• Still Wing-in It

    NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It better not be for another damn clue! I am so over it!

    • Air One

      lol, lets say its the Dell mini 5.. the clues dont even lead to this phone but it would be nice to have it as one of the superphones they say they are going to come out with. Anyone up for the Windows mobile 7 phone?

      • Air One

        what ya think, Windows mobile 7 phone in the works?

        Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

        Opus Interactive is a Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner specializing in Hosting Solutions, Advanced Infrastructure Solutions, Networking Infrastructure Solutions and Business Process and Integration. With this certification, our team is authorized to sell, service, host, and support a complete range of Microsoft® products. We are a part of the Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA) Program and are authorized to rent most Microsoft licenses to our managed services clients.

        The Microsoft® Certified Partner Program is a widely recognized, worldwide program for independent companies, like Opus Interactive, who provide Microsoft-based IT services and products to corporate, government, and small-or-medium-sized businesses. Our partners encompass a broad range of technical expertise, including specialized disciplines such as e-commerce, networking, collaboration, and more.

        All Opus Interactive staff members are professionally educated at implementing and hosting a complete range of Microsoft products. Whether you need implementation support for IIS, Microsoft® SQL Server, Microsoft® SharePoint Portal Server, Exchange Server or any other Microsoft products, we are expertly trained and certified to give you the support you need.

        Just like Microsoft, we are committed to being leaders in the emerging technology field and providing you with superior and cost-effective interactive solutions. Being a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner is one more way in which we demonstrate that, as a company, we are your server.

        VMware Service Provider Program (VSPP)

      • Bob

        Opus Interactive being “Microsoft Gold Certified Partner” has nothing to do with any new phone from t-mobile running Windows Mobile Phone.

        It just means that they have staff who are certified to build software/hardware solutions using Microsoft technologies. All you need to become a Microsoft Certified Partner is have a couple of staff with MCPs and MCSDs.

        In this case, they have hosting solutions with Windows Server, SQL Server etc. And since T-Mobile hasn’t built the site, the domain is forwarded to the hosting provider.

      • Air One

        thanks bob

      • Air One

        So, bob you seem to be an intelligent person… what do you think the clues are leading to?

  • crucial

    It’s sad to know how desperate we are for a good Tmo phone. Tmobile really needs to give us a variety on powerhouse phones.

    • nate

      hahah very true…so sad :(

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I didn’t know that T-Mobile had phones that are behaving badly.

      Bad TMo phone, bad… Go sit in the corner.

  • Brian

    this is really lame. i feel like we are in grade school and these assholes are keeping a secret from us….dumbass

    • Frank

      LOL SOB’s whispering in their ears like little fags.

      • Galen20K

        you are offensive you trashy ignorant learning impaired jackass.

      • bob thomas

        little fags? i agree with galen u are very offensive…whats next?

      • Davidohio

        Frank, you are an idiot. How old are you? 9?

      • Holiday

        that was funny frank lol

  • YourDaddy

    Please…. Don’t make us feel like we’re looking for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I tried when I was younger, epic fail. Give us the goods!

  • Wilma Flintstone

    oh boy, here we go. Wild Goose chase which leads to a rabid bear. This better not be for the galaxy S. I’m going be REALLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY upset. Mad Face is prepared and ready to be unleashed if this is the vibrant.

  • raymond

    lol t mobile the only provider that treats its customers like pre schoolers

    • watbetch

      Probably because they act like it. Look at all of them being cry babies and whining endlessly

      • TMOprophet

        your dumb, shut up, what are you the big tmo defender of a carrier being lazy and providing lackluster phone lineups, customers have a right to complain, their getting crap, but I guess you like the crap..crap eater

      • Lol @ some of you. “Customers are getting crap!” because phone geeks make up the majority of any carriers customers. Come on. How about ya’ll calm down, stop acting like your lives are on the brink of being over because of some advertising scheme ran by T-Mo, and wait until whatever they are trying to do is unveiled? It’s not that serious.

