TmoNews Gives You The TmoNews Mobile Edition

Well it’s definitely been a long long time coming for this day as we haven’t seen a TmoNews mobile edition since the sites inception. While all the kinks haven’t been worked out as you can see by the double calendar above, the mobile edition is live and ready for action. I know a lot of Android users, especially those running flash have had a very hard time visiting the site recently so this should eliminate those troubles and allow you all the access you need to your favorite T-Mobile news site!

Do you want more ways to follow TmoNews? How about our Facebook page? Or maybe our Twitter page? Are you following us there and participating in discussions about your favorite carrier? No? Well why not?

If you are having any trouble viewing or find any other errors please report them in the comments below!



  • Cybersedan

    Very nice job on the mobile site guys!! The site works great, its a real pleasure not having to zoom anymore, everything renders perfectly, THANKS!!

  • Em2drvr03

    Great job on the mobile site….!! I would love to see a android app too..that would be awesome

  • Carlos

    Its cute and all but why does every thing have to be so ios like? even android spin is like this…ugh

    • David, Managing Editor

      You know, we bring a feature and someone complains…I can’t make everyone happy, this is a plugin thats available for wordpress thats the common usage plugin. It is what it is!

      • Cybersedan

        This just proves that even if you shoit gold, people will complain that it’s still shoit!!


      • Carlos

        I wasn’t complaining I was just expressing why everyone feels the need to be up apples ass…hell be like microsoft and give us a metro look…whatever though I will get over it…

      • Barry

        cdhu @ cyber

      • Michael

        Because iOS is better.

      • phonegeek

        david you dont even have to explain it all WE with the right common sense have to say is THANK YOU!!!

        • David, Managing Editor

          You are welcome!!! Thanks for loving it everyone and for those of you pointing out the bugs, keep on letting me know so I can let someone who knows more about this stuff than myself know.

      • zazou

        The double calendar is kinda cool!! You should keep it in there..

      • I’m glad have the feature finally. It’s something site has been lacking but to be honest it’s not very nice too look at. It’s gaudy and bloated. Designed for fat stubby fingers? Have you seen Engadget or Gizmodo? Even BGR does it better. Don’t mean to complain but it’s the worst mobile version of a site in my opinion.

    • David Thomas

      Ever stop to think that maybe got touchscreen interface designs right, and everyone else realized that? I mean, let’s be honest, as much as you may love Android, the button style of Apple’s UI is pretty damn sexy.

      There’s no reason to change something that works. If you’ve got a problem with it, there’s a link at the bottom of the mobile site with your name on it, that will return you to the full desktop version, so you can complain about how your device can’t handle it.

      Stop looking a gift horse in the mouth. You’re giving T-Mobile customers a bad name.

      • sorandkairi

        naw he’s just giving himself/herself a bad name….

  • Shannon

    I gotta say, one of the nicest mobile sites I’ve seen! Clean, organized, easy. I love it!

    • sorandkairi

      simple and clean….


    GREAT job gang! Looks fantastic on the myTouch Slide!

    • Mr MN

      Yeah it looks great evening on my original mytouch. I don’t have to wait 10 minutes for my phone to load the page. Thanks guys. I’m waiting for the G2 or myTouch hd to be released so I can upgrade.

      • Mr MN

        Maybe I should stop depending on SwiftKey so much. I meant to say even, not evening. The next word prediction is pretty good, though.

      • Phonegeek

        Wheres the mobile site though, im not seeing it (on 1st gen mytouch

  • Chgo26

    Thanks so much for this. Was missing the site.

    Maybe I’m overlooking it but I can’t seem to find a link to the forum with the mobile version.

  • DallasDude

    Finally! I have been thinking why a forum which talks so much about phones does not have a mobile version for their website. Thanks!

  • Matt Hatter

    I’m loving it!

  • Frigadroid

    Cool no more waiting for the sprint and verizon ads to load.

  • mtnman

    I just looked at it, and it looks really good and loads up a lot faster than the full version. Really nice look and feel to it. Good job David, I really like it. Thank you.

  • pimpstrong

    so whats the site address? because i dont want to lock my phone up again trying to access it.

    • pimpstrong

      Nevermind I went for it and it worked! I love this format!

    • David, Managing Editor

      Just try the site…it will work.

      • jdog

        Why no app? Every other blog I like has an app you should at least do a simple one like the app on the Android market they have had an app for all most two years but I do like the new mobile site.

