DT: Don’t Expect 4G On T-Mobile USA Within The Next Two Years

With Magenta currently leading the mobile speed race with their HSPA+ 21Mbps network, the question is, will they be able to maintain the #1 position, or will they get left behind? Last week, T-Mobile USA’s parent company, Deutsche Telekom CEO Rene Obermann stated that its U.S branch will get fourth-generation wireless network either by buying spectrum, re-farming existing spectrum, or potentially leasing spectrum together with others. Obermann also included that their U.S branch has no plans of “trailing others in the next two years.” Instead, Obermann states that, “With HSPA+ we’re in a very good position. We still have plenty of capacity, so we are competitive.” At this point, I think its safe to assume that, our original report of T-Mobile planning to upgrade its HSPA+ network to reach speeds of 42Mbps in 2011 is correct.

But in today’s data hungry world, in which the average smartphone data usage has tripped since 2009 and LTE offering more than 5x the speeds of T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 21 Mbps network, will T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network be enough? What say you?

Bloomberg BusinessWeek

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  • I guess its safe to assume that tmobile usa will be around for another two years. Also 21 or 42mbps is good enough for me, why oh why would i want a phone that does 100mbps, or whatever the incomplete lte system is running. 4G is infant, perfect and max out 3g.

    • 2FR35H

      So that you can replace your regular internet service at home… Download movies that don’t take years to finish downloading… and so on

      • Wayne

        All doable with 21mbps, don’t need 100 for that.

      • alex32

        100% agreed with you. I dont need someone to see my facial expression or whatever while i am talking to them on the phone. ffc is really not a big dreal or a deal breaker.
        as long as that beautiful blaze i am getting has android stock, 4 inch screen, 1ghz processor, and keyboard (i dont care if its 4 row or 5 row..its still a keyboard..) i am sold sold sold.

    • Saying “21/42mbps is good enough for me” is truly ignorant of the technical issues at hand. Let me enlighten you a bit.

      Main reasons LTE kicks HSPA (and HSPA+)’s ass:
      1) Lower latency
      2) Higher network capacity
      3) No breathing cell phenomenon/More predictable/reliable coverage
      4) More flexible frequency usage

      1) To establish a TCP connection multiple packets are sent. Multiply this by 30 images on a web page and you can see why this is a desirable feature. LTE has much better latency than HSPA. Something along the lines of 30ms for LTE, 100ms for HSPA.

      2) More customers can be handled with less equipment. LTE can handle more phones using the same bandwidth than WCDMA(UMTS).

      3) Ahh I love this one. A cdma-based network like WCDMA(UMTS) (which is what HSPA is a subsection of) has a peculiarity where the actual coverage area of the network is reduced the more handsets are on a network. This makes planning coverage based on the expected network load. The changing coverage based on load is called the breathing cell phenomenon.

      However it is not possible to keep adding towers because they will interfere with each other and you can end up with a situation where you have “no signal” even though there is plenty of radio waves.

      4) WCDMA(UMTS) requires 5Mhz allocations of spectrum and this is a fixed amount. It’s a tradeoff to make handsets cheaper. LTE lets you use smaller chunks of frequency, or lets you use larger chunks. The large frequency requirement is what prevented some countries from deploying UMTS.

      I hope this can shed some light on why LTE is better than HSPA.

      • alex32

        sorry about the prior comment, it was suppose to be under my post

  • alex32

    no biggie, hspa+ is fine with me. Lets get some android super phones

    • Manny


      • jaydroid

        I know i love my nexus but i want something with a front facing camera !

      • Air One

        In Sept or Oct we have the Mytouch hd coming and its supposed to have a front facing cam.. also its said to come with 1.2ghz processor (dual core) we all are hoping…

      • alex32

        yeah but the mytouch hd is said to have that horrible mytouch slide skin which is ugly. it can have a dual core but with that horrible mytouch slide skin kills it. hell it can have 4 monster processors and I still wouldnt get it.
        I am sticking to the G2/Blaze which is made my google in a sense where itll most likely have android stock. Even if it doesnt have an ffc ill still get it. I dont plan on using that..for now an ffc would be just for bragging rights which i could care less

      • Bill

        I swear, the next person that cries over FFC I am going to puke. Seriously, are we that vain we need a FFC so we can take better pictures of ourselves (not enough self taken phone pics out there I guess). Video calling? We aren’t even close to data capabilities for that yet (iphone requires wifi connection to use it). Not to mention the problems having everyone walking around staring at their phone while talking. I think too many text and drive as is, let alone video call while driving.

      • ctk

        @bill (because for some reason i can’t post directly to him)

        it’s the ipmt syndrome: iphone me too syndrome. if the iphone doesn’t have it then it sucks. even if the phone is better.

        y’all hear the story of how the camera+ app got pulled because users could enter in a string IN SAFARI to use the volume rocker as a hard camera button instead of using the touchscreen and apple said that users would be confused because they would think they were using an audio app? every time i hear comments similar to not having a ffc is a dealbreaker, i think immediately that these people should just jump to at&t so they can experience that gimmick superphone with the all important front facing camera they can use to call nobody since its not a common feature in this country yet.

        i will trade an led flash and a front facing camera for an open app market that won’t be censored unless it violates common decency and a phone that won’t lose a signal touching it in one specific spot.

