T-Mobile G2 OTA Rolling Out, Brings WiFi Calling?

Well that was quick! Just six days after its official launch, there have been reports of a T-Mobile G2 OTA update rolling out this morning. The update is the G2’s first OTA update which reportedly enables WiFi-Calling (surprise, suprise) Mobile hotspot creation, update to the radio code (which will hopefully rectify the reception issues I’ve been having), and includes a few other fixes. We’ve yet to recieve the update on our T-Mobile G2, but if you’ve recieved the update drop us a line in the comments!


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  • Jarvis

    I can’t wait. So many classrooms that I don’t get service in.

    • phongeek


    • El Guapo

      Funny how now that there is an update available we suddenly see all these complaints about the G2 (bad reception, dropped calls, random reboots, etc) which have flooded the XDA general forum and even the comments below.

      I guess the honeymoon is over?

      • Jarvis

        Its not that I didn’t get service there when I switched to the G2, still didn’t have service in those rooms with any phone, mostly because they’re underground.

  • j510

    Sweet thats some great news looking forward to the wifi calling and teathering maybe I can root one day but nice start

  • Galen20K

    Excellent! the G2 might get updates as quickly as my Nexus One

  • Cybersedan

    That’s great news for those with a G2, good to see TMo delivering the goodies!

  • AgDon

    That’s great to hear, wi-fi calling, better reception and tethering, fantastic.
    I wonder what the other trinkets are? Maybe to be able to turn off applications that’s not wanted(photobucket and others maybe)? It may be time to get this now once they drop the price a little for upgrades, or maybe add it to BOGO?

    • G1ana

      that is exactly what I am waiting for!! I want it on BOGO need to upgrade 2 lines. I went to a t-mo store and they said to check in 2 weeks. They will add it, but not sure when.

      • Matlock

        Doubt thats going to happen! The G2 would never be put on BOGO this soon after launch, hell it took the Vibrant two months before it got included in the BOGO deal!!!

    • G1ana

      That is exactly what I am waiting for to get my G2…for them to add it to the BOGO deal since I need to upgrade 2 lines. T-mo rep at store said to check in 2 weeks. But then I really like the new mytouch HD also, but I can’t wait that long, I am so ready for new phone, I’ve had the G1 for 2 yrs now!

      • TuroTheGreat

        I got my G2 this past weekend from Loyalty Dept. and got awesome deal on two phone…$99 for first (out of contract) phone and $149 for second (in contract) phone. Almost as good as a BOGO deal. Let me say…I love my phone. I waited for the perfect phone for my upgrade from my Blackberry and truly satisfied. It’s got an awesome design. If you are one of those ppl that hates “kiddie” looking phones…the G2 is a grown person’s phone. Only bummer for me is/was not having UMA as I am in a building with horrible reception BUT I guess now problem is solved!!!

        This phone is the truth!

      • LSxChevelle

        The BOGO as of yesterday is for the Vibrant only or the Vibrant and a Samsung messaging phone.

  • Oce

    Can’t wait till someone rips the some so I can use it on my HD2 Android. ;)

  • mikeeeee

    please someone confirm this.

    nice day for a 75 mile ride to the t-mo store to pick one up.

  • eYe

    I sure hope they fix light sensor code, my KB backlight can never decide wether to stay on or not.

    • Ecks

      The same thing would happen to me, but I tool it off auto n its fine now

  • Walhaddi

    That’s great news, but I still hesitating to make the move and get the G2……because of the loose hinge mechanism.

    • Chad

      trust me the only reason you should worry about the loose hinges is if your going to use your phone upside down and unless your a sloth.. I doubt you will, I’ve had mine since Sept 30th and am glad I made the purchase… just get it!

    • seriously it is a total non-issue. i’ve been using the phone for a full week now and loving every minute of it. you will never notice the “loose hinge” unless you purposefully hold it with the tip of your pointer finger and thumb in such a perfect way AND upside down that it just hangs a little bit (which doesn’t even cause any kind of harm to the device). it’s the best phone i’ve ever owned.

