Clearwire Open To Deal With T-Mobile

The end of August was the last time we saw anything regarding T-Mobile merging/dealing/combining/partnering with another carrier or other entity.  Three weeks of no similar stories is far too long for us to go so here we are back again with another report that Clearwire is “open” to a relationship with T-Mobile in some capacity.  For Clearwire, the obvious hope is raising money possibly by selling off unneeded spectrum to a partner like T-Mobile.  However, since Sprint is the majority stakeholder in Clearwire,  the Clearwire board of directors is split over whether or not a Clearwire/T-Mobile relationship is a wise move.  It’s hard say just what exactly this deal could mean for any of the players involved and whether or not a deal like this could be a pre-cursor to some sort of larger Sprint/T-Mobile relationship but that’s just all speculation and rumors at this point.  Still, we’ll be keeping a close eye on these negotiations and hope to report back in another three weeks or so.

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