myTouch Emerald Comparison Chart

Well isn’t this pretty?  The myTouch family all together in one area, with a list of their different attributes and benefits.  Cute.  Either way, as wireless carriers tend to do, T-Mobile has developed a nice little comparison chart to, well, compare the different myTouch phones.  As expected, the new myTouch (myTouch Hd / Emerald) is the king of them all, with all the fancy new features.  The myTouch Slide, though, still doesn’t look that bad. Either way, compare away and leave your thoughts in the comments!

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  • Linkage2424

    Yeah, it is “cute,” haha. I’m very happy with my G2. Mytouch…meh-touch.

  • dma76

    not even a full gb of internal storage though? I realize that Froyo allows running from SD, but a lot of the programs don’t. I’m at the point with my Nexus One that I have to delete a program to add one, so this is a little disappointing, I could care less how big of a sd card it comes with, I have a 16gb anyways, well hopefully the T2 comes to all carriers! and is blur free

    • Methodz

      Agreed. I ran out of space on my n1 and couldn’t even get text messages any more. I had to delete programs a few times and got to the point where I don’t want to delete anything anymore because I use everything currently on my phone.

    • Dman

      Just because it’s not listed on the comparison chart does not mean the phone does not have lots of internal memory for apps. The G2 has 4gigs of internal memory and a 1 gig dedicated to just apps.

      • the G2 was advertised with 4GB mem and only has 1.23 available(not cool)

        this is being advertised and shown to the store reps as having 512(so does this mean 20MB free?) not much space for a “teen”/media device they should have rethought this one. oh well i like the first line

  • jp

    I hope there’s more to this phone than this.

    • phongeek

      same the internal storage hurt just a little looks like this holiday its the g2 going in my roster i MAY get this for the ffc but that might be stupid of me .. but i do do stupid things sometimes lol

  • PimpStrong

    So the origional myTouch is forever a 1.6 device I see.

    • fcbayernfan

      MT3G was SUPPOSED to get an update “soon” back in June or July. Wtf happened? TMO should give mt3g owners full upgrade eligibility because th phone is so completely out of date and pretty close to obsolete now…when I got mine a year ago it was pretty much their top android phone, now it’s a vic 20….

      • pantlesspenguin

        Yeah…that is pretty much par for the course these days. I know you probably didn’t expect that a year ago when you got the device. Remember, though, if you only got it a year ago it was already 6 months old. These days phones are pretty much obsolete @ the 6 month mark. Does that mean get a new phone every 6 months? Nope. It means choose your devices very wisely.

      • Lone Ninja

        I totally agree with you. I waited for the update until I realized it would never come so I moved on and got the myTouch Slide. It turned out I made another bad decision. I should’ve waited a few more weeks and got the G2.

      • Tmoguy

        What??? Because a phone is outdated customers get a free upgrade? Has never been like that.

      • dwilli9483


        Tmo should give you a full upgrade because you have the phone YOU picked out a year ago?? What, you thought that more advanced phones wouldn’t come out in the next year? Your a complete moron. If you did get an upgrade now you would just be b!tching a year later because your phone is “out of date” again. Boofcukinwhooo, someone should give me a new phone. I’m fcbayernfan and I’m a giant tool who thinks the world owes me whatever I want.

        Btw, enjoy the 2.2 update to your mytouch you will be receiving soon; although I’m sure you will find something to be unhappy about.

      • Lazer

        2.2 update starts tomorrow!!

  • Chris

    Only thing really appealing about that thing is the amount of ram…

    • chris45

      Your right about that one

  • TMOprophet

    Hate to bring this up, but the new mytouch will have Yahoo as its default search engine, and Yahoo everything else for that matter.

    Fail again tmo

    • Galen20K

      No it wont.

    • blake

      you’re wrong bro, that will only be strictly for att android phones, and god knows why…lmao tmobile will always be google exclusive. sorry if you’re an att user. only tmo, verizon, and sprint will have the google logo on it. oh yea speaking of why, apple is googles competition, that’s why.