      • alex32

        100% agreed with you. I dont need someone to see my facial expression or whatever while i am talking to them on the phone. ffc is really not a big dreal or a deal breaker.
        as long as that beautiful blaze i am getting has android stock, 4 inch screen, 1ghz processor, and keyboard (i dont care if its 4 row or 5 row..its still a keyboard..) i am sold

  • MonTBD

    T-mobile is awesome

  • Joe

    I say max out HSPA+ and focus more on coverage rather than going past 42mbps. Who’s downloading massive files on their phone via the mobile web?

    • BlackHawk

      I totaly agree. They just needto expand coverage, pick up some super phones, and T-Mo would be in a good position to climb the competitive ladder.

      • Gill

        I agree… get me some Android super phones and maybe upgrade my coverage to Edge or 3G

  • SwooshMojo

    I cant event pathom these speeds when I am only getting 100k download speeds…TMobile please get of edge…

    • Davidohio

      Oh my god you poor guy. Where the hell do you live that you only get 100kbps? I get no less than 7000kbps

      • pimpstrong

        He probly lives on the EDGE

    • atlantian

      what kind of phone do you have?

  • DixieNormous

    with a 5 or 10GB cap that most wireless ISP’s have, why would anyone need 100mb/s downspeed???

    • Kickstar13

      I believe once carriers roll out faster networks that can reach speeds of that magnitude, those caps would be increased. It would only make sense.

      • darkknight49

        as will prices.

      • Brian

        WOW! more than 30 dollars for data on a phone?

        count me out. ill switch to a dumb phone at that time

  • Brett

    LTE is 100mbps HOWEVER those are theoretical speeds. Real world testing has only achieved around 5mbps. That said, HSPA+, in theory, produces 21mbps, but dominates at 10-12mbps in real world tests. GO T-MOBILE!

  • pjs

    HSPA+ is already much faster than my home broadband, no need for anything faster right now IMO

    • 2FR35H

      Wow that is hella sad if you aint fibbing.

      • Wayne

        That is probably true for the majority of the people. Even if I get high speed plus from my cabke company I’m only payig for 14 mbps speed. I’ve seen no need to as I can stream movies and use my VOIP phone at 7-8 mbps speed.

  • CA

    In the real world LTE doesn’t go anywhere near 5X the speed of HSPA. Real world speed and usage is what counts, and I don’t see any realistic use for speeds greater than 42Mbps. T-Mobile is definitely smarter by going this route, but they really REALLY need to work on their coverage map.

  • KazO

    Outside of Marketing, there’s more to performance than max theoretical air interface speed. I’ve seen 3mbps using speedtest on my Vibrant, and the same speeds out of EVO 4G on wimax. And there are plenty of sites with T1 and other slow backhauls that need upgrading first. At the end of the day people want USABLE and RELIABLE connectivity. As long as TMo has plans in place, and is able to keep pace from a demand and capacity standpoint (i.e. don’t bust a ATT) customers will come and they will stay.

  • The_Dude

    Two years, yeah make that 10 for Puerto Rico then…

  • Jmts80

    As long as they improve coverage 21mbps or 42mbps is perfectly fine for me!

  • Matt

    I think people are missing the Critical point here:

    Look, we can sit here all day and talk about HSPA+ is faster in real world tests… but the average consumer:
    A) Doesn’t know
    B) Doesn’t care

    When AT&T and Verizon start throwing weight behind the 4G marketing term, T-Mobile will be losing the battle…again. In turn, we’ll see more people flocking in droves to Sprint, AT&T and Verizon because of a perceived speed differentiation.

    We all know T-mobile isn’t a bad carrier. The coverage is lacking slightly in some areas, but the plans are cheap enough to compensate for it. All I want to know is: WHO IS IN CHARGE OF MARKETING?! They’ve had, what, 4 different slogans in the last year? It’s ridiculous. Pony up for a good marketing agency, spend some money and get your name in people’s heads. The iPhone has sold wonders and had it’s fair share of setbacks… as have the EVO and Droid brands for Sprint and Verizon. Nobody outside the industry knows anything about T-Mobile’s current offerings. IMHO, that’s why they keep bleeding subscribers for the big boys.

    • RockTripod

      Thank you!! I can’t tell you how many customers ask if we have any of those “Droid phones”. I have to explain that they actually mean Android and we were the first carrier to have them. T-Mo absolutely sucks donkey balls at marketing. Thank God Samsung is advertising the Vibrant, since T-Mo certainly isn’t. Why doesn’t my company understand? All that matters is having high-end devices, building out a better service area, and making sure that the general public actually knows about our stuff. I swear T-Mo is TRYING to be 4th.

      • lolol

        LOL you know you want that LG D-lite. so high end

      • RockTripod

        I hate that phone. No one likes it. Not women, not men, not the elderly, not kids. That phone is abomination. LG just gave T-Mo the turd nuggets leftover after their design team flushed.

