The G2 Has Begun Arriving!

And so it has begun, the T-Mobile G2 has begun arriving to T-Mobile customers (and of course TmoNews readers) across this great land. We know that quite a few of you are expecting arrival tomorrow and the day after but for now, you’ll just have to be envious of this lucky individual who got his UPS delivery today. Of course we are even more thankful that we have the first unboxing video available for your viewing pleasure! Stay tuned to TmoNews for more G2 pictures and videos!

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  • patrick

    i truly, truly want this phone. im still waiting to preorder through customer loyalty.

    • G1 user waiting on G2

      I already ordered mine through customer loyalty, are you not able to? or waiting till it actually comes out?

      • Daniel

        What can customer loyalty do for longtime T-mobile customers?

      • McParty

        What is this Customer Loyalty thing?? I have been with T-mobile since it was voicestream, about 15 years. Surely I would be considered a Loyal Customer. Who do you call for that??

      • G1 user waiting on G2

        Customer Loyalty is just the dept that works to keep you on T-moible. The way i did it was i told the front line agent (customer service) that i was considering my options of possibly moving to another carrier after my 24 months were up and asked if there were any deals they can offer me on a phone and data plan. The rep transferred me to an account specialist (A.K.A customer loyalty, retentions) who dropped the price of the phone to 150 with no rebate needed, no upgrade fee, and free shipping. I told them that was nice but what about the data? and she offered me the unlimited data for 20 so i took it.

        If you dont want to tell them you want to cancel your plan, just ask customer service that you read some tmobile blogs and forums that people got the rebate and upgrade fee waived by talking to customer loyalty and the rep should transfer you.

        P.S. make sure you are nice and patient with the reps, and dont get frustrated if the first rep or 2 say that is not possible, just keep trying and youll def get a good deal.

      • Blablabla

        @ g1 user…

        Guys I kno this is way off topic nd I really like the g2 btw 1 quick question before I go off topic; is the battery better than the g1 I’ve had many friends complain about it running out fast also the mytouch? Can you Ina way do somethin’ to help the battery on the mytouch slide longer?

        Now my other question I’m sure everybody here remembers the not so far back bogo add a line get the phone free, I added 2 lines got a mts nd bb and it is appearing on the bill tht I chose to pay monthly which I didn’t would customer loyalty be able to help me with this ? If so can somebody tell me how to ask oo nd how can I reach them? Thanks and sorry for goin off topic I’m such a noob at these things

    • rpinazo

      I know it sucks, Cust. Loyalty gave me a special deal but told me I just need to wait until launch day so they can enter it into their system. They told me they are unable to do it unless it was in their dept system. Its ok cause the deal will still be there for me waiting. JUST ONE MORE WEEK!!!!!

      • MizzRabbit

        Same Here. I have to wait until launch day as well so they can enter it into their system. I have been having major probs. with my mytouch slide and was on my 2nd phone (a replacement), which also screwed up bad. I had been calling fora month with phone issues. Frustrated and hate the phone, it had gotten to the point where I no longer use it and I was on the verge on cancelling. So they will be allowing me to order the day the phone is released at the lowest price available. I have been a customer for 8 years.

      • saubrianna

        @mizzrabbit you still have to purchase the G2 even tho you just purchase the mytouch slide.

      • brigini

        i ordered through cust loyalty too, she told me she would call me back (this was sunday) when she actually had the device to be able to give me a better deal, so she actually called back yest (tues) while i was at work and said she could give it to me for the $149, she left it in the notes so i could call back whenever and order so i just ordered mine today. expidited shipping, no m-i-r or taxws. Tmobile rocks!!

      • MizzRabbit

        @saubrianna, Yes I still have to purchase the G2. I had already paid for the MyTouch Slide in full and had it for 3 months. Because I had been having so many problems customer loyalty are offering me the G2, but at lowest price.