      • ssdf

        att phones are not yahoo-ified. only one, the moto backflip, was. they didnt try that again bc the device was such a fail. the reason the rest of their phone are not ‘with google’ is because captivate (galaxy s) is touchwiz, aria (liberty) is sense, x10 is time/mediascape, backflip is blur, and the next 3 moto phones are blur. you dont get the ‘with google’ branding if you have a manufacturer skin atop android. att does not have a single stock android device (neither does sprint for that matter), while tmo and vzw do.

    • what tool did you replace?

    • ninjablur

      No, he’s right, I have seen the reports in a few places now, here’s one, but Yahoo did make an official announcement

  • B

    Emerald can, iphone can’t? Lol who coined that? And so it doesn’t have 4gig rom? Debby downer. Think I might wait for a dual core next year.

    • Galen20K

      Or you could buy it and sell it next year when the dual cores come out.

      • B

        Yea I’m not into buying and selling multiple phones every few months. I don’t know how people do it. I’ve had a Nexus since release. Was hoping something more powerful would be out late this year.

      • Galen20K

        Yeah I still have my Nexus also, love it.

      • ssdf

        w3rd nexus is still one of the best android phones. ill be sad when i replace it

  • MC

    when is this expected to launch?

    • hondavic

      Nov 3rd

  • Galen20K

    I like that Ram on the HD

  • Jonathan from los angeles

    so how much internal memory does it have because idk the difference between ROM and RAM? can someone help me? pleeeeeeeeeeease!

    • ROM is space for OS and stuff(512MB == not good)

      RAM is the same as RAM in your comp, it allows for things to operate faster when you have more RAM

  • artiepants

    what exactly can it do that the iPhone can’t? Besides run a poorly-implimented Flash player?

    • dcb

      Doesn’t have to be tied to wifi for video chat, bigger screen, has flash for internet, and shares photos and videos wireless through dlna

      • Wilma Flintstone

        and most of all, it can make calls while you hold the phone any way you like.

    • ssdf

      also true multitasking, a more open OS, faster processor, bigger screen, lighter device, cloud syncing without a $99/yr fee for contacts, calendar, pictures, a true universal search, better notification system, widgets, voice turn by turn navigation…………..should i go on?

  • mackye

    WOW, the new MT has 766 MB of ram!? I guess this really is The desire HD’s brother, just with a smaller screen. Can’t wait to pick this up!

    • bmg314

      No this is NOT related in any way to the Desire HD. Just because they both have HD in their names does not mean they are Related. Yes back when everything was rumored there were thoughts that the US version of the Desire Hd was going to be the new MT, and I wish that was how it worked out, believe me. But no, we aren’t that lucky.

      • mackye

        I know it’s not the Desire HD…. Why I called it it’s “brother” is because it has the exact same internal specs as the Desire HD. Same exact processor and same exact amount of RAM. Only thing different are it’s external stuff such as screen size, shape, ffc, etc…

      • mikeyo

        i actually like the screen size. even the 4.0″ screen of the vibrant made it feel too big. so this will be my next phone. so yes you could say its kin to the desire hd.

      • Reece

        Actually they are more related then you think.

        Seems like the main difference between the two, the main thing they share is the same 2nd generation 1Ghz Snapdragon “Scorpion” chip. That and the common features such as HDMI and FFC.

        smaller screensize seems to be the only thing lacking in this with 3.8″ to 4.3″ which to many people isn’t that significant.

  • David

    David, can you confirm that this is Android w/Google or like VZW’s Facinate but with Yahoo search instead of Google???

  • Yehoshua

    New one is nice, but I like my myTouch 3G Slide. Except for ROM capacity. As dma76 says, I’ve got to delete a program to install one, and with no Froyo for the Slide yet, I can’t put apps on SD. (I’ve rooted, but can’t get into Nandroid, and ROM Manager isn’t installing other ROMs properly.)

