Sizing Up The G2 Against The Competition

This isn’t the first comparison shot we’ve thrown up, but, since the pre-order is actually here, many of you have asked for a size comparison of the T-Mobile G2 vs. the usual suspects.  So what’s one more comparison chart to help anyone on the fence about pre-ordering based on size!  There is nothing here we don’t know or haven’t seen, read or heard a number of times but seeing things stacked right next to each other often gives a clear picture of just what exactly you are ordering.

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  • Crayz

    Its kind of a sad comparison since those phones have been out for a while. The G2 matches and may be slightly better in some aspects, but disappointing that its not hands down better.

    But, the fact that it has vanilla Android sells it over the rest!

    • foxhound2185


    • Al

      AMEN!!! It looks like a Nexus one. Tmobile Still behind other carries.

      • andrew

        not after mytouch hd comes out

    • blablabla

      Of course it’s going to be compared to phones that are already out. What do you expect them to compare it to? Phones of the future? NOTHING coming out this year is going to be some sort of monster android device that is going to slaughter all. Every high end android device is going to pretty much be on level ground. Two months between a release date of one android phone and another isn’t going to make any type of huge difference beteween the two phones. All the phones they compared it to were JUST released within the past 3 months with the exception of the G1 but we obviously know why that’s on there. Get over yourself please.

      • al


      • al


    • Want2CBetter

      Bull! With the exception of the G1, all of those phones have been released in the last 4 months. Droid 2 within the last month, for example.

  • mikeeeee

    2 seconds after i hit submit content.

    i’m ordering one for a 2 week test drive.

  • TMOprophet

    Decent phone, but I agree that there isn’t really much that stands out for it and set it apart from the rest…It’s ok I guess

    • Southeastbeast

      WOW all you guys are crazy. This is the only vanilla android handset to come out since the G1 with a physical keyboard. Don’t let the MHz value fool you this is a next generation CPU with 45nm. Not only that the Adreno 205 GPU stacks up to the Samsung Galaxy series VR GPU. This is the leader of the pack for performance right now.

      I’m ditching my Nexus One for this badboy.

      TmoMDA -> G1 -> BB9700 -> iPhone3GS -> NexusOne -> G2 then I’ll test out the 9780 when it drops.

      • brzgw

        Yeah I’m so tired of seeing stupid comments like that. As said the mhz isn’t important people should do their research. I really want to see the reviews about this baby.i hope this phone will be a seller.
        Looking forward to the release.

  • Midori

    Ooh! Another Grab and Go.

  • swehes

    HSPA+ and Stock Android is the two biggest draws. The nice thing about physical keyboard is that I can connect to my servers and more easy write commands to it. Other than that I just love my Vibrant (with exception for GPS and Compass)

  • mingkee

    Why nexus one isn’t in the comparison?

    • Jazmine

      I would also like to see a comparison between this the Nexus one and the vibrant

      • going_home

        Didnt you see the benchmark test video where the G2 was faster than
        the Nexus, Droid X, and Galaxy S ?

        I have a Nexus, and I preordered off contract a G2 today,
        even though my contract runs out in a week.


      • Usman

        @going_home That’s just silly… why not wait a week and get it for a discounted price, unless you’re switching to Even More Plus…?

    • Brian Douglas Hayes

      Because the Nexus One is no longer available. It’s a guide to help salespeople remember the differences between the G2 and phones currently available from T-Mo and its competitors.

      • FunkmasterC

        The G1 isn’t available anymore either, but it is on the sheet.

      • Foxeh

        The G1 is on the sheet because people going to the Tmo stores ask what’s different about the G2 compared to the phone it’s succeeding.

        All the rest of the devices are very recent and even they only compare to the Nexus One… which isn’t even all that old, albeit older.

  • johnny cash money

    thats why you all need to wait till november..
    not sure why everyone is jumping on this phone which sux

    • ceas

      Its people like you that can ruin it for people from getting a great phone because you “THINK” somthing better will be coming out later. You dont know 100% what will be out later so please stop posting comments like this that have no point. Also that goes for those vibrant people/ or anyone esle saying their phone is better then this. Stop those useless FANBOY comment plz.

      • Anthony

        Put it this way. If this is the best that Tmo has coming out through the end of the year, it is a very bad sign…..

        /Hater but still a realist

      • ceas

        Im not saying this is the best T-Mobile will bring out. Im just saying that comment like those can pervent people from getting a great phone in hopes of getting somthing better later, just to be disappointed. You cant make people happy with whast out because reality is with technology their is always somthing better around the corner. People need to realize that the best specs dosent make the phone. What makes the phone great for a person is if it does everything it needs for them.For example, I have a older sister that is a Vice Presedent at a credit union, she is on Verizons network and recently was looking to upgrade. She was looking at BlackBerrys and The Droid. I told her to look for a phone that does what she wants all she needed was a phone that can send and recieve calls, text, and emails. She ended up with a Envy Touch, and she coudlnt be happier. Just to show you not everyone needs a top of the line phone, They just needed somthing that does what they need it to do.

    • Robert Paulson

      Plz, this phone isn’t teh suxorz. Sure, it has less onboard storage than some other phones, sure it isn’t a 4.3 in screen, BUT let’s look at the big points…

      NO extra UI
      -more likely to receive updates and more quickly
      -only phone out with an slcd to my knowledge
      -fastest wireless internet connection available on a mobile device in the US AND for an all you can eat plan that’s cheaper than competitors
      -I shouldn’t have to explain this

      C’mon, this phone doesn’t suck.

