(Updated With Yet Another Video, With Gaming!) And Two More T-Mobile G2 Unboxing Video’s

Rather than add this into the previous unboxing video post, we wanted to make sure everyone see this who might be looking for T-Mobile G2 news and early hands on. So without further delay, one more unboxing video for your viewing pleasure!

And we’ve added yet another unboxing video courtesy of our good friends at Wirefly!!!

Thanks dotradder!

Thanks to one of our TmoNews forum members, Shinkinrui for getting the top video up!


  • Mike D.

    Looks awesome. Mine comes tomorrow.

    Side note, that is the most annoying noise in the background…I’m guessing it was the auto-focus on his camera…sounds like jungle noises…lol

    • Manny


    • gunsing

      aahhahaahah thts wat i was thinking, yeah fix ur camera mang but overall nice!

    • JoshL

      lmao! best first comment ever. and it really does sound boggish.

    • steven

      the frame rate is super horrible too. if it wasnt a video of the g2 i would have stopped watching withing the first minute

    • SurgioArmani

      I couldn’t help but think of the Predator every time I heard that noise.

      • Tom

        Exactly my thought. Almost sounds like a baby predator.

    • Ktwist

      There new G1???? Did he really just say that at the end, LMFAO! Dude, what’s up with that Predator noise in the background? 1. Update your Camera, and 2. Use some software to edit your videos, other than that nice first try man and keep working on it. That is all.

      • Herinel

        LMAO he did say that, “hope everyone is enjoying their new G1”

    • J-Hop2o6

      i hope u find a better video David cuhz this guys video was horrible.. bad camera, annoying voice.. sounds like he’s stuggling with speaking.. does he have a jungle in his house? wtf!?

    • Jeff

      It sounds like a mogwai lives with him…. :S

      • Julia

        LMAO Gizmo!

    • FunkmasterC

      I am still seeing spots from his “lighting”. I expected some monkeys to chime in at some point with all of that noise and yes, the auto-focus got really annoying. He tried I guess. Oh well – thanks for the unboxing video, jungle boy. :)

  • 2FR35H


  • mikeyo

    Dude i gotta say this guy treats this phone brutal.

    • Ahhgreed. I sure hope the build quality is as good as its been knocked up to be, otherwise this kid is gonna be phone shopping again next week.

      • Foxeh

        No kidding. I was waiting for him to start spanking it and demanding it to make sandwiches.

  • Adam

    I have a table like that…and soon I’ll have a phone like that. yay :-|

  • Blablabla

    Guys I kno this is way off topic nd I really like the g2 btw 1 quick question before I go off topic; is the battery better than the g1 I’ve had many friends complain about it running out fast also the mytouch? Can you Ina way do somethin’ to help the battery on the mytouch slide longer?

    Now my other question I’m sure everybody here remembers the not so far back bogo add a line get the phone free, I added 2 lines got a mts nd bb and it is appearing on the bill tht I chose to pay monthly which I didn’t would customer loyalty be able to help me with this ? If so can somebody tell me how to ask oo nd how can I reach them? Thanks and sorry for goin off topic I’m such a noob at these things

  • Adam

    I was told by a very reliable source that the UMA app will be automatically pushed to the G2 in the near future.

    • David, Managing Editor

      So was I.

      • Will

        Oh, this is great news. Will it also be pushed to the Vibrant then if the G2 gets it you think? I’m debating between this and the Vibrant but if this gets UMA and the V doesn’t then there is no contest, the G2 will be my next phone. UMA is the reason I’ve stuck with my BB 9700

      • annon

        Do you know which phones will get the app? Will it include the N1?

  • Romestar Hunner

    I love this guy. It’s like hulk doing an unboxing.
    PHONE!!!! ::smash smash:: WHERE’s BATTERY?!?!
    I want him to do all the unboxings from now on.

    • Ric

      Me too, definitely should unbox everything. We would know if it’s build quality is good or not. This was the funniest comment yet.

    • kyle

      This made me lol.

      • Josh

        I second that.

  • hondavic

    I don’t about anyone else but was the quality of this video horrible or what?

  • BPRhythm

    That camera, horrible. That phone, sexual.

  • stockypeasant

    i would like to know how the touch sensor calibration is compared to the nexus.

  • Will

    I’m still torn between this, the Vibrant, or the upcoming MyTouch HD (I was looking forward to the HD3(7) but I do not like Windows and Windows 7 is hardly an impressive interface). Love that this is stock Android though.

