T-Mobile Awarded JD Power Top Honors, Again

T-Mobile has once again found itself on top of the mountain in the JD power world. T-Mobile just released a press announcement showing off their top rank in the J.D. Power Retail Sales Satisfaction Study:

T-Mobile USA, Inc. continues to earn accolades for its dedication to providing customers with superior service. J.D. Power and Associates today announced that T-Mobile was the sole wireless carrier to earn the highest ranking in their 2010 Wireless Customer Care Performance StudySM

With a bounty of new devices coming down the line, T-Mobile is definitely poised to raise the level of satisfaction even higher with a stronger lineup and the fastest data speeds around. We’re looking forward to an interesting holiday season!

Hit the full press release below:

Customers Rank T-Mobile USA Highest

In Wireless Customer Service

Independent Study by J.D. Power and Associates Gives T-Mobile

Top Honors for Superior Customer Service

BELLEVUE, Wash.July 29, 2010 — T-Mobile USA, Inc. continues to earn accolades for its dedication to providing customers with superior service. J.D. Power and Associates today announced that T-Mobile was the sole wireless carrier to earn the highest ranking in their 2010 Wireless Customer Care Performance StudySM — Volume 2

“We are honored to be recognized as the wireless industry’s highest ranked customer service provider,” says Brian Brueckman, group vice president, customer service, T-Mobile USA. “This award is a reflection of our frontline employees’ commitment to customer delight as well as our entire organization’s focus on helping customers realize the full potential of our great products and services.

Today’s honor continues to demonstrate T-Mobile’s commitment to providing an outstanding customer experience. The study provides a detailed report card based on consumer experiences on the phone with T-Mobile customer service representatives, through an automated response system (ARS), in person at T-Mobile retail stores and online at http://www.t-mobile.com . The study shows the following:

  • T-Mobile is the sole highest-ranked among all wireless providers in Overall Customer Care Performance, and significantly above the industry average.
  • In direct interactions with customer service representatives, T-Mobile scores higher than any other wireless provider.
  • On calls that began with the ARS and transferred to a customer service representative,   T-Mobile leads all wireless providers.
  • For customers walking into a retail store for service, T-Mobile scores above industry average.

The 2010 Wireless Customer Care Performance Study – Volume 2 is based on responses from 9,690 wireless customers who had a customer care experience within the past six months. Online interviews were conducted between January and June of 2010.

Recent recognition of T-Mobile’s customer service excellence also extends to its retail customer experience. Earlier this year, T-Mobile received the highest ranking for retail customer satisfaction in the J.D. Power and Associates 2010 Wireless Retail Sales Satisfaction StudySM — Volume 1.

More information about J.D. Power and Associates studies can be found at http://www.jdpower.com

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  • THAT DUDE!!!!

    To all the T-Haters out there. BAM!!!!!!!!

    All the evo, droid x devices out there simply dont keep you with a carrier. CUSTOMER SERVICE DOES!!! And with the amount of devices that TMO is droppin on us for this Holiday season, they are staying on focus!!!! Good job TMO!!!!! Keep em happy!!!!

    • Charles Xavier

      Well last time I checked customer service didn’t provide better coverage…or phones so no, its not enough.

      • Brian

        geez wat a debby downer

      • Davidohio

        Well you won’t have great coverage in BFE!

      • Air One

        Im very loyal to companies that treat me right but when I call CS from my handset by dialing “611” and i wait on hold for 8-10 min before anyone picks up. 8-10 min wait time to speak with someone…? not good service especially since i have been with T-MO for 8 yrs and i just signed a 2yr contract for the vibrant.

  • Mr MN

    Am I surprised? Of course not. Am I happy? Very. This further demonstrates taht you don’t have to be number 1 or 2 to be great at something. We have exceptional customer service. All we need now is an excellent line-up and coverate to match it up and we’ll be on our way to making history. Hopefully the excellent line-up of phones is in the works. Keep it up, Magenta, some of us will be around for a while.

  • T-Mobile is making this the norm now, hate it or love it, it proves once again T-Mo’s dominance in customer service– as loyal customers we all love to talk about it but to see it, definitely gives it a certification for the delusional non-believers.

