Amazon Offers The Samsung Vibrant For $100

Looking to get your T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant cheaper than everyone else? Amazon Wireless is currently offering the Vibrant for a low price of $100 with a new 2-year agreement. Best of all? NO REBATES and the $35 activation fee is waived. The usual standard Amazon stuff applies here so be careful of what you sign as Amazon has their own policies regarding cancellations, rate plan switches etc.

IntoMobile Via Amazon Wireless

P.S. For those of you already rockin’ the new Vibrant, Samsung has posted several how-to videos to their website. If you’re new to Android, be sure to check it out here!

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  • davidohio

    sweet deal!

  • =D

    That’s pretty cool! Too bad I already got an upgrade but I can wait.

  • pimpstrong

    Lord Jesus Thats CHEAP!

    But Can SOMEBODY tell my why I’m not getting any speed changes whatsoever in Kansas City Missouri on my Vibrant??

    And should my About Phone > Status > Mobile Network Type still say UMTS or something different?? Thank you.

    • T-mobile’s network is a UMTS network with the WCDMA air interface.

      It’s telling you the network type you’re on, and it’s correct – it’s a UMTS network. There’s no such thing as a HSPA or HSDPA or HSUPA or a HSPA+ network. Yes, those are umbrella names for improvements but they are not networks – they are all child terms of the big UMTS umbrella.

      What speed changes are you expecting? You should get up to 7.2Mbps down in the best conditions, typically I get 2-4Mbps. The Vibrant can “only” do 7.2HSDPA.

      • going_home

        I can see my Nexus change from UMTS to HSPA here in the Tampa area .
        So yes you can tell by looking in the “about phone/status” when you have hit a faster signal.


      • B

        My Nexus also shows HSPA

      • pimpstrong

        Man I live under the faster fast internet umbrella and my speed hasnt changed from my avg 1500kilobits/sec. Been that way for months.

      • “Hi, I’m 12 and what is this?” – perhaps we should have spent less time trying to be a smart aleck and more time reading the post? As the other two posters have already pointed out, the phone will indeed indicate when it is capable of taking advantage of the faster speeds.

      • pimpstrong

        Tech support is basically telling me that my speeds are good(which they are) but since the phone is not an hspax device, its not gonna have big speed increases. BS! First off I have NO increase and second off I’m seein huge speed increase reports on the net. I dunno what to think or expect.

      • My myTouch 3G only says “Mobile Network Type” of “UMTS” regardless of whether I’m downloading at 3Mbps or idle…in Brooklyn, NY.

      • Patrick

        they are all considered UMTS, but they are difference technology specifications, and a handset device will differentiate between the two(including the vibrant which switches to HSDPA when the internet is accessed). Just like IDSN and ADSL are both phone-line based internet access, they’re 2 difference specification. ADSL is(as you put it earlier), “an umbrella name for improvement”. But because of being 2 different technology standards, there is a separation of the 2

      • john

        @ hi, or longcat, you douchebag, your avatar doesn’t change unless you use a different email address, so we know it’s still you. Nobody will see a H icon yet on stock firmwares of any T-Mobile direct released phone, however about phone will show hsdpa in wichita on the slide, and the vibrant that I currently have.

        In closing, quit being a 12 yo longcat dbag.

    • pimpstrong

      Update: about phone switches between umts and hsdpa as I sit here but majority of the time it says utms. I’m just lookin for someone in KC to say it works for them.


        I’m in KCMO and sometimes ill check it the same way you did and it will say hsdpa. I’ve done speed test and the best I’ve got is 3045 so the network is here. I did go and talk to a t mo store manager and he said they are still on the process of turning on towers or whatever they do to get the faster network going. so its kinda on and kinda not. I guess it just depends on what part of the city you’re in. I still haven’t seen my 3g icon switch to the H but some people claim theirs has so I guess we will just have to keep checking the old fashion way until the network is fully on. hope this helps you a little at least.

      • pimpstrong

        Thx for the info ppl. V/HD2 User that’s what I wanted to know. Good to know someone has evidence that its here. I really hope that whatever tower I’m next to that shows the faster speeds on the map is just not turned on yet. But in the end 1.5 – 2Mbps is reeeal fast for non hspa+ 3G.

  • wrath

    how much would it cost if your not a new line? t-mbile wants me to pay like $290 something to upgrade

    • pjs

      I would pay the $290 and be done with it. Amazon only prices these for new lines so you would need to cancel your current line and pay up to $200 cancellation fee, plus lose any grandfathered features/rate plan when you cancel your old account. Most of the time these 3rd party deals don’t work for existing customers.

  • NiiDiddy

    Aww…man!!! I still love my Vibrant :)

  • Kirbdaddy

    I took advantage of the Costco deal that ended last week. Love this phone!!!

  • I just ordered mine and got the shipping confirmation today.. cant wait to get it. Finally replacing my beloved G1..

    Anyone know any good accessories for the phone? I’ll need a silicone cover and tmobile doesnt have them for this device!

    • barman

      Is this only for a brand new line/account or you can use you’re upgrade on it?

      • Im sorry, I think i was more excited about getting this phone then actually paying attention about the focus of this post. I have 2 ex girlfriends (one of which who ordered the phone for me on their discount) and a sister who works for tmobile so I got the phone free other then taxes.

        Couldnt answer this one barman.

    • Kickstar13
    • Vicosphi

      T-mobile has black,pink, green and teal silicone covers for vibrant. Im also using the screen protector I bought from them, its not high quality but it makes the screen a lot less reflective and less prone to finger prints.Ive also bought invisible shield but so far t-mobile screen is working fine…

  • chris

    @pimpstrong I live in the overland park area and have seen a slight change on my cliq, but it was definitely noticible when I was in the kcmo area (waldo area to be exact) last week, so I think its just when you’re in the heart of KC that you see the most difference.

