T-Mobile G2 Featured In Best Buy Buyer’s Guide

While the G2 might be delayed until the 16th of October, that isn’t stopping Best Buy from featuring the handset in their Buyer’s Guide labeled as “Coming Soon”. And while this doesn’t reveal anything new, its nice to see the T-Mobile G2 getting some attention. Speaking of Best Buy, that reminds us, we know Best Buy was originally having some troubles with pre-orders, but it looks like the issue has been resolved and pre-orders are now being accepted. As for T-Mobile pre-orders we’re still working on getting a solid date as to when pre-orders will begin. Stay tuned!


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  • G1 user waiting on G2

    Cant wait for the G2, please be here soon than those rumors.

  • Galen20K

    I’m probably not getting it but the G2 is a Freaking AWESOME phone, I look forward to seeing it released and becoming a Success! – D

  • Jared

    Do phones normally get released on Saturdays (16th) and Sundays(10th)?

    • J-Hop2o6

      nope.. mainly Wednesdays

    • pantlesspenguin

      I remember the Vibrant was released on a Thursday.

  • mikeeeee

    cross your fingers kineto is preloaded on it for me please.

    • Foxeh

      I’ll cross my fingers, but only if you promise not to shout ‘fail’ if it turns out not to have it anyway. ;)

  • GT

    Greta to see the G2 advertised. Hopefully it will generate the much needed pub for the device and T-Mobile. On another note, the Kineto Wireless news has me wondering if the delay in the G2 is that TMO wants to add this feature into the G2? What are your thoughts. HSPA+ with UMA=T-Mobile Success????

    • JD

      That would be nice…

  • thereugo

    There’s no way that Tmobile is going to let Best Buy come out with the Phone before it does. I can’t see that happening. How many people say the G2 is worth getting? How bout the GLACIER?

  • snoopyalien24

    hmmm i want the G2 but…. i have a feeling that in time for the holidays there is going to be something a lil better. I want android – errrr

  • NiiDiddy

    I saw this awhile back at Best Buy Mobile.

  • jazzmanmonty

    i think that there is no way a retail store will carry a device before the actual carrier. i’ve never heard of it before and if its ready for retail release then its ready for tmo store release. so i find it unlikely and i just think that best buy wants to generate more sales than others for the device so they are taking preorders prior to anyone else regardless of the release date. they just say oct 10th but once they have u baited they’ll say oh its the 16th and most people will wait. marketing gimmick if anything.

    frankly i’m not too upset about the later release of this device (though my g1 is about to die and on its last leg). This of course assuming that the other devices will not be delayed and maybe come early so i can toy with the G2, return if i don’t like/more specs come out on another device that are more appealing. So lets see what news this next week will bring. remember, patience is virtue people.

  • alex32

    aaaaand best buy also beats tmobile in advertising the damn phone…tmobile..youre killing me lol

  • Foxeh

    I just noticed that Zagg has an Invisible Shield for the G2 available, but I don’t see a Steinheil protector for it yet. I’m sure the screen can hold its own after seeing what the DInc can take, but I’m a paranoid shmuck.

  • TheLight

    A representative told me to call 6ack later this week to pre-order. I went to Radio Shack and the manager told me they had their G2 shipment coming in at the end of the week, 6ut didn’t know when it’s going on sale. It seems that Magenta already has their phones since they get them first and 3rd parties are a6out to get theirs. So I strongly think that it will 6e this week or next when we can pre-order. I’m ready to get this phone! Come on Magenta, out with some info pronto, at least a twit or something..lol

  • Joe

    Here is what it says under my online account: http://i54.tinypic.com/s12b0y.jpg

  • er0c

    Well either it be released on the 10th or the 16th I’m still pretty damn stoked about the release of the G2. Thanks for the updates!

  • Phiddeus

    I have something to say to tmobile. I like this phone company but I have one thing why is the. 3g signal so weak and verison,sprint, att have signal pretty much everywhere in building especially

  • Phiddeus

    So is tmobile going to make there 3g spectrum. 900. Or keep it at the 1900 ot is now . We need tobe 900 thohalla back.

    Tmobile. 3g Spectrum. This Is Why It Sucks
    ATT and T-Mobile 3G spectrum Both carriers started out with GSM. ATT used 850 and 1900. Tmobile only 1900. It seems that ATT was able to move to 3G while staying with 850 and 1900, while Tmobile needed to pick up 1700/2100 to do 3G. Is this simply because ATT had more spectrum to work with from the start? Is each piece of 850 and 1900 spectrum further divided up into incremental pieces of which ATT has owned more, thus allowing them room to provide 3G?