  • mtnman

    There’s a couple of factors to consider also. You have to look at any number of people clogging up the net at anyone time as well. When CNET did there speed test in N.Y. they found out that Tmo out did them all. Oh course they also stated that it might be the number of people on the net as well.

    I’m here in Colorado Springs, and was told by CC on the phone and by a Tmo store rep both that Tmo with have HSPA+ service here by December. I have a Vibrant, and even though it’s not a HSPA+ phone it will gain greatly from the new speed, not to mention when the Vibrant gets a tasty 2.2 Froyo upgrade as well.

  • mtnman

    With 4G it rolls off the tongue. It sounds sporty, fast, warp speed almost. Try being in a club, one person says “I’ve got 4G on this, what you got”? You tell him “I have HSPA+”! Next; see the deer in the headlights look, then hear laughter.

    My next job is to be Marketing magr. at Tmo. They really need me. lol

    • mingkee

      Tether your computer and see the cold hard truth. I can get 4-5Mbps easily with phone tethered. Can sprint 4G do that?

    • going_home

      Easy there mtnman.
      Listen in on the chat:

      “I’ve got 4G internet with Sprint.
      Oh I’ve got way faster than that with TMO’s HSDPA+ internet, faster than 4G.”

      See how easy that is ?


  • mingkee

    I want to know what is good at 100Mbps OTA?
    Except you do massive file transfer (count by GB), 21.6Mbps 3.75G is much more than good enough even on 10 computers network.
    Current T-Mobile has to expand 2G and 3G coverage first. Without complete 2G and 3G coverage, LTE will be looking bad.
    Once T-Mobile 3G coverage covers more customers, they can launch native video calling feature like in overseas.

  • mtnman

    Now everyone over at the Pentagon can stop using there work computers to download porn and start using thier own phones. Maybe they’ll get more work done…or maybe not.

  • Special K

    I honestly believe the marketing will be our undoing. At the end of the day, speed doesn’t matter if its relatively close; it is the mere perception that it is slower. You see, for T-Mobile, it will be, “well they’re behind the curve” to your average consumer, or at least that is how they will make it feel.

    Honestly, we just need to sure up what our weaknesses are and then advertise against the “perception.”

  • mtnman

    I dare anyone here to go out and ask anyone you know “Have you heard HSPA”? The answer will be no! Then ask them if they’ve heard of 4G? Ohh, they’ll know about that. You’re right Special K, It’s all about Marketing.

  • Josh

    For me and I hope the majority of people, I don’t care if it’s “4G”. If a certain carrier gives me faster speeds that’s where I’ll be.

  • foxhound2185

    hspa+ is plenty

  • JB6464

    HSPA is a joke when i can’t even get 3G service on my new HD2 phone and i’m in the center of Columbus,Ohio that has 3G throughout the city,so they say.
    Hell, my unlocked/jailbroken 2G iphone gets better edge service than my HD2 and it’s not even a T-mobile phone.
    So for Tmo to talk about HSPA/4G is a total joke until they can get 3G coverage that works without licking the tower for service.

    • watbetch

      You said it yourself. The HD2 has terrible reception.

      • Davidohio

        Your picture is ugly!

      • tacky

        LookS like michael jackson’s reincarnation

      • lolol

        no. it doesnt.

  • Shawn

    Here is a valid question. Why the heck does anyone need 42mbps on their phone? The only people who would want speeds this fast are people doing something against TOS, like tethering and using their phone as their primary internet on their computer. I don’t think we even need anything above 5mbps on phones. Really, how fast do you guys want internet pages to load, my goodness.

    • mtnman

      I wouldn’t want to have internet on my phone as a primary source. I like have my computer at home hooked up to my 42″ HDTV. 4″ inch screen or 42 inches. Now when I’m away from home, you bet, but at home I can do so much more.


    Some funny insight about the 42mbps upgrade that IS TRUE, some in the company have called it HSPA++…I laugh everytime.

  • Davidohio

    Not all the towers in columbus are 3g. I think it is 80% 3g and 20% edge. They will soon convert those edge sites to 3g. for now just move ten blocks and you will get 3g on yous HD2 LOL

    • JB6464

      LOL, pretty sad when i live close to the police academy and my phone constanly searches for 3G while using edge 75% of the time.
      I think it’s more like 80% edge and 20% 3G.

  • APlayerfromtheHimalya

    Two notes:

    1) As far as faster speeds, we say that we don’t need it now, wait 2 years…what will we be saying…
    2) Reality states that the future is data, DATA, voice calls are data as well. 4g maximizes that capability to it’s fullist, and 4g is the next step.

    our beloved magenta failed at landing exclusives, and landed the wrong one. Lets’ get an iSomething, some super DUPER androids and an exclusive with Nokia, let’s change the game.

  • Rick

    1. T mobile needs to get HSPA+ out fast!
    2. They need to market it!
    3. They need to get HSPA+ super phones fast!

    Stating the obvious.

  • jtothada
  • Jono

    To those that are saying “Who needs that much speed anyways?”

    That is exactly what people said when broadband was being offered at speeds over 768k.

    I can think of a bunch of things that would be a reality now if we had faster mobile device speeds. One would be streaming video to passengers from netflix while going into a tunnel. That would require buffering, and speeds greater than the playback rate of the movie.

