HTC HD7 Gallery

Surprise! Our very own David of TmoNews is at the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 launch event today! While he was there, he managed to get some snapshots of the upcoming T-Mobile HTC HD7, which was officially announced this morning. The HTC HD7 is one of the three Windows Phone 7 handsets that T-Mobile U.S will be launching this year. Check out the gallery below! And stay tuned for some video action from David! Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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  • LuvMyGreenRobot

    Me likey. :) Gorgeous phone!

    • mrlingo

      I agree…beautiful phone, but what are you going to do with such a limited app market….thumbs down..

      • Ryan

        Write some apps perhaps?

      • jase5273

        OMarket. Works wonders.

    • LuvMyGreenRobot

      I still wouldn’t get it….most likely not. I love Android too much. Yeah, that’s the only downfall. It doesn’t have that many apps in the market. I’m just jealous all the beautiful hardware for T-Mobile is for Windows.

    • justaphoneuser

      I think that’s my next phone!

      • Spineless

        I am having a hard time deciding between the HD7, Mozart or the Dell Venue Pro.

  • Kyle

    looks good. Cant wait to see the vid

  • BTW, what is that running on your HD2? MaxSense? Can’t believe you’re not running Froyo on it by now!


      Unlike you, everyone is not obsessed over android.

      • cp


      • TheDude


      • not4sakn

        Android is the best OS, period!

      • justaphoneuser

        +1 Been waiting for this for a while now!

      • Air One


      • Sirmac


    • Justin

      I believe that is spb mobile shell. I used it on my hd2 for a while before I made the switch to android. Definitely more stable then sense ui.

    • J-Hop2o6

      lol.. but yea.. his(?) HD2 is running MaxSense

      • J-Hop2o6

        EDIT: its SPB Mobile Shell.. i looked closer this time.. Justin above me is correct.

  • efjay

    Nice, but going for the Dell and its AMOLED screen.

    • t1 connect

      I think me, you, jhop and inyuasha were the real diehard fans waiting on these

      • TheDude

        You guys weren’t the only diehard fans of the Lightning *drool*

      • J-Hop2o6

        lol.. but it still sux the Dell Lightning (Venue Pro) wont be carried by Tmo.. only supported like the Nexus One.. hopefully full MSRP wont be too high, since i still saving my full subsidy on a keyboarded dual-core Android phone next year (or take the G2 plunge.. still deciding).. but for my WP7 secondary phone.. its between Dell Lightning or HTC HD7.. they’re equal to me (HD7 has a slight edge to me tho).

      • phongeek

        after a couple months i MAY get one off contract just to give winmo one more try

    • snoopyalien24

      Maybe – just its going to be hard to trust dell, HTC earned its respect in the mobile industry now dell… I wouldn’t mind a w7 device with horizontal QWERTY but that’s just me, the sun is killer if i want to type outdoors on a virtual keyboard, especially with shiny glass like that :P~~

  • Galen20K

    its nice.

  • evok

    Is there way to keep the kickstand down? I know I would never use it. I’m hoping there is a better solution than just gluing it down…

  • TheDude

    “The HTC HD7 is one of the three Windows Phone 7 handsets that T-Mobile U.S will be launching this year.”

    That needs to be corrected to read “one of TWO Windows Phone 7 handsets” There really are only two. David can confirm that, it’s also confirmed at via their phone launch partner announcement

  • Big Jake

    thank you David!!!!!.. feels great to see my future phone in this light, thx yo… I can hardly wait

  • sotally tober

    i still like the hd2 design………..

  • Yemi

    Hi David,
    From the looks of these pics, HD2 seems thinner than HD7. Can you confirm this?

  • MC

    will this run on hspa+?

    • CO_yeti

      No HSPA+, just regular old HSPA…

    • J-Hop2o6

      yes, but HW limited to 7.2 HSPA

  • nain

    currently have the hd2, and i WILL be getting this beautifull beast

  • jestrada

    itd be nice if I could get a wp7 phone because I have a zune already

  • Kam

    This what the HTC HD2 should have been. I may give up my berry for a go at this phone.

  • Ruufus

    Disappointed. I am owner of an HD2 and this is too much of the same with WP7 instead of WM6.5. Plus the kickstand design athestic(sp) is awful. The back of the phone looks busy and the kickstand will be caught in my pocket all the time. Where’s my 8MP camera? Video out? Full HSPA+? AMOLED screen? Come on these things have been on other phones for at least a few months. A regrettable fail from me.

    • J-Hop2o6

      8MP (overrated – its about the sensor size, not MP.. smh)
      Video Out/HDMI (would be nice to have HDMI, but hopefully atleast DLNA)
      FULL HSPA+ (no such thing on a phone yet.. highest so far is 14.4 [2x as much as 7.2 HSPA] so thats not a deal breaker)
      S/AMOLED (Samsung has a strong hold on their OLED screens until 2011/2012)

      • mike

        The dell venue has amoled

      • Jed Clamped

        14.4mbps is “only” double 7.2…no big deal here.

        LOL!!! Are you kidding me? DOUBLE.

