Motorola CLIQ 2 Specs Leaked?


Although we haven’t heard much regarding the upcoming Motorola “Begonia” aka CLIQ 2, the boys over at Engadget seem to have uncovered a few additional details. According to their tipster, the CLIQ 2 will ship with Android 2.2 (Froyo) with Motorola’s proprietary UI, BLUR. Additonally, their tipster claims that the handset will include a full QWERTY keyboard, and that the keyboard design is described as “one solid piece” without any gaps between keys. The handset will also include 3G hotspot support and WiFi calling which shouldn’t come as a suprise. As far as a release date goes, rumor has it that the CLIQ 2 will make its official debut on November 1st. 


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  • Always wanted to be first for once. Still, looks like wifi calling is going to be a go! Yes!

  • SimplyAmazing

    I thought they were not going to use Motoblur anymore? Nov 1st is nearby and we still don’t have info on it??? hmmmm seems untrue BUT it also means that it can be pushed back just like the G2 was.

    Also …. FIRST :D

    • Tito!

      Umm WRONG. Misunderstood the context. (Why does everybody do that?)
      The statement released, proposed that BLUR wouldn’t be there main focus.
      As in: it was going to be but with gingerbread coming, it won’t.
      Its be tweaked for full performance, but won’t be their main attraction.
      Thus, the DroidX wasn’t advertised to have BLUR, because they no longer want it to be their key point.
      Personally, I love BLUR! & this CLIQ(:
      So I hope the second one is just as good. w/1 GHz+ speeds.

      • Steve Jobless

        You forgot to mention he was wrong about being first.

  • Jed Clamped


  • Craigy6

    We can only hope and pray (us Cliq XT owners) that our phones are updated to 2.1, and possibly 2.2 before they even consider releasing an updated form of our phone. This is BS.

    • David Thomas

      They’ve already released, what, at least 2 phones with 2.1+ and Blur? Cliq/XT/Dext owners are still in the dust?

      I’ve personally given up on Motorola supporting this crappy phone. I’m lucky enough that I might be able to take advantage of the BOGO Vibrant deal for me and my brother to get rid of this POS.

      • I have been on my contract for 18 months. How long do I have to wait to take advantage of BOGO? Do I go to a TMO store or online?

    • archie

      I wouldn’t bet on any updates.

    • twest

      I agree….this is BS. Purchased a Cliq and have waited….and waited…and waited for this “update” they are saying is coming. If they actually release a Cliq2 before pushing out the update then I’m tossing my Motorola and not looking back. I’m about to do the same with my Bold 9700. Seems like manufacturers are selling you sub-par phones with no real upgrade-ability when it comes to software updates. Nice cycle we are caught in….buy new hardware…then new software will be coming within 6 months that fix all the current bugs but will not run as smooth because of your current hardware. Somebody’s getting rich of this….and it sure isn’t us.

  • Seeing how the Cliq has not even gotten the 2.1 software update that was promised and no source has been released for it, I have convinced myself I am never again getting another Moto phone. G2!

    • bbcrisp_03

      SAME HERE! I own a Cliq XT Unfortunatelty. adn all motorola is good for is stalling update dates. One of the good reasons I was lured into buying a cliq XT was the update that they said would be read when I bought the phone in MAY! I hate motorola now. cant stand them! G2 all the way!

  • Smoku

    i believe i have that phone. take me wrong but i do. i tweeted it at you guys. my twitter name is smokuevo. send me a DM with an email and ill send you pictures. i can get more. couldn’t get to the bootloader though.

  • zmoboss

    oh..i simply gave up on hoping for 2.1 or 2.2 for my CLIQ .. feel much better this way .. after denial comes acceptance that it will never happen .. no more moto for me!

  • Peter K

    I’m a cliq owner and I can say I’ve lost faith on getting upgraded above 1.5. Why would motorola sink money into a phone they know is crap with a weak processor that wouldn’t run that great even with the new os. We got sold a lemon and have to face facts about it. Why do you think the update kept on being pushed back and back. The cliq/xt at their respective end of life with the 2 coming out. I hope you learned what I did from my cliq experience…don’t buy a phone for features you hope it’s going to get than rather for what it does out of box. I for one will never buy a motorola phone again with other companies putting out quality units like the g2 and the vibrant.