      • Walhaddi

        Thats what I am thinking about doing….just buy it. I played with it twice and it was AMAZING. I love the phone. May be its hard to believe, but may be I am the only 1 that don’t like the My Touch HD design. I have always felt that the “MY TOUCH” series is for girls and I don’t know y.
        I called TMOBILE 2 days ago to get it. The agent told me she can give it to me for $149. I backed down, then 10 minutes later I tol myself “I will get it” so I called TMOBILE again and the agent I spoke with the 2nd time told me “$205” I then told her NOT THANKS and hung up.
        TMOBILE agents are so inconsistent.

  • alex32g2

    awesome, i was told last week an ota update would come but it was hard for me to believe.
    i will never use wifi calling since i have awesome service, but hopefully this makes led flash on the top of the phone come out (since it only flashes when theres low battery/charging..the trackpad does light up but you dont see it during the day time).
    also hopefully this helps battery life..the g2 battery life is amazing but the more the merrier (: its almost going to be 24 hours without a full charge with my regular use. and last but not least..hopefully a couple of bug fixes which is minor

    • alex32g2

      does this also bring internet tethering? thats what phandroid says..

  • jake

    Yet I’ve been waiting over a year for an update on the original mytouch. I know its old, but can’t it get some love. Not everyone can buy a new phone every 6 months.

    • JakeMG

      Your prayers have been answered. :)

  • popartist

    Well that just makes me even happier that I jumped on the G2, it makes an excellent phone that much greater!

  • userfriendlyme

    I sure hope this is legit because altough I like my G2 I need this update. I have serious reception issues with this phone coming from a mytouchslide just like in the article. And I’m in one of there highspeed area. Also @Eye I notice the same thing as well with the keyboard lights. I had a similar issue with the mytouchslide and it only happens using certain apps. Like writing from my G2 to make this post on the browser and lights haven’t flickered once. Now if I open my tweetdeck app its like 4th of july on my keyboard. I hope some of the fixes also include being able to adjust the notification on the trackball. Am I the only one annoyed staring at my phone for what seems forever to see if the lights flashing?


    Great news for all you G2 owners. I only wish tmobile and Samsung would take care of us Vibrant owners the same way. Oh well it’s only been 3 months I shouldnt complain my phone is already “out of date”

    • Will

      I adore my Vibrant more than I have ever liked any other phone BUT I pray that we get this update soon too. I don’t see why we shouldn’t and it kinda pisses me off we don’t get updates when other phones do but eh whatever. I don’t know much about how update rollouts work so I’ll just shut up and wish for the best lol.

      Good for the G2 users though :D

    • JakeMG

      Honestly, if we Vibrant owners can get an update to 2.2 that enables Wifi calling and hotspot creation, and includes an integrated lag fix, I will wait until Christmas, just to know it’s coming and will work that way.

      The only reason I would want to root this phone would be to implement the lag fix and to enable wifi tether. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

      • Will

        JakeMG, agreed. I have a question for you though. Do you know if the Froyo 2.2 update will remove TouchWiz from the Vibrant? I am praying it won’t seeing as I love it :) Just curious. Thx :D

  • 2C

    I really hope this update comes to the Nexus One users on T-Mobile as well. I really need this update since my service has been terrible in my house lately. Question will this have any effect on texting as well?

    • userfriendlyme

      The updates for the nexus one come directly from google right not tmobile? I’m assuming it wouldn’t get a tmobile update.

      • Inertiaman

        OTA updates would have to come from, or at least through, the carrier, no?

    • The Hammer

      The update will come thru Google. The N1 isn’t a “tmo” phone. If you know what im trying to say.
      Just wait for the guys at XDA to get the install file so you can update thru recovery.

    • Tmogeek

      You should have hotspot in the current N1 rom. Add Skype or use Gvoice if you want a wifi calling substitute.