      • Ruufus

        My point being was that giving the HD2 WP7 and an ugly kickstand are not enough to sell me on upgrading within a year of getting the HD2. There will be an XDA hack to bring WP7 to the HD2.

        Actually, if this baby had video out I’d reconsider. Seriously, does anyone know why it doesn’t?

  • Josh

    I’m loving my G2 and I think I’m going to stick with it, even though that looks beastly. I don’t use one other Microsoft product besides Xbox Live and I use every single Google service. Here’s hoping Gingerbread will be able to compete and seriously steps it up in the look department.

  • Not a fan of windows mobile. Maybe the hands on test will impress me.

  • Michael

    Cool! I can’t wait for the Android build on the HTC HD7 lol

    • David

      Such a troll!

    • UzukiC

      At that point, why would you wait? Grab the HD2, most of the specs are identical >.>

  • Sasha

    I’m sorry, but after my wing and tp2 I dont think I’m switching from my vibrant. Windows Mobile was plain awful and rarely functioned that well. For a company banking on a product with abrand new redesign, they should be open to disappointment. The iphone 4 had reception problems, and moto blur ruined android. Is it possible that wm 8 expands and becomes a great os? Possibly. But wm 7 is too risky to get.

  • Will

    The phone looks beautiful and the screen size is to die for but the WP7 look would bore me to death quickly. The hub is outstanding though and impressive. I think I will stick with my Vibrant which I happen to have fallen in love with despite thinking I’d hate it lol.

    Kudos to everyone that gets this phone. Hope it’s great for ya :D

  • G2pro

    Seriously what does WP7 offers you that Android doesn’t???

    • CO_yeti

      To start with Zune… Android has no media solution that even comes close to Zune or ios/itunes. Second.. productivity tools, as in flawless exchange and office support. Finally… games. Not small time wasters, but actual professionally developed games worth buying on Xbox live.

    • Matlock

      If that doesnt answer your question I dont know what will! Seriously though, Android is great I own a N1, a G2, a Moto Cliq, and an HD2 running Android, but the one thing Android lacks is a great multimedia experience! I was hoping that by now that would have been resolved but im still waiting. I really like the look of Windows Phone 7 and cant wait to actually play around with it, also Xbox live integration and Zune integration are def pluses for me, I own a Zune and am an avid gamer especially on Xbox Live! Cant wait to get my hands on this monster!!

  • An

    I’m so happy that I never gotten the hd2

  • somebody

    is anyone elss angry that non of these phones will have hspa +

    common tmobil…

    • J-Hop2o6

      not Tmo’s fault.. manufactures are just using older snapdragon SoC’s since they’re cheaper than 2nd gen snapdragon.. they gotta test out WP7 to see how sells are.

      • CO_yeti

        Not to mention Microsoft hasn’t written the code for WP7 to work on any HSPA+ network.

  • Mike

    I have been a HUGE android fan for a long time..but after looking at all the cool stuff packed into windows mobile 7.. I am going to get this phone!! check this out

  • For some reason I am not feeling those tile panes.

  • DavidOhio

    I will wait until this phone gets out in the market and they identify the bugs and defects before deciding. I remember the HD2 nightmare all to well. I wish microsoft luck though, the phone is hot and packed with features. I am not fond of the menu/UI though, it is really ugly.

  • sean

    This isnt impressng me.. windows 7 will soon be ported to the htc hd2 and there will be no difference between this phone and the htc hd2. Why is there no ffc on this phone? Or 1500 battery.. this phone is worthless. Ill wait for the mytouch hd

  • nain77

    dont understand all the haters, ive had the shadow, wing, shadow 2, touch diamond 2, and now have the hd2, windows always treated me great, i also had the G1 on launch day. the mytouch (gave that 2 my mother) moto cliq, nexus 1, Both platforms are good and special in there own way, android use to annoy me very much with constant force closing, over heating, unable to connect to wifi, 3G problems, and random freezes, windows mobile never gave me any of that (maybe some freezing) but id rather have my phone just freeze then have numerous problems. not to say i dont like android, but ill wait for 3.0 so it can get polished up, but for now windowsphone7 =]

  • Big Jake

    14.4megz a sec is theoretica at this pointl, a marketing ploy to help sell phones… as of now its just a gimmick MS said F the double talk just give us the real # we can achive.. & Im fine with a 7.2mb cap… so long as I can maintain an av/speed of about 4megz constant…. as for an ffc we can wait till either the next “true” HD unlike the mytouch or Tmo’s secrete weapon, I know they got 1.

  • BackAlley

    Great looking phone! After looking at all the posted reviews and hearing that the OS is missing the bare essentials, like cut and paste, USB storage option, bluetooth file transfer, and many other simple things that we’re all used to with other OS platforms, I think I’ll have to pass on it for now.

    With 88,000 employees that Microsoft has, why in the world would they release this OS on the phone while it’s still missing some key features? I hope there will be a streamlined updater like in the Android phones to keep the phone up to date, I haven’t read much about the phone’s update features/ abilities. It seems there needs to be much more work done to it before it should go to a mainstream release. The OS isn’t at its full potential yet, so I’ll let all the guinea pigs/ early adopters have at it first before I give it a try.

