myTouch 3G HD Rendering Appears Again, This Time Shows Off The Back

There were definitely some mixed reactions with the surprise arrival of the first myTouch 3G HD shots. Some loved it, some loathed it and some just thought they were plain out fake. While we can’t say much, we know that both Engadget and AndroidCentral received the image so we’re hoping someone wanted to spread the joy rather than spread falsehoods. That being said, this time we’re back with our own addition to this story with the above image, the backside of the reported myTouch 3G HD.

For your enjoyment we’ve also added in a non-watermarked edition of yesterdays original image so you can all take a closer look. We’ll stay with the idea that the image is indeed real with the myTouch logo again appearing on the backside. Quite a few of you took notice of the myTouch logo placement appearing below the earpiece on the front side of the device, typically where the T-Mobile branding would go. As this appears to just be a rendering, it’s likely that a production run device would swap the logo placement with T-Mobile branding. Hopefully we’ll find out soon enough!


  • watbetch

    Trying so hard to not be an iPhone but it’s failing miserably at actually looking good.

    • MyNamesNotRick

      Thank You!!!!

      It’s the same thing I’ve said about the Vibrant.

      In regards to design the myTouch and the Vibrant they have no personality. And they come off looking like knock offs.

      I mean just look at the name “myTouch” :: “iPhone”

      At the end of the day the myTouch will have great guts, but including with this phone, phone design has been a problem with the T-Mobile designed phones ever since the sidekick which, was a distinctively looking “T-Mobile” phone at least.

      It’s one of the reasons why I like the Charm.
      Sure, it could be considered a BB knock off, which was a knock off from the Treo. But it does have it’s own style.

      It may not have the power of the Vibrant and myTouch HD but it has (relatively) it’s own look.


      • Brad

        Now we’re complaining about perceived *style*?? Good grief…

      • sorandkairi

        I’m with you Brad… its about the functions and capability of the phone that i am really looking for… not if it looks like an Iphone or not!

      • pimpstrong

        Complaining Fail

      • rob

        Yeah you’re a douche. Theres not really to much you can do with a phone design thats not going to look like another device. Unless you design it to look like a banana or a video game controller i think that everything has pretty much been done in most cases. But if they designed it like that then you would be claiming that all they’re doing is biting off of the design and ingenuity that Mother Flipping Nature came up with. Stop crying and go complain to somebody about how you have no life or friends. Go sit in the corner.

      • john

        “Simpson’s did it”
        The video game controller is so 90’s.

    • Shannon

      I’d say it looks more like the iPaq which came out YEARS before the iPhone…

    • Davidohio

      Just because the corners are rounded and not pointed does not make it look like the iphone. Neither the front nor the back looks like an iphone. In fact, the back looks more like the 3g Sidekick than an iphone. Is that really your picture? If it is I’m sorry. Ugh.

    • Davidohio

      Watbetch, what is wrong with your eye? One is bigger than the other! Is that really your picture? lmao!

    • Marc

      The back looks much better than the front.

      • Zoog

        I’ve said that about a few chicks.

    • its called candy bar style and apple does not hold the rights to all candy bar style with trim, which this one does not!
      for that matter why does sprint, verizon copy the HTC HD2?? they can out with it first. can you say EVO, Driod, incredible even the HTC vision and yes i know that HTC is the maker. but talk about cookie cutter shapes. apple doesnt have the nads to change or add a different style, oh wait they just changed the iphone to look like an HTC phone—squared off edges, ummmm……interesting.

  • Namo

    Nay, the screen is small, it has to be at least 10″ before I even consider an upgrade.

  • ob18

    Just curious if they rolled out the HSPA+ network why 3G would be in this phones rumored name.

    • sorandkairi

      … because its… still 3G!

    • Davidohio

      @ob18 hspa+ is a software enhancement to the 3g network, not a new kind of wireless network lol

    • TheFunnyGUy

      so u rather it be called myTouch HSPA+ HD. that doesnt really sound nice, and the logo doesnt say 3G it just says myTOUCH

  • Dreboogiebx

    Is it really that hard for Tmobile to give us a 4.3 inch android phone that takes advantage of their hspa+ network? I mean seriously, Tmo was the android pioneer and not sits on thier hands while VZN drops the droid, the incredible and the like. Even AT&Ts captivate looks sexier than the Tmo Captivate. 1ghz+ Processor, 4.3 in screen, android 2.2, HSPA+, and a ffc. Is this really a unicorn? The other carriers made it happen, can we finally get our flagship android phone?

    • NiiDiddy

      You meant Tmo Vibrant.

      Still love the Vibrant though. For the Vibrant, it’s what is does for me right now and not what it looks like. Besides, it’s not that bad looking even if you think it doesnt have its own personality.

      Aaaaanywho….I think the future is looking bright for t-mobile. I must admit they have done more than they normally could when it comes to devices; while what they are doing might not be “enough” for a lot of us, i’ll still them credit/recognition for pushing on. Eventually they just might get it all right, so they can make everyone happy.

      One thing I noticed with other carriers–a lot of their phones are actually cheaper; i think this is because their flagship phones sell so well regardless of price that, these networks have to drastically lower the prices of their other smartphone segments they carry (sometimes practically give them away) just to get rid of that inventory etc….and most of those non-flagship smartphone are actually still decent that it will sell anyway. That’s where t-mobile needs to be, and thats what we lack in a flagship series of smartphones…

    • Tmob

      I actually think the vibrant looks much better than the captivate. Idk why everyone rips on the iphone look.

    • Relikk2

      The other carriers didnt make anything happen. The only phone that runs 2.2 is Tmobile phone, Nexus (unless you root your phone). The Samsung CPU is better then Snapdragon and is the best out right now. Vibrant/Captivate is currently the best hardware available with Iphone mildly behind it due to its higer rez (but lower GPU). FYI, Samsung makes the Iphone CPU.

    • Reece

      “1ghz+ Processor, 4.3 in screen, android 2.2, HSPA+, and a ffc … other carriers made it happen”

      actually, NO U.S. carrier not named T-Mobile made a HSPA+ COVERAGE happen much less rumored device(s).

      • Relikk2

        There are rumors that AT&T is moving to HSPA+ before they step to LTE, but as you said I have not seen any AT&T devices with it.

    • Davidohio

      What do you think they are working on? They don’t have a magic wand. Be patient.

  • newyorkking

    OMG, Please don’t be the first hspa+ phone
    Look at the photo showing the back. You see that hump on the left. Same you find on the HSPA+ website. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
    ME NO HAPPY :(
    1ghz 2nd gen, 5mp with flash, ffc, android 2.1, 3.7in screen, boooo
    Somebody show me that htc vision with a keyboard quick, i’m going to die if its myTouch. ohhhhh

    • jeff

      that’s what i’m saying. why can’t they just deliver. its kinda sad. just bring the evo or x. who cares about my touch junk.

      • newyorkking

        when they said revolution, I was hoping a return of the sidekick, or the g1 since a phone last for 2 years, then it has to be continued. MyTouch isn’t a smartphone, its like a phone try to make big. You can’t take it seriously with android.

    • Perry

      Actually the back shows that button on the left, but the front, which is what we would expect the silhouette to be, has the button on the wrong side. So, unless they are showing the back of the phone, the images do not match. Therefore, these images are fakes. I believe someone just photo shopped a mytouch slide and created their own back portion. It just looks too similar to the slide to be its own phone. Besides, they only make one mytouch per year,and this would be the secon of 2010, after the slide.

      • Leachpunk

        Um the mytouch just came out last year… how do you know they only release one a year, thats not quite the trend, considering they released the mytouch 3g and the mytouch fender 3g last year.

      • newyorkking

        on the photo of the back, the button is on the right OKAY!
        What is on that left end? THAT HUMP!