  • Matchesmalone

    I am not sure why the managing editor is upset if someone says they don’t care for certain things on the mobile version. I appreciate the hard work they put into it, but this is a blog where people give their opinions. I personally don’t mind the mobile version but being a creature of habit I still like the option of seeing the desktop version but on my vibrant it doesn’t work. I click on the regular theme link but it just takes me back to the mobile version.

    • Matchesmalone

      Link to regular theme seems to be working now.

      • Matchesmalone

        Now on my laptop when going to tmonews, it won’t get out of the mobile version. Please fix.

  • Zack har

    I am very glad to see this post!!! Not accessing this site on a T Mobile phone (Cliq) for the past week seemed a bit odd.

  • Barry

    *round of applause* Keep up the good work fellas

  • Barry

    Oh and the site seems to be normal as far as not freezing up. I haven’t tried accessing it on my phone yet but it was freezing up my computer last night but seems cool now. :-)

  • Sapphire

    This article is saying it is affecting devices with flash. Yes, I’m aware that the Nexus One has support for flash with Android 2.2. I removed flash from my phone and still ran into my browser forcelosing. I did access the mobile site on my Nexus about an hour ago though and it loaded extremely quickly. Now, the website is loading without an issue in the desktop version.

    Is this just a fluke? Or are you bringing back the desktop view on mobile devices?

    • Sapphire

      Sorry, David, I read the article too fast. I see it affected Android devices, and more so the devices that have flash.

      But my question about it being a fluke still is a concern. Not a major one, but just wondering.

  • ThreeFourseven

    Finally, Very nice.

  • remister

    I wonder if my avater is the same for the mobile site.

    • remister

      Confirmed! It is, I love my savvy.

  • pablo

    i dont get the mirror image thing of the dates the articles were written on. kinda ugly if you ask me. other than that it looks good.

  • JaylanPHNX

    Excellent! Opera was taking a dump all over my favorite site. It still renders mobile sites funny, but it bests that big red oops.

  • DjECast

    Hey David… is there a specific URL that we need to go to… I don’t think my phone’s being redirected to the mobile site…

  • Niiice, made loading much simpler on my Vibrant :) Thanks guys

  • J-Hop2o6

    NICE David! Even tho i never had a problem on the desktop version using Andriod 2.2 (via TP2, non-flash), and WM, its still nice to see a mobile version of TmoNews.. Keep up the great work here David.

    • J-Hop2o6

      i forgot to mention, i was using Android at the time i wrote that from the Mobile version.

  • mtnman

    Im typing this on my Vibrant now. I’d though i’d be the fist one to post a message from my cell on the new site.

  • going_home

    Post it here.
    I have absolutely no use whatsoever for the social medial.


  • David Thomas

    It’s about time! I’ve always wondered why mobile sites never offer mobile versions of their websites, or at least send them to a splash page to download the app-version.

    Looking good, even with the bugs.

  • mtnman

    I just typed a message from my Vibrant and I have a diferant Icon. Wonder if this has always given you a different Icon if you typed a message from your phone or if this is new. I don’t know, I’ve never did a message from my phone before?

    • Eddie Android

      I get the same icon on mine whether I type it on my Nexus One, my laptop or my desktop.

    • trickinit

      I’ve always wondered how the avatars work on this site.. maybe it’s based off of your IP address?

      • trickinit

        If so, it would make sense to get the same avatar on your home’s wifi. I’m not at home now and I’m getting a different avatar.

  • sorandkairi

    !? DID YALL JUST DO THAT…. did…. did u all just change the ….regular site……ummmm…. wierd….. for some reason after i refreshed on my pc it changed to the mobile theme…. switching it back now….

  • mingkee

    Yes, it works with original browser on nexus one.
    The site used to have problem to load on my phone and caused FC.

  • vinny

    Great job, clean, neat and very easy to read on my Nexus One. That is how I want to get information on a phone. (you can always flip back to desktop view)

  • Chase

    It loads great on my iPhone. Even using T-Mobile’s EDGE it was rather quick. [We don’t have 3G here so why not use a phone I like?]

  • TMOprophet

    Been waiting a long time for the mobile site…it’s been hard to follow tmonews on my phone when always on an Edge network, this should help a lot..Thanks

    Oh and for the one who doesnt like the format of David said this is something that’s just native to using WordPress, like he said “it is what it is”.

    I actually like the mobile format, AndroidSPIN uses it and it works really well, its quick and easy to catch the latest news without having to scroll around alot.

    Thanks again for the mobile version guys

    • TMOprophet

      damn, my comment got caught up it because I used the words “latest news”?

      I see they are highlighted in red now?