      • MizzRabbit

        @brigini cool deal. I am hoping they will waive the rebate for me as well but if not it will still be a good deal for me anyway. It’s in the notes, so just waiting for release day. :)

  • alex32

    Getting mine either next friday or next saturday! already reserved mine in a local tmobile store (: jealous of that g2 owner..waiting an extra week is gonna be hard haha

    • Yyevo

      I think you meant “:)” instead of “(:”


      • bing bang

        (: (: (: (: (:

  • patrick

    well a benchmark test as well, and check the HSPA+!

  • SSP

    Lucky! It looks awesome.

  • Butzacooky




  • Smooth3d

    Oh man I’m still waiting on mine it looks so quick and sexy!!!

  • Trevor

    How exciting! Not to rag but that video made me slightly nauseous.

    • Frigadroid

      That was shaking like a crack baby. lol

    • john

      Congrats on the phone, next time use a fudgin tripod, or have someone who’s not drunk hold the cam.

      • h2omojo

        Glad I’m not the only one, between the super zoom, swinging around and wonder what all that junk on his desk was I was nauseous and distracted

  • G1 user waiting on G2

    Nice, when i ordered my G2 today through customer loyalty, she was trying to tell me that people in blogs and forums lie alot, phone should not be going out yet, lol. its nice to see confirmation though.

  • papesh

    mmm…That vid made me hungry

  • DANIEL!!


  • Josh

    aww no fast boot. >.<

    • Its not “Fast Boot” but I’d say thats rather quick for a stock manufacture rom. I remember the first time I turned on my Vibrant and thinking how quick it was compared to the Behold II(shudder).

    • JM77

      The fast boot is a software trick in the new version of Sense.
      The XDA wizards will have it ported in no time!
      Its already working in the Desire, HD2, and Hero.

      I don’t know if it will require a full root or not.
      You may need to soft root (gain super user access) but that doesn’t void the warranty bc the bootloader remains locked. And I’m sure they will have a 1 click root method for any that are new and nervous about the process.

      I get mine tomorrow!!

      • Foxeh

        I wonder if we can temporarily soft root just to get that wifi hotspot feature back into Froyo. ;)

      • Cyanogen already has it ported to CM6 so once we get root on this bad boy(hopefully in a few days) we can load that up and Cyanogen said he would add it to the ROM even though it’s a stanby and he says no point to it. I think it would be nice because i have to turn the phone off from time to time and i hate waiting forever for it to start up

      • JM77

        Exactly why I want it. It seems to be a pretty slick piece of programming. I heard Cyanogen wasn’t as impressed over the feature as myself and others. I’m glad he is adding it!

        I’ve seen a lot of posts from you at XDA. I’m knowledgeable but still a novice, so I may hunt you down if I need serious help! lol

        @Foxeh Im not sure but I’ll be following their work closely. Gotta love the android community!

  • alex

    sweet phone will wait until december and see what else tmo drops

  • infexious

    Quick boot will be a software fix.. dont worry. I dont know why it didnt ship with it either but easy fix.

  • kidd

    mine comes tomorrow … im gonna die waiting for this thing!!!

  • So I just called customer loyalty and went from $319 for the phone (price i was charged when i pre-ordered online last week to $192 (incl the $50 rebate) I can dig it. Thanks to the forum posters who prompted that call

    • Eric

      I missed this? Which post?

    • cellswag5

      is 192 the price before the 50 rebate or after the rebate?

  • Mr MN

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I didn’t see the screen that required him to log into his Gmail account. Does that mean a data plan may not be required after all?

    Thank you so much for being one of the first to post a real video for the rest of us to see and drool over :-)

    • You only hit the google login screen when you try to access any google service(market, etc). Also this isn’t a virgin unboxing, they already had played with it a bit and could have already done that.

      • Linkage

        When he clicks on the google services app, you can see his email already in the phone. And when he “unboxes” it, the screen already has his fingerprints all over, and no pull-tab or screen covers. Do you blame him, though? I wouldn’t be able to wait either!