    How about just streaming your own movie collection?

    Live video recording?

    There’s a ton of ways to make use of a fast connection, but it has to be in place first. Then the market will fill it with bandwidth hogging applications, just like we have already done with high-speed internet.

    • Mike

      How spoiled we must have become…wahhhh….I can’t stream VIDEO while I am in a tunnel…wahhhh…let me send the wahhhhhhambulance for you…cripes.

      • Mohammad


  • Jared

    Well if that is their plan maybe they will finally upgrade some of the edge towers. I live in a city that has 3g coverage, yet the edge tower has a stronger signal so it always wins, and I am stuck with crappy edge at my house in Troy, MI. Tmo – 3g is 3g, not part 3g and 30-40% edge, come on.

  • anothauser

    HSPA+ should be enough for a lot of people. I hope they broaden their coverage area for this.

  • djdarkknight96

    hmmmm, all I have to say is…t-mobile will never be behind again! “L” eading “T” echnology “E” verywhere

  • truth

    Speed is fine with me. Just need some great looking WP7 a la vibrant or better.

  • justin

    how fast of a connection do you really need for a 4″ screen?! i get that super speeds are very relevant for other applications, like laptop connect cards, etc… but as far as mobile use goes, even edge is sometimes fine with me.

  • Sapphire

    Check this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evolved_HSPA

    “Future revisions of HSPA+ support up to 168 Mbit/s using multiple carriers.[1]” That is a direct quote from the article. Do we really need “4G” when we can get theoretical speeds of 168mbps. This is just building on current HSPA standards.

    Now, in regards to the marketing aspect, I think there should be a push on speeds instead of the technology being used. Maybe commercials comparing the same app being downloaded on different networks kind of like a race. Just food for thought.

  • Jimbo

    Confirmed tmobile is getting the iphone sorry for interupting the conversation I’m not one for speculation but I have sources as high up in tmobile as it can go and its confirmed tmo will have iphone in q4 at the latest

    • 007

      Really my source told me that deal fell through….
      Tmobile will just stuck with htc android phones…

  • meme2

    HSPA+ is good enough its even faster than WIMAX you can find speed comparison videos on youtube and HPSA+ is faster than WIMAX

  • 007

    Speed doesn’t really matter… its the coverage that counts…

  • NiiDiddy

    Even our computers at home hardly ever uses all of the speeds that our internet ISPs offer us for downloads/uploads [typically 10/2 mbps respectively on average], let alone a phone…

    SmartPhones themselves will get faster because of RAM/ROM/Processor; however regardless of how fast the carrier’s network gets doesn’t necessarily mean faster data speeds on our devices. It will mean faster response times at the same/current capped data speeds due to a less/unclogged network that is no longer bogged down. The more a company grows with millions more customers it only makes sense to take such a step to grow a network, offer larger data bandwidths that can handle the traffic.

  • adien

    No need for LTE quite yet. HSPA+ will definitely be fast enough to keep up with demand for the near future, plus it’s very upgradeable and we can take advantage of sooner than LTE (woohoo). Plus, T-Mo doesn’t have the spectrum to even think about LTE right now.

    I agree, they need to ditch the name though. HSPA+ is not marketable. they need to establish it in a class of it’s own, since the other carriers will have the ‘extra g’ effect. even TG or 3G+, G-squared, anything… Let’s hope that Herr Humm will straighten things out there.

  • mingkee

    The major plus of 3.75G is backward compatibility. You can even use 3555, 6263, t639, t819 with the latest 3.75g network without any problem.
    T-Mobile can use the current AWS and 1900 spectrum to deploy LTE and it will be surely working fine, but without enough coverage, whatever G is nothing.

  • GregP

    Sure, 4G can do 5x our HSPA + network in THEORY, however, there must be the backhaul to each cell site to support those speeds. That means that there must be over 100Mbps PER USER available to see those speeds! The standard for connectivity is 1.5Mbps T1 which several are led to a site to get 2G speed. T-Mobile has moved to fiber AAVs to get the HSPA+ speeds, but I do not see any company going 4G doing any of: 1) Shelling out the bookoo dollars to go >100Gbps per site to give 1000 users full 4G speeds 2) Phones becoming fast enough to render data at speeds that compliment full 4G rates or 3) Customers willing to shell out the extra money to use such ridiculous speeds (because full 4G speed would most certainly not be free).

  • So, “We still have plenty of capacity” yet 10GB caps are used.

    If there is plenty of capacity, why are 10GB caps being used? This does not make sound sense on the technical side – while a cap will indeed possibly free up bandwidth for other users downloading, it does nothing to address the more important issue of network capacity and coverage.

    What issue? Well in short when a WCDMA(UMTS) phone is active, it creates noise that interferes with all the nearby mobiles. This noise means a mobile far away from the tower may not be able to transmit strong enough to be received by the tower. If this happens that call or data session will drop. I just described what’s called the breathing cell phenomenon.

    That is the reason capacity and coverage are intimately linked. If a tower is over planned capacity, its range will be decreased as explained above. If the range is decreased it may cause holes in coverage.