  • TheLight



    Now com’ooooonnnnn Vanguard!

    • TheLight

      ****OFF TOPIC***

      I think its funny when Im excited and my avatar looks sad..lol..why do I have to look so unhappy TMONEWS??? LMAO!!

      • john

        Lol, mine looks pissed off, which here lately has been accurate since I get to bash failman and his piss poor evo lately…lol

      • NiiDiddy

        mine looks scared. hmmm…is there a reason i should be scared right along with my avatar? lmao…

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Yes you should be very scared, because chucky lives inside your Vibrant. Your ring tone doesn’t say “Wanna Play” for nothing. MWUHAHAHA!!!!

      • NiiDiddy

        @Wilma…LMAO :)

      • Joshuakprice1

        @niididdy you don’t look scared, you look beat up! Mine does too, except mine looks pissed about it. tmonews must have been watching me in high school…

    • Asparagus


  • It was sad to see customers, claiming extreme loyalty, jump for the Evo or Droid X. It’s so great to see amazing marks from customers that *really* value T-Mobile!

    This is awesome! Really, really proud of Magenta! Go T-Mo!

    By the way, JD Power nod for T-Mo and a Consumer Report shun for Apple? Sweet justice.

  • David Thomas

    Oh, look, we’ve got better customer service… AGAIN. What’s that? Not having the hottest phone of the week means nothing if the prices are low, there are no hidden fees, and the customer service is top-notch??? Sounds like jealousy to me!!! :D

    Keep it up, Magenta. If you cant get a few nice phones, though, I don’t see you sitting at 4th-place for long.

    • john

      Well said, mate!

  • Snowblind

    What a joke, I’m on my 4th replacement Behold 2 since february, and every time I call in I get told different things from customer support. One guy actually tried to tell me that Samsung doesnt have any other Android devices…

    • Josef

      Dude, you cant blame T-Mo just because you bought a crappy phone. Blame Samsung for manufacturing such a piece of crap…

      • Snowblind

        Samsung may have made the phone, but Tmobile sold it. The least they could do is reimburse the people who bought it sine they carried on Samsucks lie about android 2.x.

        The best offer tmobile will give me (and it’s like pulling teeth to even get this) is that they will end my contract and give me a discount on a new phone.

        1. Wheres there lemon policy?
        2. Customer service is a joke, you’ll be telling them about an issue with your phone and they’ll say that it’s not a known issue, does it effing matter? I’m having the issue, fix it.
        3. Why the eff should I pay another $100+ on a new phone and also sign another 2 year contact when I’m just barely a quarter of a way into my existing contract?

      • john

        There is a lemon policy, it is specific, they are also offering you a 2 year discount for a contract that is only few months longer than the old one. Do one, or the other, or pay your termination fee.

      • beastly

        I’m with Snowblind on this one. Snowblind bought the phone from T-Mobile, not from Samsung.

        But if you’re on your 4th replacement, there’s something else going on.
        (a)You’re expecting too much of the phone, and freaking out and replacing it whenever it lags for a second while downloading a web page, in which case you need to chill and realize that technology isn’t perfect.
        (b)The model has a defect that has not yet been reported to/by Samsung, in which case you need to make sure it gets reported. I don’t think this is terribly likely, unless it’s related to a new software update.
        (c)There’s some other service problem going on, and T-Mobile has been wasting your time and theirs by replacing the phone instead of addressing the core issue.

        Has it been all the same problems, or different problems with the phone? I’ve noticed sometimes that when you call in, customer care will try to troubleshoot, which makes me nervous. Just make sure you get through to technical support so they can get to the bottom of the problem. Four different phones with four different problems could, hypothetically, be really bad luck, but if they’ve all had the same problem, I’d be pretty angry about having to call back in again, only to be given a “fix” that doesn’t fix anything. Actually, I’d be pretty ticked anyway. I’m generally happy with their service, but then again I don’t need to call often about my 9700.

    • Relikk2

      LOL, any other provider woudn’t even have replaced it once, but T-Mobile gave you four of them. I’m sorry that your phone sucks, and I’m sure it will eventualy get worked out but I know for a fact if you had Sprint they would have told you to “Ef-OFF” at the first replacement.