      • sorandkairi

        @Perry… no offense but you’re stupid! POST, i dont like using this term but in this case it fits…., FAIL!

      • Zoog

        The FAIL is strong with this one.

    • David Thomas

      I would have been happy if the Vibrant was the first HSPA+ phone.

    • shawn1224

      Dude stfu, do you even have a mytouch? it’s every bit as much of android as any other of HTC’s offerings. More customizable than any other android to boot. Your gripes are ridiculous and unfounded. If this phone has a high spec processor and gpu then it’s still one of the best phones on tmobiles lineup.

      • Davidohio

        NEWYORKKING is as dumb as they come! How can you saw that an android device is not a smartphone? Lmao! The mytouch is a great smartphone. Oh well, there is one in every crowd.

    • Davidohio

      Calm down this is not the first hspa+ phone.

    • Mahmoud

      i don’t think that is the phone on the HSPA+ website because the one there, if you look at the top and the bottom they are flat but the mytouch HD’s IS CURVED. and that button on the mytouch HD doesn’t match the one on HSPA+ website. T-mobile just launched the mytouch slide a month ago why would they launch another one and call it a revolution. EITHER THOSE PICTURES ARE FAKE OR THEY ARE REAL AND THE MYTOUCH HD WILL COME OUT BUT LATER.thats my opinion.. i hope its true because i really don’t like the my touch lineup.

  • Not really sure if 14.4Mbps with QPSK/16QAM can really be considered HSPA+. Higher data rates use QPSK/64QAM – probably drains the battery a lot more to manage that.

    No way we’ll see 14.4 (requires 97% of chips to be received successfully) unless we’re sitting under a tower or it’s a stone’s throw away, however I do think 10Mbps will be reasonable (requires 70% of chips to be received successfully).

    The 64QAM data rates, 17.6Mbps, 21.1Mbps require 82% and 98% success rates respectively. Once a 21Mbps device comes out, real world will probably be around 17.6Mbps maximum.

    That’s a nice small phone, I only hope the battery life is better than the Slide. A coworker has one and hates its battery life. It’s going to take a good all-around phone to pry my iPhone 3GS on EDGE out of my hands and if I’m going to settle on Android I want something with battery life no less than that of my current phone.

    This could be it for me depending on battery life and certain important features (30fps 720p recording, decent camera, general performance) but I’m going to get a good picture of what’s available before jumping into anything too quickly.

    • Garet

      once you get your android phone mark the little 2g only box and I am sure any of the devices will have better battery life and if you dont see the advantage of any of the android phones even the G1 is better then the 3gs you dont need an android.

  • Deinfinityx

    Just to throw my 2 cents, the logo which you say will be replaced by the T-Mobile logo is probably the real logo. My Mytouch Slide has a Mytouch Logo in the exact same place, in fact it doesn’t have one T-Mobile logo on it anywhere.

    • David

      The 3G does, but the Slide model does not…so half right I suppose.

    • bryan

      I saw the same thing. The logo on the front in the picture is a different logo than on the Mytouch Slide but it is in the same place; directly under the earpeice, as the logo on the Mytouch slide. Personaly i would be interested in a Mytouch slide with a higher resolution screen and faster processor, i love the Mytouch Slide i have had since a month before release. The larger, higher resolution screen would be more important to me than a faster processor, that is what I notice the most when comparing to phones like the Vibrant.

  • Rachel

    Wow! what complete garbage of a phone!!!

    • jay


      • Wilma Flintstone

        tmo has ffc phones already jay so you may need a little schooling yourself. Also, you want to know one thing tmo phones can’t do, tmo phones can’t have the other carriers logo on them. :P Haaa! other than that, thats about it. I know I’ll use the ffc whenever they decide to bring out a phone that I like that has it. I been wanting a ffc since the Nokia N95.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        oh, they can’t use 4g (but tmo has HSPA+ so…). Tmo phones can’t use CDMA either. :P Haaa!

      • jay


      • Wilma Flintstone

        HAAAA!!! you, my teacher? Haaaaa!!! Now that IS funny. You need to look at the Nokia E73 which is being sold at ALL TmoUS retailers. That phone has a FFC. Then you can buy a Nokia n900 that works with TmoUS that has a Ffc. Please don’t come at me unprepared because you will get squashed like you just did. K thanks Teach. Haaa! Looks like the student has overcome the teacher. :)

      • sorandkairi

        @ Wilma no front facing cameras at all for T-Mobile USA! Not a single one!

        Nokia E73 nor is the Nokia N900 sold buy Tmobile USA. In that cause….. the Iphone is FFC “sold” by Tmobile USA! Go ahead, go back to school!

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Sorry you feel that way sora but I just called up to my local Tmo Retailer and asked them if they had the E73 for clarification and they do in fact sell the E73 so yeah…

      • john

        I’m amazed, the E73 isn’t sold by tmo, but the tmo store by my house said they have 5 in stock…hmm, that’s odd

      • Wilma Flintstone

        isn’t it though John? Very odd indeed. Hmmm…

      • sorandkairi

        Sorry, i guess you were right about the E73, so i stand corrected BUT, you are still DEAD wrong about the N900 so, lets just call it even! BACK TO SCHOOL WE GO….

      • Wilma Flintstone


      • sorandkairi


        HAAA? You’re still wrong…. HAAA!!?? FAIL!!


      • sorandkairi

        @ Wilma

        I stand corrected again…. I reread what you wrote and I thought that you said that the N900 was available to TmoUS subscribers as well…. SO HAAAA …’s your apple teach :) ….walks off with egg oh his face…..LOL. Nonetheless, no one cares enough to remember the N73, lol!

    • Relikk2

      This is the funniest argument ever! Wow, you are arguing about an old phone having FFC. Multiple (yes, multiple) people were willing to research at length of actually calling T-mobile to prove their point. I don’t know about you guys but now I can sleep soundly knowing that T-mobile does have a phone with an FFC. LOL!!! We all need to get lives, including myself!!! Seriously, I just wasted 5 minutes typing this.

      • some ppl are retarded.

        … i agree with relikk2… but for the record T-Mobile DOES NOT have a phone that is out right now with a front facing camera. Phail.

      • sorandkairi

        yeah… but i dont think anyone actually called tmobile… at least i hope not!

  • ps

    Am I the only one excited about this phone? Its like the nexus but with ffc and presumably better hardware. And i can get it subsidized with my current plan. Haters

    • Dan

      I’m ready for this too..I just have to wait till Dec.

    • heydrew

      And it has LED flash unlike the Vibrant, which is nice if only for flashlight use. If this has 3.7″ to 4″ screen I am all over it!

  • Jon

    The MyTouch3G slide didn’t have the T-Mobile branding on the outside either. This doesn’t shock me.

  • Dan

    Looks like a big Nexus One….

  • jay


    • Wilma Flintstone

      um, jay, HD doesn’t automatically mean 4+ inch screen. Please stop yelling until you know what you are talking about. :)

      • jay

        I ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT IM TALKING BOUT… and i clearly said… could very well be… which means it may be or it may not be… SO SHUT YA FACE

      • Wilma Flintstone

        You’re making yourself sound unintelligent by yelling and trying to be correct because you have no evidence to back up your claims. Yeah you said “could very well be” but then you added “hence the HD” meaning that you think that “HD” coincides with 4inch screen. Instead of yelling, you need to take your caps lock off and think before you type. You have to remember, you’re in a cell phone forum meaning alot of techies reside here meaning most likely that you aren’t the only smart one here and most likely that someone knows more than you do in some area. So stop yelling “son” and tudn off your caps lock. Normally that will get you modded on a forum.

      • Zoog

        Jay, dude, stop watching Jersey Shore.

    • Longsh0t

      Ellipsis, how I love you!