      • pimpstrong

        here we go again with the “Majority” deal. Once again why to the top 3 carriers have bad ass flagship phones?? Because people F!@#$ng buy them! People who use 3G Data cards are also the “minority” but they use the MOST DATA and make carriers a LOT of money!

      • Davidohio

        We all went on and on about the lack of a high end android phone. We whined, bitched, we argued with each other on here and bashed our beloved magenta. Now t-mobile is giving clues about that powerhouse android phone we all want and what are we doing? We are whining, bitching and bashing t-mobile about it! Will we ever be satisfied? I for one will not die or go crazy waiting for a phone. There are more important issues going on in the world right now that I focus on. It’s only a smartphone and it will be in my hands when it is available. Until then I choose to focus on more important things.

      • pimpstrong

        @ Davidohio Says the guy who is on this Forum.

      • Anony Mouse

        @pimpstrong you seriously think data cards are premier services from a company because they use data. Wrong. Data for data cards is 39.99 from tmobile, only ten bucks more than normal smartphone data. And they throttle at 5gb and not the normal 10gb like they do for phones. Data cards are great for some people, but data card users actually use less data than a smartphone user, especially since most smartphone users are tethering.

        Also….david makes sense, and just cause he posting his mild mannered (compared to everyone else) posting, does not mean that he is being hypocritical. You can still have a little care about your carrier and service and phone and not be having an anxiety attack over it.

  • Homer

    Seriously this is some crap….the only reason they should be building hype like this is for an iPhone, I mean it would make sense. Do not tell till iPhone for AT&T gets shipped. but we all know that ain’t gonna happen……….

    • pimpstrong

      yeah I know it aint the iPhone but the Vibrant does not deserve this kind of hype. Only the iPhone or an HD2 Android type phone deserves this kind of hype.

      • Davidohio

        From the specs on the Vibrant I thought it is “HD2 android type phone”. 4 inch screen, 1ghz processor, 16gb internal memory, etc.

      • hai


        U should really stop defending T-Mobile now

        Vibrant is made by Samsung therefore it is not an HD2 type phone. Also to be an HD2 type phone it must be 4.3″ or greater (I.e. Evo or Droid X)

        I would say the vibrant is not as high end as a Droid x or Evo because of manufacturer and there are rumblings that this tmo version wont have either flash nor a front facing camera

      • pimpstrong

        Spot on hai. thx

      • Anony Mouse

        Wow , hai and pimpstrong….if you two are so into your evo and “hd2” like phones, than go get with those companies, and let us actually fans of tmobile talk like adults. Look at yourselves…you are ripping on someone for talking optimistically about tmobile…in a tmobile fan forum no less. Thats like going to apples website and complaining about people saying they like the iphone there. You are real idiots looking for a reason to sound smart aren’t you….and let me guess. You are going to come up with some snide smart arse remark about me to try and defend your so called honor and dignity. Well fine…have a whack…lets see what you can come up with….tell me how me calling you on your idiocy makes me stupid.

      • Reece

        I dunno, last I checked the Samsung is running a Hummingbird 1Ghz CPU which is more efficient then Snapdragons that lurk in HTC’s highend offerings and overall boasts one of THE most powerful CPU + GPU pairings that you can find on a smartphone along with a lovely display.

        Only valid point I could see someone make is it missing flash for the cam. Otherwise I fail to see your point in it not being “an HD2 Android type phone” since, it is in fact even more powerful then that.. perhaps you should read more and bitch less?

  • Thanh

    Everytime I get excited about a TMO phone I am always let down. When they announced the G1 and verified w/ presales I was so on it and have been very happy w/ the phone only to learn that TMO is HTC’s least favorite step child guinea pig.

  • Omeer

    LMAO! All the other carriers must be laughing their asses off at T-mo for promoting something that’s “exclusive” to all carriers (sarcasm) so vigorously.