    • ohheelno

      blah blah blah complain complain complain. Shut up dude. T-Mobile TRIED to solve your problem by giving you FOUR replacement devices, then offered you a full discount when you were MONTHS away from having it. You know for a fact that other carriers would not have done this, so sit down, shut up and stop complaining!

  • Brandon

    As an employee who has worked in both channels, I can’t tell you how satisfying this is.

    • §ü|»è®mªn §wªg

      Most def makes me smile

  • Theundying1

    if there was a ranking for who got better phones, we would be 4th (or 3rd cuz sprint doesn’t have much)

    • Relikk2

      What, Sprint has all the phones, lol. Just don’t have Iphone.

    • TMO ROX

      …and if there was a ranking on the stupidest most unrelated post about this story, Theundying1 would be a resounding FIRST!

  • Jimbo

    Its what we do in customer service :)

    • Asparagus

      Hearts! Thanks for the nod!

  • Matt Hatter

    This is what we do it for; to be America’s most highly regarded service company. I never thought that answering questions and changing rate plans and adding features – essentially being a drone – could be so satisfying. I was wrong. There’s an immense amount of pride that can be taken from this. I’m a part of it and it’s huge. Well done to all my colleagues! We’ve earned it.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Congrats Maggy. :) Now bring me my Emerald.

  • Jay Antwan

    My customer service experience has been ruined… Not only did I have to return my Vibrant because of the incorrect information given to me.. I got charged with 3 overdraft fees (admittedly not their fault) in the process of getting a phone i was willing to pay for. The associate was more concerned with locking me into a contract rather than actually helping me get the phone i wanted… and it happened at the store and with the call center..

    I love t-mobile.. i even tried to work for them many times (at least 50 applications in the past year easily.. I have 5+ years of CS and 3+ retail management) only to get rejected every time. But this is the last straw.. Im done.. I still hope they do well.. but not with my money.

    (I know.. this has little to do with Tmo-News and i doubt any of you care.. but i needed to rant.. flame/flag me if you want… )

    • Davidohio

      You must have felonies or just don’t interview well. Sorry.

      • Jay Antwan

        I have no felonies.. I have never had any run in with the law. I have a well presented resume and i have only NOT be given an offer 1 time after my in person interview. I currently have 3 job offers on the table (one from Verizon). I interview VERY well.

        On top of that, i was never even given the opportunity to have an in person interview. I even went to my local T-Mobile store and handed in my resume in person (The manager didn’t even want to come out to the floor, which i can understand… He was said to be on a conference call)

      • Jay Antwan

        I know you dont know me and are just trying to assume a reason for their lack of response, but I am somewhat insulted that you came to the conclusion that ‘I’ am the problem and not ‘Them’. Its ok i guess.. it’s the internet. Right?

    • beastly

      That bites. Did you at least let the company know why you’re leaving them? I know that when I have been in management, I’ve always liked to know when my employees were pushing customers away from the business. In this case, it sounds like someone was putting their own commission ahead of your needs- is that pretty accurate? I bet that’s exactly the kind of thing management would have loved to hear, either at the store, or over the phone. Possibly both.

  • Steph

    I feel alot better now! I spend all day doing my best to take care of my customers the way my company takes care of me. Acknowledgement is awesome!

  • John G.

    This is turning into big summer for T-mobile. Here are a few reasons why I’m sticking with them. BTW, the summers not even over yet. The holidays should be just as exciting, well at least for me they will.

    1.Mytouch Slide released( bought one for the wife)
    2.Vibrant released(bought one for me)
    3.HSPA+ rolling out at an incredible pace ( I’m in an HSPA+ city and it’s great)
    4.Cnet video showing HSPA+ crushing the competition in NY ( Hats off to Bonnie Cha)
    5.G1 Blaze leak
    6.Mytouch HD leak
    7.HSPA+ phone possible summer release
    8.Project “emerald” still floating around
    9.Rocket laptop stick(HSPA+ device)
    10.JD Power award…again

    Did I miss anything?

    • NiiDiddy

      Whapppowwww….!!! Did we expect anything less??? Really?? Come on now…this is what we do; this is what our beloved Magenta does!!! Congrats, keep up the good work!!

