LG Phones Launching Late July?

Back on June 15th, we got word via a leaked T-Mobile training calendar courtesy of our friends at Phonedog managed to get their hands on that not one, but two devices would launch on July 21st. We’re working on our own tips that July 21st would include a Samsung Galaxy S launch, aka Samsung Vibrant. So what is the other phone scheduled to launch that day? Unfortunately, it’s not going to induce anything near the level of excitement as the Galaxy S. The LG dLite is a phone that just induces a yawn to the tech savvy first adopter who needs all the bells and whistles. However, to someone who just want a  simple phone and I know there are those of you still out there, the dLite may be just what the doctor ordered.

Regardless of your phone preference, the mystery of the 21st has likely been solved and while most of you will be waiting ever so patiently for news of the Galaxy S aka Vibrant, we’ll hopefully have our answers if our tipster proves true tomorrow as the next T-Mobile twitter clue should bring us one step closer to a name.

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  • Reece

    drats, was hoping @ the very least it would be the Motorola XT720, or the Dell Streak 5 :(

  • wtf

    another crappy phone!

  • wack mode

    relax this is for ppl that dont want nothing fansay and sumthing free

    • Wayne

      Do you not realize this is what ALL of T-Mobile’s phone are like?

  • Comicaze

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the veil has been lifted! project emerald is…. a crappy LG phone! And the peasants rejoice!

  • Dave

    Are you sure the second device isn’t the ‘Pro’ version of the Galaxy S sporting a keyboard (similar to what is going to Sprint)? I am hoping this is the second device…

  • WTF

    come on t-mobile we got iphone 4 launching out driod X sprint evo and what do we get low end lg devices what a good way to start a summer yea im going to floss a lg6s150 tmobile get out of here! samsung galaxy s idk samsung make some pretty crappy phones but good tvs :D

    • john

      Ash yes, c’ mon tmo…since this is obviously the only phone whatsoever that will be launched.

  • Davidohio

    No, project emerald launches this thursday and is the htc sidekick twist with android 2.1, 16gb internal memory, a 4.3 inch amazing screen, a front facing camera, and a 1ghz processor. It is a high end device and supposed to be really cool from what I hear! Anyway, you’ll see for yourself this Thursday.

    • JoshL

      How do you know this? I would think that T-Mobile would keep the sidekick until later this year for the upgrading G1 users… it makes sense.

    • Reece

      *puts on brass knuckles*

      ..just know that if you’re off.. then you should be afraid.. be very very afraid -_-

      • Dashi

        I’m With Reece -.-

  • raymond

    looks at davidohio -_- “cleans gun” i will keep you on your word jedi but your mind tricks will not work on me

    • phonegeek

      Hold on boba fett the force maybe strong with this one
      …we’ re watching you jedi…….

  • TheLight

    I like everyone was blah another sucky phone…then started talking about project emerald…. IF YOU LET US DOWN IM GOING TO CRY THE WHOLE TIME SWITCHING MY 5 LINES BACK TO SPRINT WITH MY OTHER 2 LINES INSTEAD OF GIVING TMOBILE ALL 7! SHHEEESSH… GET THE SIDEKICK TWIST OR DOOM WILL BE ON US ALL! Me for paying Sprint all this money and T-Mobile for letting me down for another year…tears are starting to form in my eyes as my cheeks tremble…sniff sniff tmobile

  • AkoIto

    I can’t believe that T-Mo still release sucky phones

  • Barry

    I saw another comment on a different topic about the sidekick being unveiled Thursday…idk if its the same person bur sure as hell hope they’re spot on. but wouldn’t that announcement hurt the vibrant sales?

  • Jonathan

    its been a month since we heard updates on project emerald. what’s up with updates. any picture leaks.

    well if they do come out with a sidekick, i sure hope there’s no qwerty keyboard because that adds too much bulk to the phone. if im not pleased with any phones released this summer, i’m jumping to verizon and gettting the droidX

    • Dale Murphy

      then go ahead and jump to vz. there are too many keyboard-less smartphones already.

      • AndroidRRR

        +10 god thank you dale! i wanted to slap @Jonathan when i read that…. no bad blood but i mean come on! we have the crappy cliq and mytouchslide and that’s it all the rest are touch screen only. plus there are only a few #androids period with keyboards..

  • khaltz

    It is a htc and sk phone though and goin to tmobile so chances are it will have a keypad I’m think some lookin. like a moto flip or a Helio Kickflip.

  • TmoHax

    Walmart just received the lg sentio this morning no word on release or price yet though

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  • ko

    Samsung give hush money(5,000,000 korean won-4088$) to customer whose handphone was exploded by battery explosion in korea.
    What a worse, Samsung threatened a customer with lawsuit if he report it to the press media