      • zazou

        I believe that he had already played with the phone and probably added his gmail account to it… Did you see the fingerprints and smudges on the screen when he opened the box…. Unless the UPS guys were playing catch with it after eating fried chicken…

    • Ktwist

      All new Android phones will now not require you to log on to gmail when you first turn them on. This is so the customer can walk out of the store with a working phone since web provisioning can take up to two hours. If you sign a 2 yr contract, you still are required to get web. If you buy at full price $500, you do not have to get a data plan. Hope this helps

  • Foxeh

    At least the cold boot is still under 30 seconds, not bad at all. It looks smaller than I had thought too. I think we have a winner. :D

  • dstewstar

    How come the usual suspects (Mobileburn, Phonedog, Phonescoop) has not done a review on this device. I thought they received new devices in advance to give us some good reviews. Watching some guy power on the device tells me nothing about the functionality of the handset. Ok, they received the phone first, hooray for them.

  • kidd

    neocore quadrant and linpack tested

  • graz

    I am 100% sure that’s a lie. The demo versions of the phone came to a lot of T-mobile stores today ( so you can go to your store, and play with it if they got one. If they say that you are not allowed to see it or something like, it’s a lie as well ). So what they did most likely is try to make it look like its theirs, T-mobile is not sending it to ANYONE early. As for why you should trust me? Let just say I am very closely affiliated with T-mobile and I hate it when people deceive others.

    • Foxeh

      You do know you’re alone on this one, right?

    • Foxeh

      Oh nevermind, I was speed reading. I didn’t realize you were replying to someone else. Many appologies. Won’t happen again. >_<

    • G1 user waiting on G2

      well if you check other sites, people are reporting the same thing, and there are more videos of people getting their phones. so shut up and dont be mad/jealous cause your “closely affiliated” with Tmobile and cant get your G2 yet.

  • dstewstar


    Thanks, it’s a start.

  • SI


    For those complaining about ‘FAST BOOT’ The feature shown on the Desire Z is misleading because when you hit ‘power off’ on the Desire Z it basically just puts the phone into a ultra hibernation mode versus completely powering off, that’s how it’s able to boot up so fast. It’s a feature incorporated in the ‘new’ Sense. So basically the phone is still on, just consuming barely any battery life, although it still is consuming power. When you pull the battery on the Desire Z it takes the standard time to boot as seen in the above video.

    Boot times have never been an issue for me anyway on Android phones. Blackberries would have to worst in that aspect.

    Fast Boot aside, I would actually prefer my phone to shut completely off when I hit power off rather than it hibernating.

    • rpinazo

      Blackberry has had that power off feature for some time now, I don’t know what the fuss is about. I agree @SI, i’d rather it turn all the way off. But it can save battery time perhaps :)

  • rpinazo

    I couldn’t hear anything dude said but its awesome to see that keyboard slide out!


    Just wish it had some footage of internet while on. Hspa + to see how fast it is

  • Deke218

    Someone wanna post an internet speed test? That would be the only reason for me to buy this device.

  • Y314K

    Seems to me this will be the best Android phone TMobile is going to have this year…

    The reason…

    It left it for the most part alone…

    HTC – This is a HTC phone true & true… No crappy plastic ala MyTouch… Very minor mods done by HTC… I trust HTC with hardware… Not TMobile… Especially after the 4-5 MyTouch abominations TMobile released in the span of a year…

    I wish TMobile would of taken the same approach with the HD phone… Instead of turning a very desirable Desire HD into “no another plastic” MyTouch HD… And on top of that they neuter/circumcised it by taking the screen from 4.3″ to 3.8″… That’s a full 5″ folks…

    The only way the MyCrap HD would make sense would be if TMobile was gonna release another HTC Android device that would be 4.x” …. Seems that has been pushed back or cancelled… That means TMobile is bowing down to Verizon & Motorola for GingerBread domination… Verizon & Motorola will have a 4.x” Tegra Dual Core Android phone for X-Max… Damn u TMobile…