  • Josh

    I think I want even more plastic! (sarcasm)

    • LuvMyGreenRobot

      This new myTouch actually has some metal parts, like the camera area and the battery cover.

  • PrisonerOfDoom

    @ TMOprophet- got a link to support your yahoo claim?

  • aagvain

    is 512 internal flash correct? I could have sworn one of the other docs was showing 4GB

  • angelo

    what kind of processor does this have.

    • mackye

      It has a second generation snapdragon just like the G2. But this one is a tad bit better than the G2’s 800mhz. This one has 1ghz stock.


        The g2 uses a 1ghz scorpion processor underclocked at 800mhz. The mthd uses a second gen snapdragon processor clocked at 1ghz.

      • John

        both the G2 and Mytouch hd uses 2nd gen snapdragon processors. The g2 is 800mhz and the mytouch hd is 1ghz. The 3rd gen snapdragons are all dual core and one of the models will support faster upload speeds.

  • Rocco

    512 Internal might just be a deal breaker for me. I was very excited for this phone. This is a huge letdown.

  • alex

    So it’s official name is mytouch emerald, I’m still waiting to see if we can get this in one whole color

  • mikeeeee

    i’m curious about how many ANDROID devices are going to get UMA?

    this is one.

    like to see some more.

    • Dma76

      It’s a software application that enables wifi calling not uma. Slightly different but very cool and technically can be on exsisting phones

  • alex

    I like the key differienator
    Emreakd can Iphone 4 can’t
    I agree, video chat over wi-fi :p lol plus we have HSPA+, froyo, etc.

  • eYe

    You know, I picked up 2 G2s and I’m very disappointed with them. 4Gb of ROM turned out to be a curse for a rooting community as there’s enough space for a “back-up” partition so in a way I’m really glad MTHD doesn’t have 4GB of memory. I am really thinking of picking one up instead of my G2.
    G2 has ton’s of problems: random reboots, completely half-assed rom (even lock sounds don’t work!), half of the specked memory, tons of pre-loaded apps that run in the background, flimsy hinge, reception problems. I sure hope that MTHD works out better but I’m pretty sure that I’m not going to pre-order like I did with G2

    • eYe

      Sorry about spelling, not used to G2’s keyboard and not digging the swype either

    • Yes

      I haven’t had any of those problems with my G2. I love it.

    • XfooYen

      There’s no “backup partition” on the G2. Do your homework. Also I believe the internal storage specs on this sheet are wrong. The MyTouch site says 4GB int.

      • eYe

        Wrong wording but doesn’t change a thing: /system is set to read-only, writes don’t stick and 2GB is missing in action.
        @Yes: you much be the lucky one or ignorance is a bliss. All (not some but all) of these problems are confirmed and documented.

      • k-mack

        @eye, i also don’t have any of those bogus problems you mentioned. my G2 is solid and rocks! don’t know where you saw those documented things but you might want to reconsider if they are fake or not! lol!

      • mikeyo

        had all the same problems that eYe has described and returned my G@. so k-mack you are just in denial and will come around soon.

  • johnny doe

    1- why would anyone make “yahoo” default search on a known “google” platform? Dummy
    2 – this has UMA wifi calling…G2 doesn’t….
    3 – this has more internal memory…
    4 – this has a ffc….G2 doesn’t….
    5 – this has t-mobile tv… G2 doesn’t…
    6 – this has 3 nice games preloaded…yeah its bloatware but wtf its a nice touch…
    what else can I say…this is a hell of a lot nicer than a G2…. and I forgot…this does a lot more than a iPhone does…

    • LuvMyGreenRobot

      Unfortunately, thats what AT&T did to one of their Android phones. They made Yahoo their default engine. Verizon’s HTC Merge/Lexicon (their version of the G2) will have Bing as their search engine and its a Google phone. Talk about butchering it.