      • mao102

        and the droid does it all

      • Southeastbeast

        @mao102 If you are referring to generic Android devices as droid please stop. You are retarded. If you are saying the Droid beats out the G2 then you are also retarded. Look at the benchmarks.

        @Paulson I’m ordering mine now too to replace my Nexus One >;]

      • Dick Richards

        his name was robert paulson….his name was robert paulson….

  • WXman

    The sheet is still wrong. EVO comes with 2.2 out of the box and just got another OTA update this week and it’s now the fastest phone in the world.

    Besides on that, G2 is a nice looking phone but it’s on the overall slowest nationwide network there is….which totally destroys it’s chance at being superior.

    • Chadastrophic

      Slowest network? LMAO! I pull consistent 3.5-5mb DL’s in most of the areas I travel. Can’t wait to see what a HSPA+ phone will do.

      • Howie_in_AZ

        I live in the Phoenix, Arizona area and our speeds are horrendous, at least with my ancient G1. At my house TMobile only supports EDGE at a blazing 8k/s. Bringing up the Market takes a good 45-60 seconds.

      • the hammer

        Same here I pull 3-5 down consistently in my travels for work.

    • Anony Mouse

      The overall slowest nationwide network? I see that you are a sprint user, or you have failed to read the hundreds of news reports on tmonews, forums, ny times, jd powers, and other reliable and respectable news sources that T-Mobiles network is actually faster for HSPA+ than sprints 4G or any other network out there. Sure T-Mobile is not the fastest 3G (although it was rated the most reliable 3G) but T-Mobile kills sprints 4G network with its HSPA+.

      Seriously, check up on your facts before you post them. Especially when you are on a forum for T-Mobile trying to tout the false glory of your sprint service.

      • Dale Murphy

        don’t spout garbage. jd power ranks customer satisfaction, not network speeds. you had some valid points until you got silly with it.

    • thaghost

      tmo is not the slowest network!! with that said, the evo is blazing fast right now. my bro is an iphone fanboy and now he’s not even using his ip4 to surf.

    • Robert Paulson

      Your presence in the room has just made everyone more stupid.

    • Usman

      Pssst… T-mobile’s HSPA+ is faster than Sprint’s Wimax.

    • john

      How dies that evo stack up against quadrant scores in the 2300 range I get on my vibrant? You and failman need to go to

  • Timo

    I’m really hoping the G2 has better reception than the Vibrant. My dad and brother both bought Vibrants last week, and they’re both returning them today because the reception is so bad. It’s unfortunate because the hardware is so nice otherwise.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Well that’s not an issue with the Vibrant in general, that’s a problem with the reception in their area.

      If there’s weak coverage in their area some phones will work better than others.

      For example, the Vibrant’s antenna is at the bottom of the phone and not all that well protected from interference. If I cup my hand on the ENTIRE bottom of the Vibrant I may drop a signal.

      The “perfect storm” of a poor signal would be if I am in a poor reception area AND I completely shroud the bottom of the Vibrant. (I would never hold the phone that way, but holding it partially that way will cause partial signal loss. If I am in a poor coverage area, partially blocking the antenna will cause even poorer reception.

      In comparison to the Vibrant, my HTC HD2 has an antenna that works better because it has different shielding, for one thing. When I hold it at the bottom, for example, the signal is not affected.

      Either phone, however, outside of my seemingly “lead shielded” bunker/condo, works fantastic.

      • Timo

        My dad had a G1 with perfect reception. My bro had a Cliq with perfect reception. They both have bad reception with the Vibrant. It’s the phone.

      • Timo

        Also, my N1 works perfectly in the aforementioned areas. The Vibrant really has weak reception.

      • G1 user waiting on G2

        I believe its the phone, i went to the Vibrant from the G1. At work i would get 3bars of 3g with the G1 and barely 1bar of 3g or EDGE with the Vibrant, at home i have a perfect full signal with the G1 and like 1 or 2 bars with the Vibrant. Im glad i sent the Vibrant back, because im getting the G2.

    • Robert Paulson

      I have a vibrant and also sell them, and I think it’s an error in the software. There’s an app you can dl that displays a different signal strength indicator that you can customize and my phone will show 0 bars when I in-fact should have at least 2 or 3.

      • Timo

        The problem with that theory is that they drop calls constantly. I wish it were that simple, though.

      • Vibrant Addict

        Wow, these boards are amazing. All this nay saying reminds me of when the Vibrant was about to release. ‘it’s horrible…blaa blaa blaa’. Seriously? Let people buy what they want and stop negating that this is a solid device.

        The G2 is a great phone, and that Vanilla Android 2.2 along with HSPA+ is what is going to make it worth it for the next 2 years, people on contract. If you don’t want a keyboard, then you would go for the Vibrant or possibly wait for the myTouch HD, which I’m guessing will have HSPA+. Simple as that. Tmobile finally has some top of the line phones, and I for one am quite happy with the hardware AND the network (haven’t had decent hardware in a while).

        The only thing the EVO has going for it is it’s FFC, I’ve ran my Vibrant next to EVO numerous times and butchered it, hardware and data speed. Droid, if you can pay for that bread and butter network by all means be my guest, I prefer my lower priced FASTEST network anyday.

      • Vibrant Addict

        I did not mean to reply all the way up here, I apologize. In no way is this directed at any of you.

      • Vibrant Addict

        My post went in the wrong spot. Sorry!

  • mtnman

    The closest compition it has is the Droid 2. But then that isn’t on the HSPA+ network, it’s loaded down with Motoblur Blotware, no autofocus camera. The G2 being unbrudened with blotware runs really fast but it’s QWERTY keyboard gives it some weight. So if tasty Vanilla Froyo with a heaping helping of some HSPA+ and a keyboard is in your liking, then this phone is for you.