  • ViperMatrixWireless

    Thank You! Added to T-Mobile USA Wiki.

  • Patiently Waiting

    @Jay Antwan

    50 Applications!? T-Mobile should file a restraining order against you!

    • Jay Antwan

      not really.. they have a lot of positions open in my area… if i applied for 20 stores in my area… each having 2-3 positions (Part time sales, full time sales, sales lead… and some even had assistant manager positions which i was at my previous job) thats about 50 applications.. i dont find it to be unreasonable to apply for all of the available positions at a location.

      • beastly

        That’s downright weird. Is it possible someone listed on your resume is talking trash about you to prospective employers who call? That happened to my wife once, and it was about three months before she found out about it and revised her resume. Sometimes you can think it’s safe to list someone as a reference, only to find they’ve got some really petty nonsense going on that you didn’t even know about. Maybe you could get a friend to pose as an employer, and call around to make inquiries?

  • Dags

    Excellent customer service! There were couple of times where I went over my minute and I just called them and they added extra free minutes so I won’t go over. I just called about the vibrant yesterday and I wanted to use my wife’s contract to upgrade but didn’t want to pay for the data plan since we only need one (on my line) and the rep were able to give that to me. Saved me $720 in 2 years. Awesome!

  • stirfry

    nice to hear tmo employees proud of their work. good job

  • mockerfab4

    Congrats Tmo! Only reason I stuck
    around so long. You’re Customer Service is by far the best in ANY industry. Always helpful and looking out for your customers.

  • It’s why I’ve been with T-Mobile since 2003. (That and my mom pays the bill.)

  • tokinotabumblb

    I love calling them up because the agents are always so super nice, and they socialize when they look up something. I love it! They always help me out as much as they can. I’m 27 and I’ve been with them since 2002, and I’m going nowhere. They may not have the absolute high-end phones out there right now, but they are trying. I was sooo tempted to get an Evo, but there is no way in hell I would switch a carrier because of a phone. Their customer service and prices are the best out there. I’m glad they got that award because they so deserve it!

  • makes us all proud!!
    not bad for being #4, but #1 in my book. and i hope we stay “small time”. i think if tmo got bigger and bigger…customer service would be first to faulter. we’d just be (area code + #), instead of hello mr. karl thanks for calling TMO name is…… thats it, wheres my TMOBILE t-shirt!!!!!! haha

  • WXman
  • Ofcourse

    Man… no wonder there are so many illogial cheerleaders on here… they’re all employees!

  • Vicosphi

    They deserve it. They gave me great discount for being a loyal customer. It’d be hectic to be calm dealing with different people and answering all those questions but many reps always greet me with a smile and how’s weather questions :)
    Thanks to T-mobile and all the people in customer support team. Good job guys, keep it up.

  • skullbiker

    Snow blind is right! If all you customer service people think you are doing a good job by not telling people to “eff off” you are sadly mistaken. Haveing an award for customer service in a industry that has the worst customer service of any business is kinda like winning a gold medal in the special Olympics. :)

  • Bryce

    I say this every year, but I would like you to listen. I’m almost positive that T-Mobile pays for this “honor.” I’m a T-Mobile lover, but I hate their customer service. And I am not only. This is very well supported by the Better Business Bureau, which considers actual customer feedback. According to the BBB, T-Mobile USA (which is unaccredited) holds a poor C ranking, while AT&T holds an A+ and Verizon holds a B. All I’m saying is that if the BBB ranking are based on customer complaint filed, why wouldn’t T-Mobile have a better ranking if this JD Powers ranking business is so legit? Smething just doesn’t add up…

    • TmOhO

      @Bryce…that’s prolly bcuz more unsatisfied consumer are likely to complain and bitch and put a bad word out anywhere they can when they have a negative expierence but when its a good satisfying one, they keep it to themselves or only say how great something was when asked and that’s what JD powers is for. Tmobile is truly the best is wireless customer service and has and will always be bcuz the company takes much pride, time and money on properly training their employees and they do one hell of a job at making sure that nothing but exceptional customer service is provided. CONGRATS TMO im proud of you once again!!

      • Asparagus

        When a person has a bad experience they tell 100 people…when they have a great experience they tell 2 to 3 people

  • what else is new… anyone catch the TO signing? Whatcha Think!