    • kudo

      take the stick out man, stop complaining about what everyone else says. sheesh…

  • First of all, any Android Tmo phone actually on Tmo is going to kill an unlocked iPhone. 3g>Edge and Android>Apple anyday. I havent really seen iPhones having stellar battery life either. Also, the MyTouch line of phones has been really successful for Tmo so I could see why they keep up the branding. Personally, who gives a crap what the phone looks like? Do you buy a phone to show off or to use? That being said, we don’t even know that this render is real yet. It could be the G1 blaze on the mystery site.

  • Rachel
  • Rachel

    Jay – shut the hell up! your stupid..
    what kind of a phone you got ? a brick nokia?
    jay says:
    July 29, 2010 at 9:47 AM

    • jay

      actually… i have a vibrant, slide3g and bold 9700… so to sum it up… im a lil better than you lol… but no i wont shut up… all u whining people complaining about a phone u have only seen pics of… need to go play in traffic…

      • Longsh0t

        Being elitist > being a whiner?

  • alex32

    in my opinion this would be the first hspa phone coming out to tmobile for september. It is all making sense. Tmobile is going to stick with the mytouch franchise because that is that they are known for so this would be it. A “revolution”.. that would be the mytouch in HD. With a bigger screen and hspa+. Think about it guys. Correct me if I am wrong but I think tmobile is bringing out two htc android phones by the end of the year. this would be one of them making the first hspa+ coming out. The second would be “project emerald” which in my opinion is that G1 Blaze/Vanguard spotted like 2 days ago coming out in November. There are people who have reportedly messed with the phone and said it had an 800mhz processor. Remember the rumored dual cores? This most likely is it.
    Just analyze everything guys, it is all making sense. I believe we already got the special scoop with the two super phones coming out in September and November. Now its just a waiting game once things get cleared out.

    i hope this is the phone coming out in november though, i want the g1 blaze to come out september but i am almost sure thats the novemeber phone. im sick of my curve.

  • Rpinazo

    Nobody is giving this phone a chance without the specs being available. Just chill out and wait before judging. Lets see whats under the hood. I happen to like the nexus like design.

  • Rachel

    HTC Vision should have MSM8260 (single core [up to 1.3] & HSPA+)
    HTC Emerald should have QSD8672 (dual core [up to 1.5] & HSPA+)

  • jJonny

    Qualcomm’s Snapdragon family of chipset solutions includes:
    • First-generation products: QSD8×50™ with 1GHz enhanced core
    • Second-generation products: MSM8×55™ and QSD8×50A™ with 1GHz enhanced core, including multimedia optimizations and 1.3GHz enhanced core, respectively
    •Third-generation products: MSM8260 (HSPA+), MSM8660 (multi-mode HSPA+/1xEV-DO Rev. B) and QSD8672 (single-chip, dual-CPU — Support for HSPA+ & CDMA2000 1X, 1xEV-DO Rel 0/A/B)

    The MSM8260 for HSPA+ and MSM8660 for multi-mode HSPA+/CDMA2000® 1xEV-DO Rev. B feature two enhanced CPU cores running at up to 1.2GHz for high levels of Web application and multimedia performance, including a powerful GPU with 3D/2D acceleration engines for Open GLES 2.0 and Open VG 1.1 acceleration, 1080p video encode/decode, dedicated low power audio engine, integrated low power GPS, and support for 24-bit WXGA 1280 x 800 resolution displays.
    QSD8672 Chipset

    The single-chip, dual-CPU QSD8672™ includes most of the above features, in addition to:
    * Dual CPUs, up to 1.5 GHz for faster response and processing
    * Low-power 45nm process technology for higher integration and performance
    * Higher-resolution WSXGA (1440 x 900) display support
    * High-definition (1080p) video recording and playback
    * Support for HSPA+ networks – 28 Mbps downloads and 11 Mbps uploads
    * Supports CDMA2000 1X , 1xEV-DO Rel 0/A/B networks
    * Improved 3D graphics – up to 80M triangles/sec and 500M+ 3D pixels/sec

    • Relikk2

      Wow, still slower GPU then the Vibrant. Not that it matters because you probably won’t see a game that takes advatage of either GPU.

    • Rilesman

      So what chip do you think it will be?

      1) MSM8260
      2) QSD8672
      3) some other chip with a separate HSPA+ radio?

      I personally hope that it is the QSD8672

  • jJonny

    Just note that MSM8260 is a ****DUAL**** core chip. Not single.

  • jJonny

    There ****NEVER WAS A “G1″****.
    The deThere ****NEVER WAS A “G1″****.
    The device that you INCORRECTLY refer to as such is an ****HTC DREAM****.vice that you INCORRECTLY refer to as such is an ****HTC DREAM****.

  • J1

    This phone looks kinda sexy if you ask me.. looks like my touch and the psp had a baby lol..

    The preliminary purported specs on this device look promising as well.. pos 3rd gen snapdragon, ffc, 5mp camera w/flash pos even xexon, a dedicated camera shutter button, hspa+, and pos froyo .. I just need confirmation on the screen size and quality (b/c 4in w Samoled is a great combo).. but I’ll take something comprable(3.7-4in w Slcd)

    This device is being met with a lot of hostility, the majority of which is coming from Vibrant owners.. you guys and gals are getting really defensive for some reason.. the Vibrant is a great, great, device, I say that from personal experience.. all I ask is that you give those of us who are still on the fence a chance to choose a device that caters to our respective needs..

    I for one hope this does come to fruition, either way it’ll be this or the Vibrant to hold me over til nov.. go tmo go!!!

    • NolaDude

      Wow, someone who hasn’t had too much coffee this morning, nice post. I am personally excited about this phone, i think the pics look cool enough, and if the specs are good when we actually KNOW what they are going to be, I think this could finally be the phone for me. I couldn’t wait anymore since my old phone died, so I had to buy a Slide, which works great, just HATE slide out qwerty’s….lookin forward to selling it and using my remaining upgrade :) I’ve been patiently waiting since January for something decent to come out.

      • J1

        Thanks dude.. I’m anxiously anticipating the specs as well, leaked or confirmed.. but this handset def has my attn.. props to Magenta for giving us options..

  • RonnyHerts

    The Blaze rumors have the device launching around September.

    • alex32

      i hope so, because thats the phone i am waiting to get. my contract is up and my curve is i am desperate for a new android qwerty phone

  • jay

    the phone looks fine to me… but as i stated before the solution is simple… DONT LIKE IT DONT BUY IT… POINT BLANK PERIOD…

    • jay


  • Barry

    Jay is spot on

  • Barry

    Why does the same avatar have like 5 different names…do you have an identity crisis going on or something? lmao

    • jay

      lol i just noticed that to… they all do have the same avatars and all posted one after another… kinda strange… maybe its a split personality… and they all wanted to post on the forum

  • Lard

    you are all dumb! this is going to be iphone

  • cwalker

    I dont know what y’all are whining about. But this is one nice looking phone. I starting to think that no matter what phone they bring out u going to have these groups of crybabies. That screen look bigger then 3.7, it look like it has flash on the back and maybe a FCC on the front. And maybe a hard keyboard now tell me what’s are some of y’all bitching for? The funny part is, the one’s that’s crying are the one’s that hate their current phone lol real talk. Anyway I luv my vibrant but might this one too. It all depends if it a hspa+ phone. Peace out bitches

  • Nathan

    You guys are all nuts! Different folks have different tastes and no phone will please everybody… and from the looks of things here, no phone will ever please anybody.

    Look, folks like you and me always want want’s next. We always want something better than exists. We don’t want state of the art, we want bleeding-edge and bleeding-edge does not work in large scale consumer electronics. Large scale consumer electronics is the only place you’re going to find this kind of technology at the prices we want to pay (less than $200). So stop being so sad that we don’t get tomorrows phone today for next years prices.

