Samsung Vibrant Commercial Lands Promoting Avatar/Super AMOLED Screen

Samsung is certainly working that Super AMOLED screen on the Galaxy S with the release of a T-Mobile Vibrant commercial pretty much just promoting Avatar and the Super AMOLED screen that makes Avatar look oh so nice. It’s a quick spot and straight to the point, buy this phone, watch Avatar, be the envy of your friends and neighbors. Point taken.

Via Android Central


  • Josue

    Awesome commercial!
    Cool! I was the first person to post the link on this website on another page(12 day later what you think of Vibrant) I’m proud of myself LOL

  • droid

    sadly had to return this phone, can’t wait for the next big thing from HTC!
    but damn that’s a much better commercial than those for the my touch and the my touch slide.

    • employedbytmo

      That’s because T-Mobile only makes one cool commercial per year….sadly…

      • Shannon

        Actually, I kinda like the myTouch Slide one with the 2 brothers and the one says he saw the others ex the other day and as he’s flipping through his pics, there’s a picture of his cat in there. It’s kinda quick but it always makes me laugh to see this manly man with a picture of his cat on his phone. Haha. Just thinking about it makes me lol

    • sdfas
    • Notag1

      T-Mobile may not spend a lot on commercial advertising, but why should they when the manufacturers are doing it for them ;)

  • Big Bad C-Los

    God, I love my Samsung Vibrant!!

    • B-Mobile

      i have to agree with you C-Los, the battery is night and day to my G1 shoot for the first time in 24 months i went to sleep without having to put my phone on the charger. and the facebook/twitter sync issue seems to be working now. GPS even seems to want to work properly not regretting euthanizing my G1

  • joshuakprice1

    Yeah, all we slide users get is a kid whining for ice cream. Because it is SOOOO hard to type ‘ice cream’ into google maps. My forefinger hurts from swyping to fast, daddy get me a genius button!

  • Josue

    How can I get T-Mobile customer service to give me he Samsung Vibrant for less than $200? Any personal experience examples?

    • JayPeener

      Not going to happen. Otherwise they would have priced it below $200. Why don’t you buy yourself a Highlight and call it a day.

      • 2FR35H

        Dude the highlight is crap, its so hard to type using that damn phone I mean for real.

      • Ray

        Dude, it was a joke.

      • Presto117

        Not going to happen? My Samsung Vibrant, which I got for $150 plus tax with free 3 day shipping from T-MO Customer Loyalty (which didn’t use my upgrade, btw) begs to differ.

    • Garet

      its only 199 after rebate the only thing I can say is hang up on the reps who refuse to help you call again until you get the right rep to help you.

    • LP

      I got mine for $164.99 3 days ago on mytmobile, i called customer care and they had no idea of the online promotion, this was the price even though i am not eligible for a full upgrade, so my total was about 206 after taxes, shipping, upgrade fee. Also no mail in rebate needed. how I got this price without being eligible for a full upgrade i dont know but i took advantage of it and now i expect my vibrant to arrive 8/2/10. cant wait.

      • jscarano

        I got the same deal. I’ve been with T-Mobile for 5 years.

    • Presto117

      It depends on how long you’ve been a customer for. You need a bargaining chip and the only way you can get them below $200 is if you have an upgrade available. I just told them that the $389 they were telling me for a Vibrant wasn’t going to cut it and that I could pay my ETF and get an EVO or Droid X for that much, and the kind Customer Loyalty rep used my T-Mobile@Home line for an upgrade and gave me the phone for $150 plus tax and free 3 day shipping.

    • marcus

      be polite but persistent. costco has a $99 deal and now so does amazon. for various reasons i was unable to take advantage of the costco deal, but customer service made my desired line fully upgrade eligible and notated in my account that they would price match. one short drive to a corporate store later, i had a $99 vibrant & all upgrade fees waved. t-mo is awesome! i’ve had the dubious honor of dealing with both verizon (worst customer service EVER) & att (OK but price/coverage issues) in the past – i will never leave t-mo. always quick to answer questions, adjust charges, & make you feel like a valued customer.

