T-Mobile Removes EMP Migration Fee

EMP_Elgibility requirements

Update: Apparently “eligible” means out of contract, so those still in contract obviously can’t migrate until finished. That makes sense.

Loyal customers, T-Mobile hasn’t forgotten about thee. Starting February 15th “eligible” customers will be able to migrate to an Even More Plus plan without being charged that lovely $35 fee that was enacted last October. Nothing much else to see here, other than the fact that T-Mobile knows loyal customers deserve something and that maintaining those relationships are just as important as gaining new ones. If only every carrier enacted such policies, the world would be a happy place. Not really, but you get the drift.

T-Mobile thanks you for your loyalty!

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  • Jodan

    This ONLY APPLIES to customers no longer under contract. That is the “eligibility” requirement. :)

  • SalM

    Now if they would just do this with the phone upgrade fee…

  • Tuck

    i hate even more plus. tmobile pushes it and pushes it, tells the care reps to switch people to even more plus, and then the customers come in and don’t have any idea they can’t get a discount on their phones. AND t-mobile doesn’t pay us shit in commissions for selling even more plus. so gay.

    • ICan’tSay

      THAT’S CHANGING TOO…..Ask your Manager about the new pay rates…

    • Quasar

      You don’t really get a discount on your phone on the “Even More” plans either. You just don’t pay as much up front. Since the “Even More” plans are $20 more per month for the equivalent “Even More Plus” plan, you end up paying T-Mobile the full cost of your phone over the life of the contract. In most cases, you end up paying more. The best way to buy a phone from T-Mo is to be on an “Even More Plus” plan and buy a phone on their 20 month, no interest, payment plan. I know that doesn’t work for phones that aren’t sold by T-Mo but in those cases (like for the N1), it’s still worth saving up for the phone you want and choosing an “Even More Plus” plan.

  • tmoboss

    What about us idiots (ahem, loyal customers) who JUST switched and PAID the migration fee ? Can we get a refund??? No bonus for guessing …..

    • sorandkairi

      lol funny post!

    • angelo

      ya can i get my 70 dollars back

  • FILA

    I think im just gonna keep myFavs for a little while longer.

  • Tom

    I hope they will give refund to those that paid it. I was fighting it all the way to the customer retention management 2 months ago when I switched to the Even More Plus and now they get rid of it. That is a royal BS.

    • Jesse

      Hard part about any company- “Prices and offers are always subject to change.” Some people took the benefit of switching to the Even more plus and have been able to save on their bills for the last 4 months. Would it be fair to charge someone the difference in the plan back for the last 4 months and waive the migration fee? No, because that would end up being more than what the Migration fee would of been.

    • Jonstonson

      It is a BS charge, but so is Even More Plus. Don’t get me wrong… EMP is a great deal for the customer, but T-Mo already has the lowest rate plans.. financially it would be better (in my opinion) for TMO to keep rate plans at a decent rate and use the extra revenue to expand/upgrade coverage.

      • Redwoodflyer

        Yes and no. People in general are really, really dumb. They don’t understand the concept of a 2 year contract being required to pay off a subsidy. This way, by offering the 2 yr zero interest financing in parallel, if someone does cancel, they ONLY pay for the subsidy, and not the entire line.

        Also, you’d be surprised at how many people there are out there that still cling onto their 3yr old RAZR’s and get suckered in by these ultra-cheap rate plans. T.Mo needed a niche for awhile, and I think they finally found it.

    • Fred

      So your suggesting that the fee should continue due to the fact that you had to pay it two months ago, that makes sense.

  • carlos

    I switched to even more plus when it came out and paid $70. by my calculations I was going to break even and start saving on my next bill this month and now they come out with this BS. Customers who switched earlier better get a refund because this is just a rip off.

  • Fred

    The statement in the original post states that customers cannot convert until out of contract, that is incorrect. They can convert but will pay the migration fee if not out of contract.

  • I just called t-mobile to see if I could get credited for this. One of the two lines we converted was out of contract and I still paid $70 to convert for the two. I’m hoping I can get the one back. They didn’t know what I was talking about, so I figure I will try again after the 15th.

  • Fastball5005

    Your update is still inaccurate. A customer can still migrate, they will just be charged a 35.00 migration fee.

  • alan

    evenmoreplus is not even that great of a deal anymore considering customers are getting a full upgrade every year now. I use to be the #1 rep at my store who pushed EM+ because it was easy to waive the migrations fees if they had AAA or if they were students BUT ever since they changed the policy and started renewing peoples contracts when you added a discount to their accounts, migration fees can no longer get waived because they would get charged a $200 early termination fee… I kinda feel bad because customers who switch and i.e. bought 2 CLIQS @ $499 EACH could have gotten BOTH cliqs for less than the full invoice of 1 and they were going to be able to upgrade again to a new phone in ONLY a year. So for people that havent read the older posts, you can do a full upgrade every 12 months, just stay away from phones that have mail in rebates because you will not qualify for the MIR. Most data phones will qualify for the full upgrade so for those that jumped at the G1 or the 8900 are more than likely able to upgrade to a BOLD 9700 or a mytouch @ the $129 / $99 price…. for those that switched to EM+, well you are just SOL unless you cancel and open a new account with a new number because tmo will not let you switch back to Even More or to your older plan… you can cry and bitch all you want but please dont be a douchebag an do it at our store hahaha call cust care =)

  • Aardvark

    It took them long enough. I would have switched to an EM+ day one but I resented paying the $35 fee for nothing more than the privilege of doing so. I would have activated the change myself through the web site so it isn’t like I was tying up CS rep to do it.