    • watbetch

      There are ways to manage “cell breathing”. I haven’t seen it yet with T-Mobile’s 3G network regardless of usage.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Hey, I need 100mbps so I can holographic chat with my girlfriend from Planet Sylvia in the Zivilant Quadrant. It’s the only way I can see pookielips. :)

    • Mike

      LOL Wilma, you stole my thunder,I was in the process of thinking of some RIDICULOUS scenario such as that..

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Haaaa!!!! Hey you can still use half of that 100mbps to engage Starfront 7 in Cyber Combat. Their Leader, Lord Zergis wouldn’t know what hit him.

  • Michele

    I am not sure where to provide this information; however, if the website administrator would like details they can send me an email and I will provide all I know. I work for a municipality in Cook County (Chicagoland) and T-mobile has leased antenna space from us. I ran into a T-Mobile engineer yesterday while he was servicing the location and I asked when the upgraded network was coming to Chicago. He stated we already have 3G. I said, no, faster. He said that is what he was doing, upgrading the tower and Chicago should have high speed in the next two months.

    I asked a couple other questions and stated I had been with T-Mobile since 2000 and showed him my hacked iPhone. He said I would not be able to access the new speeds with the phone. He eluded to the fact that there would be some pretty nice smartphones coming that would access the higher speed network.

    • watbetch

      You should ask him about in market 3G coverage improvements, like when they plan on upgrading 2G sites to 3G. They’ve done this in nearly all 3G markets, leading to subpar 3G coverage compared to the 2G/GSM/EDGE network.

  • Yawn

    Look at the current 3g map compared to other carriers. Pathetic. I don’t really care if they get 200TB data in NYC if I’m on edge 30 minutes outside of my metro area.

  • Vision77

    Honestly I am pretty happy with the network as it stands now. I get pretty fast speeds and a good connection. And I do a significant amount of mid-west interstate travel. T-Mo’s partnership agreements with other gsm carriers allows me a to get decent data connection(even if its edge sometimes) when I’m on the road and using google nav. I would much rather have a affordable fast flexible network than an overcapped overpriced over-stressed network. So I say to T-mo, pace your self, too much too soon isn’t good for the your network or me the consumer at this point in time. (Now as far as devices go….bring’em on!!) just my 2pennies

  • yo

    Come october im headed to verizon t-mobile has good plans but the coverage is terrible and we get the worst phones they lost the 3g battle and are on their way to losing the 4g battle to. DT should just sell t-mobile to sprint or verizon and get out of the U.S. market forever

  • Relikk2

    If coverage is bad for you using any carrier then you should switch. But don’t argue about the 3G, 4G BS. LOL, there is no application for LTE’s max internet speed and there will not be for years to come. Sprints 4G (WIMAX) is slower the T-mobiles HSPA+. There would have to be some major changes in what the world does with the internet for anyone to see the difference between 7.2, 22, 42 or 100mbs. This goes for even tethering; unless you plan on tethering like 10 devices. Then you couldn’t tell the difference between 22, 42 and 100.

    Just another example of market bandwagoning, “the bigger the better”; Sprint can’t afford T-Mobile, Verizon doesn’t need T-mobile, just would like their customers. Only dumb people are willing to pay Verizon’s prices if T-Mobile has good coverage in that area.

  • Deaconclgi

    I got over 8Mbps down and almost 2Mbps up today on my N900 at the CNN Center! The download speed is the fastest that I have ever gotten with TMO. Maybe the tower is on top of the CNN building :)

  • MW

    I don’t care if technically the other network is faster, although I do enjoy bragging rights at the moment. What is most important is I can efficiently do everything I want to do, i.e. talk and surf at the same time, video conferencing, download files, stream content and whatever else is the hot to do thing. As long as these can be accomplished without having to wait some unrealistic amount of time, then I don’t need what is called 4G, just need good and efficient service.

    • rolo

      Is it true only AT&T subscribers can talk & surf @ the same time?

      • BigWill

        No, T-Mobile can also talk and surf at the same time when on 3G. It is the same with AT&T, they can only talk and surf when in 3G coverage.

  • kinoy

    I think for the time being, HSPA+ would be enough for the next 2-3 years only if they are keeping with their schedule on upgrading their network to 42MBps HSPA+. The question now is .. will t-mobile’s upstream backbone able to keep up with users’ bandwidth demand?

  • mike

    I think they have the right idea here. Upgrade the network to hspa+ in larger city’s do the 42. Technology is only going to get better. as for bandwidth I was taking to a account development Rep and they can very easily increase bandwidth when it come necessary. As for the speed tho I will be very happy with the 21mbps for a long time. That’s really fast still. And its faster than cable and dsl in a lot of places.

  • Reece

    21mbps is faster then my cable connection as it stands, so I seriously wouldn’t have any issues whatsoever being stuck on that for my next highend T-Mobile phone (Mytouch HD? G1 Blaze?) for the next two years.

  • scott

    who actually gets 21 mbps? im in downtown seattle and only get 1m average on any speedtest?