    • southeastbeast

      No Nexus One updates will come through Google. However, if you are a N1 owner (I have N1 + G2 ^_^) you are probably unlocked and rooted, so you won’t get any updates from Google. Just wait for the .apk to get ported/hacked to work on N1 (#teamdouche likely).

  • HD2/Vibrant/G2 User

    Great now I’m going to be checking my phone all day! Thanks tmo news!

  • M

    I agree with gabeeee. Since vibrant owners just got an ota, I guess were out wifi calling or Froyo?????? If samsung cant fix the battery in status bar how can we expect them to give us anything else. Vibrant with froyo would be heaven but with samsung we will never see heaven.

  • Yyevo

    UPS drops off my G2 tomorrow, just in time for update goodness!

    • max

      Yyevo, when did u place your order? I ordered mine on Saturday, just wandering how long it typically takes to deliver

      • Towle

        Max – I’m not sure if T-Mobile is still doing it this way, but at the beginning of the month me and a few friends all went in and ordered the G2 on the same day. Me and 3 others chose UPS ground shipping and had our phones the next day. One of us decided to use Express shipping and his didn’t come until 5 days later.

  • Mike

    Where is this update for the Vibrant owners like myself? Don’t get me wrong, the Vibrant is the best phone I have ever owned, but the lack of Wi-fi calling has been my ONLY knock on Android. Coming from Blackberry, UMA was my saving grace. Hope we Vibrantites see this soon………and where the hell is Froyo????

  • TechieChicky

    I hope this is right! If I can show my sister and my neighbors wi-fi calling on my G2, Tmobile might be selling a few more phones/lines in the near future!

    • Nate

      Just what I have been waiting for to ditch a couple blackberry phones.

  • A.minor

    That’s great news… looking forward to mine.

  • JJ

    I had originally heard the OTA was coming on the 16th. Either way it couldnt arrive soon enough. I desperately need the WiFi calling!! The radio update wouldnt hurt either!!

  • patrick

    aaaaaahhhh yeuh. i should getting be getting my G2 from ups either today or tmorrow. express shipping my @ss. for all those complaining about the g2, eat your heart out. it hasnt even been out a week and a update is already rolling out. haha, i think its the first tmobiles ever done..since the g1 at least

  • Joe

    T-Mobile is able to push OTA updates faster to Stock Android phones (G1, G2) because they don’t have to modify any of the overlays that MyTouch and Vibrant have. That’s the beauty of Stock Android. That’s why Nexus One owners got their updates first – Google didn’t have to mess around with making sure the overlays work. MotoBlur, HTC Sense, Samsunge TouchWiz…. They try and make the phone better, but all they do is slow down your updates – G2 – Stock Android update within 10 days of release, that’s how it’s done!

    • jesus

      myTouch 3G has stock, thank you very much?

  • Sk817Lakai

    Hopefully those top notch chefs over at XDA like Cyanogen can take a look at how it gets its update so they can root it permanetly. I’d like to see Cyanogen 6 on this with launcher pro plus.

    • southeastbeast

      hehe yeah. I’m glad I got this G2 so much smoother than N1 with CM6 even though the G2 is stock! Browsing especially because of new GPU for the flash performance boost. All it needs is CM6 to shred! So sad to sell my N1 though… but I’m getting $450 for it (+car dock & all OEM packaging/boxing)

  • jake

    This might be enough to get me to switch from the mts! Is it free to use wifi calling? Is there a seemless transition if you lose wifi signal?

    • the transition has been discussed, and i think we came to the conclusion that the handoff will not be perfect i.e. you will drop the call during handoff and need to call the person back. this could potentially get fixed later but for right now this is a good start

    • Jrsykind

      I think you still use minutes, so not really free. Just helps with reception problems.

  • JoshL

    YAYY!!! I’m so excited! (I hope it also fixes the notification issues).

  • Excited

    I can’t decide if I should go buy the G2 now or wait till the update is being sent out. Also unsure if I want the G2 or the Mytouch emerald (more ram, better processor, ffc, more flavor than vanilla android). I would also like WP7 because of its media capabilities, but I need wifi calling. Ugh, guess I’ll wait it out. Always prefer phones with keyboards but I don’t think the G2 would give me any more excitement than my TouchPro2 except for wifi calling.