    • HD2/Vibrant User

      Stay away from the vib.

    • AM123

      AGREED! Vibrant has no led notification, no led flash, battery life is terrible, and last and most important… Touchwiz blows!

      • Carlos

        i agree with the 2 above statements…however touch wiz was “cute!”
        i kept the mytouch slide over my vibrant so that should tell you something

      • 2FR35H


        Have you even tried touchwiz 3.0 or are you just another one of those a*holes that stuck to the N1 because it got updates first?

  • phone capo

    *kicks hd2 across the room*

  • aedv

    Does this guy have a Predator living with him in the background or something?

  • wunako

    Well the only question i have is about the HSPA+ and the over all fell of the phone. looks great so far, will be getting this phone

  • Terrible Toby

    Is it me or does anyone else hear this noise in the background throughout the video that sounds like the sound the Predator makes when he opens his mouth?

  • HD2/Vibrant User

    My eyes hurt after that one. And is there a alien being held captive at this guys house?

    • Julia

      lmao imagining a scared alien in a cage in the corner of his room

  • steelcobra0

    Yes… enjoy your new G1 too sir ;)

  • mailman13877 (HTC EVO 4G)

    LMFAO this phone is so not a top phone..Top TMO phone yes but not a top phone on the market..I luv i get bashed when im right and so i keep coming back just to see how i grab the attention.Oh and for all you SETTLERS that luv that vibrator so much..Sprint is getting it and it will have FFC so now the have the EPIC 4G and the SGS with FFC..Thats how you supposed to do good bizz but TMO wouldn’t know bout that at all. Evooo FTW..lmfao now bash me

    • mikeyo

      ^f&%@in’ TROLL^

      • Cybersedan

        This is my first reply to you mailman, here it is, plain and simple. If you are so happy and satisfied with your EVO and Sprint, why do you keep bouncing into T-Mo News blogs, dropping comments on everything.

        You sound more like a bitter X that left for something they thought was great, but wish you hadn’t left so you need to make a point of pointing falsely how much better off you are while it’s burning you inside what you’re missing out on.

        You may be happy, either way I don’t care, just that you trolling around here sends the wrong message, isn’t there a Sprint-news blog you can hang around with your fellow evo fans?

      • steven

        somewhere there is a lonely bridge with no one protecting it….

      • Bulge

        Hey Mailman, Is sprint’s high speed network in like 3 cities now or is it 4?

        Is that the network that’s so good that they’re talking with Tmo about using hspa+ while they build out?

        Are you paying for high speed but not getting it like the rest of the sprint folks?

        Just wondering.

      • J-Hop2o6

        mailman is just upset cuhz it burns when he pees.

    • blablabla

      Stop coming on tmo forums when you’re on sprint you loser. Have you seen the quadrant, linpack, and neocore benchmarks for the G2? There’s nothing out there that says that this phone ISN’T a top of the line phone. And why would sprint be getting a SECOND galaxy S? That makes no sense. Stop making up BS and stop trolling forums.

      In all honestly you just sound like you hate tmobile and are a bitter ex customer.

    • Evan

      Are you seriously a fanboy for a PHONE!?

    • Midori

      I know its hard but would everyone PLEASE ignore the mailman so he will go away! Our flaming is fuel for his fire.

    • Yyevo

      Obvious troll is obvious.

    • Fraze1

      I love how a Sprint “loyalist” spends time on a T-mobile blog. There must be something you love about it.

    • Deke218

      Dude, first you’re an idiot. Second, who gives a flying frack about Sprint? Sprint sucks! Who the hell you gonna call with your FFC? NO ONE YOU KNOW HAS A PHONE WITH A FFC! You don’t even have a phone with a FFC! You idiot was the one who settled for Sprint. Why the hell would anyone want the soon to be T-Mobiles bitch Sprint? Maybe your idiot ass hasn’t heard yet but T-Mobiles HSPA+ blows Sprints fake 4G out the water! Sucker! Bashed enough?

  • mikeyo

    “Hope everyone who gets one enjoys their new G1”. Ha f$#@in’ priceless.

  • Khan

    Why did he say “hope everyone enjoys their new G1” at the end of the video? I thought this was the G2

  • blablabla

    Well this guy doesn’t seem to know a lot about how HTC designs there phones. HOME, MENU, BACK, and SEARCH has always been the order. The nexus one was for some odd reason the exception to that…

  • Very nice. Must see what WP7 comes out with on the launch unit. It will come down to the G2 and WP7 depending on the next 30-90 Dys. The G2 looks good. I like the fact you will get the updates from Google directly.