    • jgarriot

      “I am a T-Mobile employee, however the views of my post reflect only my views and are in no way associated with T-Mobile USA”

      I just did a speedtest today in Atlanta and received 8 mbps down and about 2 up (on a WebConnect Rocket)… However, I am pretty sure they are still doing some tweaking to some of the towers to get them all up to snuff, because the tower near my house is only giving me about 700 kbps down, but if I go about 2 blocks away I am back up to 3 mbps (on my Samsung Vibrant).

      • Tree Frogs

        New social website rules huh?

  • elithegreat

    I think T-Mobile will be fine if they upgrade to HSPA+ 42 Mbps.
    As long as they provide enough backhaul … then I think they’re safe to stay in the HSPA+ field for the next coming years. Of course HSPA+ can go further than 42 which is darn competitive and legit.

    Although I must say even though my G1 isn’t an HSPA+ phone my speeds aren’t consistent…I once was getting 3500 kbps DOWN and now I haven’t seen that speed in about a month. Forget about UP speeds I’ve never surpassed 400 Kbps UP on T-Mobile’s network. I’m hoping its my dinky phone.

  • ThisGuy

    You know what will make me plenty happy

    -EDGE and GPRS….GONE, inside buildings we get 3G
    -HSPA+ 21 mbs standard
    -HSPA 41 or w.e in big cities…

    honestly if my phones internet is faster than my computers…ill be more than happy…matching speeds is all i need.

  • Brandon

    Think about it.. Seriously.. what in gods name would you need more than 21mbps for?? That will MORE than support video chatting and ridiculously fast downloads.

  • Virtuous

    AT&T and Verizon will make their customers pay through the nose for the privledge of using their 4G networks. TMo can effectively compete by offering more affordable rates.

    • Yawn

      Yeah, that’s worked out pretty well so far… nobody will notice the lack of phones or coverage if the prices are a little cheaper

      • Zoog

        Why are you even here?

  • Charles

    T-mobile is always been good to me, i been with t-mobile for a while and i tried other service but t-mobile price is affordable, and in today economy that important to me then fast speed. I live in Elizabeth city NC, and i just wish that t-mobile just get rid of edge and gprs and just give me 3g all the time that is more then enough to use all the apps on my samsung vibrant, 4g would be nice but i don’t really need 4g. I just just need good service and I’ll stick with t-mobile without 4g.

    • Charles Xavier

      3G won’t go any further than major metropolitan areas. Even in cities that have 3G its congested and often goes back down to EDGE randomly. It’s just not a stable network.

      • john

        Says you, since 3g rolled out in my area, haven’t scaled back to edge unless in walmart…there’s something ominously wrong about those places.

      • jgarriot

        “I am a T-Mobile employee, however the views of my post reflect only my views and are in no way associated with T-Mobile USA”

        I think 3G will definitely go beyond major cities, but it will probably be a much slower build out than the original build out (which was expedited due to the late build out).

        Also, for dropping back to Edge, it could be because the 3G frequencies are a bit higher than the 2G (i.e. 1700/2100 vs. 1900/850) so when you are in a building or where there is weaker signal it may find it easier to drop back down as the lower frequencies penetrate through walls better (I believe – someone else may be able to back this up).

  • eYe

    I really don’t care about the speed… why would anyone need more then, let’s say, 4mbs? What I care about is the consistent coverage, without dropping back to edge or gprs. If t-mobile can provide that- I will stay with them forever. It doesn’t look good at the moment though… I get less then 1mbs down/ .5mbs up and it drops to edge pretty often.

  • Mike

    T-Mobile is not following the competition with 4G there trynna set a standard and out due 4G speeds with HSPA+ and my home cable connection with comcast is 50 mbps with 250GB Cap I can see home internet providers getting worried in the future with people dropping them and just use there phone’s for home connections

    • Patrick

      I actually HAVE dropped my home provider. I’m getting about 3mbps at home right now. I could only max out at 6mbps from AT&T due to my location. Why pay an extra $45/month for something that I don’t really NEED? And at 3mbps I’m still downloading at over 300k/bps. So I have no complaints. That’s fast enough to watch 720 streaming smoothly….I do it all the time on youtube lol.

  • Holiday

    I sucks that we won’t get 4G but oh well…

    • Mike

      HSPA+ can out perform 4G so why are so upset about not getting 4G

      • Cybersedan

        @Mike Because most people are mostly ignorant about technology and they are easily led by clever marketing and the simple number 4G sounds better than 3G.

        The majority of people have no idea that 4G is not only about speed, speed is only one of many qualifications a network must meet before it can be fully considered 4G. And for that matter even fewer people know that Sprint’s current offering DOES NOT meet on all criteria to be called 4G.

        “The International Telecommunications Union suggests that WiMax, the standard that Sprint calls 4G, is actually part of the 3G family, though Sprint markets WiMax as 4G and its speeds are comparable to current LTE speeds.”


  • T-Mobile fails once again. On paper HSPA+ is a contender with the evolving networks of the big three. Put into play, it fails two ways. The first is marketing. We get a handful of existing customers in everyday asking about Sprint’s 4G phone. We roll through the usual dialogue, but the customer still leaves the store sour about T-Mobile’s decision on no 4G. The majority of customer’s refuse or cant comprehend bandwidth, upload/download and latency. They care about “The one with the bigger GBs.”