    • the mytouch has the same processor just clocked faster. android is much better than WM and although wp7 shows potential i don’t think it will be “awesome” (that, and i have no need for most of those cool “features”)

      • George

        According to the press conference yesterday, WP7 is “wonderfully delightful”.

        Did the country just change back to the 1950s when I wasn’t looking? Who is exactly is the target demographic which will see the words “wonderfully delightful” as anything other than something their mom would say?

        Sorry, the WP7 interface is fugly, too. I can’t believe that, after the hundreds of millions of dollars invested in developing WP7, MS farmed out the interface design work to Fisher-Price.

  • with only a few reports of this update i am not sure what i believe yet, tmo employees usually get told that an OTA is rolling out or will be rolling out soon, but there was no warning for this update and it seems that 6 days after launch is a bit too fast, still waiting until the demo in my store gets the update before i actually buy it. the only reason i need root is to tether(not paying for a tether app again) so i will wait for root or this OTA

  • person

    you spelled surprise wrong…

  • Don’t care about WiFi calling what I care about is root. I’m not going to buy this phone if I can’t root it.

    Hopefully the OTA will help people develop a permanent root.

    • JM77


      According to all the experts. The phone will have root access. Its similar to the nand lock mechanism HTC has put in its last several phones. The memory has write protection. There is no super secret root kit or anything restoring the system. The reason the current root is temporary is that no changes to the system are actually being made because its read only. Linux acts like its writing but actually just putting info in cache which is lost on reboot.

      Gain write ability, gain root.
      It is only a matter of time before the walls fall down.

      • I’m not willing to risk $500 on the belief that “It will happen”, I’m keeping my wallet holstered until it _does_ happen.

        FTR I think it will eventually happen too, but the question is when.

  • david

    I have not recieved my update yet. Boston 11 am

  • david

    no upgrade yet in Boston. Anyone else get it yet?

  • Androidless

    I am awaiting somebody to actually get this update before purchasing a G2. If T-Mobile doesn’t have wifi-calling, I am moving out to another carrier when my contract is up in February to one that has decent coverage in my area (Minneapolis, MN). Coverage in the Twin Cities is spotty at best.

  • eYe

    That’s great news

  • et

    Do ota updates, start automatically . Or do you have check for updates manually in settings on phone.

  • mingkee

    If Mytouch HD isn’t coming soon, I may get it this week.
    Free tethering with smartphone/BB/android is a killing feature!
    It won’t replace landline internet (and we’re not supposed to do) but this gives convenience when needed.
    Wifi calling is another convenient feature which gives extra coverage where wifi is available.

  • wunako

    Maaan can’t wait, my single will jus come and go at the random times, the wifi calling and hotspot is a huuge plus now. I really love this phone a lot it was a great buy


    Wifi calling feature enables Text Messaging, Web browsing, MMS, and Calls to be transmitted over the Wifi network. The calls/text/mms part does use your Minutes/Text Bucket (unless unlimited). Just to get clarify that part.

  • Jimmy

    Sorry for this stupid question as this is my first Tmobile android phone. I have the phone and this OTA, how do I get it? Or Where do I go download? I had the iPhone for a while so my “update” concept is download and install…

    • Jimmy

      Sorry about the bad sentence structure, I have the phone. This OTA I don’t have it and don’t know where to get it. How do I work it?

      • mikeeeee

        @jimmy, over the air.

    • Izzo

      OTA updates automatically come to you phone you’ll normally get a pop-up that new software is ready to be installed just follow the prompts and make sure your phone is charged up your dont want it to die in the middle of an updates

    • southeastbeast

      Your phone will notify you that you have an available update and would you like to install it. If you want to force a check (from the home screen) hit menu -> settings -> about phone -> system updates.

      Cheers! Welcome to Android =)

  • Kevin

    Will the BB UMA feature carry over to Andriod so would be free calling still?