    Stay Thirsty my friends…

  • NiiDiddy


  • stockypeasant

    i feel like i posted this on here already , but i would like to see how the touchscreen sensor fairs against the nexus one.


    i also would like to know if the keyboard has a backlight, as in the keys are illuminated in dark settings.

    • mikeyo

      you did and posted this as well.

    • J-Hop2o6

      “i also would like to know if the keyboard has a backlight, as in the keys are illuminated in dark settings.”

      this is the dumbest question i’ve read today.. im not even gonna answer it.

      • stockypeasant

        @J-hop2o6 there is no need to remark with negativity. we are ALL excited to see this device and know what it has and doesnt have.

      • J-Hop2o6

        but come on.. read what u asked.. of course the buttons will light up.. even the cell phones from the 90’s lit their keys up.

      • stockypeasant

        ha! good point…..but knowing manufacturers these days they might all of sudden bring back this design. http://miniurl.com/57435

        i just cant decide to get this or wait it out for the holidays. I called customer loyalty and they secured the G2 [OFF Contract & no 2 year renewal] for $249.

  • Chris
  • LSxChevelle

    Just ran quadrant on the G2 and scored a 1692! Love this phone!

    • stockypeasant

      @LscChevelle can you confirm that the keyboard is backlit? i am curious if this device will be useable at night.

      • LSxChevelle

        Yes it does like the myTouch Slide…ambient light sensor to turn on in less than optimal lighting conditions.

        I really like the build of this phone. Once I got familiar with the slide mechanism it’s like butter.

      • stockypeasant

        thanks for the info…. congrats

  • BlackHawk

    I must have watched too many phonedog unboxings…I couldnt sit through that one. Nice looking phone though, but not my cup of tea. Have fun new/soon to be G2 owners.

  • Evan

    Possibly the worst unboxing video ever, but nonetheless, still cool.

  • vinny

    Does it have tethering? What about wifi calling? Somebody show us the settings on this phone. Man was he one annoying SOB.

    • LSxChevelle

      No tethering and no wifi calling yet. Wifi calling will be soon I’m thinking…

  • alex32

    Man thats a good looking phone, cant wait cant wait for mine.
    I have a feeling though in a couple of months tmobile will surprise us with more colors for the g2..like black and white. but the gray looks nice.
    Phonedog needs to do a review on this thing pronto, that was a tough video to watch haha, but i still appreciate these g2 videos (:

  • some internet dude

    just read that tmo will release 15 new models in the next two months, 2 of which will be faster than 1Ghz, anybody hearing/reading this?

  • J1

    Yeah I read that as well, and posted the link on the prev thread.. but here you go again lol.. http://www.androidspin.com/2010/09/29/rumor-t-mobile-is-about-to-

  • Foxeh

    I got to play with a G2 at a T-Mo store today for about, oh 54 seconds. I didn’t even get a chance to compare its size to my G1, but wow, what a nice phone. The hinge is remarkably smooth and and not overly spring loaded and doesn’t get caught up in anything. The only thing I got to check software wise is the menu option for wifi-hotspots which was indeed missing (unless I looked in the wrong place).

    The Rep would have let me look at it longer, but it was crazy busy there with people who didn’t even know what smartphones were. He was showing them the G2 and they were looking at it like it was some sort of alien artifact and I had to interrupt just to get to see it; I wasn’t about to miss that chance, the line was quite long.

  • LaNsLyDe

    @some internet dude

    that doesn’t even sound realistic

    • some internet dude

      Well the holidays are coming and I think G2 will yesterdays news by then. So I am expecting more. It may not be 15 handsets, but it will be something. And rumors have been floating around that by the end of the year there will be faster than 1Ghz HTC mobiles out. So given than I think its more than likely.

  • patrick

    twice as much? nah. not at all.

  • Foxeh

    The fellow that posted this unboxing on Youtube put a couple more G2 videos up. At the end of the benchmark one, there IS a notification light ring around the track pad.

    Very snazzy.

  • Miguel

    Someone tweet this guy and tell him he has a Predator in his house! I love everything about this phone except it lacks a front camera. That’s the near future. All the upcoming tablets have them as well.

  • David

    WTF, twice as thick? How about 30% thicker.