    • David Thomas

      Yeah, I learned my lesson the hard way too. I’m getting rid of this Cliq ASAP and will be picking up the buy-one-get-one-free Vibrant deal. I can live with that, since it would at least be able to handle gaming and playing music without stuttering.

    • Drew

      The Vibrant? How soon we forget about the fate that befell the Behold! If what’s been said is true, then this is just the first round of Galaxy S phones, the first wave. So sure, the Vibrant may get some 2.2 love, but I wouldn’t count on anything being updated after that. At the rate that I hear people saying they will never buy a (insert manufacturer here) phone, pretty soon we will all be building them in our garages!

  • Faccini

    Will Never buy a Moto or samsung phone againg…

    another Cilq Owner..

  • David Thomas

    Never again, Motorola. Never again. You won’t get a cent of my money. The RAZR was, no doubt, one of the best phones I purchased. But that was then, this is now. You can’t seem to focus on putting out good phones for more than one carrier, so rather than at least try to half-ass it for Magenta, you lick the golf balls of VZW and then crap whatever’s left onto T-Mobile. Don’t get me wrong, VZW is probably a nice carrier, and obviously they have the customers and money, but it’s an insult to throw out these jokes that you call a phone (Charm? WTF!) when you don’t even want to support them.

    And don’t get me started on your mentality to suppress rooting and modding.

    • alex

      i totally agree +100
      ex:cliq xt owner
      current:mytouch 3g slide in white
      future:mytouch hd white

  • JC

    I will never again buy another MOTO phone, had the cliq once they delayed the update I said peace and chicken grease, bought the vibrant.

  • Brandon

    If this will have the hotspot feature, im guessing thats when the update will come out for the G2? Maybe Tmo is preparing to rollout the feature for multiple handsets.

  • andrew

    Worst phone I ever owned. I will NEVER buy Moto again!

  • David L

    I got the CLIQ as a warranty exchange for my G1 back in July. I took the CLIQ because of the “Secret Update Map” that was posted here with the hopes of getting 2.1 at “end Q2 2010″…

    Needless to say, it will be a LONG time before I buy another Motorola phone. I also refuse to buy from Samsung because of a POS DVD player I bought a few years ago…I’m tunning out of phone manufacturers though…

    • David Thomas

      HTC is the only good one out currently, and as far as T-Mobile goes, that only leaves you with the G1, G2, and MyTouch series.

    • jordan

      same here my g1 was acting up so i got it a warranty exchange to a cliq worst phone ever! they sent the 1st cliq to me and the d and the t keys on the keyboard didnt even work so they sent me another one and right off the bat the internet worked when it wanted to and sent texts out when it wanted to. waiting for the g2 to hit stores so i can get a phone that functions right!

  • Duditz

    Meh, it will suck just like the cliq and xt before it. Fool me once moto shame on you….fool me twice……

  • Noeleaser

    Lol.. Considering Motorola owners have burned time and time again, I bet this device flops. I wouldn’t even consider buying this device. Whenever I see the word “Motorola” I cringe…

  • t1 connect

    Do it up tmobile, and tmonews. keep em coming

  • holiday

    Just like when the cliq and mytouch first came out with android 1.5 people went crazy (I did) now the upgrade to 2.1 vanished. The same will happen with these current android phones, non of them will be able to upgrade to android 3.0 when it comes out, we would then by a new phone that won’t be able to upgrade 4.0…thus the circle of life continues. Big companies FTW…with smiles on their faces.

  • James Gamble

    I currently have a Motorola CLIQ and am getting my G2 today. I will never buy another Motorola phone (Owned two RAZRs, a RAZR II, several Motorola Bluetooth headsets, and a set of walkie talkies). Motorola has burned me for the last time. HTC from now on.