    • Mike

      I got it for $150 on launch date.
      Ask them to transfer you to customer loyalty and just use whatever bargaining skills you have :-)

  • nain77

    love da commercial, not he biggest fan of the phone itsself but the commercial is nice =]

  • David

    I got mine at WalMart for $148.00 with an upgrade. No rebates to worry about either.

  • denise

    Costco was selling them as an upgrade for $99. I know some people had luck getting TMOCS to match it.

    • Belcher

      Yeah I got mine @ Costco for 99! I was peeing my pants I LOVE THIS PHONE

    • Ashish

      I bought initially phone from tmo store for $160.
      then i saw costco ad & took the print-out to Tmo & they gave it to me for flat $99 & also gave free screen protector & jabra bluetooth head-set.

      Awesome deal I got & I love this phone…

      • Cin

        Yeah I got mine for $99 with costco as well! I’m going there from now on to get my upgrades!

  • T-Mobile marketing department getting better at promoting their phones to grownups. Let’s see what they do with the next smart phones to come to the market. Good Job T-Mobile. People who don’t want the phone still give it props.

    • Presto117

      technically, this is Samsung’s commercial since Samsung has a similar commercial running for the Captivate on AT&T.

  • Great commercial TMO :)! Love my Vibrant<3

    • Presto117

      T-Mobile didn’t make this commercial. Samsung did, which is why there’s a similar one running for the Captivate.

  • NiiDiddy

    I love love looove my Vibrant!

  • Rightousness

    love my hd2

    • Duck Dodgers


  • Sgt. Cell

    Doesn’t’ AT@T’s commercial say they’re the only ones with a super Amoled screen??

    • theitguy

      AT&T claims they have the fastest 3G network, they don’t
      AT&T claims to have the best network in the nation and the best coverage but they don’t.

      See a trend here?

      They lie all the time.

      • Presto117

        what he’s talking about is a commercial for the Captivate, which is similar to this one. It’s Samsung saying that Samsung is the only one with a SAMOLED.

    • Presto117

      No, that’s Samsung claiming that they’re the only ones with a SAMOLED.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Interesting point.

      I have not seen AT&T’s commercial, but I suspect that what AT&T says is that “the Samsung Galaxy S” is the only phone with a SAMOLED display, which would be an accurate statement.

      Or it could have been “Samsung, the only phone with SAMOLED…” Also accurate.

      But if AT&T said “The Captivate… the only phone with SAMOLED” that would be inaccurate; however AT&T could escape legal jeopardy by simply saying that what they meant was that the Captivate is the only phone in its lineup that has SAMOLED.

      In the end, however, I doubt anyone will get too upset about that.

  • TMOprophet

    yup pretty much. ATT is not trustable with their advertising. i mean 97% of us coverd. is tht a joke. before i switched i had lots of drop calls.

  • love my cliq xt

  • Derrick

    I’m still lovin’ my RAZR….

    • Mohammad

      Me too! Razr has the best battery life in a flip phone! Still sells for $50 brand new in ebay.

  • Garet

    I love my MDA

  • Cybersedan

    My Vibrant turns heads, wherever I pull it out in public.

  • Belcher

    Soo I got the ivisasheild on it today and I’m kinda torn.. I deffinately don’t want to scratch it up but it really does dull the best feature of the phone! What do you think, do I rip it off or go for maximum protection?

    • jmts80

      Get ghost armor it makes the screen a lot less dull than invisible shield at least in my opinion

  • Josue

    Just saw the commercial secounds ago on tv during the show Big Brother!

    • Josue

      Just saw it on Americas Got Talent! After Mike Posner sang!

  • Gabe

    I got mine for $149 through customer loyalty dept. I asked them to price match the costco price of 99 but he said he couldn’t do that but instead he offered me a preferred customer internet for $20a month instead of the regular $30 a month deal so it came out better in the long run. I’m only paying $77/month for unlimited text/web and 600 min.not a bad deal. Love tmo!!