  • vinny

    I bought the G2, will have it tomorrow according to UPS imfo. Will go very nice with my Nexus One rooted and loaded. Now if T-Mobile does snag some real power houses I am a glutton for great phones, I will have to get me one as well. I just can not help it. I have the HSPA+ Network up and barking in my area and this G2 should really sing. My plan with T-Mobile is great, very happy with it and as I said I couldn’t get a better signal from any other provider. I had big red years ago until I dropped them like a bad habit. Worst company in the world, biggest but the worst.
    Thanks T-Mobile.

  • patrick

    yaaay for notification light. ive only had my mytouch for less than 5 months and im ready to use my other upgrade on a differnt line. i rooted it, loaded 2.2 on it and got as much as i could out of it. i just need to preorder it

  • Kyle

    One of the better unboxings..


    • David, Managing Editor

      Any unboxing that doesn’t turn the phone on, doesn’t qualify as “better.”

      • Kyle

        It qualifies as better in my own opinion, especially when the guy behind the camera doesn’t sound “special” and the video isn’t fluttered with annoying alien sounds and constant auto focusing. You really have it out for me huh david?

      • Kyle

        It qualifies as better in my own opinion. Especially when the guy doesn’t sound “special” and the video isn’t followed by constant alien/predator noises and continuous auto focusing. You really have it out for me huh david?

        • David, Managing Editor

          I don’t know who “you” are, but if I’ve ever responded to your comments before, I certainly have no beef with you. I see hundreds of comments each day, I can’t possibly remember them all. I don’t mean his video was bad, but it certainly didn’t include a number of things a general unboxing and first look should include. This video isn’t wonderful, but at least it gives a better look at the device itself.

      • Kyle

        Fair enough.. every comment i’ve made on here you’ve replied on it saying it basically wasn’t up to par. No harm no foul.

        • David, Managing Editor

          I’m sorry about that! I’m brain dead most days, you can’t listen to me!

    • Original G1er

      lol cool video.

      He almost broke it a few times. Seemed like a kid was trying to figure it out lol.

      But cool nonetheless, in the sense that it was an unboxing of somebody who basically has no knowledge about the phones hardware, so it’s kinda of like an genuine first time unboxing where everything is foreign to you.

      Me on the other hand, followed this phone intensely over the past months. So it made me a little uncomfortable seeing him trying push/snap the back battery cover in. It’s like dude, naw, you slide the right side in first, then put pressure on the left and slide down the “lever switch thing” there… to secure it lol

      I also thought he was going to snap the screen off for a second lol

      Wish he turned it on. But it IS one of the clearer unboxing ones out there. Where the camera is at least on a tripod… And smooth frame rate.

      Thanks for posting it Kyle!!

  • Rage

    I know that this isnt the main point of the 1st video, but did you see how smooth those games ran? I have a feeling im going to be playing a ton of games once i get my G2! Stoked on that. Where does someone go to find games like Chrono Cross and Yoshi’s island?

  • im super excited mine will be here friday..
    gpot to play with my demo at work today..\
    one of the perks of being a tmo employee

  • Silex

    please… more sniffing, slurping and snorting from this guy… he even spit on the phone. what a juice ball!

    • sino8r

      Yeah, I agree. he’s sounds like a fat, nasty, loser, drooling all over the phone. And the other guy has a pet locus or something plus fat, chubby hands. otherwise good info. but almost impossible to listen to. sounds like these guys never get to socialize or leave their mother’s basement.

      • sino8r

        my bad, I meant pet locust… lol!

    • hondavic


      • David, Managing Editor

        Man you guys are tough, remind me never to make a video!!

      • Original G1er

        Hey, shysters! At least he made a video. In fact it’s ones of the first G2 unboxing videos out there, for your viewing pleasure.

        But I have to admit, those background “predator” sounds cracked me up….. Hilarious.

  • Fraze1

    Apart from the jungle mating call in the background and this guys weird voice, I can’t wait to get my G2!

    • Original G1er


      It’s Predator, dam it! Schwarzenegger

  • keemworld

    you guys need to stop being jerks. so what if the video quality isnt perfect the kid never claimed to be a professional at making these kind of videos. he made it just because he knew that people would be interested in an unboxing of the most talked about phone on this site for the moment. so regardless how its presented you have to appreciate he did for the community.

    • sino8r

      You made one of the videos, didn’t you? Come on and admit! ;) We DO appreciate the videos but they are fun to tease a bit. Get a sense of humor!

      • hondavic


    • keemworld

      No I didnt make any of those vids I just don’t like when people do things they are not obligated to do to help others and those same people start to personally attack them on matters that have nothing to do with the act. I do have a sense of humor but being an ass isn’t apart of it.