    • 1-companies do it all the time
      2-OTA rolling out fixes that and other stuff(tethering)
      3-proof?? G2 was specked at 4GB and it’s missing space, the “new” mytouch will probably have the same thing
      4-ok you got me here, but whoop-de-doo how often do you need an ffc?
      5-so if i get this i can pay tmo to watch tv, or i can get a G2 and not have the tv bloat? i’ll go without the tv crapware
      6-i don’t want your games, keep your software off MY phone.

      the mytouch slide starts off by saying “lets make this phone 100% you” but has all this extra crap that i can’t fix(without root) and it’s annoying, if phones came without bloat it would be better, hell if the G2 cam without the google apps but then said “would you like the google apps?” i would probably say yes but since it was included i don’t want it. i don’t quite have my G2 yet but i plan on getting it as soon as i have the update in hand

  • Tmoled

    iphone can’t pinch zoom? I also thought iphone had 5mp camera.

  • Midori

    “Emerald Can,iPhone4 Cant” those are bold words coming from T-Mobile considering the iPhone can do a lot, I hope T-Mobile isnt putting their foot in their mouth! LOL!

  • Cyborg

    I hate to say it but the mytouch line has proven, to never receive Android updates. Gingerbread will arrive this year and this thing will be stuck on froyo. Then 3 to 5 months after Gingerbread, a New mytouch will be out (a slide version most likely) and that one will have Gingerbread. T-mobile has done this with every mytouch to date. Why stop now when they can, keep people buying a new mytouch, dangling Android updates like a carrot?

    • phongeek


  • fazelove

    i hope it has a better android interface than the crappy mytouch slide. god did i hate that and plus it could look better. still waiting for that perfect phone lol. will it have dlna like the g2 was so pose to??? and p.s. whats the official website for this?

  • SnakeEyez

    I think that the “Emerald can, iphone4 cant” shows that this phone is meant to go a different route than the previous myTouch phones, everything has been “WOW family features.” I think that (along with the high end specs) goes to show that T-Mobile is planning on making the Emerald competitive. Hopefully this means that espresso is out and normal Sense is in (or atleast they have revamped espresso so it’s not as bad) and there will be (somewhat) speedy updates. Heres to hoping…

    • J-Hop2o6

      nope.. it has 2.2 w/ Espresso Sense.. search mytouch in T-mo’s homepage search box, and you’ll see the icons with the bubble around them.. hopefully HTC added the further customization (eg. turn off the icon bubble) like they did with 2.2 Sense

  • LSxChevelle

  • patrick

    i really dont understand why everyone hates on the g2 so much. i just dont get it. what else do you need from the g2? i personally dont give a rats a$$ about a damn FFC. who ACTUALLY uses it? my girlfriend has a iphone 4 and gas facetime a whole lot of…1 time. so, you get the ffc and then what are you gonnna do with it? video chat the entir less than one percent of people that have an actuall ffc like you? yes, the new mytouch is really nice. but in comparison, to the g2. there isnt much of a difference. the mytouch hd looks like it wouuld be a nice phone, but it just looks like a phone that is trying reallllyy hard to be as nice as, lets say, an evo or am iphone. the g2 is stock froyo, which equals easy updates and has to spend less time with tmobile and more time with google. the g2 has a partioned internal memory, strictly for future updates to come. ( UMA calling, WiFi hotspot)? the g2 has a very, VERY solid metal unibody structure and the hinge IS FINE. good god. im patiently waiting for the ups package at my door..

    • SnakeEyez

      Well there’s nothing wrong with the G2, just like there isn’t anything wrong with the MTHD either. Some people don’t want a keyboard and like the MTHD’s specs better. Besides, with the MTHD, you don’t have to video chat with somebody that has a phone with a FFC, you can video chat with people on the PC through Yahoo Messenger. Just because it has a FFC, I wouldn’t say that it’s trying too hard to be an evo or an iphone, if anything, its trying to compete with those phones with similar features.