    Froyo – Same as before… Tmobile’s Espresso is crap… No live wallpapers, etc… So the best option would be either straight out Froyo.. Which Tmobile did a good job keeping.. Or straight out HTC Sence… I thought Espresso being TMobile’s Sense would get regular updates… But tell that to MyTouch Slide users which one of the lines on my sub has… Seems TMobile will not push HTC for updates like Sprint & Verizon do…

    As things stand right now… It seems this phone will be the best option for us Android folk on Tmobile till 2011…. But it won’t be the best overall Android device pass Nov. …. Too bad whatever surpasses the G2 won’t be available to us…

    • SI

      You do realize T-Mobile is not completely responsible for the design of the myTouch right? HTC released this phone overseas ‘plastically’ as you describe as the HTC Magic. The GSM HTC Hero also has a similar plastic design, but that design never hit US shores.

      The slide though I think was made just for T-Mobile, so I guess you could have a case against T-Mobile if you really wanted to, but who really knows? I think it’s more like HTC designed their initial low end Android offerings with plastic designs and it’s only recently that they changed their designs to be much more sophisticated to match their Windows mobile offerings which have always been sleek. The htc myTouch slide was released a month within the time of the htc EVO so maybe they began work on the slide first knowing it would be one of their last plastic bodied phones and moved on from their on out. I know initial rumored pics of the mytouch hd seem to indicate a return to the plastic design but I’ll reserve judgement until we get some official pics.

      We’ve also got T-Mobile to thank for giving us STOCK FROYO on the G2. This is something no other carrier will probably go out of their way to offer their customers. If HTC had their way, I’m sure we would have got the Sense UI to needlessly bog down our phone.

    • ruler

      @Y314K let’s see here 4.3 – 3.8 = .5, so when you say “… That’s a full 5? folks…” you’re turning a half inch into 5 inches, right? Come on, even your girlfriend doesn’t belive that!

      • Y314K

        LOL… U’r right… Bad math… But she would miss that half an inch…

        For us less talkers and more webbers… that half and inch is a big deal… I’ve been waiting for a HD2 size or bigger Android device since the HD2 was rumored to be coming to T-Mobile last year… Looks like the biggest Android device will be the Samsung Vibrant till who knows when…

  • Bimmerz

    Hey any of you guys on HSPA+ yet, can you confirm this?

    Also, I’d be curious what app says about your DL/UL’s.

    If the above link is true, then you guys probably have the fastest phone available! Go Tmo! :)

    • i can only say that the test i ran on mine pulled about 5Mbps on 3 seperate runs so unless the towers are messed up near me then 5Mbps is what i am gonna get for now. likely the link you were referring to is showing the max available and not what was actually done.

    • Sapphire

      That test is not accurate. is a more reliable source. The test that was used also showed a cliq getting 7mbps down in an area with no hspa+ coverage.

  • ella

    I’d post a speed test but where I live, there’s no HSPA+ coverage yet…

  • ella

    I’d post a speed test but where I live, there’s no HSPA+ coverage yet…

  • andy

    yeah i wouldnt mind seeing a few more videos from people who got them. are there any new widgets or anything?

    • quick keys widget is a new one, but we have known about that widget for 3-4 weeks now, and there is a finance widget that comes on the phone, other than that there aren’t any new stock widgets

  • kemikos

    Got mine! Just opened it up. Pretty nice so far! Have to get used to the keyboard – it feels way different from my G1 KB.

    -Sent from my brand new G2!

    • Mr. Tru

      I agree, very nice so far and definitely gotta get used to the keyboard…I’m loving it though!

  • San Diegan

    I was looking forward to seeing a video. Mine is due Friday. This video was out of focus, shaky and not framed. Maybe it should have been called “hello world”.