  • Shawn

    This guy should never make another video, he doesn’t have the voice or charm to draw the attention of the watcher, he is actually slightly annoying.

    Anyways, the phone is a pass, I still don’t see the point of this phone over the Vibrant. A keyboard and HSPA+ are not enough selling points in my opinion.

    • JoshL

      How about a functional GPS? ‘It’s been updated’…. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • hondavic

    I’M DONE…SMH!!!!!!

    • Julia

      serious enough to warrant screaming, huh??

    • Deke218

      So mister critic, where is your unboxing video? Yeah, thats what I thought. Until you can make a better one, please STFU!

  • hondavic
  • Danger

    saw this one twitter. speedtest of g2 on hspa+ woot woot!


  • speculation

    im pretty sure i heard the predator running the camera… Does this phone feature any kind of video out, wired or wireless?

    • Original G1er

      LOL exactly what I thought. I was thinking this unboxing should of been shot somewhere in the jungle. Where a fed ex/ups plane flew over and dropped it.

      *hunched over in a cave/shadowing nook somewhere in a jungle/forest*

      “alright guys…”
      -predator sound-
      “We have the G2 here….”
      -predator sound-
      “let’s open this puppy up see what it’s got…”
      -predator sound-
      “…nice interesting box it came in… got some booklets… what else do we have hurr.. charger.. 3.5mm headphones holler…”
      -predator sound-
      “how.. How do you open… Hold on a sec..”
      -predator sound-
      “alright I got it… There this little lever here that releases the back cover which is pretty cool right thurr…”
      -predator sound-
      -predator sound-

  • Randy

    OMG the CHROME RING LIGHTS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!! YESS!!!

    • Original G1er

      Yeeeeah! Didn’t know that till tonight!

      Awesome, absolutely awesome. Just kicked it up a notch!

      Double notification? In the ear piece and around the optical track pad?


      • Foxeh

        Maybe the ear LED is just the charging indicator? Either way, I love that notification ring. I am going to love this phone, all doubts are gone.

      • gohard

        does anyone know if any accessories are available for this puppy?

    • AM123

      Can you guys confirm if the led notification lights up for emails, txt msgs, and missed calls please :)

  • steves

    the second unboxing… is worthless…dude’s a moron

  • Lou

    Its now almost a purchace from me now knowing how good this phone holds up and has a LED notifier which I was not sure of until now! Does anyone know if the LED is multicoloured is is it just white? Either way I am looking forward more and more towards this phone.

    Also, nice “The Great Destroyer” Remix ringtone! :D

  • ggfb20

    who will step up to the plate and produce a flawless video? until then stfu, please.
    on another note I’m really looking forward to the mytouch hd, the hspa+ speeds are rocking thus far on the g2 so at worst they should be twice as fast as on my n1. oh and does pdanet or something work on the g2?

  • Lee

    I think that Bevis and Butthead was hired to make the video. As for me, I think that it’s wonderful about the excitement that Android brings with each release. Everyone has a phone that he or she can identify with. Let’s see what the g2 can do! Android for life!

  • steven

    when gingerbread comes out this phone will be OVER 9000 times more awesome than it is now

  • kenny

    sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet !!! Way to go T-Mobile..

  • gnash

    Get to the Choppah!! Ever heard of editing?

  • robert

    This is great, just checked ups and it now has an updated scheduled date it will be here today, original date was 10/1

  • Herinel

    OMG i’m getting mine in the morning, i cannot believe the trackpad lights up thats FREAKING AWESOME, +1 for that T-Mobile :)

  • abel2fresh4u

    CANT WAIT UNTIL WENSDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • UPSSucks

    funny you put the roms up because thats actually one of the main reasons im getting this phone. and the keyboard in general. that was the first thing i thought of when i saw this phone leaked. Tecmo Super Bowl III baby!

  • innerchirp

    Question: does the display change to landscape mode only when the keyboard slides out or does it change simply by turning the phone sideways?

    • mikeyo

      when you slide the keyboard. but you can get another launcher and rotate whenever. i recommend LauncherPro Plus

    • hondavic

      I’m positive it has an accelerometer, the guy in the video stated he hadn’t set it up.

    • By default the G1 home screen rotates only when the keyboard is open but you can enable the phone to rotate the home screen according to the accelerometer. I suppose it will be the same with the G2.