    • mackye

      Well the new MyTouch has a tad bit better processor than the G2. And some people just don’t want to deal with the bulkyness of having a phone with a keyboard. Plus its about a third lighter than the G2. Even though a FFC isn’t used a whole lot… It is still nice to just have one, it’s a perk.

      • J-Hop2o6

        G2 isn’t even thick or heavy.. feels perfect in hand (coming from a TP2, lol)

  • somebody

    i really want the hd7 but this looks nice two but i doubt it will ever get the updates

  • phongeek

    hope we can get vanilla android on this and i wonder if we can use live wallpapers.. its just a thought ( i like the simple things like looking at my background an seeing it move )

    • Ansel

      I’m with you, I REALLY hope the myTouch has live wallpapers cuz not having it on the myTouch slide was disappointing…

    • Rocco

      Live wallpapers are a sure thing for this phone.

      I’ve had a Nexus One since release and to be honest, as much as I enjoy using live wallpapers, most of the good ones tend to slow down the phone. Hopefully the 2nd Gen Snapdragon and extra RAM will take care of this issue.

  • Dman

    Just because it’s not listed on the comparison chart does not mean the phone does not have lots of internal memory for apps. The G2 has 4g of internal memory and a 1 gig dedicated to just apps.

  • tmoemerald

    alright so i visited the site and on the back at the very top right of the metal part of the back it looks like what could be a second microphone? can anyone else confirm this? or do you think its just part of the design but i think that mic(if there is one) would be used for the hd video or noise cancellation or something

  • ThreeFourSeven

    So this phone is really a smaller version of the Desire HD. 2nd generation Snapdragon processor with all this ram. Will make this phone silky smooth.

  • mco

    only if this phone had a qwerty keyboard!

  • suckerr!

    so does this phone will have tethering ???

  • tmoOWNED!

    Anybody know the sense of this??

  • Original G1er

    What I’m about to say might sound negative, but it’s my true unbiased opinion as I like all high quality electronics.. If it’s good I’ll take it.

    I wish the Mytouch HD looked better or had a more of a sleek mature modern design…. And stock android would be nice…

    It does look like a teeny bopper/family phone as I predicted weeks ago.. mytouchesque of course.

    And another thing, are they really trying to compete this with the iPhone 4? That’s apples and oranges man… iPhone 4 dam looks a lot better than this mytouch HD..

    And after that, it’s between the OS’s… Which both are good but multimedia wise which mytouch HD looks to aim to, the iPhone 4 OWNS mytouch HD in that department, especially in games… Apple’s app/game store is jam packed with HIGH quality games….

    Having that said, this looks like a great phone targeting the “mytouch teeny/family crowd” GREAT phone for them..

    But cmon, don’t compare this or compete it with top phones like the iPhone 4 or G2. G2 is a true google phone stock android and is one of the best if not the best overall physical keyboard phones out.. Beautiful solid design. No teeny bopper here.

    G2 is at least a top dawg in it’s category. Mytouch HD? Just keep it at what it’s intended for and that’s a GREAT teen/family phone!

    • Jack

      That’s the reputation of the old Mytouch lineup– if you see the specs on this phone, it trumps both the iphone 4 and G2 as a power phone. Your complaint about the games available in the market seem valid, unless you take a look at the Gameloft games available for android devices. This one isn’t a teeny bopper at all.

  • QuikZilver

    What does the Mytouch HD have to do with apps/games? That’s an Android vs iphone OS thing not iphone 4 vs mytouch HD.

    • tell tat to any customer looking at iphone vs mthd, they will have no idea what the difference is. i actually got someone to admit that they bought the iphone because apple told them it was the best, to which i responded that the iphone(3G is what she had) was severely outdated and slow in comparison to the G2 but i know that once they have been brainwashed there is no hope

  • LNG

    I think the phone looks great. I don’t see where all the criticism of its looks comes from. In fact, I pulled up images of this phone and the Droid X and they’re not THAT much different. Droid X is bigger and the MTE has rounded corners (just like the iPhone that nobody gives a hard time about its looks). I think you people hear the name MyTouch, remember the ads where they talk about customizing with custom backplates and multiple colors, and automatically think teeny-bopper phone. It’s like they could have dropped a block of lead in your lap with a MyTouch logo on it and you’d still think it looked like it was for kids.