    • steven

      why yes, i would like my vanilla froyo with a side of hspa+ and physical keyboard! thanks! personally i dont understand the people whining about the lack of a FFC. is it honestly that big a deal? how many people do you have to video call?

      also, fingers crossed for G2 gingerbread later this month :D

  • johnny cash money

    phone hands down sux, not sure why anyone would pre-order this 1999 phone

    • Anony Mouse

      Wow. You really just want to give a slanderous statement without any evidence or reasoning to backup your negative claims? I assume your an Apple Fagboy…I mean Fanboy and are trying to stir android hate up?

    • mtnman

      If you don’t like the phone that’s fine, it’s your opinion. But if you say you don’t like it at least tell us why you don’t like it and back it up with some facts that make your point, not just a blanket it “sux”.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Oh Johnny, why did you post this Johnny, why Johnny… just to stir things up?

      You’re such a drama queen. Now disconnect and quit being naughty on the Net.

    • david

      Can we please reconize when someone is trolling. That was such a baseless comment and he offered to logical reason to why he said that.

    • Robert Paulson

      I smell a troll.


      @ johnny cash money. I feel like assassinating you. 1999? LOL. In your words, “you hands down sux”.

    • Vibrant Addict

      I think everyone read it wrong.

      What he meant was ‘why anyone would pre-order this, well worth $1999, phone’

      His mistake. :)

    • Vibrant Addict

      What I’m reading in his post is why would anyone pre-order this phone that is really worth $1999, it’s just too hard to believe such a deal. :)

  • mailman13877 (HTC EVO 4G)

    LMFAO this G2 is in comparison again and losses again.TMO is a major FAILURE for it’s SETTLERS. The Evo has 4 issues

    1. Screen seperation and thats not and issue that i have seen so it doesnt apply to me lol.

    2. Battery issues – Coming from the G1 the battery life is heavens above the G1 battery and also its not n issue since i have 2 batteries.The batteries for the Evo is cheap since it takes the same battery as the Palm pre.Got me a 2nd battery on ebay for $3 so thats really not an issue.

    3. Caps at 30FPS..Engadget reported a couple days ago that an Update has started leaking out and one of the fixes is for the FPS cap issue so that makes ONE ISSUE with the issue.

    4. Powering off issue..This is an issue i am reporting (idk what others think bout it). When powering off the phone has that loading circle for at least 20 seconds to boot down. That i find annoying but at the end of the day it’s technically the only issue and not one that’s a deal breaker over any other phone on the market.

    This G2 is such a FAILURE for the TMO SETTLERs smh.

    OH and 4G is lauching or is in testing in NYC engadget reports so i wont be paying $10 for nada for long huh..I luv my EVO so much compared to any phone i had with TMO..Evooo FTW

    • Anony Mouse

      The EVO? Wow, I guess you are a sprint user who used to be on tmobile and coming back here to try and put down tmobile so that it can make you feel better about switching to your cr*ppy sprint service.

      BTW, 4G blows…you pay ten bucks for nothing and now you act happy cause you will not be paying the ten bucks for nothing…how cool is that…they charge you for nothing…absolutely nothing but to line their pockets and now they finally give you a taste of something and it reminds me of the movie idiocracy and the prostitute scene where the guy is paying the main character hooker so that she will let him wait to have sex with her and she charges him by the hour day after day the wait to have sex with her.

      Its funny that you pay ten bucks just to wait for 4G when T-Mobile already has HSPA+ 4G speeds in your area, and has for a while, and will not charge you anything different for it. Have fun paying extra for nothing.

      • George

        Better than that, I did side-by-side speed tests between my buddy’s EVO and my MT3G, and the EVO was only *slightly* faster. For an additional $10 a month, it should have made my year-old MT3G look like it was powered off.

        mailman is looking really sad right now, trying desperately to put a positive spin on what has to be a disappointing move on his part. There may come a time when Clear ups the throughput on the 4G service, but for right now the speeds are really underwhelming relative to the hype.

      • Howie_in_AZ

        I too think the G2 is not all it should have been. If TMobile was serious about their new-and-improved data network, the G2 should have had features that make use of it — a front facing camera, for instance. Regardless of the mhz myth, the phone should have sported at least a 1.2GHz processor because non-technies look at numbers, not SPECint/SPECfp performance. 8GB or 16GB of onboard storage should have been standard, not 4GB.

    • Robert Paulson

      Wow. I’m not sure where to begin.

      First, why bother comparing anything to the G1? The G1 was a first generation Android phone. Comparing any stats to it is pointless and only serves to make you look like a fool. Newer version of Android that don’t run on the G1 address battery usage issues, not to mention newer phones have larger MAH ratings.

      HSPA+ is faster than 4g and doesn’t cost you anything extra per month. I lulz at your faulty argument good sir. I lulz.

    • Southeastbeast

      Vanilla Android > skinned Android.
      Faster updates – quicker to merge the Google code drops into the OS a la Cyanogen and co.

      Enjoy waiting for your updates!



    Let’s be real… this phone may not be the most innovative, but it beats the G1…. so I’m gonna do the 14day trial and make a decision based on using the device…. although I still maintain its ugly….

  • joe

    good thing they didnt list the processor specs.


      If they did, then they would have to explain the processors. Most people( I’m assuming you to) think its all about ghz. But there are many different types of processors, with different ups and downs. Of course they wouldn’t have enough space to explain all of that, so your right.