    Second reason they fail is their already patchy 3G. The highest link down I could achieve using the Web Connect Jet was 980kbps, which was at work. At home it switches to and from EDGE. At the girlfriends, I hit 320kbps. I find these speeds adequate for cell usage, but absolutely pathetic when it comes to ISP replacement. The cellular companies are working themselves into people’s homes. T-Mobile is going to have a hard time competing if they can’t provide the speeds and technology people need to network at home.

    T-Mobile is a solid cell provider that is cost effective, but they’ll be left behind, once again, if they don’t put forth the marketing and service people desire.

    • Relikk2

      Your argument is dumb; this scenario only works for the coverage that you have, not everyone. HSPA+ is a working network, I can show you multiple you tube videos and take screen shots if you like. I get between 3.5 and 4.5 mbs; that’s fast enough to support tethering with multiple devices. If T-mobile is not good in your area then why get it? That goes with any carrier. Why pay money for something that doesn’t work for you? If Internet, and tethering are important to you switch to the provider that works the best in your area. And stop bitching about it so I don’t have to read your illogical, self centered arguments!!!


      • Mike

        The vibrant was getting 5 mbps dl speed and it’s not even a HSPA+ device it benefits from HSPA+ but expect even faster speeds from tmobile when the first HSPA+ drops this fall

      • Hecg55

        after running 4 back to back tests I’m getting a max of 3.
        83 dl mbps here in az averaging about 3.2! But they still haven’t put up hspa+ here :: ( I hope that I benefit from it when they do!! It was said to be up by end our summer… Times running out

      • Gotcha. Because T-Mobile has a lack of strong data coverage around the US, my argument is dumb? For regular cell coverage T-Mobile serves its purpose. As for data, it’s pretty darn laggy. I’m not complaining about T-Mobile’s service. I’m stating that I think its a mistake by not being able to market 4G and building out a HSPA+ network when you’ve got limited coverage already.

        I HARDLY consider a few YouTube videos and screen captures adequate support for T-Mobile’s blazing fast network. I can promise you I have a better picture of how things really are in this city of several million.

    • Relikk2

      Here we go again with your egotistical argument “I can promise you I have a better picture of how things really are “.” As for data, it’s pretty darn laggy”, T-Mobile is not laggy in my city, and if you look at a good percent of the post in here, it’s not laggy for them either. Guess what your area is not the only place in the world that has T-mobile, which for some reason is hard for you to believe. I will agree with you on the marketing, it’s terrible and maybe dumb, was a bit insulting but T-mobile is across the nation, and in some area’s it’s not laggy.


      • I don’t quite get how I’m stroking my ego, but whatever. I’m just stating that T-Mobile is not the king when it comes to cellular data. I’ll agree with you that in some areas, it doesn’t lag, but in most areas, it does. Drive accross the country and ask people what company they use for their data stick or mifi connection?

        One may get a few mbps with T-Mobile in an area that is blanketed in T-Mobile 3G, but outside of these hotspot areas, the speeds drop off quick.

      • Relikk2

        I don’t want to keep going on with this but… I totally believe you when you tell me its laggy for you, but to say “T-Mobile fails once again. On paper HSPA+ is a contender with the evolving networks of the big three…” is only a true statement for some subscribers. I can say a similar statement about Verizon in my area, but I won’t because I’m sure Verizon is awesome in other parts of the country. For the people in my area HSPA+ is fantastic, and proves Magenta does not fail once again. “You’re stroking your ego” because you believe since you live in a city of millions you think you understand what it’s like all across the country. As if the entire T-mobile network is statically representative where you live, and some how your lonely phone represent all of the phones in your city therefore across the land. That’s why I linked the YouTube video of CNET’s review of New York city’s speeds. Another city with millions of people, and in this large city T-Mobile happens to be number one. My point is you can’t say HSPA+ fails just because it fails for you.

  • Charles

    does anyone else find it ironic that sprint has a 4g ad on this page.. http://i.i.com.com/cnwk.1d/Ads/7617/10/sprint_4G_showcase_350x200_WIRELESSS.jpg


  • house3272

    Okay so i just called a t mobile person today, and GUESS WHAT? this girl tries to explain to me that NO cities has Hspa+ yet. so i naturally asked her about the website, and she’s all like Purple mean its coming not its there. So i asked why it said “live” she said idk. ………her only proof is that the page before says coming to 180some million at the end of this year……….i swear she was blonde r something.

    • David

      She’s wrong, we know she is wrong…end of story.

    • Shawn

      That is why I try to call Tmo as little as possible with questions. They NEVER know anything. I had one of them tell me last week that their is no such thing as a Nexus One on their network, and had no idea what I was talking about…I can’t believe they let these people represent their company. I had another person tell me a couple months ago that their is no such thing as Google Voice because Tmo wouldn’t allow a service like that..

    • no thanks

      TMO employees are quite clueless. TMO allegedly launched HSPA+ in Columbus, OH but despite the press release/web site I have yet to get HPSA+ at home or work. Called TMO and they told me the press release meant it was coming later…somehow “now available” means that. I called several times and chatted with the same result for almost a week.