  • Yeah, how about a OS update for my ORIGINAL Qliq… you know, the one that’s still on 1.5 and i cant even get turn by turn navagation on? Motorola = FAIL. Glad i upgraded to a Nexus One. Would just be nice if my backup phone wasnt in the Andrid stoneage. :-|

  • mikeeeee

    hard specs please?

  • George

    sorry not gonna trust them anymore, i have had enough with my cliq….MOTO sucks…switching to G2 later on this year….Blur Sux…
    sorry Moto, i have lost faith in you after seeing how u treated my cliq…please don’t make the same mistake again!!! RIP

  • Robert Najafabadi

    Sounds a lot like the Droid for T – Mobile. Why does motorola tend to get keyboards wrong.

    • shawn1224

      off topic but I have to know. I’ve asked this question a million times without a response. How do you change your avatar to a picture? I’m so sick of the retarded looking pentagon smiley guy.

      • Bimmerz

        Here’s the site someone here sent me to:

      • shawn1224

        Thanks, now I’m in business

  • shawn1224

    Screen size? processor? RAM?

    WTF type of outfit are we running here guys … just kidding :)

    Or am I …. hmmm

  • Chris Lewis

    After rooting and installing a new ROM (eclair2cliq beta) on my cliq …I grew to like it …but needless to say I’ll never buy another motorola phone again .. For the first Andriod device they sure treated their customers like crap. Let’s not forget the horrible update that was causing phones to go back to decemeber ’69. Good luck to anyone who buys a device from moto on tmo’s network.

  • Terrible Toby

    I am a current Motorola CLIQ owner and will NEVER buy another Motorola device again and would highly advice anyone against doing so. I upgraded from a G1 to this piece of garbage and completely regret it. The device has dead spots on the screen, randomly dials numbers, doesn’t hang up when calls end, and if Wi-Fi is turned on it randomly restarts. I’m on my third replacement device and can’t wait to upgrade. Hands down this has been the worst cell phone device I have ever purchased.

  • Danny

    cliq = sucks, g2= my bb now

  • Steve Jobless

    What I don’t get is why people bother to post the same remarks after seeing others imply it 20+ times. We get it, Motorola dropped the ball with the Cliq line-up. Just like Toyota messed up with their pedal system and the recent baby formula recall. Those are actually life threatening mistakes and you people are boycotting a phone manufacturer. I’m sure you would love a Droid 2. Especially the R2-D2 Edition.

  • As someone who bought the CLIQ back in Nov 2009, I had high hopes for the handset. In fact I switched to this from my 1st Gen iPhone that was jailbroken running on T-Mobile so that I could enjoy the 3G speeds. Out of the box I had problems, rebooting itself non-stop, deleting messages and restoring to default on it’s own. I sent it in. Got a new on, and it did the same thing. Sent that one back after a month, and got my 3rd handset. This one was more stable, but now I can’t run some of the great apps I want as they only support 2.0 and I’m still stuck on 1.5. Pre-ordered my G2 Tuesday and counting down until I never have to use this CLIQ ever again. If CLIQ 2 is released before 2.x for the CLIQ it would be the final nail in the coffin in terms of my belief that they even care about customer support.

  • dan

    This is my problem…I didn’t buy a cliq it was forced upon me in june when my g1 wasn’t working at all. Tmobile said the would send me a click or I can keep my broken g1. I had no option and now they won’t listen to me when I say the cliq is junk. I was forced into this phone

  • Ryan T.

    Please somebody tell me this is a sick joke? Perhaps motorola or tmob will make things right and offer this phone to all us regular cliq users. Ya, not going to happen. I know. But count me as another customer who will never buy a moto phone again. Hopefully will get a g2 soon or might be going to big red if tmob can’t help me out. Is there anybody with a g2 now who had a cliq that can tell me how they got a sweet deal? Thanks!

  • dj cnyl

    Clix is a piece of junk! Lie after lie after lie.I’m glad I didn’t pay for this junk and got down with customer support and got it for free when the whole sidekick drama was going down but in the end this junk is just as bad! Screw motorola and customer support your all some bastards…..

