HTC Obsession Coming To T-Mobile In The Form Of The Diamond3?


Looks like T-Mobile still has a few more surprises in store for us. According to the guys over at WMPowerUser, “reliable sources” have claimed that T-Mobile and AT&T are supposedly getting the HTC Obsession in the form of the HTC Diamond3 with its 3.7-inch AMOLED touchscreen display, 1Ghz processor, 4GB of onboard memory, and HD video-capable 5-megapixel camera. WMPowerUser also reports that the HTC Obsession (Diamond3) will not come with Windows Mobile 6.5, in fact the smartphone will ship with Windows Mobile 7 and is expected for a June 2010 release.

But here is the kicker. T-Mobile USA has already officially confirmed that they will be the exclusive carrier for the HTC HD2 in the U.S, slated for release this Spring of 2010. The HTC HD2 is also rumored to receive the Windows Mobile 7 update when its available. Will T-Mobile carry both of these high-end smartphones? We sure hope so!

Leave your thoughts and hopes in the comments!


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  • Galen20K

    HTC Owns! bring it, love my Nexus One. I have had more HTC phones in my lifetime than any other brand of phone, 6 of them. I was just thinking about that earlier today.

    hmmm… I must really like them, even back with the MDA lol

  • mbrown3460

    I love you tmo…lol

  • Cybersedan


    I have to agree with you there, HTC has always been a solid smart phone maker, and they have stepped up their game over the last few years.

    Between the powerhouse Android and WinMo phones they’re cranking out, there’s something for everyone regardless to your taste and preference.

  • kpc21

    I would like to see this with Android on it though

    • jake

      Wouldn’t that be the HTC Bravo with the 1GHz snapdragon chip?

  • :D :D EXCITED!

  • edfungus

    i love htc :D

  • bebo

    HD2 for me!!!!!!!!

  • FILA

    nice, great sales for T-Mobile. And upping all the phones to a Snapdragon is smart! Lets see some “SnapDroid’s” while HTC is on a roll

  • randy

    Obese because it has a 1Ghz processor? LOL

  • Man that phone sounds good. I think it’s a bit weird though that they would come out with the HD2 and the Diamond3 (because they are both touchscreen non-keyboard phones that will be running WM7 on them). Although the Diamond3 sure is packing a lot of power under the hood, BOTH of these phones should be some terrific additions to the T-Mobile line-up (and much needed!).

    I may get one or the other, or I may hold off to see if they come out with any superphones that have keyboards (because no matter how much I try, I just can’t get used to a virtual keyboard as the ONLY means of typing). But the HD2 and Diamond3 sure do make me consider sucking it up and just jumping in the deep end without any floaties on!

  • chebus

    this would realy be somthing 2 obsess about if it was an andriod smartphone.
    wm sucks!

    • Peter

      Actually you are so wrong. It is “Obsession” because it is Windows Mobile phone which is much better and have lot more features.

      I am sorry Craproid Fanboy but the one sucks is Android and worse than that are your comments and your lack of knowledge.

      • xStevenBradleyx

        Majority would disagree with you!

      • john

        Many android users are disenchanted former winmo users, until you’ve used both “Silence, I kill you”

  • tinalooks808

    Finally T-Mobile is getting some decent phones!!! I am sooooo happy!!!! Maybe soon (after AT&T no longer has the iphone as their flagship phone) T-Mobile can kick AT&T down to number 3 or 4 where they belong? :)

    • Galen20K

      wouldn’t that be Excellent! = D

  • dsim91

    Its funny how people bash windows mobile that is all I used to carry and loved it then I bought a G1 and I love my phone and android just bought my wife the nexus one and she loves it but me I’m waiting on the HD2 windows is better then most people make it out to be and when wm7 comes out they will be on top don’t think they have been sitting on there hands in redmond

    • chebus

      i do agree, wm7 could be awsome if the rumers r true (xbox live!!), but still andriod is an open platform, and as far as i now wm does not have apps.

      • Shawn

        What are you talking about? WM has been around for years and has hundreds of thousands of apps. Android is great but it still can’t do as much as WM 6.X platform.