    • Charles Xavier

      I bet TO has an Iphone and is on AT&T.

  • I must admit that I’ve had some issues in the past and customer service has resolved them and kept me from canceling. I believe that Magenta is listening and there will be a drastic improvement in the phone selection. Even though the recent phone releases have not been for me they are getting good reviews. I want to see what comes in the fall. I’m still on the fence on the Iphone when it comes. Must see what the options are at that time to make a final decision.

  • Great job.
    But don’t rest on your laurels guys.
    And get better phones.

  • hi

    ugh, don’t get me wrong…I love tmobile.

    BUT, customer service is not going to cut it. While we’ve all been reading this article Sprint just added thousands and thousands of customers this quarter…and for the first time in 3 years!

    Why?! Because of one freakin telephone (EVO 4G). It’s literally that easy….you think TMobile would wake up already

    • AAAAAA

      Sprint may have added those so called thousands of customers but everyone knows their coverage/service and customer service is complete sh*t. I used to have sprint and everytime I called for an issue not only were they rude they had no idea wtf they were talking about. And the EVO only made it big because it was the first 4.3″ Android. I doubt Sprint will have that kind of success ever again with the rest of the carriers getting their android game on.

  • ctk

    before i got the vibrant my contract plan was just the total internet plan for my iphone 3g. i added on the 300 messages service because i quickly realized that i would be sending/receiving more than 25 messages, which equalled the price of the 300 message plan. when i got the vibrant and put that sim card in my 3g internet didn’t work. so i call up customer service and explain my situation. not only did the service agent switch my plan for the required android plan (no change in price), she threw in at no charge or prompting from me unlimited messaging. so i got unlimited messages and unlimited internet for less than $50 when you throw in a t-mo corporate partner discount all on a yearly contract, because my total internet contract was only for 1 year only. and for talk, well, that’s why i have a prepaid account which i can get $.10 a minute. and when you don’t talk much that can last a while.

    customer service like that will get you more customers just from word of mouth advertising. i’m not going away from them for a long time.

  • slowmo

    If word of mouth advertising about customer service worked, Tmo wouldn’t be stuck in 4th place. Be real — people care about price, coverage and phone selection. With the other three carriers, you can get much better coverage and phones… Tmo offers slightly better pricing… that’s why Tmo is in last place. This isn’t rocket science.

    • Doug

      The thing with TMO, atleast back with GSM only was it didn’t matter what their phone selection was. If they didn’t have anything i liked I would just go find what I liked elsewhere or overseas and import it and stick my TMO SIM in! That’s what I did for my last 2 phones before the HD2 came along

      What im kind of disliking about the AWS band is that makes doing the same thing for 3g just about impossible. In time more import phones may support the AWS band, well have to wait and see, but im very happy with my HD2 and with Android support ramping up on the HD2, this phone has so much more life in it once WinMo is basically dead

  • Myg1

    I love magenta….great job n I love my vibrant I simply can’t put it down lol

  • going_home

    Best customer service !
    Way to go TMO !
    But then this in not news to the TMO faithful .


  • Madison

    With the unbelievable high standard that T-Mobiles holds their Customer Service Reps to its awesome to see their hard work pay off. Congrats to all the T-Mobile Employees. Customers do see the difference. Your stress is paying off. On those days you think you can not take it one more minute, remember it is paying off.

    • Asparagus


  • Davidohio

    Lol at least your avatar doesn’t look like the one watbetch has lmao! Now THAT is ugly!

  • Davidohio

    You must have got the flexpay call center in India lol. Sad to say but they don’t know anything!

  • tmobilewp7

    Food for Thought
    windows phone 7 vs android

    windows phone 7=
    xbox live
    windows live
    sky drive(25gb free space)
    social integration out of box
    sleek ui
    live tiles

    iphone copied ui
    green robot
    65k apps mostly character voice, fart app,flashlite
    uhhh…..green robot with iphone like ui

    • Joshuakprice1

      Hmm. Xbox live: totally underused, no actual games. Zune: you don’t need wp7 to have one have one of those. Bing: no thanks, I prefer google. Windows live: no thanks, already have everything on google. Sky drive: yeah, that is pretty cool. Social integration: android has it. live tiles: kind of cool, but we call them widgets. As for sleek ui and “iphone copy”, your complete lack of understanding of android makes wp7 fans look bad. And you forgot about copy and paste, not to mention tethering. And you haven’t even seem wp7 yet. Sorry, but you aren’t doing yourself any credit. I’ll check out wp7 when it comes, but bashing its competitors now is just silly.