    I love Microsoft products, but like anything that Microsoft puts out, it usually isn’t good enough to use without problems until a Service Pack has been installed.

  • Copy and past is coming. I’m a little disseminated of no FFC. I can still live with WP7. I just can’t make up my mind which one to get. Ballmer says tablets are coming. Maybe they will have video conferencing.

    Stay thirsty my friends…..

  • Tahir

    is it true that it wont have a Micro SD Memory card slot???

  • derekdude

    Windows Mobile sucks no matter how fancy you dress it up!

  • Chucc

    Ok everyone, Im a big fan of HTC but I cant say the same thing about Windows Mobile. I personally had my HTC HD2 replaced 3 times with TMobile because of the Windows based OS. Issues with the phone I had was freezing whenever I would send and receive a text messages, speaker phone wouldn’t work on some occasion, always had to battery pull. After setting up passcode for phone, HTC would automatically reset/change password within hours after creating one. I’ve had the phone since first week it came out, there was only one update that was pushed put for the device which resulted in the update being taken down off TMOBILE website. THE UPDATE FIXED NOTHING, JUST BROUGHT ON MORE PROBLEMS. I think everyone should do there homework when it come to these devices now, Lets keep it truthful because everyone knows that the HTC HD2 came out MARCH 16, 2010. Only 7 months the HTC HD2 been out and TMOBILE still haven’t fixed the current bugs and problems with there current HTC HD2. The problems I posted and talked about above are problems that I had with my HTC HD2, just browse online to find out everything about this phone. It would save you the headache in the long run. I currently now have a Samsung Vibrant after so many unsuccessful tries of the HTC HD2. I personally should have to change my ROM system just because TMOBILE/HTC dosen’t want to fix the bugs and problems thats coming from the WINDOWS based ROM. I don’t buy any of my phones with a contact just buy out from the store which was over $500 after sales tax hit it. The only thing I see in this new HTC HD7 is that its design is very similar to Sprints HTC EVO without front facing camera for video chat. SHAME ON TMOBILE/HTC FOR THAT, how much longer will TMOBILE customers have to wait?

  • Deke218

    People who make comments like Windows Mobile sucks have a right to their opinion. I’ve had 5 WM devices and each had its little problems. That being said, I’d take WM over Android any day. Android will one day be a grown up OS. As of now its for the kiddies who say things like WM sucks. I also am not feeling the HD7 and will not be getting it. My HD2 is more than enough for now. How can you come out with a NEW phone, NEW OS and not included HSPA+? Is this a code issue are a hardware issue?

  • maxvolfan

    No dual camera and yahoo msg, QIK. Mytouch HD hands down.

  • Wilco

    Funny how folks say there is no good hardware for Android at TMO. I’ve said that for quite some time, but the Vibrant is a pretty incredible phone. The update helps tremendously. Though not perfect in everyway, the dimensions are perfect (watch movies, listen to mucho music, stream NPR, and do a ton of business apps). Plus it fits in me pocketses. Processor smooth and strong. Tons o’ memory (though I would like closer to 1G of RAM), virtually unlimited apps storage, and now I’ve got a full 28G of storage for tunes and movies, thanks to Double Twist.

    Almost the perfect phone. But for now, in this day, Vibrant is the best phone.

  • Big Jake

    yea, yea, yea we’ve all had WM phones me 3, and each had it’s lagz & freezes but if you’d knew how to use the damn thing these irritents could be held at bay… now Im on my HD2 & I F’n like it… but recently I cant help feeling like Jayz.. on to the next, heeeey MS HD7… oh & WP7 I repeat WP7 is not I repeat is NOT WINDOWS MOBULL!!, in the wordz of Elvis.. thankya very much!!!

  • threetee14

    it’s annoying when people say that this phone is gonna suck because windows mobile sucked… ahem… people this is a brand new OS from the ground up. WP7 has as much in common with WinMo as Palm Pre does with WinMo… get my drift??

    also, stop saying “microsoft made it, so it sucks”… MS has made much better products the last few years because they learned from their mistakes (bing, windows 7, xbox 360, zune HD) so i won’t be surprised WP7 will do the same redemption.

  • Curt

    Where can I get the theme running on that HD2?

  • Yoda

    I know that there is not much optimism around windows OS, if these phones were released with Android they would sell a lot better. Look at the HD2 v EVO, same hardware very different results.

  • jase5273

    I have a HD2, and haven’t had any problems with it since the last software update. Beforehand, major issues. But since the update, I’ve been using it very successfully. The main reason why is MAINTENANCE. People, if you don’t know how to maintain your phone and use it properly, you’re not going to have much success. Everybody saying that WM sucks is completely out of their mind. The HD2 is my FIRST windows mobile phone, and i must say i will NOT revert to anything else.

    Point blank period.

  • darkdoom

    windows mobile phone had a great run, butits an open market and windows is falling behind, i used to love the old windows back to the first mda, but its time to move forward and thats what google is doing, voice chat is the future…i would get the mytouch 4g but im afraid that t-mobile is going to release one with a keyboard 3 months down the road, sooooo