    • Southeastbeast

      Please cut your wrists you retard. 800Mhz with this 45nm generation processor is faster than GHz processor of last generation. Are you really that retarded? Please make educated statements before you post.

  • blah

    My problem with this phone is that people keep saying its faster than older phones, thats like saying a Ferrari is faster than a Ford Taurus. Well it dang well better be and if you have to make a statement like that there is something wrong hardware-wise. Yes Scorpion and Adreno will kick butt but its a matter of competition when better specs phones will be releasing with-in a month of its release. I would get the HD7 instead, but based on the leaked specs it stands to be even more crippled then this handset. The only thing in tmos line-up which looks remotely decent hardware wise is the Mytouch HD and thats based on unconfirmed specs as well….. ultimately a “flagship” phone released several months later should not under any circumstances merely be on “par” with the best offers. In this case the Vibrant. The G2 is a mid-range phone at best.

    • guess you messed this article with bench marks.

      • missed*

      • Robert Paulson

        Wow I never saw that. I ordered mine this morning. SOOO EXCITED!

      • Surfer

        In all fariness, the Vibrant is still on 2.1, not on froyo. AND its loaded with touchwiz UI.

        Vibrant already tops the Quadrant scores with 2232 just with an XDA lag fix. With overclocking, the score is 2765. I can’t imagine how powerful the vibrant will be with a 2.2 update.

        Notice that the HTC Desire HD is already benchmarked. The Desire HD scored 1974 while the stock Vibrant scored 1973. Just 1 point better! Keep in mind that the Desire HD is running 2nd generation snapdragon MSM8255 CPU clocked at 1 Ghz. It also has the Adreno 205 gpu in it. This just goes to show how powerful the Vibrant is with a lag fix and it will be even better with froyo.

        I’m not a Vibrant fan by any means. I’m waiting for either the MyTouch HD or Desire HD. I’m just stating the facts.

      • Brandon

        @blah I agree, but when it comes to day to day performance without rooting, Vibrant isnt the beast it could be. Seems like a waste of CPU/GPU technology because of bad software implementation. Not that touchwiz is bad, but the marriage of the hardware and software is kind of rocky.

    • Anony Mouse

      You really dont compare stats well do you? There is always..always….always going to be something better on the horizon.

      You state that you should compare newer phones with older ones because it is a bad comparison and gives bad impressions…yet the rest of your argument is based on not yet released phones being compared to the G2…..comparing newer phones (that HD7 for example in this case) with older phones (the G2 in this example)

    • Scythe

      Not a very accurate comparison. Let’s say the Ferrari could have 500hp and only 10 ft lbs of torque, whereas the Taurus might have 100hp and 500lbs of torque.

      Which one will win an 1/8 mile?

      It’s hard to say, which is why benchmarks are needed.

    • blah

      OK you guys clearly missed the point, the N1 generation chip pales in comparison to modern chips such as the one in the Galaxy S phones… its kinda ridiculous… And im not comparing anything, just expressing my disappoint with the rumors which cant even be proved. Scy makes no sense so his point is moot. The idea is that if comparing a taurus and a ferrari a question of whether it will outperform a taurus shouldnt even arise. I will use a better technology example. If a buy a Laptop now versus the one I had a year ago, I would be pretty pissed if my year old laptop out performed my brand new. This is the general publics understanding so if my Vibrant phone is on par with or out performs the G2 then by definition the G2 would have to be consider mid-ranged/powered as older hardware out performs it.

  • foxhound2185

    I’m just gonna wait for the mytouch HD. My nexus 1 is still better except for the hspa.

    • George

      In what way is your N1 “better”?

      The CPU in the G2 is the new-generation version of what was in the N1. It is as fast or faster in data processing than the CPU in the N1, and the HSPA+ would allow it to receive and transmit data faster as well. SLCD screen should be an improvement over the N1.

      Assuming the quality of the phone calls is a push, the G2 provides a very similar form factor with some techno upgrades not available when the N1 was designed and built. So what would make your N1 necessarily “better”?

      Don’t get me wrong–if you’re happy, I’m happy for you. I just thought your comment could use some elaboration.

      • Robert Paulson

        Very constructive comment. Consider my hat tipped to you, sir.


        We need more people like your here. People who actually know what they are talking about.

  • Jake

    I think it’s funny that this phone seems to not really stand out from the other’s too much. It’s almost like t-mobile is showing us the best and then their phone. Consider this phone just came out, and all the others have been out for months.

    • Robert Paulson

      What is it that you think makes the other phones a better overall package? I’m not trying to give you a hard time, it just seems like your’e trying to present opinion as fact. I suppose if overall screen size and onboard storage is more important than the fastest internet, physical keyboard, Vanilla Android, etc. then that’s your opinion, but please elaborate.

  • alex32

    Cant wait to get the G2, i have been waiting for this for a long time.
    when i get this ill BE FEELIN’ SO FLY LIKE A G2 (;

    • Robert Paulson

      Right there with ya!

  • ella

    check the benchmark video, quite surprising

  • this phone is the ultimate qwerty-havin’ phone we’re gonna see for a long time i have a feeling and that is why i’m gonna use my early-upgrade to get it. i wouldn’t be surprised if it’s all touch only by the time my new contract is up in october 2012. i seem to be the only person left that requires a qwerty (well my girlfriend too)

    • Foxeh

      You’re not alone, David. Types like us just aren’t as noisy in the commentator-sphere. ;)

    • steven

      i totally agree with the two of you, i’ll always prefer a physical keyboard over a touchscreen one (though the fact that the G2 has swype is a nice touch, since i havent ever used it).