    Tonight when you sit down and goof around with your phone, just appreciate the fact that you can listen to music, watch movies, browse the web, shop on amazon, play games, make calls, take pictures, shoot videos, check your calendar, read your email, send text messages, check the weather, read the news, etc… and all this while connected to air! Just enjoy your phone and have fun. :-)

    Don’t stop asking for and expecting more… but for crying out loud, stop complaining. It’s a good time to be a geek.

    • Rilesman

      Spot on. I remember waiting years for a PDA/Phone device…and only having 1-2 choices (thank you HTC for keeping the dream alive). Now we are watching smartphones jockeying for position rather than flip phones or even candy bars.

      I think this is great to have more choices, better capabilities, and all from a single device. Let the technology upgrades keep rolling in.

  • Barry

    Lmao I think you’re right that’s hilarious

  • alex32

    i have a question, will this phone have the same vanilla OS as the mytouch slide?
    i have messed with it with my friend’s phone and i hated it.
    i am not getting this phone anyway since its all touch screen and i am waiting for the g1 blaze.
    i am not going to lie this phone does look nice though

    • jay

      im pretty sure this mytouch will run the sense ui that the 3gslide uses since the og mytouch is supposed to be getting an update to the sense ui

      • alex32

        i see, well i hope this comes out in november..and the g1 blaze in september..just a couple more days to find out

  • Barry

    it wouldn’t be so bad if it was just different names for guys but there’s girl’s names in there also lmfao

  • alex

    Good god,some people always complains about something,its tmobiles step to good super phones and you are still complaining idk about you but i love the mytouch series,and will def. pick up this phone in white if its real
    Rocking a slide in white and digging it

  • Barry

    ok back on topic. as much as I wanna like this phone and hoping its at least 4″ I’m starting to thinks its a fake :-(

  • JP

    Did anyone notice on the HSPA+ post regarding the theoretical speeds?

    “Device has a theoretical peak capability of 14.4 Mbps”

    I thought it was suppose to be 21 Mbps



  • James

    Why is everyone complaining so much? I’m not going to make any judgments or decisions until I see confirmed specs.

  • alex

    really slim means no keyboard :)

  • CUrb

    I know a lot of people on here just love to hate things, but personally if its real or not. I love the form factor. If it comes with the right spec’s I will be waiting to use my upgrade on this.

    I already held out on the Vibrant, but I might still get that. Personally that phone is awesome, with the Super AMOLED, and the Hummingbird…its pretty freakin sweet.

    Also, I have been looking at this website since well before the G1 came out and I have never quite understood the rivalries between all the carriers. I can’t imagine everyone on here bashing eachother because you benefit in one way or another. Honestly we all know the superior phones, but that could all change by Christmas, so whats the point. If you really change carries because they don’t have the right phone, you might have a problem with narcissism, but hey I’m no shrink.

  • Rachel

    O please. Listen.. This phone is going to suck big time! I have been with Tmob for over 8 years and I can not say anymore “their phones suck!”

  • Rachel

    anyone in the Dc areA?

    • Mgoggles

      Olney, MD…what’s up! Finally getting over 1.5 Mbps. So many options to choose from. It’s a great time to be a phone geek.

  • mailman13877

    this phone looks nice n I don’t see any similarities to the Iphone other than the button but so what. I only care bout the features an performance..I now see a possible Flash an FFC from the image..I’m super excited now..Will TMO keep me or will the EVO get restocked an win me over in time.Who will it be?

    • john

      That was unusually cheery-ish for you, are you back on your meds? Jk. This one will be for the wife, I will probably wait for december timeline for my phone.

  • CUrb

    Does anyone know if Samsung will allow other manufactures to use the Super AMOLED or will that be exclusive to them? Also the night mode on the Vibrant is better than any other phone I have ever seen flash or not…will HTC be able to create something that great?

    • Nathan

      I’m quite fond of my Vibrant. Yes, Samsung will allow other manufactures to use Super AMOLED. The problem right now is production. They are having a difficult time making enough for themselves, so they won’t be sharing right now. Once they get the production figured out though, look for awesome screens everywhere. :-)

      • CUrb

        Thanks. I hope this happens soon, but working for a company that has just introduced a new technology and is also having production issues (not able to produce fast enogh for the demand) I understand that this may take a while. But hell who knows…it might be on the next great phone HTC releases.

    • The Hammer

      I think i read somewhere that Samsung cant produce enouch SAMOLED displays to sale them to other parties.

  • Davidohio

    Really? Mytouch-iphone . They look nor sound anything alike! You and the hideous watbetch are thinking about this “rendering” WAY to much. Both of you, lay off the crack.

  • WhatDoIKnow

    The back rendering shows the camera button on the left side of the picture. The bump on the right side could be a hdmi output. Mytouch HD… would make sense. Haven’t read the other comments. Has someone else put this together?

  • vinny

    Best looking phone still made is the Nexus One. Just very happy I have one to use on T-Mobile’s super fast network. The Nexus has looks, speed and the quality of the build is 2nd to none. Other manufacturers could learn by studying the build of the Nexus. All other phones I have had or used have not nearly felt of looked better then the Nexus. If you are an owner like me you know just what I am talking about. Thank you Nexus and T-Mobile. I will always own my Nexus and hopefully the new HSPA device is worth buying.

  • Shawn

    Yawn, boring, whats next? It has a slow snapdragon, the slowest 1ghz cpu out, smaller 3.7 boring old LCD. Vibrant is still better, they should have just put HSPA+ on the vibrant.

  • AndroidRRR

    Hmmm. … so much whining … I could see if this device was the equivalent of a moto cliq or something but it’s Not. Anyway does anyone notice how large the camera cover is? I think this phones camera will be well over 5mp.. maybe 8-12… I can’t wait until full specs leak even though I assume they will be in line with the single-core 3rd Gen snapdragon.

  • rwc

    Is it me, or is this new image just the left hand side of the original image. Looking at it closely, you see something in the lower right hand corner. Could someone put the two together so we can see it all in one image?

  • fish

    Does that look like a flash next to the camera lens?

  • Mahmoud

    i don’t think that is the phone on the HSPA+ website because the one there, if you look at the top and the bottom they are flat but the mytouch HD’s IS CURVED. and that button on the mytouch HD doesn’t match the one on HSPA+ website. T-mobile just launched the mytouch slide a month ago why would they launch another one and call it a revolution. EITHER THOSE PICTURES ARE FAKE OR THEY ARE REAL AND THE MYTOUCH HD WILL COME OUT BUT LATER.thats my opinion.. i hope its true because i really don’t like the my touch lineup.

    • bigbreasted man

      Man what are u talkin about. the picture you talkin about looks like a ipad

      • Mahmoud

        i think you need glasses so go see your doctor
        go to and you will see what i the mytouch HD to that phone on that website and you will see that they are different phones.

    • 123Cac

      The button does match, you just have to turn the phone the otherway and you’ll see it match. And its not another myTouch Slide, its just another myTouch phone to add to the myTouch Line. And why would they launch another one ? Well maybe their replacing the Sidekick line with myTouch.

      • Mahmoud

        I still think its the g1 blaze that is the HSPA+ device on that website because it makes more sense.
        1)They stopped selling the G1
        2)They said its a revolution
        3)Its been 2 years since the G1 launch which i think was November,2008 and November is right around the corner.
        4)Costumers contracts that bought the G1 are ending and T-mobile doesn’t want to lose them to Verizon who is launching the Droid 2
        5)The name G1 Blaze fits HSPA+ then mytouch 3g HD because calling it 3g will make people think it reaches only 3g speeds but blaze sounds better better
        6)They had the word Vanguard in the website’s source and the changed to hspa when people found out so they are hiding it.