    • felix

      it depends. if you are on the homescreen then opening the keyboard will change to landscape mode. if you are browsing the internet, email, or sending a text then just turnign the phone will change the display to landscape

  • mike

    to bad it doesnt say droid on boot up lol

    • papesh


    • Shawn


      • Herinel

        Triple Douche

  • TechieChicky

    Hey guys, thanks for taking your time to make and send in the videos!

    I’m seriously excited to get my phone today!

    (don’t give a 2nd thought to the whiners and haters.)

  • FunkmasterC

    Everyone seems to be getting tracking numbers. I ordered mine through customer loyalty the first day – had to make several calls starting at 6am. Finally got it ordered at 1pm. I have seen several posts about cust loyalty working with customers to lower cost of phone and data plan – one guy reported $20 for the data and 150 for the phone?? I tried to squeeze more out of them last night to get away from the $30 data plan – no luck. All they guy would say is that I should have the phone by the 6th.

    Pretty lame experience for me. T-mobile – where is my phone? You gave me a text message Sunday that I would have it in three business days – how about sending it??!! At least give me a tracking number,

    • Daniel

      on my tmobile order page it still says pending shipping but when i track my package through http://www.ups.com/WebTracking/reference?loc=en_US&WT.svl=SubNav type in your phone number and it will pull it up. try putting your number in the format XXX-XXX-XXXX or just try your number without dashes.

      • FunkmasterC

        I have been checking UPS – I don’t even know where the order page is on T-Mo’s web site. Nothing.

      • FunkmasterC

        Well at least I found the order on T-Mobile. Thanks for the heads up about that – I didn’t realize they had it up there. Now if they would just ship it. Seeing how it is Thursday and I don’t have a tracking number yet, no phone till next week. :(

    • Cr

      I didn’t get a tracking message yet. I found out by going to UPS and looking at reference number. my.t-mobile still shows it as backordered.

  • alex32

    the light on the trackpad when someone calls is awesome!

  • bjoseph

    im jealous i want my upgrade!
    damn 2 year contract

  • fuzzy


    • RICK


      • chotpy

        yup, i had to go on a looong journey to get it at the pickup center ;-;

    • Lamp

      LOUD NOISES!!!

  • patrick

    ive actually got a question for anyone who would like to answer.
    i really would love to get this phone, but i am honestly kind of worry. we all know tmobile has great customer support, but what if we get this phone and all the hype that has been building up and such just completely disapears. yes, the phone has amazing specs, but what if tmobile just leaves it in the dust? what if the phone doesnt get the gingerbread update? or the UMA update? of the possible update for the 3g hotspot? tmobile has terrible history of no updating a single android phone in their lineup. and yes of course there is always rooting it, but for some people, they do not want to, or want to take the time to do that. im just worried, thats all. what do yall think? as much as i would LOVE to have this phone, im starting to have second thoughts. though, i will probably get it anyway :D

    • Matt

      It’s got what I believe to be an underclocked chipset that runs more efficiently then most of the current competitors (scorpion CPU). So I don’t think that will be a limiting factor come Gingerbread. And further, I think that between Vanilla Android and Cyanogenmod buying one, I think this is a set that will be upgradeable through manual work-arounds like rooting (which I tend to enjoy) for at least 2 years to come.

      • Shawn

        Yeah something has to be different. Wasn’t one of the requirements for Froyo a 1 ghz processor? But the G2 has it.

    • ihatefanboys

      the G2 will get the 3.0 update. i doubt tmo or htc or google would specifically put out a new phone that would not be ready for at least 2yrs of updates. there will be those that will say to u that the G1 was “left behind” but the G1 never had the physical capacity to reach beyond 1.6 without losing some of what made 2.0 that much better than 1.6 i myself have a G1 with a cyanogen 2.2 running but its not the same as having a phone that has the full 2.2 with hardware and software support behind it. i will be in my local tmo store on day 1 getting one, im waiting because me and the wife want to start a new family plan as an upgrade from our 2 individual plans…makes more sense……well i say buy it on day one like me, but if u want to wait for more unboxings, and tech reviews, there will be tons in the next week leading up to the premiere date next wednesday…dont hesitate, the hype is warranted, the phone is awesome…i will not buy another phone for 2yrs when the inevitable G3 comes out !! cant wait

    • keele8

      Patrick, some people don’t like the answer of rooting your phone, but it has been a great experience for me. I still have my good old G1 (some would say that phone was left in the dust) but I am running 2.2 on it right now. The guys at XDA-Developers are the answer to phones in the dust. I personally don’t think for one minute this phone will will be phased out for a long time (can’t wait for mine to show up). But if they do, no big deal. Root it and get any update you want. I would not consider this a concern.