  • Allen

    Just got a text from TMobile about 30 minutes ago with the UPS tracking number. Mine is scheduled to arrive Friday!

  • andy

    how does one know if they have hspa+ coverage without a phone that has a radio that will recieve it? is it any deep purple area on the coverage map?

    • Sapphire

      You are correct. The dark purple is hspa+

  • cellswag

    Please find some my touch HD neWs I really need some before I buy the G2 on the 6th. I would hate to get the G2 then a few days later get some pics or specs of the HD.

  • Deadpan

    I’m still disappointed I couldn’t pre-order as a new line next to the WebConnect Rocket I bought earlier. >.<

    Oh well, in the week or so it'll take for me to get one, all you lucky (brave) early adopters will be able to warn me of anything wrong.

  • HD2/Vibrant USER

    Called tmo and got my order number. My status says back order, CRAP!!!!!!!! Guess I’ll just have to wait til the sixth. Enjoy to those who get theirs early!!!

    • techiechicky

      @HD2/Vibrant USER: They all say backordered at some point. Mine said Order Processing, then Back ordered, now Completed.

      check >tracking >track shipments > track by reference (not the tracking number box on the main page… you probably don’t have your tracking # yet)

      use your 10 digit mobile number as the reference and adjust the date range to be from 9/28-10/6

      • HD2/Vibrant USER

        Thanks, will do

      • HD2/Vibrant USER

        Nothing in the UPS system yet

      • techiechicky

        sorry. :( Keep checking. The system updated around 10:30pm EST last night and a bunch of people (me included) were then able to see the phones enroute.

        I get mine tomorrow!! w00t!! ~~ so glad I work from home at times like this! :)

    • Gill

      yeah I got the same thing too… Back Order and nothing on UPS hopefully tomorrow is a better day! ;-)

  • Mr. Tru

    To those who were wondering about trackpad, yes there is a light ring that flashes when the phone rings…not sure about txt msgs yet…this phone is just too cool for words!!!

  • Tiffany

    Hmm… I’m about to try this Customer Loyalty thing. I actually was thinking of leaving TMobile for the Droid 2

  • aliendave

    Mine is now scheduled for delivery tomorrow! I just hope it’s delivered after I get home from work!

  • interesting concept

    this is the map of hspa please note thaton the side it shows where it is live at. Hope that helps. As far as a ” closely affliated” um… While at work I recieved the email advising me my phone would arrive tomorrow. So who are you closely affiliated with? Sprint? *yawns*

  • jose

    im still having trouble ordering online and i refuse to pay almost double through tele-sales just so i can have it ASAP

  • Blablabla

    Guys I kno this is way off topic nd I really like the g2 btw 1 quick question before I go off topic; is the battery better than the g1 I’ve had many friends complain about it running out fast also the mytouch? Can you Ina way do somethin’ to help the battery on the mytouch slide longer?

    Now my other question I’m sure everybody here remembers the not so far back bogo add a line get the phone free, I added 2 lines got a mts nd bb and it is appearing on the bill tht I chose to pay monthly which I didn’t would customer loyalty be able to help me with this ? If so can somebody tell me how to ask oo nd how can I reach them? Thanks and sorry for goin off topic I’m such a noob at these things

  • Androidconvert

    @foxeh or j-hop or anyone who can help

    Please don’t flame me but I was wondering if it was at all possible to get the new sense ui running on the g2 I really like the way it looks on the desire z youtube vids

    Its a preference thing, nothing against all you android purists lol

  • adam

    blablabla once it come out im make a video of the g2 so i will report with battery problem. Follow of u in add119 in youtube i have cliq and droid 1. Getting g2 perhaps in christmas.

