus (N2) for me to do that…but i am hoping for Samsung to surprice me/us. The only thing i really love on the Galexy S series is the Super Asmoled screen. I just wish HTC devices had Super Amoled screens and that Google reserve the Nexus TWO name to the next HTC Nexus device. For the main time Gingerbread on my N1 will work just fine for me…enuf to hold me off till the next HTC nexus.

  • onthecouchagain

    Engadget has a potential leaked photo of “Nexus S”

    • Thaghost

      Do you like how it looks?

      • 2FR35H

        I do

  • Trill

    Its actually real and there is a leak photo but I cannot verify that its real are not, and yes, I work at Bestbuy although been knowing about this for months just know proof.

  • Poopman

    I really hope this isnt a samsung phone I have the vibrant and its not as fast and sturdy as I want.

    • 2FR35H

      Its Samsung alright and may be quite faster rumours also state a Orion processors aka better than hummingbird and hummingbird is the most powerful right now. And how is the vibrant not sturdy?

  • Thaghost

    According to the picture, it looks like a vibrant with a ffc.

    • Bimmerz

      Notice that the Home button has been moved to the far right, and it looks like it has LED notification. Should be interesting!

  • Pagozahd

    Well they have a pic on engadget and is from today!!! here it is

  • Pagozahd
  • Lbdagreat1

    Well well, looks like we got ourselves a group of corporate folks playing cat and mouse.

  • Vibrant addict

    David please update the post with the possible leaked pic from Engadget. Have us salivating more for the next Nexus. :)

    • David, Managing Editor

      I just threw up a new post, sorry I went to lunch!!

  • some internet dude

    Sing me up, anyone want a used but in great shape N1.

  • Noel

    Some Int Dude.. u might wonna hold on to ur sexy nexy and see if this Samsung device holds up to scrutiny n performs flawlessly b4 u get rid of what i will consider a treasure of a phone (N1). If accurate..the specs so far don’t really wow me as compared to the N1. I would expect a device fit to be considered the Nexus two (N2) to take it to the next level spec wise.. at least an 8 megcam, Dual-core chip or a 1.5 Ghz 4G G or Hspa+. At this point considering what we know so far the Mt4G might be a better device.. just wish it was pure Android. Well I will w8 n see what other secrets it has in its innards..hope there’s s enuf in there to sway masses.

  • The android creep

    I just hope the Nexus s/2 sets the standard as the N1 did…