First Look At The HTC HD7 [Video]

Had enough of the HTC HD7 yet? What’s that you say, you want more? Well here you go, here’s the first HTC HD7 promo video! The video briefly showcases the HD7’s multimedia experience on a huge 4.3-inch touchscreen. Check out the video above! Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!

P.S. Expect some hands-on videos from David later tonight!


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  • HD2/Vibrant/G2 User

    For some reason I’m liking the dell and the hd7 equally. What to do, what to do????

    • Steve Jobless

      Sell your 3 phones and get those 2 (WP7) phones.


        I’m selling the HD2 for a wp7 and the Vib for the new mytouch. I was without a doubt getting the hd7 but that dell is looking really good

    • Mae Mae

      If you own a TMOUS HD2 go HERE and get the WP7 MultiMedia Super ROM 8MP Superfine LeoCameraAnyKey,HTC Sense On Board with Android Love, you will be a lot better off.

  • Rpinazo

    This phone Definitely has my attention!

  • xitaxuta

    so HD2 with a kick stand = HD7???
    thats too little for my money.
    wait a couple months and you will see WP7 ported to HD2 and thats for sure
    and no its not fake.

    • somebody

      is it the same old snapdragon ?? ? or the new one … becasue if it is the old one why would anyone buy this

      the way i see it its hd2 minus a few buttons plus a kickstand…

      • J-Hop2o6

        most (or all) of the launching 10 WP7 phones are using the old 1G Snapdragon (QSD8X50 – aka HD2, N1, Evo, etc.)

      • ParappaLives

        From what I’ve read (directly on the MS WP7 and WinMo sites, google it), this is incorrect.

        The HD2 uses the QSD8250 w/ Adreno 200 GPU while the HD7 is using MSM8250 prcoessor w/ Adreno 205.

        Its a double standard across all the tech sites… when the G2 drops, all the fanboys said not to judge it for it’s 800Mhz processor because it was a ‘newer’ processor that also used Adreno 205. Well, in that case, the HD7 is using a 1Ghz version of that, more or less.

  • Phone_Bubba

    I wish it had a front facing camera. besides that looks like a cool phone.

  • danny

    this is sick phone, but i love android

    • Mark

      I agree!

  • aaron

    I’m confused if I should get the Htc Hd 7 or the Dell.The Dell has a keyboard while the HD 7 has a bigger screen,other than that they seem the same.

    • ParappaLives

      The Dell also has AMOLED screen. Just saying.

  • Jonathan

    I’ve got the Dell slightly above right now because of the keyboard. Also, that curved screen is growing on me.

  • jestrada


  • Vibrant Guy

    The coming months will be very interesting. There is so much to choose from, I might have to get more than one…just to see what I like best. I am set on the MyTouch HD right now, but the HD7 is looking great. I don’t know if I like not having all the apps from Android though, and that might be the deal breaker for me.

    • blazinn831

      i like the whole wp7 and i wanted one… until i heard that u cant multitask and it takes along time to load apps…up to 3 mins for some. i hope its just because it was a demo phone. PLEASE correct me if im wrong.. they are very sexy phones :) and i want one.

      • CO_yeti

        The 3 min load time was for Harvest which is Microsoft’s graphical showoff game and once the game loads it runs perfectly. I’ve played with an actual HD7 and you don’t have to worry about load times, trust me. Now, this phone isn’t going to win over everyone, but quite a few people will be surprised.

  • mtnman

    I’m on the fence of getting the MyTouch or the WP7. I like the fact the the Mytouch has HSPA+ and that it has a FFC, but only a 3.8″ screen. The WP7 has a 4.3″ screen, but it’s almost a clone of the HD2 just with Window’s 7 on it. But ultimitaly I think I’ll go with the MyTouch because it has more to offer I think than the Window’s phone. And besides one other aspect is that the MyTouch might be upgraded to Gingerbread whereas the WP7 will be stuck on Window’s 7 forever.


      lol are you saying WP7 is stuck on Windows phone seven forever. Thats like saying that you don’t want the iPhone because it will always have IOS

    • chaoscentral


      really? That last sentence… wow

      That is the equivalent of saying I don’t want the new MyTouch because it will be stuck on Android forever!!!11ONE

      All WP7 phones will continuously get OS updates from Microsoft, no more waiting on T-Mobile to bloat it down then certify it then pass it out over a 12 week period as it trickles down. Nope.

      All WP7 phones were created equal in the sense that they will get OS updates like the iPhone, as in directly from MS instead of T-Mobile. This means while you are waiting on HTC to craft you a Gingerbread update 6 months after Gingerbread has been released, all WP7 phones will be running the latest and greatest WP7 version.

      I’m jumping off the android bandwagon for now and my Vibrant will become my backup phone.

      MS made the right move enforcing minimum requirements and restrictions, this ensures you get the experience that was intended, not what the OEMs want you to have.

  • Ken Jackson

    Life sucks when you’re on Sprint. How did TMo pull off the two best WP7 phones, while being the smallest major in the US? Don’t get it.

    • NiiDiddy

      T-Mobile’s time to shine..if we cannot do it with Android, we can with WP7…! Love these new devices…I’m so n the fence…!

  • kershon

    WoW! And I mean WoW. T-Mo is finally getting back in the game. I’m definitely getting a new phone for Christmas and settled on the MTHD for the ffc and hspa+ capability even though the screen size is smaller than I really want. Now the HD7 with the screen size I want but no hspa+ unless there is a later update. It’s getting harder and harder for me to make a decision. If I had real deep pockets I would get one of each, but I don’t, unfortunately. All I can say is T-Mo ftw and thank you Mr. Philip Humm for the great lineup for the hollidays.

