myTouch 3G HD Rendering Appears Again, This Time Shows Off The Back

There were definitely some mixed reactions with the surprise arrival of the first myTouch 3G HD shots. Some loved it, some loathed it and some just thought they were plain out fake. While we can’t say much, we know that both Engadget and AndroidCentral received the image so we’re hoping someone wanted to spread the joy rather than spread falsehoods. That being said, this time we’re back with our own addition to this story with the above image, the backside of the reported myTouch 3G HD.

For your enjoyment we’ve also added in a non-watermarked edition of yesterdays original image so you can all take a closer look. We’ll stay with the idea that the image is indeed real with the myTouch logo again appearing on the backside. Quite a few of you took notice of the myTouch logo placement appearing below the earpiece on the front side of the device, typically where the T-Mobile branding would go. As this appears to just be a rendering, it’s likely that a production run device would swap the logo placement with T-Mobile branding. Hopefully we’ll find out soon enough!