  • Tmobile man

    Yes we do.. In a teal or black

    • I didnt see them on the website.. I’ll just get my ex to grab one from the store. She usually works there on the weekends. gives her breaks from the call center. Thanx

  • Spac3Invad3r

    They’ve had this for a while now, and it only works for new accounts, upgrades are $199

  • Wp7

    who cares about the vibrant. its stupid.

  • Wp7

    look guys dont waste your money on this. get a real phone not some fake os.

  • Wp7

    windows phone 7 is comming out soon and all im gonna say is android is turd compareed to the rich os of wp7

    • pimpstrong

      You can keep your Zune phone buddy.

      • JaylanPHNX

        Agreed, Pimp. I love my Zune and the Zune pass, but I plan on sticking with Android for at least another couple years. The idea of using my phone as my primary media player is nice, but realistically the battery technology is not there for all-day phone plus all day music and video plus internet and updates, etc, etc.

  • Wp7

    i mean common they litterly copied iphone os and called it android with minor tweaks. seriously. all google does is take a product copy it add a little minus a little and call it xxxxx by google. i hate google. thats y i stoped googling and started

  • Wp7

    you guys do know everything you search on google they keep it for ever, and make profit on every search. is similar but only keeps it for 6 months. bing is the fastest growing search browser right now.

    • pimpstrong

      Bing sucks, Google it and you’ll see.

  • David Rosen

    So what if I’m in contract till july 2011… what will my price be? I will gladly resign for 2 more years…

  • TmoBully

    Some things on my plan have been grandfathered. Just wondering if anyone here has upgraded on anything through amazon and kept their plans intact. Thanks.

  • Mo

    Yesterday, we renewed our contracts and got a Vibrant for me AND a FREE Mytouch Slide for the wife (after rebates of course). Let’s see Amazon match that.

  • StckFigure

    I’m 15 months into my contract and want to try the early upgrade through Amazon because even the $199 upgrade is better than the $320+ TMo wants; if I switch away from the loyalty plan I just converted to from a MyFaves account, will a call to customer service (T-Mobile’s, not Amazon’s) let me get back on that better loyalty plan, instead of the Even More that Amazon wants from me?

  • Phace

    @WP7–You CANT be serious! Android is NOTHING like IOS, lol. Thats laughable at best. Then when i really think about what you say i laugh even harder!! This new Windows Phone OS is ECXACTLY like IOS! And im not gonna piss on it because i havnt seen t in full yet, but your opinoins are a bit flawed!

    • TMOprophet

      i think what he id refering too the icon like grid. n wp7 is similar with the closed os. but i still woulnt count microsoft out they have deep pockets.

  • Mac

    The best option is to get on the Even More Plus plan, no contract, and then buy it with the zero-percent 19 month financing. You pay for the thing anyway when you’re locked into a contract. This way you’re off the hook six months faster and it’s a few bucks cheaper each month.

    If you’re already a customer, switching up is pretty easy, although you’ll have to ask/beg/argue to have the $35 feet waived. If you’re not a customer, keep calling back until you get a rep who will let you go straight to the Even More Plus plan. My friend did this two days ago, took about three tries.

    Costs you less up front, and less over time.

    • PiCASSiMO

      Can you explain the details with actual numbers?

  • CUrb

    Has anyone really researched the MHL (Mobile HiDef Link) Consortium? And if you have do you know if the Vibrant/Galaxy S (via the MicroUSB to HDMI) is the first phone to adopt MHL Version 1.0?

    I really hope so and if they have, this phone will be a go for me. I have been holding off to wait and see what the next HTC offering will be, but they won’t have MHL compliance, and that technology is awesome and has the potential to be a game changer in the mobile arena.

  • madman2

    $100!?!?! hahahahaha what a pos, they are giving them away.

  • Dano

    I just ran a 3mb test and got 7mb down! UMTS showing. Very happy.

  • mjc987

    Man, I can’t wait to see that first look of the Emerald, that dual core is gonna make vibrant jealous

  • jmts80

    I have a question… I am on an EM+ family plan so I do not get the phone at a subsidized price, where can I purchase it outright for the lowest price???

    • PiCASSiMO

      I would also like to know… originally it was Costco at $100 for the phone and additional $30 for the data plan. Except that I’m not sure if I had to be switched to a subsidized plan or not.

  • tmorep

    guys, the iphone is coming…trust me..i cant post pics or anything because i would get in deep trouble..but, it IS coming to t-mobile.

    • sm101

      Good for the iPhone?

  • What’s with the disclaimer “The usual standard Amazon stuff applies here so be careful of what you sign as Amazon has their own policies regarding cancellations, rate plan switches etc.” They allowed me to keep my existing Friends plan as NO OTHER on-line retailer will do when I bought the HTC HD2 (or whatever it is called, with the piece of crap Windows operating system) and returned it. They allowed up to thirty days, and gave me no hassles what-so-ever. In fact, they were MORE helpful than T-Mobile as the guy got them on the phone with them to explain it had been returned so I would again be eligible for an upgrade with T-Mobile. Now THAT’S a problem. I tried to pre-order the Samsung thru the Radio Shack deal and TMobile won’t clear the account publically. I was told since I made the return I now HAVE to buy my next phone at a T-Mobile store. Now WHY IS THAT EXACTLY????????? This is the first real (unsolved) issue I have had in 10 years with T-Mobile. It pisses me off though…

  • Ibustcherries

    This offer is only good it your a new customer, Upgrades have to pay $199 for the phone…. LAME!!!