  • spongebob

    I love my Motorola bag phone =)

  • jmts80

    Nice! I can’t wait to get this phone!

  • Junior

    I think its the best phone tmo ever had. I LOVE MY VIBRANT!!

  • soniccool

    Too bad the battery sucks…

    • Presto117

      Really? Cause my Vibrant runs from 5:30 am to 12:00 am with auto-brightness, wifi, ALL syncs, heavy camera usage, moderate web browsing, light download and upload usage, and light game playing and it still has at least 20% by the time I’m done using it for the day.

    • Boltz82

      I disagree, I use my all day, moderate to heavy usage from 0600 to 1000 and still have battery to spare. Constantly syncing and texting, three hours of phone usage and internet…… no issues.

      • soniccool

        I returned my vibrant, i think it was a just a vibrant issue i had, i got an exchange hopefully this one is better =)

  • Nova504

    I love my samsung vibrant, such a big upgrade from my g1.To me, this is Tmobile’s best phone, right now. So far, so good except for the gps problems. Very speedy, and pretty good battery life. Way better than my g1, anyway.

  • TMO Tech

    I can’t wait for my Vibrant. But having second thought now that the HSPA+ phone is so close to the horizon. HSPA+ will be rolling out in my area really soon and I will have a site only a few 100 yards from my house.

  • Presto117

    Just an FYI to everybody: T-Mobile did NOT make this commercial. Samsung did. Samsung has a similar commercial running for the Captivate. Besides, T-Mobile’s marketing department isn’t this good ;)

    Oh, and love my Vibrant!

  • now_onTMO

    cool commercial

    i havent seen it on tv yet.. thanks for putting this up!

    i love my vibrant!
    multiple video codecs support FTW.. hehe

  • Barry


  • tipsofme

    Very nice. I would just like to thank Samsung for doing T-Mobile’s job because with out This ad, there wouldn’t be one at all.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    This is a great spot because it competes very well against the Verizon commercials. It emphasizes the most compelling reason to get a Vibrant, if that reason floats your boat, GRAPHICS.

    Those who have criticized T-Mobile’s marketing should step back and look at the bigger picture here, literally.

    T-Mobile is the only carrier giving people free blockbuster movies with the phones. With the HD2 we got the two Transformer movies, and with the Vibrant, Avatar (one of the highest, if not the highest, grossing movies of all time).

    When you think of how many millions of people saw and liked those movies, these titles on a T-Mobile phone: 1) gets those viewers’ attention; and 2) may motivates many people to get the phone simply for that reason, especially the fence sitters and people out of contract with other carriers.

    Not much attention has been given to this marketing gimmick, but I think it’s amazing (and a good call). I am curious how much this costs T-Mobile to include blockbuster movies on phones it sells. I would think licensing is at least $5 per phone.

    Sidenote: I’d love to have negotiated the licensing contracts between T-Mobile and “James Cameron.” But I would have been a lousy negotiator for T-Mobile. First thing I’d do is send an e-mail to temperamental James saying: “Come on Jim, a $10 license? How about $1, it’s not like you need the money Mr. $5.7 billion gross, you skinflint sum beech. You ain’t king of the world, you know.”

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    And it’s really a cool effect when the camera zooms out to show the people in the theater and the screen are in your hand and to where it morphs into a phone.

    I wonder if the commercial is from Samsung’s house, T-Mobile’s or if it’s a joint effort.

    It certainly is out of character with those crappy myTouch commercials, playing pantywaist “it’s OK to be a gentle man” music in the background (however, having a tattooed philander in the shot was an edgy twist).

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Sidenote: Here is what I posted on Samsung’s YouTube video:

    “Hey Samsung, correct the title of this video: It’s “commercial” not “commerical.” LOL.

    I have the Vibrant and have also visited your website for the phone. This YouTube title is consistent with the huge number of typos in the Vibrant manuals and on the website.

    Better fire whoever is converting Korean to English and hire someone who knows how to spell.”