  • Alex

    For a moment I thought Predator was going to rip his spinal cord out..Seriously, this is the phone to get..period..Awesome, anything with STOCK ANDROID is a win and that keyboard looks as sweet as FROYO…

  • mandy

    Anyone know where I can get a good case for the g2?

    • ihatefanboys

      i saw on some pics from the tmo stores that they have hard cases with kickstands and regular cases….but id love to see what the phone kiosks in the mall will have in due time….i have a nice blue gel case for my G1 that i got in my local mall, with a mirror reflective screen protector.

  • Rob

    That is just sick. SNES on your phone and it runs like that? That is exactly how i remember playing that game. I can not wait to get this phone.

  • Kyle

    Any reports on the battery life??

  • Alex

    All reports is that it will be the best industry do to the CPU tech incorporated on the G2. It was built for efficiency and longer life…

    • Kyle

      Oh, I know that.. just seeing if anyone has had any issues or can report heavy use hours in real life.

  • phongeek

    when the track pad lit up and i seen the emulators running smooth.. i think i found my next phone good job tmo

  • LSxChevelle

    I think the home screen rotates even without the keyboard open…

    • felix

      negatory, for the home screen to rorate you have to open the keyboard

      • J-Hop2o6

        go into the settings to enable auto-rotate

  • felix

    I love the Z-hinge or whatever they call the sliding mechanism. It opens so smoothly and the screen does not at all obstruct or get in the way of typing on the keyboard

  • Dub-R

    When did Seth Rogan become an Android Phone reviewer?!?! It’s crazy


    • Greentea

      LMAO He sounds just like him…wirefly guy

  • shawn1224

    The PSX emulation seems to be decent but not perfect. The sound is choppy as hell although the 3D graphics look rather fluid. I’d like to see this handle something like Resident Evil or Silent Hill.

    Still a nice device but I’m holding out for my 4.3 inch android phone.

  • shawn1224

    BTW – Does anyone know how it handles the gameloft games?

  • jazzmanmonty

    so far so good with the reviews and what i’m seeing on the videos. but hmm lemme see how tmobile thinks. “So do we put an FFC or HDMI out on this phone? That would be cool. But hey lets throw that out the window and instead put a Glowing Trackpad!” lol i really like the glowing trackpad though (as long as its not gonna affect the battery life too much.

  • alex

    Just got my phone….very very solid build. The hinge to open the keyboard is amazing and so smooth. The only problem I’ve run into is with screen lock/unlock sounds not working, but I haven’t tried a reboot yet. The best thing is the touchscreen is the new kind which supports true multitouch, unlike my nexus one. I downloaded the visual test and was running my two fingers all over the screen without the axis switching or anything. Too bad I bought this phone for my dad, because I’m really really digging it. He’ll be happy, as he’s coming from my old mytouch 3g 1.0

    • JM77

      Thats nice of you! I pay for my parents lines, but I would NEVER give them my G2. lol

  • Shawn

    Anybody else that lives in a city with HSPA+ done a speed test?? I live in Minneapolis MN where there is HSPA+, and I am only getting 0.63 MBPS download on speedtest.net

    • Shawn

      *Just to clarify – I am talking about the G2 lol.

      • alex

        Just did a test….only getting 186kbs down and 80 up….tried my nexus one and got 4000 down and 800 up….something’s wrong here

      • alex

        OK nvm….tried it again and got the same speeds that I was getting on my nexus. Overall if you have a nexus one or any other 3g device that doesn’t have the hspa+ radio you’ll only get a max of about 7 megs….I don’t expect for my dad to see much of a difference than I do on 3g, despite him having the faster radio.

      • shawn1224

        You should still be getting better numbers with your G2. What city do you live in?

      • Shawn


    • Foxeh

      Thanks for the report.

      I’m in the same metro area as you. I’m still on the G1, but I’ve been able to get up to 3.5Mbps with speedtest.net though I had to test pretty frequently in various areas. In many cases I only get half a megabit/second despite being on 3G, but the G1’s 3G top scores beat its wifi scores. (yeah, wtf)

      Try it everywhere you go. Minnesota is a very flat state which makes it difficult to set up good coverage and T-Mo is quite spotty here.

  • alex

    If anyone has any questions feel free to ask

    • Deke218

      Yeah, what can’t I find this phone on My T-Mobile?

      • chotpy

        call customer service

  • Deke218

    Okay, this is sick!