    • southeastbeast

      Probably only if you have the unlimited hotspot calling feature.

  • tmoguy89

    Breaking news david! Myouch to receive froyo 2.2 beginning tomorow as OTA , also in tmobile.com search for “mytouch” to see Myttouch HD running the new sense !


    • David, Managing Editor

      Just posted it!!

  • Puv

    With Wifi calling, do you know if it uses GPS to know if you are in the USA? Or do they not care and let me use it internationally?

  • jay

    The g2 is a really great phone. Im actually surprised with how fast the internet is. I stay in chicago and i always get a H on the top of my phone. I guess tmoble speedy Fast network is up and running here because 3g isn’t this fast.

  • LarryH

    @Jimmy your phne will notify you when to update

  • david

    ok, has anyone here actually have gotten the update? I need evidence that this exist!

    • Chad

      someone who commented over at the engadget.com post of this article got the update and says everything is true.

  • dee

    got my update in atlanta!! :D

    • TechieChicky


      Can you share any details?

  • smash-mode

    ….I’m new to phone technologies, but being able to creat an hotspot, is that the same as tethering??

    • tgeek

      Yes. It is wireless tethering. Multiple devices can be tethered to a wireless hotspot.

      • drm916

        This is how it should be. Very excited to hear about this. I just called Loyalty and ordered a G2.

    • reddragon72

      yes only instead of USB you use the WIFI on the phone to broadcast the phones internet so it can be used by anyone with the key that you setup. Think of it as being just like your WIFI router at home.

  • BeerBellyBlilly

    “Tethering” strictly speaking means connection by wire (USB in this case) which also appears to be enabled according to more pics in the original thread (only 2 of which are posted here) but you can also “tether” by Wi-Fi Hotspot (for up to 5 computers I think) which is much more convienient, as you need to install a modem driver on your computer (often done automatically when first connected) in order to tether via USB, after which a dial-up node is opened by means of Windows network manager, or a carrier-supplied communications manager. You can also tether in some case by BlueTooth if the BT stack includes DUN and/or PAN profiles, which Windows Mobile 6.5 least does (not sure about WP7) but I’m not sure about Android at this point, it may not have these profiles yet.

    In any case, along with Wi-FI calling these features make this phone really sweet now. If a few other bugs are fixed as well, that would be great. By the time my upgrade rolls around next year this phone and the MT HD should be rockin big-time. I’m not all that enamored about WP7 right now, heck I’d rather get the HD2 and stick with 6.5 and use my apps or just switch to Froyo on the new Androids.

    • J-Hop2o6

      THIS is what i wanted to hear.. u get BOTH USB & WiFi (Hot-Spot/AP) Tethering.

  • Bill

    Will having the wifi calling feature running all the time use up the battery because it would be constantly using wifi?

    • Autoexec.bat

      That really depends. If you’re using UMA in a low-signal area, you can definitely save battery because the phone is not having to work hard maintaining a signal or bouncing off of more than one tower. UMA provides a solid, strong and reliable signal in that scenario.

      However, if you’re in an area where your signal is fine, you’re going to drain the battery if you turn WiFi on because you’re using two radios instead of one. Activating UMA when you have anything more than one or two bars *is* going to drain your battery faster and it’s not really going to get you anything more in terms of making or receiving calls (except perhaps slightly better voice quality).

      In using my Nokia E73 with UMA, I needed to have it in my basement and it worked fine, but I would always forget to turn it off when I left the house and my battery would drain much faster. Just my two cents.

  • johnmed3

    @Matlock the G2 is being included in the BOGO deal. I’ had upgraded to 2 vibrants. The day G2 was available I’ returned to the store and asked if I could return one of my vibrants. I’ traded it for the G@ :) !!!

    • qwertyking

      That sales rep that allowed that transaction for the G2 in a BOGO is probaly getting ripped a new one or fired. G2s are not part of BOGOs within Tmobile corporate stores.