  • Foxeh

    “…and that the keyboard design is described as “one solid piece” without any gaps between keys.”

    Am I alone in thinking this kind of design would just be the worst thing ever?

  • adam

    T-mobile equal fail look at that doing what they did to mytouch owner to replace it with mytouch slide and not updating and getting new device to replace the old one. I guess is motorola cliq turn like behold 2 got replace by samsung vibrant. T-mobile has yet to update any device from android this year. Yet BIG RED V and Sprint continue updating their device. Im having feeling here that t-mobile is going to do what they did with window mobile and blackberry. Allow big red to get all the update to themselves and of course international country will get updates before t-mobile usa does anything about it.

  • INeedHotSpot

    I like the hotspot but not the Cliq

  • Jason

    Where is 2.1 for the first Cliq?

  • adam

    Im sorry say it but i only had 3 android devices. Google g1,cliq and moto droid. I can say that my second android phone cliq is the worst devices ever. Google g1 might of had some problem my first android phone had on 1.0 os in the box feb 09,update 1.1 os in march,update 1.5 os in late may . 1.6 to finish off the update but i never had so many problem like cliq ever!!!! Especially my screen going dead one part of phone. Ugh even my droid was made better then cliq. I guess motorola only care more about big red.!

  • adam

    Jason keep dreaming the cliq will be the first and last android to ever not get an update. Along with cliq qt,mytouch slide and garmentphone.

  • Jay

    Never.Ever.Again. not dealing with motorolas BS and especially a BS phone like the Cliq. I still have the Cliq 1 and Motorola put it under a bus. What makes this one different.

  • Reece

    lol seems like if you want a good Motorola Android phone you better go to Verizon where they pump out their best efforts with the Droid, Droid 2 & Droid X.

    lol @ the Cliq 2 probably coming out right before things solidify about that dual-core Motorola coming out for Verizon. I pity the fool who gets this over the G2 or Mytouch HD which should have a longer support life (in addition to better specs) over this crap. Not unless they sell the cliq for entry-phone prices.

  • alex

    yeah i like the hotspot feature on the cliq 2, maybe i can hope on it for the mytouch hd :)

  • currator

    wait hold the phone. starts saying mean things. everybody is dumb. everybody says no wifi hot spot no ums no 2.2 its a deal breaker this phone has it but because moto nakes it its a deal breaker. if this phone has at least a 3.7 inch screen it is already better the the g2 hpw sad. amd dont even say anything about blur. g2 no uma no wifi hot spot. and people are going crazy over the g2 how sad

    • dan

      dude…are you listening to what everyone is saying? we’re not bashing specs we are upset at the lack of support from moto on their previously released phones. They screwed a lot of people by not updating the cliq and cliqxt. Why would anyone buy a device from a company that can’t even update a device. It’ll be cool that the cliq 2 ships with 2.2 but what happens when the next version comes out, will moto do the same thing and not update the cliq 2? probably. They can’t be trusted to service their customers properly unless it is one of their verizon phones ofcourse.

    • asdf

      i know you guys laugh at the grammar police as much (or more) than the idiots they attempt to correct, so i only have one thing to say about this message: it is freaking HILARIOUS when put into a text to speech app.

      • asdf

        it won’t post my link, so check the one at

        text-to-speech (dot) imtranslator (dot) net

        it’s a good rofl

  • Serotheo

    I Hope my Cliq’s keyboard blacklight stops working.. or I can call in about the random reboots, and get them to send me a different phone… that is after the End of Life in October. Hopefully I’ll get at least a MyTouch Slide, make them give me something that is Android with a keyboard or vibrant.

    • Stephanie

      LOL! I had a Moto Cliq and every replacement TMO sent the screen kept going out so they sent me a brand new MyTouch Slide in black. :)

      • Arktikice

        How do you like the Slide? That’s the replacement that I’m trying to get, but I don’t know how to. They just keep pushing the replacement Cliqs on me. This is such an obsolete phone, it’s ridiculous. The Cliq 2 doesn’t really save things either. Froyo is almost obsolete, now that Gingerbread and Honeycomb are on the horizon.