      • Peter


        You must be kidding or you are really… As much I know, you know nothing! WinMo has no Apps? Where were you for last 10 years!?

        Just one example for you:

        More than 6700 FREE Apps already there for Windows Mobile and add Microsoft Marketplace Store to it as well.

  • Viper

    Ah wtf! there better be something high end like this with a qwerty keyboard soon or I’m going to blame the iphone for killing the keyboard.

    • Galen20K

      there are going to be rarely a hardware keyboard on many phones in 2010.

  • Just when AT&T loses the iphone exclusive, Verizon will carry the Apple OS, while AT&T carries and support the open-sourced Android.

  • sorandkairi

    The plans u love and the phones u craze…..

    • Twitch110


      • sorandkairi

        FUAH fall on my ………..

      • twitch110

        what does that even mean? fail squared.

      • sorandkairi


  • evilMonkey

    Ahh, I give up on windows mobile I had a tmobile shadow with windows mobile 6.1 I think, and it ran super SLOW! And that phone only lasted 7 months!!! It doesn’t work now! It just says “searching for signal” and it does not hold a charge! I gave up on windows mobile! I am now a Sidekick User much much better than windows mobile in your face windows mobile! Sidekicks RULE! NEVER BUYING ANOTHER HTC PRODUCT!

    • dsim91

      Dude you can’t judge winmo from using a shitty ass shadow that is about the worst winmo phone ever made

  • evilMonkey

    Ahh, I give up on windows mobile I had a tmobile shadow with windows mobile 6.1 I think, and it ran super SLOW! And that phone only lasted 7 months!!! It doesn’t work now! It just says “searching for signal” and it does not hold a charge! I gave up on windows mobile! I am now a Sidekick User much much better than windows mobile in your face windows mobile! Sidekicks RULE! NEVER BUYING ANOTHER HTC PRODUCT!

  • J-Hop2o6

    even tho a kb is a requirement, finally we get a HTC TD(3).. damn i cant wait to hear about the TP3’s specs.. hopefully its no less than the TD3’s specs

  • czar

    booooo windows mobile. Wish it would roll over and die

    • Peter

      I wish same for trolls.

  • Mockerfab4

    YAY!!! Love the WM7 love. I was afraid it would be Android. Phew. Finally Tmo, You’re recognizing us working professionals who needs a smartphone that allows Microsoft Activesync. Can finally say goodbye to my 1G iphone in the next few months and get some 3G love!

  • Peter

    I am with T-Mobile since 2001 (Voicestream if you guys remember) and they always had the best customer service. I really never saw any better customer service.

    I am so glad T-Mobile getting all these new phones. Their biggest low point in last 2,3 years was their phone selections.

    Now that they are getting all these cool phones I am hoping they can get more customers and improving their network even more.

    They lost some customers because of not having cool phones like others in last 2,3 years but hopefully things change when all these new phones come to T-Mobile this year and years after that. Can’t wait for HTC HD2.

  • JBLmobileG1

    This sounds like one Amazing phone! But can we get it with Android please??? I really wish they could, or should I say would, release a smart phone where you could pick the o/s. It would probably make more money for the carrier because customers would have more choices. I am sure if Tmobile was the first carrier to offer a phone with a o/s of choice they would gain way more customers and satisfy lots of current ones. Think about it… I know many people who wouldn’t mind having the HD2 with Android instead of Windows Mobile. Maybe even make it to where you could purchase the o/s and install it over the current one. Not only would it make more for the carrier but the o/s developer could get something extra from it.