  • johnmed3

    @Matlock the G2 is being included in the BOGO deal. I’ had upgraded to 2 vibrants. The day G2 was available I’ returned to the store and asked if I could return one of my vibrants. I’ traded it for the G2 :) !!!


    Has anyone experienced this OTA update on the G2 yet?

    • Carlos

      My phone rebooted by itself (it does that occasionally, but this time is stuck on the G2 opening screen for about 30 min…..I’m going to leave it alone…if in about an hour still stuck, then I’ll do a batt pull (man I thought those days were over…sigh!)

      • Chad

        That exact same thing happened to me. I went to grab my phone about 12am yesterday to use the Directv app to schedule something and saw it had rebooted and was stuck in a boot loop on the G2 screen, it’d be on then off like it was booting then on and off again. I just pulled the battery because I didn’t know what was happening, and I guess I interrupted the update. Oops.

      • RockTripod

        I have been seeing this happen frequently with my customers. My guess is that this happened to you when you were in a low signal area. That seems to be the most common cause. Oh, and pull the battery, its not going to recover.

      • reasy

        yep…in my office i get pretty much no signal in certain in certain spots..my phone reboots atleast 3 times a day in the office due to now service..not sure why it does that

  • david

    anyone from Boston or the north east U.S get it yet? Thanks

    • vinny

      Suburb of Boston, have not received mine yet. I am patiently waiting for it as I pound my fist thru the damn table.

    • Chad

      nah, in Pittsburgh, haven’t got mine yet either I really don’t think updates are location specific though,…. are they?

      • Chad

        also they say this is a limited release so maybe only a few will get it the first day before they loosen the flood gates, sorta like some warm up process

    • FunkmasterC

      Nothing in Sunny Central Florida either..

  • George

    the only phones you are able to get in the bogo now is the Vibrant as the first phone(ONLY) and the second (free phone) is the vibrant or one of the new samsung messaging phones ONLY
    the g2 is not part of the bogo
    you can call Care and verify this. It started today

  • The post says, “mobile hotspot creation”….does that mean teathering? If so, let me be the first to say, Hell Yea!

    • J-Hop2o6

      hell yea that’s what it means!

  • Chad

    I went to grab my phone to use the Directv app to schedule something and saw it had rebooted and was booting back up. Well, it was stuck in a boot loop on the G2 screen, it’d be on then off like it was booting, then on and off again. I just pulled the battery because I didn’t know what was happening, nor did I know about an update or see anything download prior to the boot, and I guess I interrupted the update. Oops.

    • Carlos

      dude same here….but mine had been stuck on that screen for over an hour….had enough and pulled batt…

      But as we speak it started again….

      I have been suffering from many reboots today. Maybe it has something to do with it…or maybe i just broke it….lol

  • ManoloDF

    Can anyone post or comment on how the wifi calling is working, if you turn off the mobile network and run strictly on wifi are you able to make/receive calls and texts and data flawlessly?

  • jose

    do texts work over wifi too?

    • Ray

      I think they do because I had my wifi on and still got texts so maybe? Or it was still getting it from the tmobile network. Sorry not much of a help

    • Carlos

      Not sure about Android platform, but on BB all functionality worked, internet, phone, and messages. No Issues at all….

    • RockTripod

      Yes, if you receive the OTA with the WiFi calling feature, texts will also work. However, I find all of this very dubious as T-Mo has been extremely quiet about what amounts to an amazing update. If they are doing it, my guess is that it will be to a small customer base.

  • UPSSucks

    i didnt get this….. but i want

  • Jack

    Yes text over on WIFI

  • thorax1

    PhoneDog posted pics of an updated phone with choices of “USB Tethering” and “Portable WiFi Hotspot”. I don’t mean to sound like a duh-duh-dunt but does this mean I can get on my laptop and use my phone as my hotspot? If so, that’s a spicy meat-a-ball (using my best “The Mask” voice…lol)!!! USB Tethering is great, but WiFi hotspot…even better.

    • Foxeh
      • David, Managing Editor

        Did you see the source link for that site??

