Wirefly Launches G2 Pre-Order, $149.99 on New 2-Year Contract

Wirefly, a company which usually comes up with some great pricing on new phones, has done it again, launching a new T-Mobile G2 pre-order earlier today.  The deal includes pricing of G2 smart-phones at $149.99 for new accounts ($199.99 for existing ones), no tax and free shipping!!!   This is all pretty impressive, especially considering that T-Mo itself isn’t even letting new customers pre-order yet.

If you were thinking about the G2, you might want to check this out.  For those interested, hit the source link for full details.

Wirefly, AndroidPolice

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  • umm

    its a good deal, but when you buy anything from an authorized agent (non corporate store) you are also subject to not only tmobiles etf, but their etf as well…not worth the 50 to 100 savings….

    • steven

      very true, but if you have no intention of canceling, it is a good discount.

      • Defender of the Galaxy

        Agreed completely. It’s totally worth the savings, even if it’s only $50 (plus tax on $200, which around here is another $16).

        Seriously, it’s just six months. If you plan to cancel your rate plan within six months of signing up, then don’t sign a 2-year contract to begin with.

        Every time somebody posts a Wirefly.com deal, somebody responds complaining about this ETF, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one person write that they had to pay it.

      • davidohio

        Some people want to scam the system and get the phone for the discount and then sell it for $500. Why else would they intend on cancelling in the first 6 months?

    • Foxeh

      The lass at BB Mobile swore to me that they have never done that and no one is even allowed to do that legally anymore. I can only take her word for it, but that is what I was told.

    • wack mode

      also third party phone are usually refurbished and have a bigger risk of messing up!

  • ED

    Will wait for HTC My Touch HD

    • Vibrant Guy


  • john

    Tmo is letting customers preorder, I called care and ordered mine@ $149.99 through customer loyalty.

    • Jason

      Customer loyalty offered me $99 and waived upgrade fee. My current plan is Flexpay 300 + G1 data service (~$60/m) ymmv

      • G1 user waiting on G2

        how did you get this? when did they offer you this?

      • aksnoopy

        I asked the sales person in store if they could offer me a cheaper price and they said they didn’t have the ability to do so.

  • Yyevo

    He said NEW customers.

    Reading fail.

    • B.

      No need to be a dick about it, Understanding fail.

    • john

      You’re right, breezed through the reading part, eh well, still ordered mine at the same price as a newbie from wirefly, and I keep my unlimited loyalty plan.

    • wack mode

      customer loyalty means excisting customers!!! not new customers!
      understanding fail

      • john

        You’re a retard… A to B fail.

  • cellswag5

    i dont have the 330 after taxes for it right now, i guees im wait for the new colors or the my touch hd.

  • JaylanPHNX

    Wirefly usually does early reviews/previews. Wish they’d do one for the G2.

  • going_home

    Preordered mine yesterday (off contract) on the TMO website.


  • aedv

    Was willing to cancel my off contract pre-order with TMO and re-order with Wirefly to save $40+ in tax, but Wirefly’s off contract price is $530. Lame.

    • Ryan

      So what’s T-Mobile’s off contract price (I’m guessing you mean full price without a contract)?

  • HD2/Vibrant User

    I thought we weren’t using the word fail anymore?????? I got e slammed for using it on here a couple days ago.

  • somebody

    i dont mean to be douche here but can we move on from this phone

    we get it it’s pretty much released lets move it along

    some news on hd7 mthd the dell the other Microsoft phone ?

  • patrick

    wait, how did yall get yalls phone so cheap through customer loyalty? weve been with tmo for 7 years and the best they can do is whatever they are offering..its total bs. i cant get it any cheaper.

    • Hecg55

      Well patrick alot of times to get such deals you must have a strong voice and make sure they know that you are in command not them. Or lie and pretend you are unhappy. Even threatening can get you things.. If they see that they can just say 199 and you say nothing back they will think you are a push over. I got my vibrant for a hundred.. Just saying

  • PatrickHuey

    really though? like how should i go about doing it? i tried to be stern and sound upset with the customer agent and it sounded like it was set in stone with what he was saying. how should i go about doing it?

    • jake

      Tell them your going to cancel your line (lines) they will patch you over to Customer Loyalty, Be firm, customer service can’t do it but customer loyalty can give you some awesome dicounts!! Hope that helps.