      • JB6464

        What Crack are you Smoking today ! I live/work in the middle of Columbus,Ohio and have the new HD2 phone. I have never seen HSPA+ ever on my phone much less a constant 3G coverage. It always bounces back and forth to Edge and i have one of the newest HSPA+ phones.

      • David Thomas

        JB6464, please don’t comment about things you clearly know NOTHING about. Thanks.

  • Mike
  • Charles

    There a saying, you pay for what you get. T-mobile cost less because you get lest, and Verizon cause more because you get more. It’s all about what you want to pay for. But then on the other hand that’s not always true, because a friend of mine got Straight-Talk, and he got unlimited everything for about $50.00 buck – talk, text , and web with excellent coverage. I think the world is changing and people is still looking for a good deal. Who knows as things start to get tighter for people they might just leave them all and go to Straight-Talk at least they got me listening and i’am with T-Mobile.

  • CD

    They should just call the HPSA+ “5G” or “4Z” and market that ish that way lol.

    • Hecg55

      People are so stupid!! Could see that working!
      INTRODUCING 5G WITH HYPER DRIVE!!! As soon as I hit go our signals sendyou a boost of speed pushing you past the speedof 4g and making your wait time less than any other network… People would just be like O_O!!!!!!

      • Kerry

        The need to market “Ludicris speed”, and the commercial has the Sprint dude looking up going “OMG, they’ve gone to plaid!!!”

        Crap, not I got the Spaceballs theme song in my head, lol

      • Josh

        Haha! I could see that happening with the Verizon guy too. The entire Verizon “network” is standing behind him and all of a sudden BOOM!…T-Mobile 1 rips across the sky in a blaze of plaided glory. “We Brake For No One.”

  • photoguy225

    kerry,hecg55, and cd you guys have me cracking up… but your all on to something there I think it would totally work

  • Nick07

    what about Wimax 2?

  • Sasha

    I am happy with HSPA+ speeds they offer now. If T-Mobile can get 2-4MBits/sec down and around .7-1MB/sec up transfer speed solid across the whole network that would be more than enough for me for quite some time, as I plan to use the phone itself and not tether it to the laptop. The key is to have these speeds across the whole network. With my HD2 I get 2.5MB/s downtown and only 450kbits/s-950kbits/s on the edge of town with signal being lost in certain places on the highway within city limits all together. I am looking for consistency and not FIBER speeds for my cellie. I mean realistically what am I gonna do with 21MBit/s download speed for my phone?

    • Relikk2

      2.5 to 4 is more then enough to tether at least one or maybe two devices. Most webserver such as youttube are only going to give you like .5 to 1 as they want to save on bandwith. Bandwith cost them money.

  • nog3gforme

    still waiting for 3g here…i would just like better service as a whole screw the 3/4g marketing bs

  • Justin

    Im In miami 33162 my phone’s (hd2) 3g icon changed to an H and im getting speeds around 1486 using mobilespeedtest.com using the 2mb test.

  • Stephen

    Maybe with this fast 3G t-mo has they could get rid of the data caps….
    I enjoy having truely unlimited Data usage on my Sprint EVO in both 3G, and 4G(I’m in Charlotte)…
    Love it!

  • ivan

    Wimax 2 is going to kill the competition 100 mbps down is too fast….but we still have a long time to wait. Hopefully they hurry it up

  • david

    While I current get between 3 and 4 mb download I would rather have full unlimited at => 4mb vs = 4mb download everything is fast as my DSL line just no cap….

  • kevin

    I don’t care if tmo goes 4g as long as the HSPA+ is just as fast.

  • LCW

    the big issue with T-Mo is they are a slave to the data pipe companies, which, suprise surprise are mostly verizon and at&t… so they will ALWAYS be at a big disadvantage… coverage wise, T-mo is awesome in cities and metro areas, better than AT&T – i’ve used both… BUT… get out in the sticks and T-mo is rendered next to useless… at the very least you get Edge… often, nothing

    • Relikk2

      I agree outside of metro T-Mobile isn’t good, but I don’t think they care. I mean, I think they are pretty much where they want to be as far as where service is provided. My assumption is they want to increase metro sales, hence the huge HSPA+ push. If they wanted to be a bigger provider (range wise) they could be, they’ve got the money. They are owned by one of the richest companies on the planet. T-mobile themselves profited close to a billion (700 or 800 million) so far this year. The higher ups probably just don’t see the cost benefit. They are owned by a private investment firm(‘more or less’) who purpose is to make money. If the keep making a decent profit I don’t think much is going to change. People can complain about the phones, coverage and internet speeds but until their profit have major changes they probably won’t do much different. For now the will just follow the trends.

  • Khadar

    I am selling my iPhone 4 I used in uk because an iPhone without 3G data plan it’s useless for tmobile usa no matter what. My friend have tmobile vibrant the best tmobile device but why edge Internet? For God sakes tmobile needs to get 3G coverage for all the smartphone devices including unlock iphones. I want to keep my iPhone but there no 3G for the device supported. In UK all iPhones get 3G coverage and I hope in America tmobile 3G supports all iphones.