      I’ll shed a tear the day physical keyboards disappear completely from phones

  • ParappaLives

    Hm… if WP7 turns out to be bad (I dont think it will… at least not for me and my needs), I’d probably get this then. I miss a physical keyboard.

  • Herinel

    The G2 Doesn’t have the biggest screen, it might not seem the have the fastest processor on paper, but if people would do their homework before coming on here and posting, Qualcomm specifically said that the snapdragon chipset was not initially created for smartphone, its for tablet and netbooks. Second the Scorpion processor was created specifically for multi-tasking on a phone, it was made to handle apps faster and such, so yea they underclocked it to 800mhz, and I bet it will be faster that any of the other phones out so far, and if 800 mhz bothers you give it a week and you’ll have the Devs over at XDA overclocking and rooting for you. The screen isn’t 4.3 inches, so what, i prefer a slightly smalled screen and a physical keyboard any day.

    Thats why i pre-ordered the G2 today.

    • Robert Paulson

      Kudos man, I can’t wait for mine. Also so looking forward to HSPA+ and possibilities of tethering that.


    • thereugo

      I totally agree with you on this, about the 800mhz. Is it a problem having it rooted? I’m getting it for my wife as a testing unit, if it’s cool…then I might just get it intil the Glacier comes out.

    • Foxeh

      Overclocking this phone is completely unnecessary.

      So few seem to have any idea on what the number actually means. 800MHz or 1GHz is simply how many times a transistor switches in a second, it has nothing to do with what all the transistors within a chip can accomplish together.

      Complaining that a phone should be 1GHz rather than 800MHz is like complaining that a particular model of a car should redline at 6500 RPMs rather than 6000 RPMs. That is literally what people are doing.

      “Oh, that’s okay, I can just shift at 6500 RPM anyway and it’ll be fine!”


  • QuikZilver

    Lol @ mailman and his two batteries!! I remember my cousin use to to carry a spare battery when he had a brick phone back in 95. I thought those days were over.

  • I just bought a couple of Vibrants, and only tried them out because of the deal that I got on them from Customer Care ($99.00 Each Total). The reason I’m sharing this is because judging by all of the comments here the Vibrant is a terrible phone with tons of issues.

    I’m glad I tried it out because I actually quite enjoy the phone and how it operates and I am blown away by how fast it is. (in comparison to my iPhone 3G on Edge….LOL!)

    I still want to try this G2 out, but I am genuinely disappointed that the screen isn’t at least 4” and that I can’t get it without a physical keyboard. Those two things make me want to wait for something else, but I won’t knock the phone and I’m still going to check one out.

    These Evo boys coming in here is just stupid. It isn’t even a fair comparison. They should be comparing the Evo to the Vibrant and the Droid X. I don’t think the G2 is even trying to compete there, it is a different style of phone completely in my opinion.

    • SEFan

      The Vibrant IS a nice phone – with a ton of issues. But.. if the issues don’t matter to you, or you got units that aren’t affected (the GPS issue hasn’t affected everyone for some reason), there’s a lot to like. I don’t think any of us (well, most of us) want to warn anyone off the Vibrant, just use some caution because some people have had genuinely bad experiences. But if everything works, have a ball. Just don’t gloat – too much :-)

      As for the G2, maybe not game-breaking, but equal to everyone else’s top tier. Also, wait til someone in an HSPA+ market fires up the G2 and checks the download speeds. Then the G2 may be a game-breaker after all. Hey, I live in an HSPA+ market! I am no fan of physical keyboards, but I’m going to give this device a look.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    G2 is a pretty nice device, the price is a bit steep though. The only ones that are better it seems are the Droid X, Droid 2 and Evo. Tmo’s stepping it up.
    I’m still waiting on that 4.3 inch, Super Maemo, Meego, Symbian^3/4 or Android Device with Flash, Night mode, FFC and a TV out. Come on TMO, bring it on.

    • Robert Paulson

      I agree but the pricing issue is really a tricky thing. The suggested retail when I bought mine was 420.97 or something. So in reality the phone costs less than some competitors phones, which makes sense considering lower onboard storage, smaller screen size, etc.

      However I think the distinction needs to be made that Tmo is just giving you the standard discount, taking it down to $199.99 for a fully eligible upgrade.

    • LookingForward

      How is the price steep? What are you comparing it to that is cheaper and better? A used EVO which is supposed to be so great just sold on EBAY for $500. I Googled it’s Quadrant scores, and it is slower than the G2 unless overclocked to 1.2GHZ, then it is slightly faster than an 800MHZ G2. I don’t want the bigger screen since I usually keep my phone in my pocket.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        The price is steep because for the price you’re paying on the G2, there are better devices but they don’t have a keyboard so the people want it, this device appeals to them. Also, you said it yourself, “YOU” don’t want a bigger screen and thats fine. However you don’t speak for everybody. I, for one, want Tmo to bring a 4.3 inch super Android/Maemo/Meego/Symbian 3 or 4 device with the functions of the EVO. I’d be happy if TMO got the GSM version of the Evo.

        back on topic
        Based off the spec sheet above which has a few typo’s, (Evo doesn’t have 16gb of internal memory a few of those phones there have just been updated to froyo), the G2 is going to be a pretty nice device. The Evo, Droid X and Droid 2 are better but the Droid X and Evo are competing in a different field with the Vibrant and HD2.