      • kurtis

        you don’t need to turn the phone the other way. if you look at the new picture of the back of the phone, you will see there are 2 buttons.. one on each side. or that’s what it looks like to me. i’m trying to figure out what the button on the left side of the phone would do though.. when of course the button on the right would be for the camera.

      • J-Hop2o6

        @Curtis — USB port

      • davidohio

        there is no button and that is not supposed to be an outline of a phone. You are all so funny scrambling to match the shape of the generic square on that site to a device. I think that thing you call a button is a shadow and you are driving yourselves crazy trying to figure it out. We will all know soon enough so lets stop arguing over an outlined square with a shadow. lol

  • Antonio

    the mytouch logo on this phone has the same placement as the logo on the front of the mytouch slide. this one has the whole phrase “mytouch” and the slide only has the stylized “my” but its pretty much the same thing.

  • tipsofme

    I’m so glad this phone might come out. Takes care of the “I don’t care” crowed of people that want led flash and FCC. Otherwise they “don’t care” about what the phone really offers. Enjoy it!

  • tipsofme

    PS I hope it has the bigger GBs and the wifis……….

    • pimpstrong

      And the internets.

    • fish

      I’m at work in the bathroom doing number 2 trying so hard not to laugh

      • Craze

        Um nobody really cares. Take that business and sell it to someone else.

    • Zoog

      I want the three gees!

      • pimpstrong


    • now_onTMO

      and teh kickstandz


      • dar

        and i wants no mor of teh non-SENSE hehe

      • Presto117

        that’s not what the joke is about. it’s from a video and these are all references to said video. yours isn’t.

  • CUrb

    I’m pretty confident this phone will have…

    4.0″ Super AMOLED Display
    1.5GHz Dual Core Processer
    12.0MP Cam w/1080p video recording, night mode and a Xeon Flash
    Android 3.0
    3.5mm headphone Jack
    Bluetooth 4.0
    32GHz On board Storage, expandable to 64GHz
    Mini HDMI Out
    Stero Speakers
    Preloaded with like 10 HD Movies
    DLNA Compliant
    A builtin Pico Projector (upto 84″ screen in 1080p)
    SWYPE Preloaded
    Optional slide out QWERTY Keyboard (same slim profile)

    Yep…maybe some more features, but let me think about them before I continue…

    • TheLight

      no xenon flash..look at the back view

      • TheLight


      • CUrb

        Its a new aged Xenon Flash, something no one has seen yet its looks exactly like a LED Flash but its not. It removes redeye and decreases the whiteout effect…This carema will break the mold…it has like 24x optical zoom and everything!

    • dee

      i wish thats a dream phone

    • cirrob

      if htc is making this phone it will NOT have super amoled screen. samsung wont be able to produce enoguh for anybody but samsung at the moment. will be a few years before they have that capability. by that time there will be a new screen tech available.

    • meee

      Theres no way there will be bluethooth 4.0 since bluetooth 3.0 has just rolled out to recent devices. No projector. 32 ghz? whats that? if you mean 32 gb then thats possible. I wouldnt even want 10 hd movies built in. Android 3.0 isn’t going to happen this early. 12 mp camera by htc is unlikely. If you look at the picture, it doesn’t look like one. even a 1.5 ghz processor is unlikely, but I hoping for it. This looks like 2011 specs

      • Carl

        He is clearly exaggerating… Android 3.0 is also a long ways away.

    • Zoog

      You forgot the Blu Ray.

    • Cat


      that’s exactly what I want this….I am deaf a guy. If tmo must release at late august. I’d rather buy 4.0? Super AMOLED Display
      1GHz – 1.5GHz Dual Core Processer
      12.0MP Cam w/1080p video recording, night mode and a Xeon Flash
      Android 2.2 – 3.0
      3.5mm headphone Jack
      Bluetooth 4.0
      32GHz On board Storage, expandable to 64GHz
      Mini HDMI Out
      Stero Speakers
      Preloaded with like 10 HD Movies
      DLNA Compliant
      A builtin Pico Projector (upto 84? screen in 1080p)
      SWYPE Preloaded
      Optional slide out QWERTY Keyboard (same slim profile)

      Yep…maybe some more features, as TMO will listen what hardcore adult people want!

      • Zoog

        You forgot wireless usb.

      • B

        The other guy was being sarcastic. I hope you are too. 32GHz on board storage lol

    • 2FR35H

      Lol keep on dreaming CUrb

      a built in pico projector and 10 HD movies? and bluetooth 4.0? lol im pretty sure thats not going to happen for at least another 1 to 2 years. Companies other than samsung are still on 2.0 bluetooth and android 3.0 prolly won’t be released till next year. The most sd memory any phone can do is 32gb’s currently maybe a year or 2 expandable memory could increase to 64gb’s

      in a year or 2 though your dream device would probably run you about $1500 off contract

    • Nokia N900USER

      Let me counter you and see whose right when specs come out:
      4″ LCD screen (shortage of AMOLED)
      800 mhz Dual core (watch the slow ones think it will be slow because of mhz number)
      8 megapixel camera (for those megapixel folks out there, it doesnt really matter. You could have a phone with 5 megapixel with a nice sensor that will produce a much better pic quality than a 8 mp camera.
      Bluetooth 3.0 ( I know the radio parts are getting released late 2010Q4 so theres no way this phone gets it)
      Mini HDMI out (I agree with you on this one)
      16 Gb storage (sorry folks, this will bring prize down)
      512 MB RAM
      No DLNA (lol)
      Swype is definitely on it
      HSPA+ obviously
      And deal breaker is no nice GPU allocation

    • Battman

      CHEERS TO THIS……. Let The appropriate Person in T Mobile’s corporate decide it might just be worth it……….

    • Presto117

      I really, really hope this is a sarcastic comment….

  • Ant

    If you look at the silhouette on the HSPA+ website there is some type of plug in port (bottom left) that can be seen slightly (bottom right due to phone being flipped over) on the new back view picture that leads me to believe this is the device being shown.

  • CUrb

    You know what they need to make is like a 8-12mp ffc that has an adjustable lens so that when you place the phone on its back and use the pico projector you can video confrence and have the ffc be able to point in any direction so you can sit down and have it face you. I have no idea if anyone understood that, but I know what I’m talking about…god damn I’m bored at work today!

    • immadroid

      “help me obi wan kenobi, you’re my only hope”

  • red_slide

    Wow im considering bout getting this phone. and selling my slide. lol the phone looks actually nice the back is sexy. looks super thin. :)

  • jazzmanmonty

    it better have night vision built in on both cameras and if it doesn’t have a kickstand, then its a POS.

    • CUrb

      Oh my god, how did I ever forget the kickstand!!! That is quite possibly the best phone invention since the camera was built in!

  • threetee14

    wow… the comments in here are just too much sometimes.

    first off, i think the 3.7 size is a perfect size for a phone. It’s the exact size the nexus one is and everybody loved that and still do. I held and tested out the droid x and…. let’s just say, if i wanted a tablet, i’d get the iPad (or wait for the galaxy S tablet). I mean, seriously, it’s like people are forgetting that these are phones, those huge phones are not practical…IMHO.
    Also… has it been confirmed to be using 1st generation snapdragon..???? i don’t think so, so pls for the love of humanity everyone calm down.

    All in all, I think that this is the perfect phone for people who missed out on google’s nexus one or didn’t want to deal with Google’s shady customer service.

    I want this phone. Now.

    • CUrb

      I hope you werent reffering to me, because I’m so full of Sh** I don’t know what to do. I just love all these people that demand every feature known to man on a phone or they won’t let their first generation Nokia go, because nothing is good enough…it just kills me.