    • Jason

      Don’t sound upset (unless t-mo has done something seriously in the wrong!). Remember the guy on the other end of the line is a human being, and to some extent the discount you get is at his/her discretion.

      Things to mention: how long you have been with t-mo, any dataplans if you have em, interesting phones or coverage benefits on competing networks.

  • hondavic

    I’ve read postings on blogs reagarding Wirefly selling refurbs as new. Are they credible and has that happened to any of you guys. Receiving refurb phones the wirefly sold as new?

    • Defender of the Galaxy

      I doubt it. If Wirefly or any authorized dealer actually did that, they’d lose their license to sell T-Mobile.

    • John

      many sales reps at Best Buys etc always say everything cheaper on line is usually refurb

  • Tony

    When dealing with T-Mobile retentions, a lot depends on which rep you get. Some are customer-friendly, and but many of them resent you for being a cheapskate. Sometimes, when there is a good deal out there like that $99 G2 or the $49 Vibrant offer, I will call two or three times and get shot down, and then get the deal on the fourth try.

    I always tell them that I love T-Mobile, but it’s a recession and “MY FAMILY” needs to save money any way we can while still having great cell service…works every (fourth) time.

  • Stepx88

    Hey is there a different number for the customer loyalty? sorry pretty newb

  • Jorgenson

    Don’t give the customer services a hard time, they are human beings too you know. There is no number for customer loyalty, but when you talk to 2000 customers a month you can tell which ones are serious about canceling and which ones are just lieing to get a save offer.

  • Daniel Sullivan

    Customer service is an absolute joke. I have spoken with them on at least six different occasions,each time getting a different story.

  • laughing my ******* *** off!

  • Stepx88

    yeh just got off the phone with them, ive been with tmo for 6years and still I couldnt get the 199 deal.

  • g2ftw

    got it for 199 w/ rebate(loyalty dept). I’m on my 17th month of my 2 yr contact.

  • Stepx88

    g2ftw how did you get that plan…im on my 16mth with 2yr and they said I wasn’t able to

    • g2ftw

      stepx88 just keep calling. It’s my 2nd calling 611 and tell them you want to talk to loyalty dept.

    • JM77

      I see a lot of people asking how to get a great deal. Then I see some others telling them to cry and complain or whatever.

      I will tell you exactly what I did and I got the G2 for $149 all fees waived and no rebate to wait on. I can’t promise it will go the same for you as I’ve been with Tmo for-ev-er. I am in the 19th month of a 2 yr contract.

      I called customer service and was honest and calm with the rep. They have to deal with a lot of crap from customers, so treat them with respect. I was NOT transfered to the retention loyalty department.

      I told her my contract is coming up in a couple of months and I’m looking at my options, resigning vs looking at going elsewhere. I’d like to know, what is the BEST DEAL you can offer me as far as phones and services?

      She asked what kind of phone I was thinking of. I said my favorites are Sprint’s Epic and Tmobile’s G2. She said $149 we’ll waive the fees and rebate, and I said that sounds fantastic. What about the data plan? She said $25 and I said I’ve heard some people have it for $20. She agreed that I deserved the 20 dollar plan for being so loyal a customer. Great sign me up I replied!

      No trickery involved. Could I have gotten it for $99 if I had demanded the loyalty department by being pushy with rants and demands? Probably. Is it worth the headache and being a jerk to someone who is only doing his/her job? Not to me.

      Hope sharing my experience helps others. Good luck!

      • Jason

        I got $99 from the loyalty dept just by asking if they could offer any discount or knock off the upgrade fee (common practice for legacy customers). No griping or threats of leaving, although I did mention that vzw has gotten some enticing phones lately.

        Originally I had called the regular customer service, but unfortunately the two representatives I spoke with all had terribly deep accents that made it difficult to communicate and both of them couldn’t process the order for some reason (they said it was a system error). The nice thing about the loyalty dept is it is staffed with native speakers.

      • JM77

        Nice deal! It pays to stick around. I think mentioning another company may help some. Even if its real casual. ;-)

        I have hung up and called back before, if I have too much trouble understanding the person. My rep definitely spoke english as a first language… or that was one helluva fake american accent!