    • Barry

      Project Porting MeeGo OSc To Android Phones Starting To Yield Results

  • gammax

    I’m still debating on a vibrant or g2. Both look good, but I kinda want to play with a g2 first and kinda see how fast the vibrant is on 2.2. I am on a g1 right now and both would be so much faster. But the perfect phone for me would be 5 in screen, physical keyboard, and 16 gbs. Hell I would go for the galxy tab if it had voice.

  • some internet dude

    On some other site they did a benchmark, the Nexus one is just a hair slower than the G2. No real reason to switch for those who have the N!. To bad its not for sale, its the best Android phone HTC has put out.

    • ceas

      The nexus one was a good phone, but i wouldnt say best phone HTC has put out. it has 3G issues and from what i hear has a problem with the screen cracking on its own, and i also hear it had problems with its physical buttons breaking. so yea its a good phone but i wouldnt say best.

      • some internet dude

        I never had the 3G issue, and never heard of the other problems. In my eyes the N1 can still hold its own.

      • ceas

        Im not saying it cant just really trying to point out that every phone has its issues. Technology isnt perfect and it will never be.

      • MJ

        I have the Nexus One, its great none of the issues you mentioned. Too bad Google pulled the plug on it. However i think the G2 is also going to be great.

    • mikeyo

      G2 is an improvement over the nexus one. the best part is that it will have a better multitouch controller.

      • mikeyo

        i had a nexus and sold it for this bad boy. heres my reasons why

        1. Better multi-touch controller (I couldn’t get over all the snapping and two finger touch issues, just made it unpleasant)
        2. Hardware keyboard (A plus for any kind of emulated games.)
        3. More power efficient processor (you know it will be overclocked and smoke anything thats out right now)
        4. Trackpad (i hope i dont eat my words on this one. trackball was nice but turned yellow and was always worrying about crap getting into it)

      • The Hammer

        I have an Nexus and love it. Never had any of the issues stated above. I ordered 2 G2s today one for me and one for the wife. Ill keep my N1 for a spare.

      • mikeyo

        If you never had the multi-touch issue then you never touched your phone. Every time you touch it to scroll it would snap and axis flipping happened alot.

      • steven

        HIGH FIVE!! you’re the first person i’ve noticed to mention “physical keyboard” and “emulators” in the same sentence!! thats why i want the physical qwerty, i NEED it for the emulators!

  • OtherGuy

    I’ll be getting the G2 for sure. Stepping up from the G1.

  • JP

    Not really impressed with this one. Give me the dual core HD and the Tab.

    • mikeyo

      mytouch line is not so good. you will see why. also good luck with battery life.

  • Perry

    Tmo desperately needed another “high caliber” phone to complement the vibrant and this is it. Specs are on par with the offerings from the other carriers although the 4GB of internal memory is less than what I would have hoped for. Sure you can slap in a 32GB card but that would bring your total memory to only 36GB. Vibrant & EVO would max out at 48GB. Not that big a deal but still….

    Another strike is the 800mhz CPU. With other phones sporting 1ghz chips this phone “appears” slower from a marketing standpoint and the benchmarks I’ve seen show that the entire line of galaxy S phones have much better GPU scores.

    But for Tmo who just recently launched a “world” class android phone this is a step in the right direction. We now have 2 decent phones. unlike Verizon who seems to have a bigger & better android every few weeks it seems.

    Let’s see what the specs tell us about the mytouch HD due out later this year.

    • Robert Paulson

      I agree with you on the 800mhz partially. Quadrant benchmarks it as faster than unrooted/lagfixed galaxy s phones and faster than droid x and the n1 with 2.2 loaded. The g2 is unquestionably faster than any other android phone on the market from what I’ve seen. That said, I can’t tell you how many people I have to talk to who are convinced it’s slower merely because it’s clocked at 800mhz. From a marketing perspective it’s terrible because most people who buy smartphones aren’t tech geeks like me, they just aren’t knowledgable and their line of thinking that 2 is always great than 1 means that the label of an 800mhz processor is going to hinder sales. They should’ve come up with some bs marketing term and said it was 1.5 ghz equivalent or something like that.

  • AaronO

    I am really sick of hearing about this phone already, when it sounds as if TMO is drawing attention away from the Vibrant already. Simple updates would be nice.

    • ceas

      With samsung’s reputation, i wouldnt hold my breath for an update, even if they give a promise and a date. Terrible company that puts out terrible phones, just as bad as Motorola. But they do make nice TV’s..

      • Robert Paulson

        I’m really questioning if they’re going to update or not. With the fiasco that was the update schedule for the moto cliq line, the disaster that was the behold 2, etc. I never believe a company when they say an update is coming out.

      • Robert Paulson

        except htc, they’re the only ones i’ve seen who actually issue updates when they say they are going to.

    • LookingForward

      It is not up to T-Mobile to put out an update for the Vibrant. It is Samsung that has to do that. I loved the Vibrant, but wanted a keyboard, and LED status indicator. I am getting that with the G2. The fact that the G2 benchmarks way faster than the Vibrant is just icing on the cake. Hopefully, the battery will also last longer.


    Man Im not trying to be a fan boy or nothing as i was just a tmo customer about 2 months ago but you people downing the EVO are crazy i had a g1, a vibrant, a HD2 i even tried the droid X for 30 days but the evo is is the best out the dealing with android hands down. Now if tmo wanted to do a comparison chart i think they should have made one with android phones with keyboards such as the droid 2, epic 4g, etc. I think the g2 would have had a better chance. Im from chicago people please don’t compare tmo 3g speeds to sprints 4g speeds or tmo hspa speed if its not even in your city let. I still have love for tmo but im going to keep it real the plan i have with sprint with my 10 extra a month 4g charge is still cheaper than my old fav five plan so don’t knock sprint people as i wont knock tmo

    • Sapphire

      Well said. Can you talk some sense into mailman, your fellow EVO/Sprint lover?