    • JL

      You know I was feeling the same way. IF this doesn’t involve the iPhone, then T-Mo needs to grow up!

  • TranquilNight

    This SGS better have some neat exclusive features at least. So far, the rumored lack of front camera and flash is … disappointing.

    • Chris

      Agreed. Flash and front camera would make it arguably the best phone out. Without those two features its just a cock tease piece of crap.

      Especially the flash…come on now.

  • dsss

    Wow TMo is really hyping up a b.s. phone, so what it has a large is that the best you can right now.

  • Lamar

    wait no front facing cam????see i was able to forgive the no flash thing, but no front facing cam is a no no for me. looks like i am skipping the SGS and getting a streak

    • phonegeek

      read my mind

  • Justin

    Why cant tmobile be like verizon? i swear its like verizon gets 5 new smart phones every week! now that they have the droid line they are on top, or have been on top…now look at us. so desperate to get ONE new smatphone (galaxy s). This is just sad tmobile…AND I STILL WANT MY 2.1 UPDATE FOR MY CLIQ SO HURRY UP WHATS TAKING SO LONG? Q2 ENDS IN 7 DAYS AND STILL NO INFORMATION????

  • NewGuy

    What babies. You are all bitching and crying about tmo “keeping secrets” but hey, wait a tic, it’s working! All you idiots are following it and trying to figure it out! Wow, tmo ain’t so stupid after all…

    • Justin

      Wow says you the one who left the comment on this page. you cant talk about anyone else when you’re doing the exact same thing. Get your mind straight before you want to talk.

    • Negtne

      Your right it is working! The cheapest ad campaign in the world. Means they can save there money up and give us some high end phones. Oh wait a minute it’s tmobile……..that will never happen. And actually most people are following to figure out what there next move is gonna be. Stay with tmobile or leave. You must be one of the dumbass marketers for tmobile. Cause that exact comment is probably what there saying.

      • Anony Mouse

        New Guy….agreed….Justing…he does have his mind straight. He is not the one sitting there arguing about how much they dislike tmobile and still posting it on a tmobile fan blog. and He is not doing “the exact same thing” he is commenting on your ignorance in arguing that something is stupid when obviously it is working….but he is not complaining about his distaste for tmobile.

        @Negtne….customers are always debating about whether or not to stay with a company or leave. There is nothing new there. When i worked for ATT all I heard about was people talking about leaving for TMobile. Most people who leave ATT wind up leaving for tmobile. For a myriad of reasons. Mostly because of the cost different and the service difference…and does it really matter how much an ad campaign costs…so long as it works? you cannot judge something based on the complaining of a few people on this forum. You might as well declare a victor for the daytona 500 after just one lap. ….

  • Bobert

    TMO is elevating LAME to the highest of levels.
    Those of you who work for TMO should realize the industry and your peers are laughing at you.

    • jurgen

      They can laugh all they want. In the meantime, ill get paid better than them, keep my better benefits, enjoy more paid time off, and not get cussed out by my customers for being overpriced for sub par networks. Tmobile just surpassed sprint in customers. Because they like us more. We really don’t care about our ‘peers’. We take care of our employees and customers.

  • nate

    maybe this mystery handset is actually titled the Clue. i know that is a dumb name for a phone but when you put all the tmo phone names together it makes sense. the g1 was called the dream….its a phone. but i feel that they really need to pop this cork already. it doesnt make sense to launch a website to keep playing the guessing game when the iP4 is right around the corner. they need to scoop would be switchers with the bait of the even more plan coupled with at least one KILLER high end device.

  • fresh mane

    Wel I jus called customare care..and one rep said that indeed the galaxy s”vibrant”is coming out to TMO.. The price will be under 200 on contract. He didnt want to tell me anything else.. He did mention that the clues lead up to a high end superphone.. I asked is it the vibrant.. He said… Sorry youll just have to wait and see and he laughed.