  • Barry

    Yea cause night mode will help you with that late night video phone sex and that kickstands means another free hand *wink wink* you people are nuts

    • CUrb

      So you’ve been watching *wink wink*

  • Barry

    Yea cause night mode will help you with that late night video phone sex and that kickstands means another free hand *wink wink* you people are nuts lmfao

  • cellswag05

    t mobile nexus. Done

  • Xajuran

    If they work the OS like they did expresso for the slide, its bound to be a winner. I love the slide, and think that there will indeed a market for the latest member of the mytouch family, namely something with somewhat better hardware and no keyboard. Ffc or not. Better hardware does not always a better phone make though. Look at the vibrant. Sure its nice, but the slide is so much better of a phone overall. A snappy well designed keyboardless phone with good OS enhancements FTW!

  • mailman13877

    Lol why don’t they just put both night vision n flash to please everyone?The back reminds me of the Nexus one cuzz the battery cover style. TMO better hurry with the spec leak before Evo restocks. This phone is indeed a SUCCESS if the image n speculation from the image bout flash n ffc stays true. I Like the look of this one. Evo is starting to vanish from my thoughts slowly with this leak. Hurry up n restock Evo

    • Davidohio

      Mailman please stick to your original plan and go to Sprint.

    • Relikk2

      Here is a good video comparing the power of the recenent phones. It shows the Evo getting spanked by every new smart phone on the market including the Nexus one.

  • bigbreasted man

    i just hope and pray it has a 4.3 display with a fm radio app

    • CUrb

      How about a builtin AM/FM radio (so I can listen to baseball on the AM), HD radio, and sirus XM radio built in. Then make a double din docking station (with CD/DVD) for my car and I will just use it in my car instead of buying a new deck. I think I have created a super phone!

  • Barry

    I was referring to jazzmanmontey’s ridiculous post. but ugh if you provide the venue and the opportunity presents itself I may be tempted to sneak a peek *wink wink* lmao ok I’m done. I’m sorry I just don’t understand why ppl speculate so much with nothing really to go on. Seems like everyone wants more and more and get it for cheap idk. But it should be a limit on idiotic post per article. May have to holla at David about that…lmao

    • jazzmanmonty

      just a little sarcasm there barry, dont get ur panties in a bunch. :)

    • CUrb

      Yeah no doubt. These companies would go out of business if they offered everything to everyone for 1 penny. I would pay some damn good money for some of these phones, but hey one can dream right!?

  • Barry

    *off topic* Phillies got Roy Oswalt !!! :-)

    • CUrb

      I saw that…really halladay, hammels, and oswalt on the same team…rediculous!!!

  • Barry

    Yea baby just gotta catch those Braves.

    lol Idk some people on here say off the wall stuff like that and be dead serious lol Just thought I’d have some more fun with it lol

    • CUrb

      yeah I’m not that serious about the phones. I really am ready for an upgrade. I got the G1 on pre-release, then I decied to save some money, so I downgraded to a POS Nokia, but I’m ready for something good now that I have my upgrade due, but I’m not really in a rush…hell I might just get the vibrant who knows?

  • Barry

    same here had the G1 got the MyTouch need something more powerful and that vibrant keeps calling me. I think this is the week to get it.

  • cellswag05

    Looks like nexus. Could be a new my touch a real my touch 2. Hopefully its a true jump ahead of the first my touch. But it also may be the nexus one for tmobile….they did just stop selling them online.

  • CUrb

    Ive played with it in the store and all I can say is WOW!! The only problem I have had with it (being the big A/V guy that I am) is no Mini HDMI. I would love to have that feature, I know you can use the 3.5mm jack, but its not HD and HDMI is a far more advanced technology…other than that the Vibrant is a go, but if the specs come out on the next new super phone and it doesn’t have a Super AMOLED its definatly a go.

  • This could be vanguard. Time will tell. Let’s see what happens in the next 45dys.

  • Is that a front facing camera on the right top side? I see the sensors on the left top.

  • Tony

    it has a front facing camera!!! so indeed its gonna be a HSPA+!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      That’s right… That’s one of the reasons why T-Mobile would charge people more monthly for an HSPA+ phone, assuming that on a T-Mobile phone one could make video calls without being on WiFi.

      Making live video calls from the phone, without being tethered to WiFi, would be a great feature justifying an extra monthly charge.

      And it would send Apple into a ditch with its video calling, that must be tethered to a network. Imagine the T-Mobile ads, showing people making video calls anywhere, while the competitor’s video calls can only be made from home, for example.

      This would really be something and if this HSPA+ phone will allow true video calling from a cell phone, anywhere at any time, this will be big for T-Mobile. And Jobs is going to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge after seeing the first T-Mobile ad.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        that was doable around 6 years ago. Thats why I want a ffc. I’ve been wanting one since the Nokia N95 which is one of the devices that can do vixeo calls without being on wifi. The Entire Nseries line minus the Ngage can do it. There’s vodeo’s on youtube showing this. The N900 is a phone with Tmo 3G frequencies so Tmo already specifically has a phone that can do video calls without wifi.

        Yeah a Ffc would suck if you can only do it over wifi. The Evo can do video calls without being on wifi as well. And apple’s crappy video call service blocks any other phone from videocalling an iphone 4. pitiful. Since the N95 (at least to my knowledge) you could make video calls to anyone with a Ffc over any network without the need for wifi.

        After knowing that they have been doing videocalls without wifi or superfast speeds, I don’t think that would warrant a charge for HSPA+ IMHO.

  • pimpstrong

    I want a 10″ myTouch Tablet with a Sidekick style swing out Keyboard thats got Capacative touch keys, have dual 3D 16.5 Megapixel cameras, Quad Dual core processors that are the size of a grain of salt(each), wireless audio that transmits directly into my brain, has transforming capabilities so I can turn it into a truck and let my son play with it and it MUST grant me 3 wishes otherwise its a deal breaker and another “Tmo Fail”

    • kudo

      good stuff lol

    • CUrb

      Oh so you’re talking about Project Emerald…gotcha…I thought you were looking for a nice phone…my bad!

    • Relikk2

      Pimpstrong; I that phone last year, it’s really not that cool, I waiting for somthing better! ;) lol.

      • Relikk2


    • Wilma Flintstone

      and Again Sprint’s gonna 1up us because theirs will grant 4 wishes. Darn You Tmobile!!! haaa!!

  • kudo

    looks good, hopefully we hear something about this soon. need to replace my g1 asap, this may keep me from getting the evo.

  • Exec4Future

    durrrrrrr… for the fifth time, MyTouch line is replacing Sidekicks. sidekicks are gone. forever. say bye. so just like we saw a million different sidekicks(which were all essentially the same software, just slightly upgraded hardware), we will now see a million different mytouch variations. i am sick of mytouch already though. the hardware looks cheap and plasticky in almost every iteration.

    • CUrb

      Damn those myTouch people…makin you buy a phone you hate! You should talk to those people with Apple and make them make you buy an iPhone, or maybe those people at verison and have them make you by a version of the Droid…they would be much better!

    • chotpy

      Didn’t the sidekick look MORE plasticky?

      Look at all the sidekicks. compared to that, mytouch phones aren’t bad.

  • mingkee

    It looks pretty close to nexus one.
    Perhaps I have to skip Vibrant and opt for this if it had 512 RAM and 8GB or higher internal storage.

  • phatsaxx

    All I got to say is that this thing better have a snapdragon processor and some sort off flash. Honestly this may be tmos updated version of the nexus one with hspa

    • Presto117

      A Snapdragon? Snapdragons are old and out-dated, but I guess that would fit the myTouch line ;) The OMAP processor running in the Droid X is faster and the Hummingbird running in the Galaxy S is the fastest.

  • Barry

    @CUrb there supposed to be a way that Samsung is making the Jack into a HDMI out through a software update something like that try and Google it I was reading about it the other day.

    • pimpstrong

      Just looked it up and that is AWSOME! Shoulda made Tmonews news it is that good. Another reason why the Samsung Galaxy S line is top notch and deserves more respect than its currently receiving. Vibrant FTW!