      • Foxeh

        One of a few, but I felt like linking to the article that thorax1 mentioned that contained the pic that was posted by one of those XDA peeps.

        It’s like one big circle of love. <3

      • Original G1er

        So foxeh, your basically saying with this new OTA update we’ll not only get wifi calling but we’ll also get that sweet wifi tethering nectar too? Wifi tethering such as my G2 tethering to my iPad, right? RIGHT?

      • Foxeh

        I’m saying that’s what every major blog has been saying, G1er. ;) This would be perfect for an iPad user such as yourself.

    • olypdd

      Yes, you can browse the web with your laptop by using your G2 as a wifi hotspot. I use my Nexus One to do this on occasion and works great.

  • Carlos

    OK So I called TMO regarding my phone rebooting and and they basically told me that I may have a defective phone, and that they are sending a new one ASAP to me. It seems that in order for you get the OTA, you will receive a notification (similar to a message one i guess) on the notification drawer. Once you get that, then you can go ahead and do the download.

    I explained to the tech, that my phone went nuts notifying me of things that simply weren’t there before it started to reboot by itself.

    I hope that this is simply an individual device issue, not a what is going to be with this phone going forward….

    • Original G1er

      You obviously need to bring yours in first through UPS right? In order for them to ship you a new one?

      Also, you gotta be in the buyers remorse period of time to get a brand NEW phone… Or else after the buyers remorse period is up you get the refurbished ones… Eww..

      • Mike

        When a phone is released the manufacturer sends a bunch of phones set for replacement purposes… No accessories is more cost efficient.when the phone gets old like the G1 you start getting refurbs.

  • Abs

    How do I reboot G2? I got something that looked like a txt message and now my phone is frozen

  • HD2/Vibrant/G2 User

    I thought I was safe from the rebooting bug but my phone just rebooted wtf??????? Is anybody elses doing that randomly?

    • Original G1er

      Yes. Here and there… Maybe once every other day..

    • A.minor

      Mine does… I’m hoping an update will fix that

  • Kevin

    TMobile rep told me to dial *#*#2432546#*#*

    I GOT IT!!!! it was a quick update, loving the wifi calling!! awesome! going to try wifi modem now!

    • Foxeh

      Those numbers spell “checkin” on the dial pad. I tried it, got “checkin succeeded,” but it seems I’m not eligible for the update quite yet, I’m afraid.

    • Josh

      just dial that number or do i put my area code in?

      • Towle

        Put it in exactly like he wrote. With the symbols

    • funkmaskter c

      Tried it as well – same result – no OTA yet.. oh well – hopefully I will get it soon!

    • Tony

      all it gave me was checking successful, should i start downloading right away, or did it take awhile for the ota to start downloading?

    • 16309A

      You got it huh? You got the update that TMobile said isn’t out. That’s one hell of a phone you have!

  • patrick

    can someone confirm the mobile hotspot? im getting my phone from ups tomorrow and i want to knoowww! what are the settings like?

  • Edward Kim

    I just talked to a Tmobile store manager here in Irvine, California and he said that the update will be out officially in a month or so but the hotspotting and tethering will be available for a fee like other carriers. He said that wired tethering can be worked around by PDAnet.

    • Want2CBetter

      And you believe this store manager???

      • Carlos

        +1 on this one….they are typically the last to know…if they know anything at all…

  • Tony

    will this feature work abroad? extra charge for roaming? =)))

  • g2 question

    i know this is a little off topic but i have a question for the g2 owners im thinking about upgrading to the g2 but i wanna know can you upload pics to craigslist straight from the browser? this is a dealbreaker for me if it cannot .

    • ALEX

      Yes. Fersure

  • Bells

    I had an app on my moto cliq called “IChristianCircle” (my FAVORITE app) now I can’t find it ANYWHERE on the G2…does anyone know anything about that? Like I was able to find every other app that I had, except that one!?!? Any info would help :)

  • Jayson

    The OTA is bogus and I don’t believe anyone has really got it.

  • Daniel

    Just got it today! woohoo