  • analog spirit

    Nice work, T-Mo! And I’m not the least bit surprised that they’ve done it again; I can personally attest that their customer service is the best; that’s why I’ve stayed with them as long as I have. When I first started with them (back in Dec. ’07) I wasn’t too happy with their coverage and reception, but over the past year and a half they’ve vastly improved their network in my area, so that’s no longer an issue. We even have HSPA+ up and running now. I don’t even remember the last time I had a failed or dropped call…
    They’ve always treated me right, and have never tried to rip me off with some ridiculous charges. On those very rare occasions when I was mistakenly charged for something, when I called up Customer Care, they fixed it straight away. They tend to go above and beyond what I ask of them. And sure, the phone selection could stand some improvement, but that’ll come soon enough…
    And it works both ways; I’ve found that as long as you’re polite and considerate toward the T-Mo employees who are trying to help you out, they’ll usually do whatever it takes to resolve your situation in a timely manner. If you treat them right, they’ll treat you right. Fortunately I haven’t even had to call Customer Care that much (like maybe 3 or 4 times in the past 2.5 years), as their service has generally been excellent and relatively problem-free. At least that’s been my experience with them.

  • tmodude

    What i find interest is some users here have nothing good to say about tmobile. So my question to you is why are you on this website?

    • slowmo

      Some people are locked into contracts, some like to see what new phones are rumored to be on the horizon so they know whether to jump ship

  • Davidohio

    It is unreasonable to apply for EVERY open position. No wonder they did not hire you. Major overkill.

    • Jay Antwan

      I did not apply for EVERY open position on the website.. just the ones in the local stores that are in my area.. Applying for 3 open positions in a store? How is that unreasonable? Should i assume that if i apply for a Full-Time position, that my application will be considered for a part-time, sales lead, and assistant manager position? Or should i just apply to 1 store and assume that it will be sent all over the district? I dont assume when it comes to finding a job… But hey, i guess to each their own. At the end of the day, I found a new job, and its in wireless, just not with T-Mobile. I wish everyone well.

      • Yoyoball

        For one thing it depends on the region you apply for. Some regions will fill the positions with internal candidates 1st, then if no one applies you might get the job. Some regions will hire you for the position instead of wanting to pay an internal candidate more money. Also some managers really suck and only hire their friends or family.

      • Jay Antwan


        I completely understand. I know theres a procedure for every hire, and every hiring manager works in a different way. It was just frustrating on my side as a eager candidate. And as much as i like to be open and fair, it honestly played a toll on my feelings towards the company. I’m still with T-Mobile now, and I was considering keeping the line even after I change jobs, but this Vibrant fiasco I had was too much for me. I know it was 1 incident, but it really marked my image of T-Mo. Returning the phone was not only embarrassing, it was kinda sorrowful. I loved everything about the phone, only to have to return it for reasons beyond my control. (btw, thank you for your comment.)

  • raymond

    ahh customer service my butt i left t mobile not to long ago and they still try to charge me like im with them i go in make my final payment for this month and the next came ot like 126.67 i get a letter n the mail from t mobile with another monthly bill :|

    im getting charged for a service i dont use anymore tmobile grow up

    • Raymond, speaking from experience, you may need to look at the dates of service on the billing. Generally, you are billed in arrears. If you were a regular t-mob customer (not flexpay) then you actually did not pay your billing in advance, you paid it when the month was over. Check the date you actually cancelled then check your billing for dates of service. As to a second account, did you move from smart access to regular? If so, this other account past due would have been for the final days of smart access, then you pobably went to not haveing to pay a bill for one month (at the time of change) becuase the new account created..again bills in arrears. This confuses a lot of customer but usually looking at the start and end dates clear it all up. Hope this helps you.

  • VICK