    • kitpogi

      Android for life… this phone looks good, only flaw is it runs Windows… :-)

    • J-Hop2o6

      HSPA+ is HW (hardware).. the HD7 is using the 1G Snapdragon (QSD8X50) , which is MAXED out @ 7.2 HSPA.
      2G Snapdragon (MSM7X30 [G2], QSD8X55 [Desire HD], QSD8X50a) MAXES out @ 14.4 HSPA+

  • wp7sucks

    I would not buy a phone with anything on it relating to Microsoft ever all the phone i have had with them has more then sucked major a**. And for Gods sake that’s the ugliest interface I have ever seen.


      It must suck to be you.

  • HTC has two tough choices. I like the 7mp camera with the auto focus on the Mozart.
    The HTC HD7 looks good. The Dell looks awesome as well. I love the fact for once Magenta has the coolest phones. Choices…

    Stay Thirsty my friends….

  • tmoOWNED!

    You guys have to check out the samsung galaxy s2!! Its 4.3 and it can shoot 1080p dammmnnn

    • kitpogi

      you mean the iPhone replica phone?… :-)

      • pantlesspenguin

        Um, how is it an “iPhone replica” if it has a 4.3 screen & shoot 1080. iPhone can do neither.

  • somebody

    wait so will this be using the old snapdragon ?? like the one in the hd2 ?

    seriously ?? ?? ? ? ? ?

  • ThreeFourSeven

    Yes, every phone announced yesterday are using the 8250 Snapdragon processor. I think only the Samsung Focus might be using the Hummingbird {not confirm} but from watch the videos, still runs smooth. The only thing that might be a problem is playing games since its using the old gpu. Mytouch is probably going to be the only phone in the US to have the second generation processor in 2010.

  • damn this looks pretty tempting. i wanted a myTouch but that was until i found out it only has 512 rom, don’t want to go down that road again like my n1. this looks interesting especially that gaming! i might have to give it a shot.

  • coolMANDINGO

    WHY HAVENT THEY(WINMO,TMOBILE) TALKED ABOUT HOW MUCH THE APPS WILL COST?? When i last checked, winmo apps are far more expensive than ios and android apps. im not saying all apps but the apps that winmo usually have are like $20 bucks. and this is a no go for me because most likely the google maps like in the android will be replaced with some pay by month service.

    • Faccini

      you can download the google maps app in a windoes phone for free.

  • Winmoalso

    I like it, I like it. I don’t love it. It’s just too much like the HD2 which I have. I’m really liking the HTC Pro 7. I wonder if we’ll be getting that one.

    • J-Hop2o6

      Sprint will be getting the HTC 7 Pro early 2011.. for Tmo after them? who knows.. i doubt it tho.. maybe a similar WP7 landscape keyboard from HTC later.

  • mikee

    I’ve been using Android for a while now, but, WP7 looks amazing. Can’t wait to see it in person.

  • Myg1

    Damn these two phones are damn sexy..i agree with most..i have a vibrant now…mytouch hd7 dell so many fan choices at once lol I love androids the most but wp7 is intriguing lol what to do?????

    • pantlesspenguin

      I have the Vibrant, as well. I agree that the mytouch emerald & hd7 are really nice, I’m not even considering giving my Vibrant up for one of these. That’s just me, though. My goal is to hold off to get another phone until Gingerbread comes stock. We’ll see how well I do!

  • Manny

    This or Venue Pro?

  • efjay

    I see the fires of hate are burning bright, keep the flames burning guys!! :)

    • David

      Yeah lots of Android fanboys are in here. And they can’t stop not trashing competition. Really sad!

  • phone capo

    *camps out at xda waiting for hd2 to get winmo 7*

  • now_onTMO

    why didn’t HTC use the new snapdragon processor? this is basically the HD2 with the capacitive touch buttons.. LOL and the mighty kickstand.. lol or they should have added at least a ffc? oh i get it, it’s the new windows OS this phone is all about, not the specs.

    my phone next year will definitely have a FFC..

  • now_onTMO

    why didn’t HTC use the new snapdragon processor? this is basically the HD2 with the capacitive touch buttons.. LOL and the mighty kickstand.. lol or they should have added at least a ffc? oh i get it, it’s the new windows OS this phone is all about, not the specs.

    my phone next year will definitely have a FFC..

  • Daniel

    Just when I was about to add my name to the list to buy the HD7, I ran across this video:

    This isn’t inspiring whatsoever!!! This HTC rep is showing off another HTC phone then the HD7. The HD7 starts malfunctioning almost as soon as he picks it up and continues to do so throughout the entire demonstration!!! It starts around the 1:15 mark.

    Looks like HTC has screwed up another perfectly good OS with their crappy hardware!!!

  • Mae Mae

    Laying all jokes aside, if you are a current TMOUSA HD2 owner, you will be better off installing Tech1’s WP7 MultiMedia Super ROM on to your current version HD2. The reason being, I have not seen NOTHING yet in that WP7 video by Microsoft that you cannot do with Tech1’s WP7 MultiMedia Super ROM. Even play XBOX GAMES, plus Tech1’s WP7 ROM got a 8MP SuperFine LeoCameraAnyKey. It also has a ton and a truck load of multimedia apps on board with Androd love. Go to “MobileUnderground” to the best WP7 ROM by Tech1 ….

    • molten

      OK, we got it,there is no need to keep posting this in every HD7 thread. Thanks for your tip.

  • molten

    What is going on David? I thought you were at the launch but why not any hands on video? Thought I read something yesterday about it being available last night but was it the 20 sec post by HTC or you have one coming? I know the other sites have some videos up was hoping for a better indept one from Tmonews.

  • OMG!!!!!!! it looking pretty good and i desperately want it!! LOVE all the features and the WP7; it’s going to be a HUGE hit!!
    CAN’T WAiT to get it!