    • Androidconvert

      Thanks man I read the comments a lot on this site but never posted myself. but you and foxeh seem to be two of the more knowledgable/level headed helpful people who post here. Thanks again

  • bsnr86

    UPS tracking says my phone should be here tomorrow. Bye bye BBM

  • scaulen

    Just tracked my order, was scheduled for delivery on the 1st but it got bumped up to the 30th since it’s coming out of Secaucus NJ. Might have to call in sick tomorrow since I know someone will have to sign for it.

  • notxel21

    Does anyone know if the G2 requires a signature when it’s delivered. I have class tomorrow and I have a test! Ahhhhhhh!

    • J-Hop2o6

      most likely yes for a package like that.. i think Tmobile tells UPS to require signatures.

    • hondavic


  • bsnr86

    @scaulen same exact thing for me. I feel like leaving my signature on a post it and telling the driver to just leave it.

  • fuzzy

    should i charge my phone for 6-8 hours before powering on for the first tine?

  • notxel21

    Does anyone know if signature is required for delivery?

    • SurgioArmani

      In the past it was not required. You’d think that it would be but no.

    • mikeyo

      yes it is

    • reasy

      No, i was going to call ups and tell them to leave at the ups center, but..when i got home, it was waiting at the door so…

      • Surgio Armani

        Yeah, I came home from work and just like in the past my phone was on my doorstep waiting for me.

    • jj

      it depends upon ups, if they feel that there is a possibility, or history of items being stolen off of doorsteps then they require the signiature.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      On my phones that I always order (meaning I don’t buy phones in stores), I get them delivered to my P.O. Box.

      None of my phones have ever required a signature.

      T-Mobile sends packages to P.O. Boxes via Two Day Priority mail, since those have a tracking number I suspect T-Mobile figures that’s good enough, no need to hassle with signatures.

    • wack mode

      if u request for it then yeah

  • trife

    Got mine a few hours ago. I love living close to a TMO shipping center….shipped out yesterday and delivered today w/ ground shipping.

    On another note, this thing is NICE! Finally I can retire my trusty HD2.

  • J1

    Congrats to all the early adopters.. I’m about 90% sold on this phone.. just would like to see some more video reviews, and get some hands on time b4 I pull the trigger..

    On another note… looks as if its a great time to be a tmobile cust.. sucks to be mailman right about now.. ftw lol

    • ogopogo

      I really want to know about the battery life. I too am waiting in the wings. It’s between the G2 and the MTHD.

  • Ken

    WTF the memory card is not hot swappable? U have to remove the battery in order to take it out ?

    • da mayor

      That part does suck. But other than that, this phone is the shiznit.

      • The Hammer

        Im gonna ask this again.
        What do you guys do just swap cards out all the time?

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    LOL… one time I am happy for you all that I was wrong about T-Mobile shipping out phones before official launches.

    So much for my logic.

    Congrats on all of you getting your phones. Post some YouTube unboxings.

  • The Shick

    To the person sayingthese people are liars, I pre-ordered mine last week and got my text from T-Mobile today with my tracking # from UPS. I checked it out and it will be delivered today the 30th. If you read the T+Mobile site it stated “exclusive to T-Mobile customers, we can pre-order the G2 and get it before its nationally available on oct. 6th you should get a better source. I’ll post another response later after I get my G2.

    • Cr

      Mine came yesterday to Illinois.

      Works great and I was surprised to see that when you get a message it lights up around the trackpad. I thought that was just bezel around it.

  • Spitz

    That has got to be the worst video ever! I got a headache just trying to watch it and what did it teach us? Nothing

  • james

    hey i ordered mine tuesday and got it on wednesday without paying for any special shipping tmobile is the ishhh!!!

    • reasy

      yep,..came with a new sim card…

  • reasy

    Got mine yesterday, got home in the evening and it was in the UPS bag at the door. Got the text that morning say it was shipped….Love it so far..Absolutely love it, waited out..kissed the g1 goodbye :)

  • Jrsykind

    For g1 upgraders, was anyone able to keep the G1 Data Package w/ 400 Text for $25 a month? For my two lines, it would be another $20 a month if I had to go to $30 for Data + a text package.