  • Ramvid

    The problem with the vibrant benchmark is that it is running 2.1. Supposedly it will run much faster on 2.2. Regardless I think the g2 will be a great phone.

  • stockypeasant

    i am in a decision making pickle.

    back when the vibrant was first being sold, i was able to get the price of the vibrant off contract with the loyalty dept. for $250 USD. Now, I have yet decided to take that offer and use my full upgrade as i was waiting to see what would come down the pipes from T-Mo. So here i am still waiting and trying to make a decision on what i should do.
    I already called customer loyalty and they will not forward that price discount i have with the Vibrant, to my next phone ( maybe G2, maybe HD or future device)

    what should i do? buy the vibrant, sell it and loose my full upgrade or hold on and wait.

    Also, i am off contract and have been for almost 1.5 years. I like it, as it gives me leverage to negotiate prices with T-Mo as i have been with them for 7+ years.

    any opinions?


    • Howie_in_AZ

      For what it’s worth my neighbor has a Vibrant (he previously had a Cliq but it broke). The screen is gorgeous but the phone is buggy. He hates it.

      I’d get a Nexus One or this G2. You could always hold out for a better phone post-G2. Since you’ve been a TMobile customer for 7 years and are off-contract, you have leverage against TMobile. Tell them you were thinking of switching to another network for another phone; make them work to keep you as a customer. You’ll get the best discounts that way :)

  • somebody

    funny how everyone here is defending the g2

    its a brand new phone thats not even out yet it should not need any defending…..

    one guy said ” its better than the g1″ i thought that was funny how our expectation of t-mobil are so sad that we compare to a phone that came out god knows when…..


  • somebody

    good to know this website considers pointing out facts as spam….

    • David, Managing Editor

      Word press holds up comments randomly…don’t take it personally!

  • Roger

    Unfortunately T-mobile G2 is a dead end device before arrival – (1) The processor speed disqualified it for Android 3.0 (Gingerbread) and (2) The radio frequencies deprives it from running 3G outside the US (it runs, but slower than the original G1).

    Just two bad decisions by HTC and T-mobile for an otherwise decent phone, especially when considering that as a keyboard device it might attract business users (who travel a lot).

    Most people won’t know that until it is too late…

    • mikeyo

      you sir are an idiot. 3.0 can and will be on the G2

      • ceas


      • Brandon

        Im starting to think people are still spreading the Gingerbread rumor to troll. Its getting ridiculous.

    • mikeyo

      dont you think that the device creators would know (from google) what it can handle. that it is a high end phone that was built to handle future updates

    • k-mack

      Stop lying, dude. You look bad and you are wasting your time…

      • k-mack

        That was @Roger, btw.

  • currator

    ok i have learned some info i wish to share with every. i cant say who told me. but there are two things tmobile is doing they are buliding there hspa+ out for cloud based computing. i had a blank when i heard it but i googled it. the other is that moto is a big fat liar they said they would be the first to launch an gingerbread device. in fact tmobile will be lauching it this year. i believe that the mthd will come loaded with it not sure which phone but yep moto and vzw are a bunch of d-bags. just my two cents we will see

  • Vibrant Addict

    Ok I’m obviously not allowed to show my love for the G2. LOL. Tried to make about 4 posts so far and being moderated OR just not appearing at all. I’ll keep it short and simple…

    Phone is great, on par with everything. Vanilla and HSPA+ are what bring this phone to the top of the food chain.

  • why is it soo hard for these people and people that do comparisons to get the RIGHT SPECS!?!?! i flippin WISH the htc evo had 16 gigs on built in memory…..would have mad my purchase ALOT EASIER! lol

  • of*

  • alain

    Wow…so much bad karma!!! Wanting a new phone and will wait to see them all before deciding. Had Sprint service for one year and I have to say that Sprint sucks the big one! Tmo has been great for me and family for the past 12 years. Not only is the plans cheaper, but the customer service rocks. I’m not all that great when it comes to tech, but for my needs the G2 would probably be more than enough for my little self. However, I’m interested in the mytouch hd and Iphone as well, so I will wait to see them before making a decision.

  • deceptivesmile

    At the end of the day, a newer,faster processor designed for multi-tasking on smart phones that is underclocked paired with a faster, stronger HSPA+ network, straight Android 2.2 with no filler, and from the looks of the pictures, a solid housing/body. This phone may not be a superphone but it most definitely will do its share of damage and once again, the masses will sleep while those who know will be wide awake at the breakfast table. Let us say grace.

  • Carlos

    So what exactly constitutes a super phone? The nexus was considered as a super phone upon release and the G2 has pretty much the same specs with a more powerful processor. When i get this phone ima have it clocked to 1ghz which will be even more super lmao!! But seriously though this gonna be one awesome vibrant has been sold soooo bring on the G2! :)

    • deceptivesmile

      That’s exactly my point if u were referring to my post. Everybody has their idea of what a superphone is and every phone that doesn’t meet their expectations gets swept under the rug, especially comin from Tmo.

  • abel2fresh4u

    cant wait for october 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • HD2/Vibrant User

    So can this phone play avi movies out of the box?

    • GCK

      Any phone can. All it takes it an app download. RockPlayer or ArcMedia can play avi, mkv, etc.