    • Anony Mouse

      you do realize that customer care does not now any more than we do. So if you talked to an agent who told you this, he was probably just trying to sound like he knew what he was talking about. Everyone always talks about “customer care told me this” and “customer care told me that”. Customer care knows a good deal, but when tmobile is trying to keep something a secret, they do not go spreading the info to their agents. Maybe the managers, but not the agents. case in point…if you called another three customer care agents I bet you would get a different answer, probably from all three…because there is no official word….and they are all guessing….

  • TranquilNight

    I like this clues game, as long as it leads to something great.

    • Justin

      I hope it is. But what if its some lame flip phone?! im gonna laugh at tmobile!

    • JakeMG

      Yeah, but if it’s the Vibrant/Galaxy, I, too will be pissed. I’m not even eligible for an upgrade for about another year (but we all know that retention will probably help me out), and I’m still going to be upset if they drop little clues and have all of us following them only to open the door and see our grandparents having sex.

  • deatsector


    • pimpstrong

      LOL @ your intensity. I don’t blame you BUT I guarantee by the end of the year TMO will have the best Android phone(s) with the FASTEST data speeds at the best price rates in town. Then you will be typing up something different in ALL CAPS.

      • LOL Pimpstrong thats exactly what I think when a lot of these guys show so much deep content and intensity that leads them into a overall bad situation going to another carrier. It shows people are willing to get screwed on both data and voice plans only to follow what the latest “cool” phone ad is from ATT and Verizon, its so sad… smh

      • TheLight

        lol..I agree

  • alex

    TMobile needs to get off of this clue crap. All this does is make people disappointed. Everytime. The G1, The Nexus One, The HD2, The lackluster slides. Nothing that great.

  • kenny

    This better be good TMobile because contract is almost up… Verizon Droid2 is looking real good right about now.

    • BeyonceKnowles

      no its all about that Droid X…i wish t-mobile would get that

  • MattP
  • dgrave

    how f’n lame is this?? i tried to leave TMo for the EVO but #1 all sold out, #2 additional $10 fee for who knows, #3 4.99 if you don’t put sprint’s hands in your wallet. And, don’t even get me started with the worst customer service on the planet…i mean verizon….and now this…Think i’m going to jump off a bridge with these f’n samsung phones to show how Sh*tty they are. Give us just one evo, or incredible, been saving my pennies for the nexus, looks like that is the only phone we will have for a loooooooooong time. f’n BS!!!

    • I just couldn’t wait anymore, I got my Nexus One a couple weeks ago and I’ve been happy. People forget even though the N1 has been out sense January (in the tech world that’s supposedly old) it’s STILL one of the top smartphones on the market so that should say a lot.

      Furthermore, a sales rep (when I went to the Fathers Day sale) told me the N1 will be in stores within 2 months but when I asked about the Galaxy they knew nothing about it. I don’t know just a thought.

  • Scott

    T-Mobile I do hope you are reading these forums, enough is enough. T-mobile started Android with the G1 yet now is way behind and doesn’t have the best Android phone when it should. This whole clue thing and keeping it a secret is dumb, only those of us who give a darn are even holding on for hopes of a good phone. What about most that when they call TMO or go to a retail store see that there is no good phone like what all the other carriers have or are advertising and they just leave and DON’T wait because they have NO CLUE that there is a silly CLUE game even being played by TMO.

    In my office of 8 IT Engineers, 5 of them are I-Phone users or have just bought a I-Phone because Apple announced the IP4 prior to the release and as a result their site to order it has been so overwhelmed that it temporarily crashed it and as a result people are ordering it like crazy.

    Announce the new phone already TMO and if it’s a beast like it should be then TMO can claim they have the I-Phone killer and a phone that is better than an EVO and sprints 4G network using TMO HSPA+ fastest network.

    Then you will not only keep more TMO customers but actually add new ones for the right reasons and not because you’re giving them a free phone.