    • Stephanie

      LOL! I had a Moto Cliq and every replacement TMO sent the screen kept going out so they sent me a brand new MyTouch Slide in black. :)

  • toney

    I have to agree with you all, Motorola definitely dropped the ball and side stepped us cliq owners. I bought mine on the even more plus plan so I really got screwed and paid full price. I’m waiting on the mytouch HD coming in November…1GHZ dual processor.

  • gs

    i asked a motorola rep about the 2.1 update and all he could do is cringe, shrug his shoulders, and say “IDK anything about that… if i had the slightest bit of info id tell you”. so i left it at that. i could def see that question made him uncomfortable especially when i kept telling him that as a sales rep selling a device for a company that makes a promise to soon update that device and never comes through, that makes moto look bad as well as us, the sales reps, lose credibility and trust from our custs.

    idk.. moto sucks. seriously. i dont remember the last time i sold a motorola phone. i think its when they sold out to verizon. and the charm… what a pos. i think the free phones have a better resolution screen than that… even that tap lol

  • asdf

    devil evil monster mark of the beast 666 wicked tricky company. never EVER buy a motorola phone. EVER!!!!! *

    *with service from 2nd priority company tmobile. but just to be on the safe side DON’T EVER!!!!

  • Motorola is stupid if they release the cliq 2 be for they update the existing Cliq/xt ugh they took to long for me I got rid of my cliq and t-mobile and went to Sprint and got the EVO 4g best phone on the market next to the iphone 4 in my opinion , Now i hate t-mobile bad converge by my house, But I will say this if I was still with them I would not get the G2 only because the My Touch HD is going to come out soon and it will be more powerful and more features then the G2 it will have a 1ghz snap dragon processor and a front facing camera and plus do all the things the G2 dose but its all touch screen so if u don’t like touch screen stick to the G2

  • Ted C.

    The failure of Moto to release a Cliq upgrade indicates how poor their software group really is. I would have to say that I would never buy a Moto phone with non-stock Android again because Moto has shown that it can’t support their custom software. I found that TMobile would let me get a full-upgrade from the Cliq XT via the retention department even though I purchased the Cliq XT only back in April. Moto only cares about sales so I’d say that everyone who owns a Cliq/Cliq XT should call TMobile and request a full-upgrade. That will get both Moto and TMobile’s attention. For me, I’m waiting for my G2 to arrive to replace the Cliq XT. It will cost me $200 after rebate.

  • DannOfThurs

    I hope this isn’t against the rules but I’m too tired to go into this again. Here’s my recent rant on this issue.

  • still loving my cliq… phone for me in summer 2011…..t mobile service is great in my location…..

  • Osa A

    The g2 camera sucks. Htc makes bad cameras on their phones period. How is the g2 going to be so good if the phones might have or get loose hinges. That’s not good. You can’t root it, no hotspot, no wifi. The cliq 2 is the exact oppisite. It sound like this tmobile device is going to be like the driod 2 (which I’m lovin to hear). My cliq is simple and is way better than the g1. I dying for the cliq 2. Give me more specs on it, something.

    • Stephanie

      I disagree. I have a MyTouch Slide (HTC) and it takes beautiful pics.

      • tokinotabumblb

        I have to agree. My Slide and now my myTouch 4G takes awesome pictures. For some reason, the camera was better on my Slide.

    • Stephanie

      I disagree. I have a MyTouch Slide (HTC) and it takes beautiful pics.

  • Kasino_619

    I Didn’t Know This Many People Felt This Way About Motorola. I Have The Cliq And Recently Installed The 2.1 Update & I Love It. Works Fine On My Phone. It’s Even A Little Faster Than Before. However I Still May Upgrade To The Vibrant Or Defy In A Few Months. I Haven’t Decided Yet.

  • Kasino_619

    I Can Say I Don’t Know What Took So Long For Us Cliq Users To Get The Update, But I’m Glad I Finally Have It. No Complaints Here. The Rest Of Y’all, Get A Life!