  • Jack

    I’m calling bull on this report. Since this picture:

    was previously posted on tmonews, shows 4gb of internal storage, and now it’s 512m? I don’t think so. Also, I would love the 768 ram, but it hasn’t been confirmed either.

    • Sim1

      If you look at the top of this page (the comparison chart of the MT devices), the basis of this comment section, it clearly lists RAM/768. Would you not call that confirmed?

      It looks like there is 4GB internal, split up as TMo is likely to do.

  • patrick

    its funny because the person above commplaining about not having live wallpapers on your MTS. i was in a tmobile store the other day and was dumbfounded when i saw that the Charm had a live wallpapers running, and the MTS doesnt. thats the first thing im throwing on ahen i get my g2 tomorrow!

    • yes, the charm POS has lwp, this was a big kick in the nuts for MTS owners, and the charm is from moto. i would expect HTC to step it up and tmo to stop kissing ass to manufacturers who can’t produce

  • williamthrilliam

    Did anyone notice the Emerald lists 4G AND HSPA+? I find that very interesting.

  • SK

    This link says there may be 3.7 GB of ROM but we shall see. All those complaining about RAM should be patient.

  • barrybrite

    Is mytouch HD the same as the rumored project emerald/ htc glacier?

  • Vibrant Addict

    768 RAM? VERY NICE!

    Far as I know that’s the highest of any phone right now?

    And the ROM issue? My Vibrant does have ’16 GB on board’ but I’m only able to use about 2GB for the system, of which I have 1GB remaining. I have yet to see any device that has anything higher than 2GB system memory. If this myTouch fails just like the G2, going to 1.2 GB, it’ll suck in the long run for space.

    YES we do have app2SD, but SD is much slower than the wonderful ROM.

    The other side of this ‘issue’, is that app makers store their data on my internal SD space, 13.5GB. (e.g. 100mb gameloft). So I’m fine with anything 1.5GB+

  • ihatefanboys

    Seriously, all this hate on the G2 is rediculous, there are No loose hinges, they’re all loose, there is no spring and no locking mechanism to hold it in place, its just a hinge, like on your basement door, where I’m sure most of u hang out. It works great and is affected by gravity. My g2 does not randomly reboot, not once in the whole week I’ve had mine. Obviously u hav the option of getting a replacement. Don’t know how some of u need 4 gigs for apps, there’s no way u use all of those apps, stop bitchng, thanks

  • Maemo

    The G2 hinge: The hinge on the Nokia N97 was one of the best innovations that I’ve ever seen on a phone … never wore out – btw, the Nokia hinge was plastic, not metal.

    The MyTouch HD didn’t have any Yahoo related integration – at least not what I could tell. I had trouble getting the video calling to work (when calling the Nokia N900).

    The black version of the MyT HD was way more sexier than the white one … the metal seemed to look more like gun-metal black and all trim was black.

    Screen: The WVGA screen was amazing, bright and really sharp.

    T-Mobile TV: The service streamed very quickly and there were many channels available.

    Processor: No matter what I did to “try” to lock it up or cause it to crash, it performed excellent and was extremely snappy.

    Peripheral Contacts on the side: Not sure what these were for, but it’s kind of obvious there’s something that’s going to come in real handy … which is another reason I plan on getting this device!

    If you’re questioning going with this model and you don’t want a physical qwerty keyboard, this is the one to get!

    • Midori

      So it does it have Espresso or what kind of UI are they using because you make it sound hella exciting!

      • Maemo

        The UI is the same as the MyTouch slide. I say strip it down the the stock Android UI and you’ll also free up on-board memory.

  • steven

    screen resolution? i’m assuming 800×480…