  • rubb3rducky

    Love it! Nice interface, quick load time, easy to switch between the mobile and full versions. Makes my venerable G1 feel almost young again :)

  • 4ty-phive

    forgive my ignorance but what is the address? Is it or something different? I’m on a n900, so I don’t visit to many mobile sites.

    • 4ty-phive

      Well, I guess I could just search it.

    • MarkV10

      beats me. A link would be nice.

      • 4ty-phive

        Well, I guess this one won’t get answered. Oh well, I guess I just won’t see the mobile site then.

  • I love it you guys. It’s perfect. Forget the complainers, you all made this great site, then had the audacity to make a mobile site, so we can have a better, & swifter experience on our phones, & people complain. Well guess what? FTL (F their lives)! Long live the best Blog/T-Mobile site ever!

  • Shad

    Wow, awesome job. I’ve been wanting this for some time. Thanks…

  • TMOprophet

    test from mobile…..

    • TMOprophet


  • Queue515

    I was afraid to ask if there was a mobile site. I thought I was missing something. It seemed a little crazy that I couldn’t read a blog about phones on a mobile device. Nice addition.

  • Vision77

    Its about time LOL Thanx David!!

  • Mike Toledo

    Any idea on a Android App? That would be awesome

  • Craig

    Yeah, a link would be helpful. It isn’t and loads the full site on my Vibrant.

    • From my experience you have to go to on the stock Android browser & it’ll load as the mobile site automatically.

  • J1

    +100 @David, Kick, and Andrew

    You guys answered my prayers.. the mobile site rox and loads with no problem even on my p.o.s. cliq lol.. all I need is a G2 and ill be golden.. tmonews ftw(for the win)

  • TonyJohns

    I too was wondering that the link was? At least thought that would be posted.

  • dman

    So whats the site address?

  • sic

    everyone asks what’s the address. me included because, I hope there is a different address cos the regular one loads extremely slow. tell me it’s your servers and not your site…. right?…….

  • sic

    holy moly! I just checked my cache after the page loaded….

    1412.6 KB damn, that’s one fat page….

    along with 9 cookies!?!?!? wtf’s up with that????

  • JOhn

    Still doesn’t render correctly on stock browser. Very intermittent on Opera. Sometimes it’s correct most time not. When scrolling to bottom says it’s on mobile but shows full site. Sure it’s getting bugs worked out.

    When it loads in opera it loads very fast. Stock browser not so much. Good site though.

  • Usman

    Stock Nexus One running Froyo and Flash. Mobile site won’t load… just the desktop view. How do I get the mobile view?

  • dave f

    Thanks for finally getting a mobile site.

    Bugs…(using Dash with WM6.0, Iknow, I know, it’s a company phone, we have a G1 and 2 Nexus 1’s at home)…

    Logo section / everything above the articles is garbled / illegible.

    Clicking an article redirects to full version with all that entails – should be a “mobile article” version also to avoid FC from reading an article.

    once redirected to article (I was reading this article specifically) I did a Back command and it started loading the full version instead of the mobile version that I arrived at the article from. FC before it finished but it was loading the full version page for September 8th, not today.

    I understand the “it is what it is” comment. I also understand it is looking at browswer type to redirect (hence no link). You should be able to build in cross links going both ways into the header. (or maybe a mobile=no in the URL like some sites use).

  • Hunter M

    Thanks for the site David, Kick, and Andrew. Loaded great even on an ancient TP2 running Windows 6.1 (queue the laughter from the masses =D). Yes I will be making the immediate jump to the G2 as soon as its available.

    Also somewhat off-topic. I have put some thought into buying an HD2 in order to play with rooting it to Android. I have no rooting experience but I am tech savy and was looking for input from the masses here on difficulty level, if its worth it etc etc. Any input here fellow tmonews followers would be great!

  • Shad

    I don’t know if this is just me. But this only kicks me to the Mobile site about 1/2 the time on my MT3G running CM6. The other 1/2 it stays on the normal site.

  • JOhn

    Same here.

  • TMOprophet

    Which plug in is this?

  • Matchesmalone

    Thought it was fixed but on vibrant, it is going back to where you can not see the desktop version, even after clicking the link

  • Bubkas

    On Vibrant, worked great for a few days. Now all I see is the std. site. PIA. Why no mobile subdomain (e.g. to make it easier and more clear?

  • chris s

    Did something break with the mobile edition? Since the main site redesign the mobile edition hasn’t worked on my G2

    • Yes, it was taken offline temporarily for some bugs! It’ll be back up soon!

  • Ws6driver Js

    any word on the mobile site?

  • Ws6driver Js

    any word on the mobile site?