MyTouch 1.2 Pricing Confirmation


Okay so we’re literally hours away from the myTouch 1.2 (myTouch 3G w/3.5mm jack) availability on T-Mobile’s site, although you could head down to your local T-Mobile retail store and pick it up right now. Above you will see the pricing of the myTouch 1.2. As stated previously, the handset is set to launch today, February 10th, and will be available for $149.99 with a 2 year contract or $249.99 with a 1 year contract. If you haven’t seen our exclusive unboxing pics already, check them out here.

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  • NiiDiddy

    I think $99 would have been reasonable too. Not much change from its predecessor, which I currently have.

  • SalM

    The upgrade options was up for me earlier this morning, about 10am…

  • NYer

    I thought that they had eliminated 1 year contracts? Is this a change back to their old 1 year vs. 2 year option?

    • sorandkairi

      You know what, me 2. I thought that those chooses had been taken away. I guess we both miss that 1!

  • Todd

    Hurry up HTC HD2, so I can use my current My Touch as a paper weight.

  • Jonstonson

    I still don’t comprehend why they came out with a 3.5mm version of the mytouch.. they should have just ridden out the original mytouch until a superior handset could replace it. Don’t waste time with small hardware upgrades TMO.

    • Todd


    • Redwoodflyer

      They really didn’t “come out” with anything. The HTC Magic, the nearly identical twin of the MyTouch that was developed beforehand, had the 3.5 jack and 288mb RAM. T.Mo got cheap and skimped on the ram, but I’m guessing that HTC is using the old MyTouch 1.0 production line for the Nexus One, because the MT3G 1.2 is identical to the HTC Magic, whose line is still open.

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  • Sam

    The 288mb of RAM makes this almost feel like an entirely different phone. It really makes a big difference with lag times. Worth the extra $50 imo.

    • Redwoodflyer

      Couldn’t agree more… I was amazed at how much faster the CLIQ was. The only thing keeping me away is the lack of Cyanogen support for the 32A chipset in the 1.2

    • StevenG

      Very true. The difference between the MyTouch and the MyTouch Fender is AMAZING. You wouldn’t think it, but it’s so much faster and worth every penny.

  • DJ

    Picking mine up tomorrow, if they have any left by then…

  • mark s

    i thought tmobile didnt do 1 year contracts anymore?

  • angelo

    they should call it the mytouch 3gs that would be so funny i wonder how apple would respond.

  • TmoNinja

    Re: 1 year contracts. If you have enough push with retentions on the phone you can get a 1 year and a lot of business users do. However, I know in my Tmo store, we are unable to do 1 year contracts. Can’t even access them in the system.

  • eYe

    So does anyone know if 3.5mm headphone jack is in addition to multi-function mini-usb or replacing it? i.e. Will you still be able to use old-school adapters to charge and listen at the same time? I like the idea of regular headphones but I have a very nice set-up in my car for my G1 where all I have to plug in is just one wire and it charges and routes audio into my deck, I would hate to plug in a charger and audio cable separately. Any info would be nice, otherwise I may stop by T-mo store and check it out myself.

  • Nate

    It list a 1 year price, does T-Mobile offer 1 year contracts?

  • Kyle

    As we speak on way now to go get myTouch 1.2 and exchange my old myTouch.

  • shawn1224

    it’s not just a 3.5mm upgrade and more RAM. It comes pre-installed with swype and HTC Hero’s slick music player. Also don’t forget an 8GB SD card.