      • HD2/Vibrant User

        Im talking about not having to download any apps. The vib can play avi right out of the box no extra app needed

  • Myg1

    I have a rooted vibrant n loving it..bench marks at 2k plus.wifi spot you name it.. N running 5mbps at my house..but I’m digging this g2…i still wonder why peoples that have evos n droids n stuff come here n talk crap damn get on your own website…i don’t mind getting the g2 at all n when the mthd comes out ill definitely get it..n damn mailman is still here lol

  • coolMANDINGO

    nahh!! id rather wait for the mytouch HD! yeah the ui wont be all that but the FFC will change all that. i also was going to get this phone for 2 week try out but i said nah.

  • LSxChevelle

    I’m a bit dissappointed that they blocked the wifi hotspot feature…

  • S

    This may be a dumb question, but if I decide to buy this full price overseas and use my TMo SIM card, does that affect how I get Android updates, etc?

  • Craig

    Got an interesting text today after pre-ordering the G2 from T-Mobile yesterday:

    “Your Equipment Order is being processed. It will be delivered within 7 business days. A tracking # will be sent to your phone once it ships.”

    So that means I’ll have my G2 by the 2nd? Here’s hoping..

    • HD2/Vibrant User

      I got the same text. Let’s see what happens

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I have a feeling that is simply a standard, generic message they send on all orders. I have got that same exact message when I have ordered my phones via 611 (Customer Care).

      And all my phones have arrived withing two days of ordering because I have a P.O. Box and T-Mobile sends phones with P.O. box addresses using USPS Two Day Priority Mail. But they always say seven business days so people don’t flood T-Mobile with calls about order status.

    • Andy

      Actually, it said seven BUSINESS days, which does not include weekends. Seven business days from Sept. 25 would take us right to Oct. 5 as they have said. The seven business days are 9/27, 9/28, 9/29, 9/30, 10/1, 10/4, 10/5. That would make sense since they will be available in the stores on 10/6.

      • steven

        one day early? thats fine with me :D
        i got the same message. i’m hoping for the slightly early delivery because i start class on the 6th, and it would be awesome to be able to show off my G2 to all the incredible and iphone owners :D

  • JustGoogleMe

    I’m happy with my Nexus One. The G2 is a good phone and has advantages over the Nexus One, but not worth it for me to upgrade. IMHO, I don’t need the G2 at the moment and will stick with my current phone until it is necessary for me to make an upgrade and sign a two-year agreement.

  • LStrike

    Just got my confirmation text. Order being processed. It will be delivered in 3 business days!!! Can’t wait. Now I just have to pick what I will keep between the Vibrant, G2 and N8. Sigh life is sooooo unfair! :) Want to collect them all like Pokemon.

    • HD2/Vibrant User

      I used my upgrade for the g2, I’m going to wait and sell my vib for the mthd and then sell my hd2 for the hd7. Then when the super Android duel core comes out I’ll just sell the mthd for that and the hd7 for the next big wm phone that drops. I have this down to a science.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Report back if you get your phone before the launch date.

      In fact, you should call T-Mobile back and ask for a clarification. I suspect they will say that’s a generic message and they did not think to change it for pre-orders.

  • im so excited i work for tmobile and i preordered my G2 yesterday…

  • none of you will get the G2 until the 6th thats the launch date your preordering it so that t-mobile isnt out when it does launch.. so october 6th you will get it…because thats the date its launching

    • Devin

      I work for T-Mo too and if you read what it says in Streamline it says customers will receive it on OR before Oct 6th. So getting it before is definitely, and likely, possible. Just like when the G1 came out, we had guys get it like 5 days before the official launch. Here’s hoping!

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Shouldn’t people who have pre-ordered from T-Mobile simply call customer service to clarify when the phone will be shipped.

        I would be very surprised if T-Mobile is selling and delivering the phone early.

        Moreover, are people paying the full price when pre-ordering? If they are only paying a deposit, no way T-Mobile is sending you a phone if you have not paid for it in full beforehand.

        Also, I see on the site that it says:

        “Order your T-Mobile G2 by October 4, for delivery on October 6—the first day it’s available everywhere.”

        Are you people who say you are receiving the G2 early getting a different statement on the order page, that says delivery will be ON a day other than ON October 6??

        Of course it is possible that T-Mobile intends to get you the phone BY October 6 so you have it in your hands on launch day, otherwise there would be no benefit to pre-ordering other than assuring you get one.

        If you are paying full price and not a deposit, then as others said, here’s hoping you get the phone in a few days!

    • Herman

      I received my MyTouch 3G almost a week before it was released. Also, I received it a few days after I pre-ordered it which was about 2 weeks before launch. So it’s possible that they’ll receive it before release.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Is anyone else having their comments moderated by this Site? I get the below message on my comments and they don’t post. (See attached.)

    • the hammer

      I paid full price and was told on or before the 6th, so that means I could get it next week.

  • beenattheTMOcompanymeeting

    I just pre-ordered my phone yesterday! and Magenta says that there is a GREAT LIKELIHOOD that the G2 will arrive before the official release date, especially in MAJOR markets. They have guaranteed the delivery by the 6th if ordered by the 4th, but say orders that come in well before the 4th may arrive well before the 6th. Here is to hoping, though it does not matter as I am out of the country and will not be home to play with my G2 until the 6th

  • Young Quazy

    T-Mobile G1 has Android 1.6 not 1.5

    • It just states what OS came with the phone at launch.
      Look at the Evo it has 2.2 now

  • smoku

    Well no g1 came with android 1.0 rc3 right? Lol

  • WrlsFanatic

    Why list the EVO and Droid X as being 2.1 when all new devices come pre-installed with 2.2 now? Is it wrong to see that as completely dishonest?

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