  • GreenTea

    Verizon has ran laps around us in Android phones and we started a year ahead. We need better negotiators. We should have gotten some kind of exclusivity/preference deal for taking the first crack at Android with HTC/Google.We had first movers advantage and totally let it slip.

    I guess the N1 was supposed to be our big thing :-/

    • the N1 isnt really offically ours……its controlled by google!! if tmo HAD the N1, all this talk would be mute….we (tmo) people would be loving it!!!! unfortunately, google had “a better” way of marketing…do-ta-do (insert carlos mancia retard, here!!)

      • People forget even though the N1 has been out sense January (in the tech world that’s supposedly old) it’s STILL one of the top smartphones on the market so that should say a lot.

        Furthermore, a sales rep (when I went to the Fathers Day sale) told me the N1 will be in stores within 2 months but when I asked about the Galaxy they knew nothing about it. I don’t know just a thought.

  • we all know its probably the vibrant….in all the videos i’ve seen of the galaxy S, this phone seems really nice, even though no led flash, which would put this phone in the awesome class, i’d probably purchase. i would love if tmo could swing the nexus one deal with google (by the time its offered through tmo, it’ll B old technology!)
    lets face facts here, tmo being only the 4th largest carrier in the US, is lucky to get anywhere near the phones the largest carriers get. if you were a handset manufacture wouldnt you make deals with the company that has the most earning protential?? just my thought on why tmo seems to never get “THEE” best devices…
    sign, “wavering loyal 7 yr. tmo customer” i’m pulling for you/us, but the “incredible” is…pulling..me….to..thee……ahhhhh

    • Robbie

      @karl have you seen the recent news that they might already stop selling the incredible due to the droid x and droid 2. the thing has been out a couple of months and its already oboslete. here we are waiting for an awesome phone and verizon is throwing them out like nothing.

      • verizon is the number 1 company in america so what do you expect? of course they will have lots of phones and lots of companies willing to make them phones. tmobile is #4 and by the way the handle business will stay there it seems.

  • droiddoes

    this is just speculation but i think that major samsung announcement from samsung will see tmo getting the galaxy s(vibrant), the galaxy Q and a wifi + 3g version of the galaxy tab sorta like what apple did with the ipad and at&t this is just speculation i have no real solid proff that the t5ab is coming to tmobile but if samsung is really trying to compete with the iphone it would stand to reason at&t has the iphone and ipad so tmobile will have the vibrant(a better version than the captivate) and the tab also i think the galaxy touch will wipe the floor with the ipod touch

  • jeff

    what ever happened with the icd vega????

  • Davidohio

    Chris I totally agree about the flash on the camera. Seriously Samsung, wtf were you thinking?! You make a higher end android device with a 5mp camera and leave out the led flash? I don’t think they understand this will be a deal breaker for many people.

  • Davidohio

    Chris I totally agree about the flash on the camera. Seriously Samsung, wtf were you thinking?! You make a higher end android device with a 5mp camera and leave out the led flash? I don’t think they understand this will be a deal breaker for many people.

  • wildblueyonder

    This is gonna be the Galaxy S. Get ready for the ultimate refractory. Still not the phone we’re all waiting for.

  • Davidohio

    So long deatsector! T-mobile does not want customers that can’t structure a paragraph and don’t use periods at the end of a sentence lmao! Oh, my mom has a droid and it sucks! It sounds like crap half the time and she does not hey half her e-mails and it freezes and she has to take the battery out and reboot it all the time. Yeah, so have fun with your droid and the slow verizon 3g and expensive rate plan lmao! Idiot.

  • Maverick128

    I don’t understand all the anger. The Galaxy S is an awesome phone. You’re angry because it doesn’t have a flash? WTF? I’ve never seen a flash on a phone do anything really significant anyway. Turn on some damn lights. And no front facing camera? For what? Video calls? Europe’s had front facing cameras for at least 4-5 years and not once in the two years that I lived there did I see anyone use the thing. I see that happening here as well. It’s a gimmick that’ll fade away as fast as it popped up here.