    • dsim91

      The nexus one is basically this phone with android go get it and stop talking

  • fishwiz45

    anyone who hates windows mobile really should visit and explore the possibilities. i have been running android from my windows phone for some time now, while being able to switch back to windows at my leisure. even almost exact iphone clone software can be run from my windows mobile. the freedom to have practically any OS/UI on your phone comes with windows mobile. and back on topic, i agree that the phones coming are great!(1ghz. snapdragons!!) but i want a snapdragon with a keyboard!! TP3!!!!!!! baby!!!!!!! hear my cry t-mobile please!!! :)

  • Sanjay

    Awesome. If they come out with Win 7 pre-installed then that is even better. I will be buying one of these puppies for sure even though I just got my TP2. The TP2 is much better than the MDA but even with WM 6.5 it is still a bit sluggish (in fact I am convinced that the upgrade made the phone more sluggish) and the resistive touch screen is not very good. Very happy to see TMO start to get some good new phones in WM as well. Have you noticed how the general mood on this site has changed from complaining about not getting good phones and 3G to a more positive tone?

  • money mo

    No android, wow, they need a Google fix. Without the market those phones will be boring in about a week.

  • Alex

    you hope both of these come to tmobile? didnt you already say that the HD2 is exclusive for tmobile and the other one is already said to be coming? did i miss something?

  • efjay

    What, a WM article on Tmonews? WinMo haters Assemble!!!

  • jmts80

    People do bash Winmo a lot. sometimes unfairly imho. I had a shadow and it made me hate Winmo but the HD2 is making me fall in love all over again!

  • cat

    stfu tmobile the damn htc hd2 isnt realeased and ur all so hyped up about this phone. what ever happened to the n900 or other various high-end phones tmobile promised. this is sh t that t mobile does to keep us on our leashes for a little longer hoping better phone will come to this god forsaken company. so until i see it whatever!

    • jmts80

      wow dude angry much? but i get where ur coming from i feel like that a lot too. my contracts r up in march and if i dont see these and other great phones they promised im gone!

    • Bill

      find it kind of funny that you are holding tmobile responsible for “announcing” a leaked phone. as far as i recall tmobile NEVER said anything about releasing the N900, that was all from the fanboy websites. it’s always cool to find out about possible new phones, however, that’s all they are is “possible” until an official tmobile announcement has been made. the HD2 wasn’t even officially announced by tmobile until recently. sometimes the phone doesn’t make it past testing, sometimes the mfr does not come to terms with the carrier, and sometimes, marketing decides that it will not be a profitable product.

      if you want to blame someone, blame yourself for holding your hopes up, not being informed, realistic, logical, or having a shred of common sense as to how the business side of it works.

  • jtg205

    cat is right and i just read that windows mobile 7 will not be coming out till 2011 its just sad how far off microsoft is compared to google android or the apple iphone.

    • Peter

      You read wrong. It also sad to see people beileve whatever they read. If some one is behind it’s Google with unfinish OS.

  • WMisbest

    Yeah you can’t judge WM based on the freaking Shadow!! LMAO – that phone had the crappiest little processor in it and hardly and ram. Anyways, If you have the TP2 and the T-mobile 6.5 update is acting sluggish go to XDA-DEVELOPERS.COM – GO TO FORUMS FIND THE TP2, GO TO ROM AND SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT AND FLASH THE ENERGY ROM TO YOUR phone n. Way faster, finger friendly and wow its just pretty to look at with animated weather and animated wall paper just wow – dont see Android out with animated wallpaper or weather buahaha Android is ok but WM is best!

  • Mockerfab4

    I agree with those on the WM dislike on the Shadow. I too began to hate WM because of the Shadow. Then I got the Android phone, and blech, was that a horrible OS for me. Where Android failed and where WM succeeds is Microsoft Activesync. WM on the HTC running Sense looks freakin’ awesome! I think the fact that it runs Sense more then WM is what makes the HD2 look so appealing. I can’t wait. I want to run on 3G speeds. I had a brief glimpse of it on the MyTouch and it was nice. I went back to my iphone and love this thing, but I’m ready to give it up and give WM a 2nd look!

  • Blacksheep427

    I’m glad to see T-Mo stepping up with some better device choices. Can’t wait till they are hitting the shelves. Now, the big questions are how much are the phones and plans going to cost.

  • SteveG1

    HD2 with 2yr contract will be $329. Bummer I know. Off contract will be $749. Awesomeness comes at a price.

    • Bill

      it’s already been stated the 2yr price will be 199.99 (217.99 w/upg fee) and no contract is 449.99