    • CUrb

      I saw something on the net about it, but having taken HDMI training I know that it will not be approved and HDMI certified, more of a temporary patch. It works pretty well from what I can see, but HDCP restricts playback of full length movies such as the preloaded Avatar through the 3.5mm jack. I’m just looking for a little more with that, and being that it is Samsung, it won’t be long until full HDMI compliance is adopoted on their devices. They have really solid hardware.

      • CUrb

        Check that I just saw the MicroUSU to HDMI that you are talking about and it might be a viable solution. The only questions are…what is the compliance level of the cable? Why and how did Samsung convince HDMI to use this cable without the strict uniform specifications that HDMI holds all manufactures and/or adopters?

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    In my best Beavis and Butthead imitation I say: “Heh… heh… you said backside.”

    backside \-sd\ noun (ca. 1500): 1. buttocks often used in pl.; 2. The fleshy part of the human body that you sit on “He deserves a good kick in the backside.”

  • Barry

    well HTC’s new screen render is slcd and one review I read said some angles it looks better than amoled and other angles the amoled looks better but, the review said neither have anything on the samoled

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      That’s correct Barry.

      People should not confuse AMOLED with SAMOLED. SAMOLED is far superior.

      Moreover, what sets the Samsung Galaxy S apart from other phones is its GPU graphics processing unit).

      Specifically, the Vibrant’s dedicated graphics capability comes from Samsung’s S5PC110 applications processor (which pairs a 1 GHz ARM Cortex A8 core with a PowerVR SGX540 GPU).

      As I keep saying to anyone who will listen, LOL, the Galaxy S GPU can handle 90 million triangles per second. (That’s awesome IMHO).

      Compare that with the Nexus One, powered by Qualcomm QSD8×50 (22 million triangles/sec) and iPhone 3G S, powered by the 600 MHz Cortex-A8 with PowerVR SGX53 (28 million triangles/sec). As I said before, I have yet to look up and therefore don’t know the specs of the iPhone 4, but I assume its better than the 3G S.

      Since HTC can’t get SAMOLED displays until at least March 2012 and Samsung isn’t about to sell its processors to HTC, there’s no way HTC’s new HSPA+ phones will compare to the Vibrant’s spectacular graphics, IMHO of course.

      • pimpstrong

        SAMOLED is sick and I still can’t believe its True Black Contrast Ratio. Nothing beats it

      • alex32

        i was wondering, how much do you think hspa+ plan would cost for unlimited internet?
        as of now its 25$ for an unlimited android you think when an hspa+ phone releases..itll be 30$?

        whats your take?

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Well it’s whatever T-Mobile thinks the market will bear. Since T-Mobile will always want to be the low priced leader I suspect it will match Sprint, an additional $10 monthly for an HSPA+ phone.

        That all sounds reasonable to me. Tiered pricing is a concept carved in stone from the old days of traveling, first cabin down to steerage. In other words people expect to pay more for more.

        Besides, $10 to $20 more for HSPA+ is quite reasonable considering what one gets for that price.

        Sidenote: I thought T-Mobile’s data plans were not $30 to $35. Isn’t $25 and lower what all us “old” customers are paying? If new customers are paying $35 for 3G, I suspect that T-Mobile would like them to be paying $40 to $45 for HSPA+. That’s a healthy some to get in addition to talk (which T-Mobile will be practically giving away in a few years, as data becomes the thing to have with a smartphone. Look to see unlimited talk at about $20 in 2012, but only if you have a “premium” data plan. Which brings to mind, I wonder what T-Mobile will call its HSPA+ service, “warp speed” “hyper speed” “super speed” who knows).

      • alex32

        well i recently got a mytouch slide and i am paying 25 a month for it
        i am one of the old loyal customers with a grandfathered plan, so i imagine for an hspa+ phone id pay 35 bucks
        if tmobile really wants to beat sprint they have to go for an extra charge of 5 dollars, but we’ll see

      • lxAMNxl

        Actually, if the Samsung Galaxy S does have DDR2+ then it will utilize the GPU to it’s full output. However, I doubt it utilizes DDR2 at all, so you’ll probably get a third of those 90 million triangles. People seem to forget that a component doesn’t work solely by itself, just like computers. Moreover, the word bottleneck comes into play.

        Furthermore, the high GPU for Android is sadly not used to its full potential since the OS does not utilize graphic acceleration, hence the usage of high clocked processors needed. The sadder thing is that there are but a few games for the Android market that use the GPU to accelerate the graphics/game.

        In conclusion, Android needs more processor power and/or better processor architecture to run smoothly. The higher GPU is just a plus.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        I doubt that Maggy will charge for HSPA+. HSPA+ isn’t a new technology like 4G, all hspa+ is, is just a boost in speed kinda like when Maggy went from EDGE to 3G.

        Now Sprint charges extra for 4G due to it being kinda like an add on but hspa+ will be built into some devices (not saying 4g is a piece that you plug into your phone, stick with me here). 4G is a different Type of Frequency Broadcast which gives them their speeds that requires more technology than just the Radio Towers thus the add on I was mentioning thus the reason for the extra charge.

        HSPA+ however will use what is already there and just massively boost speeds therefore resulting in no cost. If your device can handle HSPA+ speeds, it will most likely just transition over from 3G to HSPA+ just like people’s devices that could handle 3G automatically transitioned from Edge to 3G.

        There was an article on this site that had more detail about it but I can’t find it. At least that’s my thoughts on the matter but then you also have to factor in that Tmo is a business so they have to make $$$ so they may charge for it but if they do, I’ll stick to 3G. My bill is already $100/month for unlimited everything with taxes of course, I don’t need it to be any higher.

  • Barry

    Gotcha now I see what you’re saying when you say the new phones still wont be as good as the vibrant. Cause it has the best processor and screen available and no matter what comes out the screen will be inferior to w/e Samsung puts out…makes sense now.

  • Matador

    I am also in the same boat..I do miss having a trackball from MT3G, and even though this new HTC will have it, with MAYE a bigger screen with dual processors, it would be hard to pull me away from the Galaxy S screen…its waaay to nice.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    great, now the gps on my 3rd replacement hd2 wants to not work. If this device has the right specs and comes out soon, I will be replacing this hd2 with this while I wait on Emerald.

  • yo

    My dream phone:
    4.1 inch amoled screen
    Android 3.0
    10 megapixel camera with flash
    3ghz duel core processor
    5 megapixel front cam
    16 or 32 gigs internal storage
    1080i video recording
    1gig ram and rom
    Mini hdmi
    3.5 mm jack
    A very large battery
    All in a slim and sexy housing

    • chotpy

      good luck waiting another 3 years sir

    • Presto117

      AMOLED isn’t the best. SAMOLED is. Technically the iPhone 4’s is the best, but for what’s available to Android phones, SAMOLED it is.


  • Rachel
  • sorry i cant agree with any of you…..this phone, to me, is photo-shopped! i mean come on, this thing receives tons of complaints the other day about it being fake etc… and what do you know…..a new picture emerges, of the backside no less and its even a worse picture than the first (quality wise)!!! can you say splice, splice, cut n paste. besides , and im not a photo expert, but the shadowing looks all wrong here. the shadow on the ground indicates the light coming from the right side of the photo, yet the whole backside is shaded???think about it, if the light is coming from the right, the backside of phone would be lit, not shadowed!!
    just an opinion……..
    sorry, im not buying it. you guys blog all you want about this phone. im out!!!