    They’re treating us like children? Why not? It’s fun trying to guess as WE ALL ARE ALREADY DOING (albeit a bit angrily). I’d rather have a carrier that has a little fun every once in a while than a carrier that acts like a child calling other carriers names and making fun of them. (i.e. AT&T and Verizon). I enjoy having a carrier that doesn’t treat me like crap and charge me $100 extra every month for data I never used and then when I call to complain, they give me the excuse that it’s a “valid charge” up until I cancel and move to T-Mobile, at which point they say that they could have refunded the charge. (Looking at you Sprint.)

    Let’s not even go into the joke that is US Cellular. I would rather have a tracphone than one of those other carriers. I support T-Mobile and I’m enjoying this game. If they’ve got a website, we might even get a contest or multiple devices out of this.

    • alex

      your right, tmobile is trying to have some fun, and some people can’t see through their crazy obsession with a SUPERPHONE, i want one too, but we have to wait, maybe this will be it, and the Samsung Vibrant is an awesome phone, but then again some of you guys are right tmo started the Android game, they should be at the top, but at least The Nexus One, set the bar for other phones.

    • also in europe they dont have to use qik or facetime they video call just like you dialing a number. people all hyped up about video calling and you have to use a 3rd party app to do it weak! oh not to mention you have to use wifi too!

  • alex

    i hope it’s the sidekick twist, samsung vibrant, nexus one, and a super mytouch:)

  • pimpstrong

    POLL: (for people who actually want this phone)

    If he “Vibrant” has NO front facing camera, will you still buy it?

    • Robbie

      I will def. consider it, my G1 is showing its age in more than one way, and being a gamer that gpu can make me very happy :D

    • pimpstrong

      I will not because of 2 reasons: 1. there WILL be a superphone with a FFC in the near future. 2. I may not always use the FFC but atleast its there for when I want to. It’s just the way of future tech.

    • alex

      yes! i really want it due to the fact that it plays DIxd(.avi formats), and i have 40 something movies on my ps3. :)

    • Maverick128

      Definitely. Video calling is a short-lived fad. Plus, most of my friends are ugly and I don’t want to see them so the feeling is probably mutual.

      Video calling is way too intrusive. You’ve got to pay attention the whole time or the other person will think you’re an ass. On a regular call, I can sound like I care while still zoning out while someone is talking to me but when they can see my face, I will have to be looking their way all the time. They will know that I don’t care and I can’t have that. How are you supposed to tell the missus that you are at work (while at a bar with the guys, etc.) if she can see it? (And you KNOW she’ll want to see just to make sure.)

  • Nate_dogg

    You know what? I for some unknown reason have a bad feeling that it may in fact be the IPhone 4. What other phone would rank high enough in the general publics eye to warrant a Website just for posting a clue….who the hell knows. For the record, I do not want an Iphone but something is making me think there is a chance of it. I mean Apple is very secretive and they already blew the Iphone launch for ATT so why not take extra steps to make it super secrete for Tmobile? Or Maybe it is the Moto Droid X.

    Flame away.

  • H-Town Freak

    Yous guys are a bunch of PU$$YS! Some On Ma’an!!! Let these people market the way they want to and stop your whiney ass bitchin’ moanin’ complainin’… sheesh… be a fan, or not I could care less… but marketing has always been a “here try this” business.

  • vinny

    I’m hoping that T-Mobile gives their customers two or three Android POWER PHONES to choose from. (My Touch Slide) is not IMO a power Android phone. We need several phones with at least very large processors and all the rest of bells and whistles to choose from. All the other carriers are starting to give their customers just that, a selection of great power Android phones. Come on T-Mobile now is the time to put up and grab a hold of the market, your customers are very loyal but they want a choice. Todays customers are educated, they want top quality, they would rather spend a few bucks and get quality then a free phone that is just junk. Bring the quality and the lines will begin at your front door. I will be first in line.