    Now thats fast! I may just have to get this puppy but for some reason I can’t find the thing on My T-Mobile.

    • alex

      That site isn’t reliable….the speedtest.net app is better and the best thing to do is tether your connection to your computer and goto a speedtest site….I went there one time before hspa+ was even announced in my city and was getting 11000kbps on my nexus one which is technically impossible.

      • Deke218

        I understand but those results are more than in the realm of possibility for the G2.

    • alex

      True it’s possible, but I highly doubt that test was accurate. It’s still an awesome phone, I don’t think I can say enough how much I love the build quality and the sliding mechanism.

      • Deke218

        Your father is never gonna see that phone is he Alex? LOL!

  • Lee

    Wouldn’t mind putting a desire z ROM on it.

    • FILA

      eww, are you crazy, sense UI or any UI for that matter, come on your ruining the reason for this phone. Its gotta be Vanilla

  • alex

    Just pulled 6200kbps down on the G2, if this was my phone I couldn’t wait for root to enable wifi hotspot and tethering.

  • enjoijams

    Does anyone who has both N1 and G2 notice an improvement in reception over the N1? Because I have way better reception on my G1 than on my N1. Especially when the N1 kicks down to Edge.

    • alex

      I have both and noticed about the same reception.

  • alex

    I’ll tell you what….the photo gallery is so much more enjoyable with pinch-to-peek that actually works because the touchscreen sensor is of a high caliber. I’m still keeping my nexus one until the next developer phone hits, whatever that may be. Once you experience true stock android, you never want to go back, at least that’s my opinion.

  • G1 user waiting on G2

    Did anyone see on the wirefly video how the guy almost broke the G2 by trying to open it like if was a flip phone, im not sure if he did it on purpose as i did not hear the audio since im watching this at work (Shhhhh).

    • g2omg

      Yea. That guy really had no idea what he was doing. Just by looking at a few pictures of the phone you can tell it doesn’t open like that.

      He also called it a “slider” which I don’t really think the G2 is.

      Truthfully, I think “Bob, the cell phone professor” (as he calls himself) knows absolutely nothing about this phone.

      • Foxeh

        Oh I know! That part was painful to watch. Maybe not quite as bad as the fellow in the other video who tried to get the battery door open with a large rock, but still.

        After watching these unboxings I have more confidence than ever that this phone is nigh invulnerable. :P

        I think we can excuse calling this a “slider” as it opens just fine if you actually, you know… push it open like you would a slider and not a flip phone.

    • LuckyStar

      I’m glad someone else noticed that, this guy is a moron calling himself “the cellphone professor” thank God he didn’t call himself the “the smartphone professor” because he was second away from breaking the damn phone. Lucky for us that HTC build their phone tough.

  • OMFG!!!!

    I juattttt got my G2 :) bwattt phoneee everrrrr!!! I was going to do an unboxing but I don’t know how to upload videos into something. Lmaooooo. If your looking for a great phone with a keyboard I definiteky recommend the G2 :)

  • Kevmo

    This guy better be careful. I think that predator is about to rip his spine out and keep his skull for a trophy.

  • Foxeh


    Yet another unboxing by BoredatWork. This fellow not only doesn’t try to break the phone, but he compares its physicality with a G1 (w/extended battery).

    • Kyle

      No side by side, but I just went to the local radioshack that had a dummy phone for display and I have to say, this thing is mighty thin coming from a G1. I’d say about 30-40% thinner. This was my main concern. Getting mine this sunday..

    • Foxeh

      I snapped a pick from the video, hah!


  • Kyle

    Sorry, guess I should of said back to back.. haha

  • someone

    The guys who are doing the unboxing videos just seem so nervous. For all the hype this phone has built you would think that they would put more effort into these videos.

  • someone

    The guys who are doing the unboxing videos just seem so nervous. For all the hype this phone has built you would think that they would put more effort into these videos.

  • HD2/Vibrant User

    My status still says back ordered

  • Blinkstafoo182

    Still waiting on UPS. Tracking says in transit and will be delivered 9/30. HURRY UP UPS.

  • trap

    is the memory card behind the battery?

  • Me

    Can someone tell the idiotic man-child ass chump, that we want a G2 unboxing- not a GD game demo of his emulators. I’m ashamed that TMO even posted this… What BS!!!

    • shawn1224

      Far be it for you to realize but some of us actually want to know what the capability of the GPU is.

      So politely crawl back into your hole please. Thank you

  • Mr. Barrow

    did any1 start tethering for this phone yet. if so post how