    • fish

      It’s a 3D rendering

      As in, still in design, not in production. Hence the non photo lookingness of it.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    people, the phone has two buttons on the bottom. One on the left and one on the right of the phone so the image still does fit. there is a hump on the other side that looks like a button placement.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      now whether it’s photoshopped or not, I’m not sure. I’m not good with knowing that yet. I kinda like the design, I just want to see specs before making my decision on whether to buy it or not.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      the only thing I don’t like about this phone is that it it waaayyyyy too much head space so if it is actually a 4+ inch screen, that top head area will add almost another inch of unnecessary space to it. Other than that, I kinda like the design of it. I’m still hoping it’s a 4.3 inch screen but seeing that headspace makes me think it’s 3.7.

  • vinny

    I use a Nexus One and think it’s still the best phone built today. Looking at all the new and very cheaply built devices coming out of the woodwork is pathetic. My next phone will be something with the same build quality as my Nexus and better look pretty damn good as well. It better have plenty of bells and whistles or it will be the Nexus One till something better comes along. IMO it needs plenty to beat the Nexus.

  • Barry

    That’s why I’m thinking it’s fake there is way too much up to for this to be of the HD2/Evo form factor so either its fake or 3.7″.Plus it looks stretched out lenght wise and rounder than the silhouette on the hspa+ page.

    @CUrb not really sure about how all that HDMI stuff works I’m still rockin sdtv lmao but you seem very educated about that and like you said I’m sure Samsung will figure something out. at the least in compliance to their own TV sets.

  • Sami

    Where is the keyboard?

  • @rpinazo

    just heard some great news about T-mobile for the 4th quarter and we are going to be ready to compete with the big boys!!!!!!!!!!!


      More info please

  • Wilma Flintstone

    here’s to hoping this is real and has some competitive specs.

  • Relikk2

    Thanks ItsMichaelNotMike, I was wondering when someone was going to mention that HTC is not getting SAMOLEDI anytime soon (nor anyone). (IMO) Unless you absolutly hate Samsung (and I know a good number of you do, Behold) the Vibrant is really the phone to have for the next year (or so). HSPA+ is cool but is overkill for current standard web veiwing. There is no way you could tell the difference between 7.5 and 22; youtube video’s will buffer exactly the same. The server will post way lower then both those numbers (saving bandwith). Also, dual core sounds great but is really a reason for the current selection of software available? The hummerbird works fine with multiple apps and I wonder about batterylife on a dual core cpu. And the kicker is that the current speculations of the new dual snapdragon’s GPU is producing 80 million triangles per second. That’s ten under the hummeringbird. So not only does the Vibrant have a better screen it also has better graphics capability then HTC next generation (IMO). FFC is dumb, but someone post who uses it; make me see its worth. The flash is worhtless to, as the Vibrant camera works better in the dark without one.

    On a side note, I still think it funny that samsung makes the Iphone4 CPU.

  • Coverage of 3g sucks REALLY not dependable at all in MPLS MN area.
    Call tmo to check on it get different story from each rep.
    One says oh yeah some tower problems another rep says OH NO PROBLEMS being reported.
    What a lie, tmobile check your towers, we pay for the service and you need to DELIVER.

  • currator

    you guys just dont get it. something is going on for tmobile but they are not saying what. look at what we know. they are releasing several nice phones i hope this on is real 3.7 is a good size screen that htc droid everbody says is like the best droid ever only has a 3.7 size screen and this could be tmobile much better verision i.e. ffc. i mean the mytouch 3g slide gots what a 3.4 size screen what a joke. and that lg flagship phone coming dec has a 3.9 size screen. tmobile has stuff they are going to drop. remember this i dont think they have turned on the hspa+ ohhh and i know whats taking so long for chi town to get hspa+ i was reading att is using that area for testing i think lte so i am sure all the fiber is being run to there towers first and tmobile is on the back burner. other then that. i think tmobile with there super fast 3.5g is faster then everones lte that they are going to keep getting better 3.5g coverage and wiat to go lte when the back haul is truely possible as of right now 42mbps is it metro says something like 30 mbps and verizon is about as slow as att lte so tmobile is going steal alot of ther cust in areas with true hspa+ its all about the speed and with some nice phones you will see alot of people jump ship and come to tmobile. heck verizon reported a net loss of over 200 mil thats not good and there big gamble on lte they are spending over 2 billion on that to begin with and if that fails they are going to feel it

  • mailman13877

    Hey guys I’m bak idk if I should get this or the sprint evo :-\. I’m undecided about everything! sometime I like/love watching guys do sexy things more than girls :). Guy I think ; wait I know now that ima a unfortunate homosexual :-d and I love cock please don’t judge me :-/ I really really love cock. In my mouth especially :)

    • mailman13877

      So… What do you guys think I should doo??? They could restock and I get the best phone ever evo or get this phone that I like from tmo

    • TMOprophet

      If your gonna try to impersonate the mailman, you should really at least change your avatar to match his……… amateur

      • Wilma Flintstone

        the troll is hungry, don’t feed it and maybe it’ll go away…

  • Mr MN

    I still don’t get how some people mistake this phone for the one in the picture on the hspa+ page. I gave it a good look and it wasn’t hard to see that the phone in that picture looks more like the Vanguard/G1 Blaze.

  • TMOprophet

    I think this is fake, its pretty tough for a carrier to get a phone close to launch without someone leaking info before hand.

    Bottom line is that we would have heard about a new myTouch a while back.

    I could be wrong..but I dont think this is real.

  • currator

    ohh no the troll is here. the anal bandit lol hahahahahahahahaahhahaha mailman go get a mouth full on some sprint blog. for real or change screen name so we dont know its you!!!!!! go have fun with your evo ohh wait they are still out of stock with no idea when they can get more lol. i guess they quit makeing that old phone lol.

    • TMOprophet

      in regards to your previous post: I think 3.7in is a little small, I know its larger than most out there, but when I played around with an Incredible it felt and seemed very small.

      The Droid X, Evo, And HD2 all seem just perfect to me, they dont seem too big at all once you got one in your hand and mess with it. In fact I think they could probably bump the screen up to 4.5in without making the actual phones any bigger.

      Even my wife, who claimed that the HD2 and Evo were ridiculously too big, changed her mind once she actuall went and held one and tinkered around with it. Now she wants a phone of that size, and she has smaller hands than I.

      By the way, thats not the real mailmain

      • David

        And you aren’t the real TMOprophet…end of story.

      • TMOprophet

        yeah I am, check the email address, besides Why have all my comments been moderated????

      • TMOprophet

        And why arent I the real one, because I went and got a what, you told me awhile back that I could do that to change my icon. Because I had emailed you asking how to do that.

  • Housetek

    there has been a lot of hints and things going abouts for a new Tmobile hspa+ phone. Phones usually leak 2 months ahead of time or so, if this phone is due to launch in September or so, it seems just about right. That and also many people were already distracted with the slide/vibrant releases.

    mytouch hd doesnt seem fake to me, actually makes sense for tmobiles flagship hspa+ phone to be a mytouch.

  • Myg1

    That’s some great news for t mobile more handsets means more choices and cheaper rate plans will make peoples jump to us…proud owner of the vibrant love it

  • bigc17

    I Hope that T-Mobiles hspa+ phone line will all have built in wifi routers(mobile hotspots) at no extra charge.

  • B-Mobile

    OK so i found this spec sheet this morning 4.3 inch super amoled 8mp camera with flash nothing else really but now I’m a lil upset with my vibrant especially the way the GPS has been acting up

    • jose

      that phone would be HUGE if it had a 4.3 in screen. so thats 100% false

    • renzito


      • Andrew

        this phone is coming, don’t doubt it

  • Barry

    I’ll believe it when I see something from T-Mobile because what really makes me skeptical of this is saying it has samoled screen when its been well documented no one has it except Samsung phones and other manufactures probably wont have it until 2012.

  • Zero

    Tmobile is getting a Dell phone pretty soon. If you go to shop for a phone, they have it listed under the manufacturers but no results show up when you click on it

  • chotpy
  • renzito

    How legit is that website ..

    i want it now if it is true!