  • HaVoKTEK

    A couple of things Byachhhes….just watch, just listen, just wait………..
    If it’s a garbage handset then bash ’em
    If it’s a kickA$$ one, then revel in it and be glad your with T-mobile.
    Until then grow up, grab your nuts, and understand that the industry is bigger than you or I.
    So deal with it like a solid customer, if not then get off the forum, and jump ship to the other A$$e$ with their crappy pricing cause right now with this economy a bomb a$$ phone don’t mean squat if you used your bill money to get it and your service just got suspended suckas.

    Me myself I’m staying put with my Slide, cause I know that this is TMO’s baby and if anyone is getting Froyo here first it’s them. AND there will always be support for it to its life cycle ends…….so If your going to complain about something, complain about why some of their in store reps don’t know squat, and I know more about their phones enough to make a sell that they couldn’t do themselves!!!

  • MM

    I’ll buy the Vibrant regardless of flash and front facing camera, could really careless about those two things. If i’m in the dark it’s because i’m sleeping not taking pics. BTW Samsung says they didnt add the flash because it would have added to the thickness of the phone. Either way i could care less, the pictures i’ve seen look great. I’m just ready for an announcement!

  • keele8

    Could this be a name of a phone? They have a dedicated website for the mytouch series, and other phones. Could the Tmobile Clue be the name of a new phone? Just a guess.

  • LongTimeLurker

    Man the hate is strong on this website anymore. So sad to see so many people who “will jump off bridges” and “kill myself” if the phone doesn’t have a flash or front facing camera. lol. I know these people aren’t serious but still, take a step back and look at the big picture. Life is pretty good when your big problem is whether or not a phone has a front facing camera. No one probably wants to look at your ugly a** anyway.

    In more positive news, I am looking forward to my Mytouch slide arriving today with 3 day shipping for absolutely free. Go T-Mobile.

    • HaVoKTEK


    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      “No one probably wants to look at your ugly a** anyway.”…

      You have that right. I am probably the person “who cares less the most” if any phone I have has a front facing camera.

      I don’t know about anyone else, but I have no desire to let people see my mug on video. When I am on camera it looks like my driver’s license pic got animated.


      So I hope front facing cameras don’t catch on. If they do I have to get my excuses written up for my online dating activities: “Oh, I can’t turn on my camera, it’s not working. You know how it goes with this new fangled tech. But I sent you my photo chopped, I mean recent photo. Isn’t that good enough?”

  • Reder

    I can’t believe people are eating up this Samsung garbage. After their terrible track record of updating their phones (looking at you Behold II), why would anyone trust them to support a new one? If a crappy Samsung shipped with a knockoff iOS UI is what T-mo thinks is going to make its subscribers giddy, they’ve got another thing coming.

    Give me a Nexus One or comparable device from a manufacturer that takes Android seriously (HTC/Motorola).

    • HaVoKTEK


    • TranquilNight

      “knockoff iOS UI”

      You never used it, huh? The ONLY part similar is the app drawer. THATS IT. You still have the usual android homescreens. Menus are in a beautiful black background and white text so show off the amazing contrast and the true blacks. The custom UI really adds to the phone. EVERY REVIEW PRAISES the custom UI.

      What is people’s problem with the SGS. This phone KILLS every phone out there. No camera flash and no front facing camera are NOT that big off a deal. If you care about cameras so much, you would already have a good one. Front facing camera would have been nice, but look at the iPhone 4: wifi only. The technology is apparently not ready yet, even though it existed for years.. Maybe in 10 years, it will be mainstream, but probably not now.

      • Reder

        My problem with SGS is that it’s a Samsung. They have an abysmal track record for supporting their phones. Why would this change suddenly?

        I’ll probably get this phone with my new contract extension, then sell it on ebay and buy a real Superphone (N1).