    • rubb3rducky

      Yup, still have it.

      • Jrsykind

        Thank you!!!

  • Trevor

    T-Mobile has unreal shipping. Ordered mine at 2pm yesterday, it shipped at 10:30 pm according to UPS and it is at my door now at 10:30 am. Talk about service. Didn’t receive any email or text message though lol. Sadly I am at work and will have to wait until 7ish to play with it :(

  • AM123

    Anyone else ordered on the 24th (last friday) with express ups shipping and order shows “backorder” and no UPS shipping info? I think they are holding back the express shipments for some strange reason. Really frustrated right now. Should I cancel the order and order it again Ground?

    Enjoy the awesome phone everybody!

    • Trevor

      I can say that the rep who I order mine from said that selecting Express Shipping was unnecessary as she thought the phone would not arrive until October 6th. Low and behold it only took 24hours from billing info received to arriving at my door, with regular ground shipping.

      I live in Chicago and it shipped out of Kentucky. Perhaps it is a problem with shipping center that is closet to where you live? Maybe they are low in stock?

      At any rate, I would ask for a refund for the extra money you paid for Express Shipping.

    • Shawn

      are you using your phone number with NO dashes for the reference # on UPS website?

      • Trevor

        Yea no dashes, you have to go into the actual tracking section of the site and click the like that says Track by Reference.

      • AM123

        Ohhh trust me guys, I’ve been doing it with and without dashes through the refrence section at least every two hrs for the past two days now. :( I tried to cancel the order but T-mobile said it’s not possible at this point and the only way would be to either reject the package when it is delivered or return it. Oh well, guess your videos will have to do till next week.

  • AM123

    Thanks Trevor. They actually updated me to express free of charge. Sucks to be me. I wonder if I cancel the order and order again with ground if it would ship today. Hmmm.

  • Riusaki

    Just ordered mine today!!! I had the G1 the first week it came out but lost it while on vacation to California last year. Since then I’ve been using a jailbroken iPhone and I hate it to death.

    This phone will honor the memory of my beloved G1.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Has ANYONE seen T-Mobile promoting on TV the G2?

    I remember when the Touch Pro2 debuted in August 2009. As much as I loved that phone and on TMoNews we were super excited about it, including on TMoNews Forums, there was not squat on TV, or even on the Net, about its debut. There was a press release and a few pop-up ads on the Net, but that was it.

    Same with the G2… I have not seen anyone talking about it.

    Does Germany raid TMOUS’s piggy bank and refuse to allocate advertising dollars for U.S. product launches, does TMOUS consider the G2 not that big a deal, or does TMOUS think it does not need to advertise handsets?

    It’s the most bizarre thing I have ever seen. Some T-Mobile product launches remind me of submarines on silent running so they are not detected by sonar. Maybe T-Mobile’s marketing department is staffed by a bunch of ex-submariners.

    • Mr.Barrow

      Nicely put!!

  • g1tmobile129

    has anyone who got the phone with express shipping received the phone yet? so far it seems everyone who has received it got regular ground shipping. i got express shipping and phone is not here yet! :(

    • AM123

      Im in the same boat. Ordered mine last friday the 24th. Express shipping will probably ship on tuesday. :(

  • The Shick

    I got mine earlier today and I love it! So once again to the person who said we are liars, sucks to be you right now. We get to enjoy our G2’s and you get to play with yourself, have fun!

  • Mr. Barrow

    any1 tethering yet. if so post how. thanks

  • Lee

    It does not require a signature. Just got G2 yesterday. The UPS man just placed it at the door and rang the bell. He took off after. Thank goodness someone was home!!

  • Lee

    I’m Tethering. Works fine with the App called PDANet. Farely easy to set up. Just download the app, then go to the website and download the app and the drivers. The website will explain how the phone will communicate with your laptop. Since is on the 4G network. It’s fast!!