      • Maverick128

        Samsung may not be good at updating their devices, but seeing as the Galaxy is multi-carrier and will be big, more than likely, this will be different. If not, who cares. That’s what these guys are for.


  • Holiday

    Unless the phone is the iphone4, FUJITSU,NEC,SHARP,MITSUBISHI or SONY ERICSSON high end phone i will be very disappointed. i hate these damn laggy samsung,HTC low end phones…we may not leave tmobile because of the low prices, but i wouldn’t mind paying $10 dollars more if it meant getting real REAL high end phones. screw your game tmobile, samsung mobile is a joke in USA.

    • Nate_dogg

      I agree, samsung is a joke when it comes to Phones, sure they make some nice handsets but their support and un-willingness to help the customer has to get better before I ever get excited about another one of their phones. Epix fail one after another after another. The Samsung Epix i907 fiasco is what really burned me. The phone would still be relevant today if Samsung had decided to support the damn thing. They released a couple patches and a OS update and Bam! With each one the phone was worse then it had been. The behold two is yet another example of this. Watch, once they promised update to 1.6 comes out the update will in some way make the phone less usable and more buggy forcing the paying customer to go out and spend more money on another handset.

      Sorry for the rant!

      • TranquilNight

        Yea, they are a joke, for making THE BEST ANDROID PHONE yet.. :|

  • RR

    Guys, when is the announcement supposed to be made?

  • bakaruru

    I swear I just saw something on CNBC about the next ‘Google iPhone killer’ The headline flashed by really fast. I wonder if this said phone will be exclusive to T-mobile??

  • Seth

    TMobile_USA said a surprise was coming today and now http://www.t-mobileclue.com/ is showing countdown for our surprise now???

    Their countdown would put the reveal on Sunday @12pm EST

    The whois registered to MarkMontior, so no telling if it’s really legitimate or not.

  • bakaruru

    It is on CNBC now. They are talking about the Droid X. :-(

  • BrianR

    I am not going to even try to guess what the phone is. But, The Samsung Galaxy S looks to be the next best thing after the Nexus One (in my opinion). I just wish T-mobile would launch a phone similar to the Droid 2. After all, the best Android qwerty they have is the MT3G slide. It is a cool phone and has the best keyboard next to the G1. My only problem is that it isn’t “high-end”. Better then the G1, yes, but doesn’t compare to the N1 spec wise. Alrighty, keep your speculating moving. That is all I have to say. =P

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Whatever this is it must be a device aimed at consumers because I can’t picture anyone in business playing along on Twitter with these clues.

    Tom: “Pardon Bill, I did not catch what you were saying about the merger, I was on Twitter looking at the next clue T-Mobile is giving.”

    Bill: “Twitter, clues? WTF Tom, the merger might not happen. If not, you can forget about being CEO under the new organization.”

    Tom: “Yeah, yeah, but this is really cool, we have to guess what handset or device T-Mobile is coming out with. I hope it’s a phone. What phone do you have Bill?”

    Bill: click

    Tom: “Bill? You there? Bill?”

  • socalfrank

    Yes, T-Mobile…we have nothing better to do with our lives then play clue games to see what other new boring handsets you are planning to try to pawn off on us.

  • Nobody

    I’d hardly consider a 1 gig processor and a 4 in. super amoled screen boring… oh, and its an android… how sad your life must be :'(

  • Henry

    Totally agree….

  • Sebastiaan

    Well it’s something about a Samsung phone… But which one.

  • sam

    the problem that i see with samsung phones is the factory software that they use , look at the be*%@# 2 that now finaly the 1.6 update is released and still the phone lack the smoothness of the G1

  • NiiDiddy

    exciting…!! ;)

  • I just saw a video on youtube/Endgadget that the new Iphone will loose signal streangth if you cover the wrong spot on the Iphone. You can fix this by usuing a phone cover. It is funny that they made such a big deal about the new antenna system and it has a flaw. I’m glad to have the urge to wait on Android.